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CNET News Video: Google on your wrist, TV, and dashboard
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CNET News Video: Google on your wrist, TV, and dashboard

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Google unveiled several new smartwatches, but it didn't stop there. At Google I/O, the tech titan also revealed plans to inject Google into your car and home.'s Kara Tsuboi has the latest on the push to connect your life to your devices.

[MUSIC] Those are just the first three watches, there are many more on the way. There is a new tech arms race, with google now vying for space, on your wrist. It is finally possible to make a powerful computer, small enough to wear comfortably on your body, all day long. Google unveiled the new smart watches, at their Annual Developers Conference in San Francisco. Just one more top to pay, and the pizza's on its way. The watches, made by mobile companies LG, Motorola and Samsung, run Google's Android Wear operating system. I find myself missing phone calls a lot because my, because my phone is in my pocket. So with Android Wear Watch, your watch will vibrate if you can glance down, and you can either see the message just like that, or if it's a phone call, you can see who's calling then you know if you need to get your phone out to answer, or you can swipe to dismiss the call or send a quick sms [INAUDIBLE] running a risk. While Android Wear was designed for both square and round watch faces, it's this rounded Moto 360, that's getting the most buzz, here at Google I/O. The move puts pressure on Apple, to launch the much-rumored iWatch. One research firm predicted that, while this year wearables would be around $1.4 billion, by 2018, only four years away, they're looking at a $19 billion market. And that ties together with Google's desire, to see Google products and services on as many screens as possible. Google is challenging Apple and other arenas, introducing Android auto, a competitor to Apple's car play. These two giants are still going at it, and it's moving on, from simply Android versus IOS, to your TVs and your watches and car play. Android auto, puts Android into a car's entertainment screen. Andy can now put his phone down, and use the familiar car control, it looks and feels like it's part of the car. But all of the apps we see here, are running on Andy's phone. Google is also making a push into your home, updating its TV offering, now called Android TV, that integrates with your smart phone. For example, I can just say Oscar-nominated movie from 2002. Google will interpret that query, and of course get me all my Oscar-nominated movies. There was no mention of Nest, the smart thermostat maker that Google recently acquired, or Google Glass, which made it's debut at this conference two years ago. In San Francisco I am Kara Tsuboi,, for CBS news. [MUSIC]

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