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Tech Culture: GM keynote address

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Tech Culture: GM keynote address

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Imagine driving a car that can drive itself. That day is not too far off, according to GM engineers. GM CEO Rick Wagoner discussed the idea of vehicle-to-vehicle communications and displayed a futuristic concept Cadillac with solar paneling in the roof during his CES keynote speech. News.com's Kara Tsuboi has the story.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hey there, I'm Kara Tsuboi with CNET News.com. Behind me is the Cadillac Provoq. Now, this is just a prototype car out from GM and it is supposed to run on hydrogen fuels, so with a lithium battery. There's no telling when it will ever go into production if ever, but it does signify the direction that GM wants to take its cars in the future. In fact, GM plans in offering 8 new Hybrid models by the end of the year. >> We're particularly excited about 2 Hybrids that we just introduced: The Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon Hybrids, which use the Two-Mode Hybrid System initially developed for the transit buses. Why are we excited about these vehicles? Because they get fifty-percent better city fuel economy than their gasoline counterparts. >> Wagoner admits the demand for Hybrids is fueled by the rising prices of oil and gasoline, which showed no signs of slowing down. >> I suspect it may fluctuate down enough a little, but I think for planning purposes from our perspective, it makes sense to assume that, you know it is what it is and it's likely gonna stay in this range and maybe even go off. >> During the keynote address, Wagoner also plugs GM's OnStar technology. It's ability to contact emergency personnel and give directions. >> We're not just saving lives, we're actually saving marriages. If OnStar and Telematics are connecting cars to the outside world, then one of the next big developments in automotive electronics is connecting cars with other cars. Connecting electronically that is to keep them from connecting physically. >> Wagoner is talking about V-to-V technology or vehicle-to-vehicle communications. >> So, if 6 cars ahead somebody in the transponder-equipped vehicle steps on the breaks in your lane or the lanes to either side of you, your transponder will immediately know that and starts slowing down your car even before you're aware that you need to stop. >> As far as that sleek zero-emission Cadillac Provoq goes, I asked Wagoner if we'll see that in the showrooms anytime soon. >> We put them out there and we say, we're interested to see the reactions. So, we'll see if we're producing, so stay tuned. I think there's some aspects of that vehicle you may see, so see sooner than later if not the whole thing. >> I'm Kara Tsuboi reporting for CNET News.com. ^M00:02:20 [ Music ]

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