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Google unwraps new Nexus tablet: CNET News Video

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CNET News Video: Google unwraps new Nexus tablet

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Google demos an Asus-built 7-inch tablet running Android's new mobile OS, Jelly Bean, at Google I/O in San Francisco. The new tablet will be outfitted with a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and a screen resolution of 1,280-by-800 pixels. The cost of the device will be $299.

To date for introducing nexus seven. It's a beautiful seven inch tablet. Build. It's built for Google play. It's running Android four point one jelly -- Okay. And curious. So let me tell you a bit about nexus seven. It's super thin light and portable and yet we've managed to pack a lot into this device. First of all the display. 1280 by 800 HD display which is perfect for reading and watching -- using stunning player. Performance. Tegra three chipset with a Quad Core CPU. And there is more. Until tegra three chipset with a Quad Core CPU. In twelve core GPU that's basically sixteen cores. Which makes. Which makes everything including games extremely -- in smooth. Front facing camera perfect for Google+ hangouts and video chatting. All the connectivity options you'd expect Wi-Fi Bluetooth and NFC. Gyroscope and a -- on that are essential for high performance gaming. Battery. Up to nine hours of what video playback. And up to 300 hours standby time. And that's the -- It's only 340 grams just about the week of an average paper book. It fits perfectly in one hand. You can put it in the purse or back it doesn't take over when you're reading or watching a movie in bad it just fuels right. That's nexus seven. Nexus seven. Is need for who play when you power it on your content is front and San. Right here on the home screen is my library contain the content I've recently been reading listening to or watching on any of my devices. So earlier I was reading other -- dominion on my phone. So you can tap on the cover there and I pick up exactly where I left off on that other device. Now I'd like to show you the magazine experience and access them. Here's the new Google play magazine's app. And just like your coffee table of the newest stuff is on top you can swipe through and find something that's interesting to read -- -- and go ahead and and Esquire. And if I -- want to bring it up on I can tap on it and bring up a list of page thumbnails on the bottom to kind of quickly swipe through find an article that I'm. Interested in reading so -- that one looks good. And once we open up you look at that the contents just looks beautiful on nexus seven. But if I want to focus may be on something that's a little bit more of a pure reading experience I can tap on a review text link. And get the contents of the article in a form that's optimize for that still it's beautiful -- -- nexus seven is also ideal for watching movies and TV wherever you are. How long plane rides road trips with the family or just sit at home watching on the sofa. So let's open the Google play movies and TV app. And I -- you see -- all of your movies we can swipe over to see on TV shows and you can get your personal videos as well you can of course also download the shows for offline use if you're gonna be somewhere. Without Wi-Fi like on a plan. So that's finding contents I already have one about discovering new content. With nexus seven we're introducing a powerful new recommendations engine for discovering content that's relevant to you. We present this information on beautiful and dynamic widgets on your home screen. I hear you can see that we've set -- up for recommendations for apps books and movies but you can customize it to show the content you're most interested. And if you don't like a particular recommendation just dismiss it you'll -- another these widgets are intelligent and -- get smarter and more accurate the more you use them. Nexus seven is the perfect device. To use all the Google applications you already know about Gmail -- -- seventh it's a perfect size to read and respond to your emails. -- your favorite web sites look beautiful on the HD display. And this is the first device that ships with Chrome as the standard browser. Okay. So the new YouTube app has a great tablet optimize design. I got your channel feed off here on the left and you can just swipe over. I want we -- picked something here to watch and it's a video got. You've got high Def YouTube right in the palm of your hand. It's the YouTube they already know and love but optimize for nexus seven. Now in addition to exploring a huge amount of videos online you can also explore the world around you so let's take a look at Google Maps. Now and -- maps you can find your way around with the features you are already familiar with like turn by turn navigation public transit. Like traffic and street view. About getting to know a place before you get there. I heard about a local bar called district so let's go check it out. -- not we can tap here and get all this great information. About the restaurant including Zagat reviews from Google+ local. And I can also scroll down and tap on C -- side. Once I do hop on inside the Bard got this nice view and for an even better experience I can turn on compass mode want to go ahead do that -- Now we've had this feature for a little while but what we've done in the latest version is hooking up to the gyroscope. Which makes it incredibly smooth and fast and very responsive. -- it's just like being there. As we -- we're also adding support for offline maps so you can save the data for an entire city locally on the device is easy bringing up the menu and tapping make available offline you're good to go. So those features are all in the latest version of Google Maps shipping with nexus seven. With its Quad Core CPU and gyroscope and -- Celeron -- nexus seven is a serious gaming device. We'll start with the game formed from phosphorus spots for gains in Chicago. Corn is an epic adventure -- a richly detailed world with the kind of environment never before seen on a mobile device. Got lens flare as environmental effects and even individually rendered leaves on the trees. I -- -- Randall takes the express elevator down here I'm. We can see that in addition to -- the graphics looking beautiful animation is very fluid and it just controls here. This is the kind of experience until recently. I you wouldn't do not have been able to see anywhere out of a dedicated gaming console. Another is seen everything nexus seven can do Hugo I think we all have one remaining question which is. How can I get one. It's a fantastic device that we want to get into the hands because many people as we can. That's -- starting today we're making nexus seven available starting at only 899. Dollars. And. When you buy your nexus seven -- into -- 25 dollar credit to stand in to Google play store. As well as. Some great content to build up your library you'll get the transformers. Dark of the moon movie from our friends at primal pictures the book. The board convenient and free magazine issues of popular science Food Network Conde Nast traveler and others. Starting today you can order nexus seven. Directly from Google play with orders shipping in mid July it's available in -- last. Canada the UK and Australia with more countries default.

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