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Car Tech Video: Ford Focus Electric

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Car Tech Video: Ford Focus Electric

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Catching up to Nissan and GM with Ford's first big volley in the electric car wars.

-Well, here it is, the first car ever produced at electronics show. This is the Ford Focus battery electric vehicle that was introduced a few days before this Detroit Show at the Consumer Electronic Show. This is gonna be Ford's first all-electric car. They do have the Transit Electric Connect that's a work truck and it has also got a different charging profile. They're claiming you can charge this guy from dead to full in three to four hours. That's about half what it takes to charge a Nissan LEAF, the upcoming Mitsubishi i-MiEV. And of course, it's kinda apples to oranges with the Chevy Volt. The range you'll get is gonna be around 100 miles or so. It's not tested or fully documented yet. The real economic comparison that matters here between electric cars and gas cars is what does it cost to drive the same number of miles. Let's say we compare a tank full of gas to the same miles in electric car. This car is a 23-kilowatt hour battery. Where I live in San Francisco, kilowatt hours are about 13 cents, so you've gotta take this guy and do the math and you get about a $3 charge in the San Francisco Bay area. It could be a little less in other area, a little more in some others, but that's only for about 100 miles or less. So, let's see, you gotta do three of those charges to go as far as a full tank of gas on the average car. That's put you on what? About $7.50, still a lot less than you're paying for a tank of gas these days. This Ford Focus electric is coming late 2011, probably November or so. Pricing TBD.

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