Loaded: GPS for kids who play hooky
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Loaded: GPS for kids who play hooky

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President Obama names Intel's Paul Otellini to his Council on Jobs, Motorola moves up the launch for its Atrix 4G smartphone, and a pilot program will see if GPS can keep students in school.

It's Friday February 18 I'm Natali Morris and it's time to get -- Comcast and -- a much avenue 24 hour 380 channel called X in any 3-D. The channel does not seem to have any thematic thread it displays what -- is in 3-D that Comcast could find. For example it starts at the NHL heritage classic followed by Kings of Leon contact. Tell us cable channels have kind of -- point -- news is there music that this sort of just a channel of whatever is in this format kind of very odd. The channel launches for the very few Comcast customers that have three TVs on Sunday. The Commerce Department published a result of a study that claims that five to 10% of the nation does not have access to broadband speed connection. According to the study is percentage of population does not have data at a fast enough to either search the web or view photos Nvidia's. The department published a map showing where access is -- -- lacking. This study wasn't really an experiment and the traditional sense -- the government to compile data -- based on advertising rates from the major carriers like AT&T and Verizon. They did not test for speed or alternatives that we should take this with a grain of salt. But we also hope for better nation might service from Obama eighteen billion dollar broadband plan. In other political and tech news President Obama -- with the heads of major Silicon Valley firms on Thursday including Apple CEO Steve Jobs. FaceBook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Google chief Eric Schmidt. The event was in Silicon Valley and the purpose -- to discuss innovation and research and job creation. Also present with Paul Otellini head of Intel -- since -- appointed to join the president's council on jobs and competitiveness. I'm sorry to say no one from CNET -- indicted. A pilot program in California going to put GPS chips on students to make sure they go to class. This is its six week trial and it began last week in the Anaheim union school district. Seventh and eighth graders who have had four or more on excused absences will be assigned a hand held GPS device about the size of the cell phone. The device -- notify students when it's time to go to school and then track their location until 8 o'clock at night. The device itself cost between three and 400 dollars and the service costs eight dollars per student per day. The Motorola HX is coming out sooner than expected this is the fourteen Motorola and -- found with the external laptop shout. It was expected to ship on March 6 that we got word that it will instead shift February 21 and be in stores on the 22. We got an early review unit and reviewed it will as a laptop and a phone here on CNET make sure you watch back. The Amazon Kindle got an update this week they give users but they have long been asking for real page numbers. Version two point six of the Kindle app allowed you seem real page numbers instead of some weird number that you -- of relativity where you are in the book. It also allows you look at ports through Google and Wikipedia without leaving -- -- If only applies to iPad I -- an iPod Touch apps no word on when it will happen on other platforms like Blackberry or Android. And finally -- is under way to figure out if computers can be controlled with our minds. Researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Pittsburgh have received more than six million dollars to continue work on something called the brain computer interface. They have already tested -- on monkeys by implanting electrodes on the monkey brain and -- the computer to process activity that is activated by near rock. The monkey has been able to extend a robotic arm turned door -- and eat marshmallows next up we'll see if humans can -- -- he would like to volunteer. That's your news of the day and that wraps up your week of getting -- -- we'll see you next Tuesday because Monday is the President's Day holiday half fun hate. We'll -- -- and -- remembered cnet.com slash -- different links to any of our story today. I'm Natali Morris for CNET -- disseminate.

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