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CNET Update: Google buys Bump as wireless sharing heats up
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CNET Update: Google buys Bump as wireless sharing heats up

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The Web giant buys the tap-to-share app right before Apple launches the AirDrop feature on iOS 7. Also, Sprint gets into the early upgrade game with the new One Up plan.

Google is fist-bumping phones at Sprint joins the early upgrade club. I'm Bridget Carey and this is your CNET Update. Quite a few apps are making headlines. For starters, Google just purchased Bump. It was one of the earliest smartphone apps to get lots of buzz because the users wirelessly share contacts or photos with someone else by fist-bumping phones together. What's interesting is that although Bump was a popular download when it launched in 2008, it's not something people use much or talk about. Now, there's no need for any awkward phone bumping when files can be transferred with NFC or with Cloud storage service, but you can expect wireless file sharing to come back into the conversation this week with the release of iOS 7 on Wednesday. The new AirDrop feature lets users share files with other nearby iOS devices. Along with Bump, Google is also getting the Flock app. It was created by the Bump team for groups sharing photo albums. And on the top of the file sharing, the Cloud storage service, Box, is evolving to be more like Evernote. It's adding a new tool called Box Notes and it shows when other users make changes to text in a document but it will be several months before you can try it, the feature still in its testing phase. And remember Twitter Music? Well, if you don't, Twitter is hoping to spread awareness of its streaming music service with an app on Spotify. It's like a shortcut or Twitter Music within the Spotify application and you can also find Twitter Music playlist on the streaming service Rdio. On Friday, right as the new iPhone launches, Sprint will be offering a new type of early upgrade plan called One Up. At least customers pay for smartphones or tablets in monthly installments and upgrade after every year by trading in their devices. T-Mobile was the first to offer this type of plan. AT&T and Verizon also offer early upgrade plans where customers pay more to get a new device after a year. But Sprint looks like the better deal. Customers pick up a phone with no money down and pay for the monthly installments. Sprint also lowers the monthly service charges by $15 compared to those with its standard 2-year contract plan. So, if you pay off the phone and you don't upgrade, unlimited talk, text and data cost $65 a month slightly less than T-Mobile's unlimited plan. Sprint also is getting competitive by offering $100 discounts on any phone for our new customers that switched from a rival carrier. A new 2-year contract is required but it would mean the iPhone 5C is free. That's your tech news update but you can get more details on these stories at or follow along on Twitter. From our studios in New York, I'm Bridget Carey.
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