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First Look: Gateway LT 3103u

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First Look: Gateway LT 3103u

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The 11-inch, AMD-powered Gateway LT3103u does well on price and performance, but drops the ball on battery life when compared with the competition.

[ Music ] >> Dan Ackeman: Hi, I'm Dan Ackeman and we are here taking a look at the Gateway LT3103. Now it looks like a Netbook, feels like a Netbook, we're gonna call it a Netbook but there are a handful of differences that kind of break from the typical Netbook orthodoxy. The most important is probably that instead of a typical Intel Atom CPU this guy has got an AMD Athlon 64 CPU> It's still a single core chip, it's not too much different but it helped this machine run a little bit faster than your typical Atom powered Netbook. We actually found it was one of the least frustrating Netbook usage experiences we had. It felt pretty zippy. Number 2 we've got Window's Vista on here even though it's Vista Basic instead of the typical Window's XP. Now that is a little bit slower than XP, not as good for Netbooks but it does allow them to put 2 gigs of RAM in there instead of the typical 1 which XP on Netbooks typically limits you to. Another big difference is instead of the regular 10 inch screen that most Netbooks have we got an 11.6 inch screen. It's a little bit bigger, becoming more common. Still you only see that in a handful of systems but even more important this is at least for a Netbook a high definition screen, it's 1366x768 instead of the regular 1024x600 which is what you find in most 10 inch Netbooks. What this lets you do is if you're reading a long webpage you don't have to scroll as much or if you're working on a word document or a spreadsheet it's a lot easier to get some more screen real estate fit more of it here on the screen and of course it's great for watching HD video 720p video will fit on here just fine. You got to be a little careful if you're streaming it online it's going to get a little bit studdery. None of these Netbooks are really great at playing the HD video just yet. Because the machine is a little bit bigger with the 11 inch screen it's got a nice big keyboard with big flat keys, really comfortable, really easy to use. They feel a little clicky, they flex a little bit too much in the middle right there. Touchpad is a nice size, not crazy about this long button bar, rocker bar here for the mouse buttons, feels a little insubstantial. I'd rather have a left mouse button and a right mouse button. The most interesting thing really about putting together this high def 11 inch bigger Netbook is that they managed to do it without jacking up the price; most of the other 1366x768 Netbooks that we've seen are closer to $500. This guy comes in at under $400, same price as a regular plain vanilla Netbook. [ Background music ] >> I'm Dan Ackeman and that's the Gateway LT3103. [Music]

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