First Look: Gateway MC7801u
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First Look: Gateway MC7801u

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With an HD-friendly 16-inch screen and beautiful design, the affordably priced Gateway MC7801u makes an excellent portable media center, provided your HD content is not on a Blu-ray disc.

[ music ] ^M00:00:03 >> Hi, I'm Michelle Thatcher, Senior Associate Editor for And today we're looking at the Gateway MC7801u. This laptop has a new design departure for Gateway. It has a glossy maroon lid with a black pleather stripe going down the center. Inside of the case we've got a lovely 16-inch display that gives you the 16 to 9 aspect ratio that's perfect for displaying HD movies. The display is also an edge-to-edge screen, kind of like we've seen on the latest Mac books, which gives just a really smooth look to the interior of the laptop. The keyboard is backlit; it has orange backlighting, which is really handy if you like to do a lot of computing in bed. And alongside the keyboard there are some light touch media controls that completely disappear when the computer is off. On the front of the case there are dual headphone jacks, so that you can share your movies and music with a friend. It's a feature that I really like. It's quite handy. With all of these media features it's kind of a surprise that the Mc7801U doesn't incorporate a Blu-ray drive. You're gonna have to get all of your HD video content online or from other sources. But the advantage, of course, to leaving that drive out is that the price is quite low, it's less than $1,000. Overall this is a pretty good HD media laptop as long as you don't rely on Blu-ray disks. I'm Michelle Thatcher, and this is the Gateway MC7801u. ^E00:01:24

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