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CES 2012: Gadgets galore at Sony's press conference

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CES 2012: Gadgets galore at Sony's press conference

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At CES in Las Vegas, Sony executives show off the latest in the company's line of consumer electronics, from the company's new Xperia smartphone, to its new PlayStation Vita portable gaming system, to its Internet-enabled TVs.

Now (quarter storm?) of the new user experience is Sony's expanded mobile device strategy with products that give consumers the freedom to enjoy content on the go. Sony's tablet S and the new Sony tablet P are prime examples. With both Sony tablet devices, consumers can enjoy all of their entertainment including video, music, games and e books as well as communication tools and social network services and their user experience can grow as much as they wanted to by downloading new Apps through Android market and the Sony tablet is play station certified which is a critical differentiator. Play station certified devices represent the 1st time that play station content is available outside of dedicated play station products. And our newest Sony tablet consumers will be able to play legendary play station games and new content developed specifically for play station suite keeping the play station quality on tablets up to the industry's best standards. And speaking of games, I'm proud to announce to you today that during the holiday season, a total of 6.5 million units of all play station formats including play station 3, play station 2, play station portable and the new play station Vita were sold to users worldwide. Play station Vita launched in Japan, Hongkong and Taiwan a few weeks ago to great fan fare. It redefined the standard for portable entertainment with it's beautiful 5 inch OLED screen, view analog sticks, front and rear touch pads and dual cameras that deliver the ultimate in portable entertainment. Launching with 24 game titles on day one,Playstation Vita had an amazing introduction selling more than half a million units to consumers as of January 5th. The new Xperia (I arc?) is Sony's 1st LT Smart phone with a stunning HD reality displayed powered by our own mobile Bravia engine. The same technology used behind our award winning TV Bravia line. As a matter of fact, I have one right here. Let me see if I can switch it on, unlock it. Here we go. Thin and light with a durable aluminum body. .It's 12 megapixel camera and the highest resolution available on an Android phone here in the U.S. It also delivers blazing fast picture taking, virtually eliminating that frustrating shot to shot light that I'm sure we've all experienced on other Smart phones. So the Xperia (??) will be available exclusively to AT&T in the U.S. and will come to market this Spring. Speaker 2: Speaking of sharing video in new ways. The Bloggie MP for pocket camera is also getting an extra boost. The bloggie life not only maintains the HD quality sleek design and (??) operation of our bloggie family. .It also is the world's first full HD camera capable of live video streaming with built in Wi-Fi. Think about how incredible life is You can stream your experiences, your memories, in real time without the (nature of ?) PC. Speaker 1: The television is rapidly becoming the gateway for new types of content from the Internet and that's why we're expanding our line of products using the Google TV platform. So starting this summer, Sony will offer a new network media player as well as a new Blu ray displayer in the US, Canada and in Europe. As a result, more consumers will be able to join multiple contents, (??) from broadcast, to streaming video and various Apps through one easy to use seamless interface by connecting to any HD TV. Of course, the Bravia family will continue to evolve in terms of network functionality as well under their Sony entertainment network platform portal, the Bravia line offers a variety of streaming video services and apps while enhance connectivity with mobile devices remains the key feature. Speaker 1: Well, suddenly, it's developing a revolutionary new display technology and we are demonstrating a prototype of it here at CES. It's a self emitting 55 inch television called Crystal LED display which delivers super contrast and super wide color (gamut?). See it for yourselves. Your eyes will pop. We hope. (??) tell your friends, I have seen the future and it's a Sony.

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