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Product Spotlight: Give the gift of better fuel economy

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Product Spotlight: Give the gift of better fuel economy

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Simply plug the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant into almost any car to get automatic fuel economy monitoring, app-powered coaching towards more mpgs, and emergency crash response.

What's up, guys? This is Antuan Goodwin with CNET.com and today, we're taking a look at this little stocking stuff, all right. It's the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant and it's one of our top picks for Car Tech Gift Guide this year. Now, this little white down that will actually help you maximize your vehicle's little economy, now the automatics from our driving system is actually a 2-part system. This is the automatic link. It's a small OBD-II dongle that plugged into your vehicle's diagnostics port. And most vehicles built after the mid 90 should have one. Now, what it's doing while it's in there is communicating with your Bluetooth enabled iPhone over Bluetooth port out of low energy and it's sending information about what your vehicle is doing back to the phone. Now, the reason for that is so that it can give you an accurate idea of what your vehicle's fuel economy is, even if your car doesn't have one of those dashboard fuel economy monitors. Now, the setup process is actually pretty simple, the first thing you will do is pick this guy up and then download the app to your phone. And then after that, there's a 6-digit pin on the back of the automatic that you'll need to punch into the app so that the phone and the device can actually start to communicate with each other. Now, once you've got the pin punched into the app, you'll just plug this guy into your vehicle's diagnostic's port, usually it's up underneath the dashboard somewhere and then wait for the phone and the device to start handshaking or communicating with each other. Then it's just a matter of turning on your car and waiting for the app to automatically download all the information about your Vehicle's sensor, the VIN number and then comparing that to an online database so that you can get the most accurate information about your fuel economy and the expected fuel economy that's advertised by the ETA. Finally, you'll just drive your car around like normal with this guy plugged into your diagnostics port. As you're doing that, it's gonna be collecting all sorts of information about your driving habits about how much fuel you're using and then at the end of the trip, it will actually compare your fuel economy with the ETA's fuel economy and then taking current fuel prices to show you how much your trip cost you. It will also-- using your phone sensors give you a sort of a GPS map of where you're out was and show you new places that you're driving could have been a little bit more efficient. And at the end of the week, the app will actually generate a driving score for you on a scale of 1 to 100 with 0 or 1 being a really low fuel efficiency with lots of room for improvement and closer to a hundred mean that you met or exceeded the ETA fuel efficiency for your vehicle and you're doing a really good job. So, if you're looking for something at the top end of the tree, you're in the stocking and the car tech level in your life, take a look at the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant but make sure they're an iPhone user because for right now, it's only compatible with iOS devices and enjoy compatibility is coming soon. I've been Antuan Goodwin with CNET.com and this is the Automatic Smart Driving Assistant.

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