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Crave: Give yourself a helping hand with MIT's robot glove, Ep. 167

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Crave: Give yourself a helping hand with MIT's robot glove, Ep. 167

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When you wish you had an extra pair of hands, two extra robot fingers could be enough. Also, the "holy grail of comic books" is up for grabs!

Hey guys my name is Stephen Beacham and here's what's happening this week on C Net's Crave log. [MUSIC] Is your cat bored and out of shape? Then get Mr. Whiskers a giant hamster wheel for cats. Introducing. One Fast Cat. One Fast Cat is a Kickstarter project aimed at keeping your kitty happy, healthy, and safe. One Fast Cat is a simple design that is inexpensive, lightweight, washable, snaps together easily, and rolls on four rollerblade-like wheels. It doesn't look too ugly, so you can put it in your living room also. One Fast Cat has ran past its funding goal, and will ship for $199. GE has released instructions for a 3D printable hand cranked jet engine on their official tumbler blog. The jet engine sits on a stand and is the perfect gift for jet propulsion and aviation enthusiasts. You can download the files for the 3D printable jet engine over on. Finger bursts, and the instructions from AnyNerd.com. European Union is funding research in development of smart seatbelts that alert a driver to pull over if the seatbelt senses that the driver is getting too tired. The seatbelt cover and seatbelt contain sensors that monitor the drivers heartbeat and respiratory activity. Filtering out car noise and bumpy roads. The signal processing unit reads this information and will remind you with an alert to pull over when it thinks you are getting sleepy. [MUSIC] Roll Scout is a laser guided smart toiler paper holder that will remind you to replace the toilet paper roll when it runs out. This seems like it could be a tiny bit of overkill, but let's be honest, people do forget to replace their toilet paper roll! God! The holder uses. Uses a laser to detect a roll of toilet paper. [MUSIC] In the role of gun, the laser beam makes a connection with a sensor which triggers a flashing light on the holder to remind you to change the toilet paper roll. God! And finally in our reminder block, this hat will remind you when it's time to reapply sunscreen. The sun will kill you, so you have to wear sunscreen. But after a while the sunscreen wears off. Becky Stern from Adafruit has a solution using a hat, a UV index sensor, an arduino compatible flower wearable platform cinched together with conductive thread. You set the parameters for how long you think you should go before you re-apply. Then when it's time to re-apply the sunscreen, the hat will play a little song. Of your choice Check out how to build your own sunscreen hat adafruit dot com. And now for some auction news. RM auction in London is set to auction off the Kohlod scramjet rocket September 8th. The rocket reached a speed of mach. 6.47, which is equivalent to 4,925 miles per hour. It was developed by NASA in the Central Institute of Aviation Motors in Russia, costing a grand total of $95 million to produce. Get out your wallets everybody. And eBay will be auction off the very first comic book to introduce Superman to the planet Earth. Action Comics. Comic number one was published in June 1938, and was created by Jerry Siegal and Joe Shuster. Starting August 14th and running through August 24th, you can bid on the legendary comic book that is expected to bring in an estimated $3 million. And finally super fans of My Little Pony can auction off or sell their own Hasbro approved. 3D printed fan art. Superfanart.com was created because of a partnership between Hasbro and 3D printing marketplace Shapeway. According to Hasbro, Super Fan Art grants the passionate and talented Hasbro brand fan base a license to create. Exciting new art and product offering. Right now that fanbase is limited to a handful of artists selected by Hasbro. So it's not exactly a free for all. MIT is developing a robot glove that uses muscle synergy to add two extra robotic fingers that are supposed to act and react like a natural. Extension of your body. The extra fingers allow user to pick up objects that are much larger and heavier compared to what they can do with a single human hand. Sensors in the glove tell the robot's fingers the hand position and movement allowing the user to do complex things like hold a cup of coffee with one hand. And stirring the sugar at the same time, or hold and open a letter with one hand. The robotic fingers could potentially improve the lives of people with disabilities and the elderly, helping them live more independent lives. MIT has been working on similar technology, exploring ideas that add an extension to the human body. Like these shoulder mounted doc-oct like arms that MIT researchers recently showed off a few weeks ago. All right guys that should. The show. Thank you very much for watching. As always, you can find all these news stories at CNET's Crave Blog at crave.cnet.com. Make sure you follow Crave on Twitter, @crave. And check out this week's Crave giveaway. This week's Crave giveaway is a pair of Grado SR80e Headphones. These are great sounding headphones. Go to the blog and enter to win. [MUSIC]
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