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First Look: Glasses-free 3D with the Toshiba Qosmio F755

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First Look: Glasses-free 3D with the Toshiba Qosmio F755

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The glasses-free 15-inch 3D display on the Toshiba Qosmio F755 falls just short of being really impressive.

I'm Dan Ackerman and we are here taking a look at the Toshiba Qosmio F755-3D. This is actually a slightly updated version of the original F755 3D that we looked about halfway through 2011. What made that laptop and this one special is that they have auto stereoscopic 3D screens. That means you can watch you a 3D movie without having to wear those cumbersome active shutter 3D glasses. The way it works is the laptop uses it's webcam to keep an eye on your face and use a special eye tracking software to adjust the different levels of the stereoscopic image so that it always stays kind of in-sync for you. The downside of course is that it really only works for one person at a time because it has to track your eye movements and of course the original version only work with 3D Blu-ray and a couple of downloadable video. It did not work with this video game which seemed like a fairly big omission. The reason why we're excited to check this out again is 'cause this new version thanks to some updated drives from Nvidia actually does work with 3D video games and we loaded up a whole bunch of games, tried it out. It worked out as well as any system with Nvidia 3D vision does. Unfortunately, the catcher is and you knew there had to be one, there's a really underpowered GPU in here. It's fine for regular casual gaming but once you move into 3D mode, it just doesn't have the horsepower. It's an Nvidia GT540M and it just can't play games smoothly in 3D mode because it requires that the games come up at the full 1920 by 1080 resolution which you normally wouldn't do with a mid-level graphic when you're doing just casual mainstream gaming. Now, turn the 3D off and 2D, it actually plays games just fine but turn that 3D on because you're stuck to that higher resolution even though it knocks it down to 1366 by 768 in 3D 'cause it's doubling so much information and it's just too choppy to play. We tried Sky Room, we tried Battlefield 3. Portal actually worked okay and our review got some more frames per second breakdown of how different games worked in 2D and the 3D mode. One of the things I'm pleased about with this update though is the Blu-ray performance is actually better. On the original, you put the disk in and you go and get a sandwich and come back and it still wouldn't be loaded up. This time, the custom Toshiba player you used to watch the Blu-ray movies in 3D is still a little bit sluggish but it's actually a lot better and it stayed in 3D mode the entire time. We didn't have to mess around with a lot to get it to work. So if you're just a huge fan of 3D everything and you wanna watch 3D Blu-ray movies without glasses on, it's actually kind of fun. If more games would work on the system, it would be a lot more fun because I think 3D gaming on a PC is actually a lot more flexible than let's say 3D gaming on a console but until we get a more powerful GPU in here, this is...

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