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Car Tech Video: Ford tech roundup
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Car Tech Video: Ford tech roundup

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A car key that can control your teens, a rear door that opens with the wave of a magic foot, and a navigation system that teaches you how to drive more efficiently.

Been a long day shopping, or coming to the Trade Auto Show. You come back to your Ford C-Max, and, what do you know, your hands are full. Damn it. Keys in your pocket. You could put one of these down in the snow or the slush or the mud or the wet and, you know, then you pick it up and it's all soaked, it's a grocery bag and the bottom rips out, but it does something here called a hands-free lift gate feel. You take your leg, and you wave it underneath the middle of the bumper right about there, and because I have the RF key in my pocket, the vehicle knows that I'm authorized to get in here and lift the door for me, and off we got. Another interesting thing Ford is showing here at Detroit this year is a way to keep these guys from spending much time at your front door regarding your kid. It's a new level of services on My Key from Ford. This has been around for awhile. But now they've got 2 new functions: one, you can set this up, the key you give to your teenager or anybody for that matter, to set the top speed at 65, 70, 75 or 80- 4 new tiers for how fast they can go top-end. It also can be set to block any of the nasty channels on satellite radio. I'm talking to you, Howard. And previously, it's already had the ability to do things like mute the radio until the seatbelt is clicked, also to maintain radio volume at no more than 44%. You can almost rename it My Surly Teen, but if that's the only way they're gonna get the keys, they'll play ball and they might even smile. Last bit of tech I wanna show you that has to do with, you know, consumer satisfaction with this whole electrified era, Ford's got a couple things happening in the future dashboard. We've seen My Ford Touch before but a couple of those screens are new. One is called My View; it's gonna show you the effect of various vehicle systems on your range, and not just how you drive but if the radio's on, if the heater's on, if the lights are on when they don't need to be, they all take some juice out of the battery and we're learning that that's a part of the factors that will drive people nuts when it comes to range anxiety. And there's another one in here called Brake Coach. It tells you, as you're driving, and of course that's using Regenerative Braking in electric car, if you got all the energy back you could have in that braking scenario. So it will say, well, you just came to a stop, you got about 80% of the juice out of it that you could have. If you brake a little differently as I'll show you, then I can get 100% of the available energy recaptured to the battery.

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