XCAR: Frankfurt 2013: Audi Sport Quattro Concept
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XCAR: Frankfurt 2013: Audi Sport Quattro Concept

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The Audi Quattro is an outright legend. Its rally dominance and go-anywhere tech meant it was THE car to beat. But how do you update a legend like that? Why, with a 690bhp hybrid monster, that's how. Meet the new Audi Sport Quattro. It's a bit good.

-If you're even slightly familiar with Audi, you'll know what the Quattro is. The car that arguably made Audi's name was a rally legend and remains an icon of the super dangerous Group B Rally discipline on the road and the 80's. That tech is also available on Audi's road cars. So if you spot a car with a little Quattro badge on it, not only is a heavy contraption but also a little slight of Audi's history embedded into its very being. However the name Quattro while it's a common suffix on Audi's road cars it's also used as the sole name for a special type of car. The last mainstream road car to use the Quattro name was of course the mental little A1 Quattro. It was fast, fun, had always too much power in the best way possible and of course 4-wheel drive, but there are more Quattros kicking about than that. In 2010 Audi unveiled the Quattro concepts at the Paris Motor Show. It was great to celebrate 30 years of Quattro cars and came with a 2.5-liter 5-cylinder engine with 402 brake horsepower and boasted a featherweight 1,300 kilo mass. It was due to make a limited production run but sadly the project fell through. However at Frankfurt 2013 Audi has unveiled 2 new Quattros, the Nanuk CUV concept thing with a 5-liter diesel V10 and knocked the 60-time of 3.8 seconds. It was designed in conjunction with Italian design. It's very swoopy and Italian-looking and also this, the Sport Quattro concept for now. This car inspired by the 30th anniversary of the Sport Quattro does away with the concept's 2-1/2-liter 5 cylinder and uses a twin-turbo 4-liter V8 with a hybrid system lovingly bolted on to the side. It produces a massive 690 brake horsepower. That pegs it with 130 brake horsepower more than the already mental RS6, knocked to 62 takes around 3.8 seconds. Its top speed is pegged at 189 miles an hour. That is R8 territory. However then you take a look at its eco cred into 113 miles to the gallon and immensely just 59 grams per kilometer of CO2. That is 39 more than the Toyota Yaris hybrid. Christ. Comparing it side by side with the old concept then the original Sport Quattro you see is designed DNA evolving subtlety through the years. -When we first presented the Quattro concept in Paris 2010 and we had such a good response from this car but unfortunately it didn't quite make into production. So it's our chance to show again what we can achieve with Audi design and the Quattro themes. As you can see here, it has a lot of typical Quattro elements and we're going to emphasize that. I think the first thing you notice or the biggest thing you notice on this car are the 4 Quattro wheelarches, the [unk] as we call them. And the very dominant C posts which pushes over the rear wheel creating a lot of power in the car. Frontwise, I think it's interesting to point out that we got a very aggressive grill. We're going a little bit more in the 3D direction with our grills, and our headlamps are of course, were very proud of our headlamp technology LEDs and everything that we've noticed a lot about our manufacturers are moving the game forward. So we gotta top our game again. You'll see in our future sports cars are a lot more this full eye effect as you see on this car. We've worked with engineers during the project and most I would say 90 percent of this car as you see the exterior-wise is pleasing. -If this makes production and there is room that's been making a limit to production on it, it'll cost someone in the region of 125,000 pounds. Again Audi R8 territory but this has one thing that the R8 most certainly doesn't have, exclusivity in a big way. Will it make production? I really hope so.

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