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Loaded: Google in real time

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Loaded: Google in real time

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Target and Best Buy want your old and used games; Lenovo is coming out with a motion control console in China; and a new Google search gives you up-to-date news on any subject.

-It's Friday, August 27th. I'm Mark Licea and it's time to get Loaded. Target is adding over the phone technical support with its purchases. The company began testing their free tech support last month. It's made to help customers with any number of problems like syncing an iPod with a computer or connecting to Wi-Fi. Target is also starting an electronics recycling program where customers can receive gift cards in exchange for old electronics and video games. And Best Buy also wants your old and used video games. They're starting a nationwide trading program where you can exchange old games for gift card. And similar to Target, you won't get very much on that gift card, but there you have it. And Google launched real time search. This is different from Live Search and that this lets you see up to the minute news comments and postings from Twitter and Facebook on any given subject. If you Google a name using real-time search, you'll see what people are twitting about that person and so forth. To try it out go to google.com/landing/realtime. YouTube has a new movie section for viewers in the UK. There are around 400 full-length films that you can watch on demand for free. This is courtesy of a few deals that Google made with big film studios like Lions Gate, MGM, and Sony Pictures. Everything from Jackie Chan flicks to Bollywood to cartoons. The same offering came out last year to users here in the states. And Lenovo has a new gaming console on the way. We won't see it here in the US, but it's being released in China. It's currently being dubbed the Ebox and it may be out in China by the end of the year. It's been in development for over two years. And similar to Kinect, the unit won't have controllers instead it will just use motion control. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Mark Licea with cnet.com and you've just been Loaded.

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