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Tech Industry: Fujitsu P8010

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Tech Industry: Fujitsu P8010

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At CES 2008, Michelle Thatcher takes a look at this ultralightweight laptop that has a 12.1-inch screen.

[ music ] ^M00:00:04 [ background music ] >> Hi, I'm Michelle Thatcher from CNET.com, here at CES 2008 with the Fidget Two Life Book P8010. Now the Life Book P series has long been kind of a gold standard in terms of packing a lot of features into a really compact portable case. And this latest version is absolutely no exception. The first thing you're gonna notice when you pick up this laptop is how extremely light it is. It weighs just under three pounds, about the same as its predecessor, but its predecessor had a far smaller screen. This is a twelve point one inch wide screen display into this sub three pound package. And that weight also includes a built in optical drive. So you don't really have to make a lot of sacrifices to carry a laptop with you on the road. It's obviously designed for mobile workers, so there's a lot of business oriented features, including this fingerprint reader that is great for easy log on, and helps secure your data a little bit. And the fingerprint reader also doubles as a scroll button, which I absolutely love. Overall this is a really portable laptop with a lot of really great features for mobile workers, and that is why we like it. [ background music ] I'm Michelle Thatcher for CNET.com at CES 2008. ^M00:01:12 [ music ]

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