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Galaxy S5's new features: Power-saving mode, fingerprint reader, water resistance: Mobile World Congress 2015

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Mobile World Congress 2015: Galaxy S5's new features: Power-saving mode, fingerprint reader, water resistance

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At MWC in Barcelona, Spain, Samsung shows off the new features of its Galaxy S5 smartphone, including a new power-saving mode, fingerprint reader, and water- and dust-resistant technology.

And as everything moves more quickly, you want your device to be protected and to follow your lifestyle. Now, we all know water and electronics don't mix. Like when water is spilled on your phone or you drop it in a puddle or in the sink and then you're in trouble. But this is not a problem anymore because the Galaxy S5 is water and dust resistant. And because your phone is now water resistant, you don't have to be resistant to water. Watch your video in the tub, sing along your playlist in the shower. Don't worry about the rain. The S5 is protected for your lifestyle. But don't go too far. Water resistant is not water proof, so don't keep it on the water. But if it does get wet, it will be good. Now, the Galaxy S5 also has an interesting new feature called Ultra Power Saving mode. How many of you have had your phone die at a critical moment? I have. Last week for example, I spent a whole day using my phone with no access to a charger and I was invited in the evening to a nice dinner. But no time to go home, I was frantically looking for a charger because I must be reachable for the babysitter of my kids. This is a stressful situation, the battery and my kids. But with Ultra Power Saving mode, problem solved. It will turn the display to black and white and shutdown all features except the essentials like SMS and calls. So for example, if my Galaxy S5 is down to only 10% of battery, it can still last up to 24 hours in standby. So that should be long enough for me to get back home after dinner in most cases. That's how the Galaxy S5 can protect its battery life. But it will also protect your data at a whole new level and the key is right here. Finger scanner, uses your fingerprint as the ultimate password to validate your identity. It is encrypted on your device and never shared. All it takes is a simple swipe of your finger to make secure payments, no need to key in your credit card number, or your mother's maiden name, or your first pet's name or whatever crazy question they will think of next, which doesn't solve the security problem as simply and securely as this does. Also finger scanner unlocks private mode where images, videos and all the types of files are kept secured, because only your fingerprints will unlock them. When I travel for example, I like to keep a copy of my passport with me just in case. Now, I can carry it in my Galaxy S5 in a secure way because I know I can only access it in a private mode with this. That's hold the security of my data. Now what about the security of my kids when they play with my phone? And for that matter, the security of my phone when they play with it, this next feature is perfect when sharing your smartphone with the little men most of the family. With kids' mode, I can, with only one click, make my phone kid friendly and provide them with a number of fun, pre-installed applications and designate all their apps including games and videos that my wife and I feel all right for them. Well, if my phone kid friendly and provide them with a number of fun, pre-installed applications and designate all their apps including games and videos that my wife and I feel all right for them. Well, these are some examples of how your life will be powered by the Galaxy S5.

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