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GarageBand for iPad 2: CNET News Video

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CNET News Video: GarageBand for iPad 2

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Xander Soren, director of music marketing for Apple, shows off the GarageBand application designed for the iPad 2. The $4.99 app's features include touch-to-play instruments, guitar amps and effects, and eight-track recording and mixing.

-GarageBand for iPad is remarkable. It's got touch instruments. You can plug in a guitar and play real instruments if you want, but it's got touch instruments that I think are gonna be a huge hit with our users. Guitar amps and effects, 8-track recording and mixing, over 250 loops you can add to your songs. You can e-mail files around of your song to anybody, and it's compatible with the Mac version. So if you wanna start something on your iPad and finish it on the Mac, no problem. -Launch GarageBand and the first thing you see is an instrument browser, so these are the touch instruments Steve just mentioned and you can just swipe or tap through them, and it's incredible, they turn the iPad itself, you know, musical instrument that you can play wherever you go. Now, go ahead and bring up a keyboard to start showing this off, and you can see there's beautiful grand piano comes up and it fills the display. And the keyboard is not just a grand piano, I can tap on that icon right in the middle there and you could see all of the sounds that are built in. There are organs, electric piano, clavinet. Look at this, whole bunch of great synthesizers that are really, really fun to play. Well, iPad has an accelerometer built in and we use that to measure the force that my finger strikes to display. So GarageBand knows if I tap something really soft or really hard, and we use that throughout the app and that lets us create these instruments that are incredibly expressive and fun to play. Now, this one is set up in a way that when I tap a key and I slide my finger up and down the rest of the keys, it's gonna glide between the notes. It won't play the individual notes and we've added a blue dot that's gonna follow my finger, so you can see exactly what I'm doing. So I can tap a note and slide the note up, and it goes up like that. Pretty cool, huh? Lot of the smart instruments have this auto play dial and I can just go ahead and dial up the pattern. The strings fade away, you know, in these big bars, so the only decision I make is which chord do I want to play and look what happens with one touch of the finger when I tap in one of these chords. Just choose any chord. Ain't that cool? The next thing is recording. Let's say we have an idea. We wanna capture it so we can hear it later. Recording in GarageBand for iPad is incredibly simple. You can see right at the top of the screen that bright red button. That's an every touch instrument. So all we have to is tap on it. We'll get a count in and just play the part again. Right, you can see that now in the music timeline up here, we can see the area in green that shows me where my recording has gone and I can go ahead and play back. It sounds just like I played it. See, how it's really easy to do a recording. So that's just a quick look at GarageBand for iPad. It turns your iPad into a complete recording studio and a collection of this incredible touch instruments and we just can wait to hear all the creative things that people are gonna do once they get this in their hands. Thank you. -GarageBand for iPad, $4.99. It will be on the app store on March 11.

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