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Car Tech Video: Ford Works

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Car Tech Video: Ford Works

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Blue collar gigs will never be the same with one of these.

^M00:00:01 [ Music ] ^M00:00:11 >> Oh man. It's been a long day covering the car show. I'm ready to leave the job site, head home, have a couple of boilermakers and watch the ballgame. Wait a minute do I have all my tools? Because if I don't I've got to replace them. The company won't do it. Well let's find out. With this work truck with Ford work solutions in it I can go to the tool panel here and pull up this tool tracking technology which lets me see all of the tools that are onboard there on the right; I've got my saw, my drill, my radio, my hammer, oops I left the shop back outside. All right, good. Now I get back to base the man is not going kick my ass for leaving the job site; but being a modern working man I'm not just busting my hump with hand tools, I'm also in with data processing that's why. I have an onboard computer here as well. Check it out--Opera web browser, word processor, spreadsheet, e-mail, presentation viewer, PDF viewer, I've got a calculator, a calendar. Oh look at this--Log me in. I could use this remote technology; it's like a virtual restaurant technology, to reach my computer back at base or back at home. You've got naive in this guy but different than in a Ford passenger car. It's actually an implementation of Garmin. And while the screen is small I think it's just big enough to really manage your desktop when you do log in to it and you've got a full sized Bluetooth keyboard that helps a lot. Also if it's a really tiny app with little itty bitty things to hit, here's a stylist. Now here's how the truck knows what's supposed to be inside. Come here let me show you. There's some like this that stick on to the device permanently, and then up here there's a tag you would just attach with a tie wrap or what have you that dangles. And these RF transceivers--there's two in this truck are constantly beaming and activating tags to read who's on board and who's not. Oh by the way this system is not just for making sure you don't leave tools behind at the end of the day, but also to make sure you've got the right tools to start the day. You can make job lists, save them on the dashboard and hit the button before you head for the job site to make sure you've got everything you need to get the day's work done. Okay pricing--about 1200 bucks for the RFID tool tracking stuff; another 1200 or so is expected to be the price for the in-car computer technology; and if you want this thing to be connected wirelessly, you really should, another 50 bucks a month for a Sprint wireless account. It's basically like a Sprint air card account, just implemented inside the hardware of the truck.

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