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CNET Update: Google smart contacts come into focus with Alcon
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CNET Update: Google smart contacts come into focus with Alcon

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Google finds a partner to work on contact lenses with built-in sensors, LeapFrog creates a video game console for little kids, and Fitbit gets fashionable with Tory Burch jewelry.

Google's smart contact lenses are one step closer to reality. We'll have to blink twice to pair with bluetooth. I'm Bridgett Carey and this is your CNET update. Google's plans for a smart contact lens are starting to come into focus. Google announced it's partnering with the contact lens maker Alcon, which is owned by the Swiss pharmaceutical company Navartis. Financial details were not provided. Google first revealed its plans to create smart contacts back in January. The idea is that there will be these tiny sensors on the lenses that can monitor blood sugar levels in tears, and that can help diabetics. Using the contacts would be an alternative to having to prick you finger to check the blood sugar. Now readings from the contacts would be sent wirelessly to the user's smart phone. The antenna, in the contact, is thinner, than a human hair. But I hope wearing it won't feel like you have a hair in your eye. A prototype of this lens could be available, by early next year. Google also announced another new project. Well, it's not so much a project, as an internet crime fighting team. The company created an internal task force called Project Zero. It's mission is to scan the web for wrong doings and bugs in hopes to cut down on cyber attacks. Google says it will work to improve the security of any software that's used by a large number of people. And it will report vulnerabilities so that problems can be quickly fixed. Google engineers have helped discover the Heartbleed bug earlier this year. There are a few interesting gadgets popping up this week. LeapFrog, the maker of kids tablets and apps, now has a TV game console. LeapTV is coming this holiday and it's an educational game system for kids ages three through seven. The remote uses motion controls and there's this TV connected camera that tracks your body motion but it only works with Leap TV games which each cost $30 when you buy the cartridges but games are a little cheaper when you download them. The console itself cost $150. If you're looking for more fashionable ways to wear your fitbit you can now order fitbit jewelry. Designer Tory Burch has created snazzy holders for the fitbit flex activity tracker. There's a gold bracelet for about $200, and a pendant for $175. There are also these silicon bracelets with printed designs, and those run for $38 a piece. And now, you can set phasers to channel search. Think Geek is selling a universal remote control that's designed to be a replica of the phaser from Star Trek: The Original Series. It stores up to 36 remote control commands. And includes ten phaser sounds. It'll beam down to retailers to $150. That's your tech news update. You can get more details on these stories at [MUSIC] From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey. [MUSIC]
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