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CNET News Video: Google VP talks platform and developers

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CNET News Video: Google VP talks platform and developers

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CNET News' Maggie Reardon talks to Rich Miner, Google's vice president of wireless, about how Android fits into his company's plans and how developers will embrace the new platform.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:06 >> I'm Maggie Reardon with CNET News and I'm here in Manhattan where T-mobile and Google have just launched the first ever Android phone. The new phone called the G1 is gonna sell for 179 dollars. It's gonna be exclusively on T-mobiles network and its gonna start selling October 22nd. From a foreign factor perspective, this phone didn't really wile me. It looks like a lot of other phones I've seen, like the Sidekick or even some like other HTC phones that are out on the market, but it's all about the software and Google hopes that it's gonna be a game changer. I caught up with one of the brains behind the Google Android today, Rich Miner from Google and here is what he had to say about the phone and Google's future in the mobile market. What exactly -- which phone is this new Android phone going to compete with? >> Uhmm, well, I mean it's -- you know, there's a whole new category of devices that are starting to come out there that are, you know, highly-connected data devices that give a great phone experience but also a great data experience. So, you know, Android is a part of that new set of devices. >> Google has talked a lot about the mobile market being a big opportunity, a lot more eyeballs are gonna be looking on a phone than they are at PC, but how exactly is Google gonna make money from this? >> The way we always make money is through advertising. That's where the majority of our revenue comes from, so, you know, while we've been cautious about putting ads in the mobile space because we are very focused first on delivering a great user experience. I mean, ultimately, you know, we'll find a way to bring our ad contents and our partner's ad content to the mobile phone and we started to do that. >> Do you all -- Google feel like the mobile advertising market is gonna be more valuable than what you can get on a PC or there are just more -- more users out there? >> Yeah, it really comes out into numbers. I mean, again, we focus first in our mission which is organizing the world's information and making it universally accessible and useful and if you realize that there's approximately 200 million PCs sold every year, about a billion mobile phones, if that's truly our mission then the mobile phone is very important to that. >> Now, there was also some talk about the Android market. Tell us a little bit about that and when are we going to see it? >> So, the Android market provides an end-to-end distribution from developers to the consumer of applications and we'll have a beta version of the Android market or I should say, we do have a beta version of the Android market on the T-mobile you want. >> Will developers be able to monetize their -- the app store and when will that happen? >> Ultimately, you know, you could imagine the goal was to make that experience not just for free downloads, so that something that we'll continue to work on and talk to you about it as we make progress. >> Thanks for joining us. >> Sure, thanks. >> It remains to be seen exactly how excited application developers are gonna be to use the Android platform. The best that T-mobile and Google could come up with here at the launch were some applications about shopping in one that tracks your carbon footprint. I'm not sure how useful that will be, although, I'm sure they'll find a niche somewhere. I think they are really interesting thing is gonna be the Android market place and whether or not developers can monetize those applications and develop something that's really cool and fun to play with. I'm Maggie Reardon with CNET news.

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