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Prizefight: Flip MinoHD vs. Kodak Zi8
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Prizefight: Flip MinoHD vs. Kodak Zi8

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There are plenty of HD-quality minicamcorders available to choose from, but Flip Video and Kodak continue to be ahead of the pack for many reasons. Let's head to the ring to see which product comes out on top.

What�s Up Prizefight Fans! I�m Brian Tong and videos cameras come in all shapes and sizes so we�re facing off two that fit in your pocket! It�s throwdown showdown between the second Generation Flip Mino HD and Kodak�s Z-i-8. We�re bringing in CNET�s finest from the NYC to judge this battle, Executive Editor David Carnoy, Senior Editor Joshua Goldman and yours truly will do the honors. We�ll take all three judges scores and average them out to the nearest tenth each round. The FINAL Prizefight score will be an average of all rounds, using the same decimal system. Let�s get physical. First round is Sexiness. = = = = = The Flip Mino HD is the most compact camcorder to date, and we all like its classy metal finish, smooth lines and its almost buttonless design. This guy screams sexy. The Kodak Z-i-8, not so much. It�s not ugly, but its bulkier and not as pocket friendly. I like its large 2-point-5 inch LCD The dark color design is nice, but there is plenty of room to improve its form factor. The Mino HD takes this round with a 4-point 3 and the Z-i-8 gets a 3-point-3. Next round is audio and video quality. = = = = = Audio quality is going to be about the same, and Kodak gives you the option to connect an external mic. But there were differences in the video quality. Both cameras shoot 720p video, but Kodak kicks it up a notch with a 1080p AND 720p shooting at 60frames per second for ultra smooth video. Flip has been the benchmark for video quality and we found that it had slightly warmer and fuller colors, and it also performed better adjusting to different light conditions. Both cameras shine in this round, but Kodak, JUST gets the edge with a 4- point-3 and Flip Video gets a 4. So after averaging two rounds, the Mino HD leads by 4 tenths of a point, there�s plenty more battle to go, next roud is Features. = = = = = Flip�s line of cameras are really known for their simplicity and not for their features. The Mino HD has built-in memory, you won�t need a cable to charge it since it charges through USB, and all you really need is just the camera, but geeks might want a little more. If you�re looking for a little more Kodak�s Z-i-8 brings unique features like an expandable memory slot, for the storage size of your choice, a Macro mode switch to focus on really close objects, and the ability to connect an external mic. Plus HDMI AND composite video outputs. The Z-i-8 hits hard with a 4-point-7 and the Mino HD gets a 3. Round 4 is Software = = = = = Both cameras come with built in software to share your videos, but not all things are created equal. Flip brings its Flip Share app that is compatible with both PCs and Macs. It boasts a cleaner interface and more publishing features like creating video greeting cards, your own private �Flip Channel� and online publishing to Facebook, Youtube and others. I also found editing clips to be easier with FlipShare. Kodak�s Media Impression Software is only PC compatible, but you can easily drag and drop files onto the Mac to edit them in a different program. It has basic editing and a movie maker feature plus publishing options from the expected online services including MySpace and � Flip takes the cake here with a perfect 5 and Kodak gets a 4. Now after averaging 4 rounds, we are tied a 4-point-1, the FINAL ROUND that decides it all is VALUE. = = = = = The Flip Mino HD is a great pocket camcorder, but for $229 dollars retail, you would think they could AT LEAST throw in an HDMI cable. Well you won�t get one here, and you feel like you might not be getting a bang for every buck. The Kodak Z-i-8 starts at $179 dollars retail, and you�re getting everything you can think of in this package with all of its shooting modes, an expandable memory slot for up to 32 GBs, plus anHDMI and composite video cable included. Kodak shines in the final round and gets a 4-point 7 and Flip gets a 4. So after going into the final round tied, The Kodak Z-i-8 pulled out of this neck-and-neck battle 4-point-2 to 4-point-1 and is YOUR PRIZEFIGHT WINNER. Both of these are great pocket camcorders and with a prizefight this close, the REAL winner is you. I�m Brian Tong, thanks for watching and comback next time, for ANOTHER prizefight. Wah-PAW!

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