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FLASHBACK! Ep. 1262: Apple raises the bars: Buzz Out Loud

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Buzz Out Loud: FLASHBACK! Ep. 1262: Apple raises the bars

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You say Flashback, I say Unicorn of Rock! Go!

It's Friday. It is July 2 -- -- now -- -- -- I'm Donald Val hi I'm ray fetal then welcome to buzz out loud cnet's podcast of indeterminate length episode 12162. Molly. Is not here today the -- -- the -- that's -- it it's the boys' club and today. Our podcast is apparently brought you by the onion who I think it now writing Apple's press releases its. Just make people get on my case about being negative and taking things and in in to sarcastic land like immediately. This stuff sometimes suggest there is no other -- -- chocolate as -- and they do it forties now. -- yeah well I don't work to do and the ongoing saga of the iPhone for antenna reception issues Apple has released a statement saying. Basically. That the problem is not with the antenna the problem is with a number of bars displayed in the signal strength meter so they are going to have a software fix. That changes the display of the -- And the problem with this though is that okay -- software to change the signal but they said they have been. Using the wrong formula to calculate how many -- signal they've been doing since the first iPhone so right it does that does that remind you -- something Google's street view collecting data Harrison street view began its hooks -- -- -- in home. But there also -- stunned. Stunned shocked eyes not on -- that we use to calculate how many bars of signal strength to display is totally wrong. Well -- that I had no idea about this thing of course that the man who apparently got let me quote I think that that another Baptist Church somewhere has really excited about. I want to read this this is -- direct from Apple dot com press library. Did to fix this we are adopting eighteenth he's recently recommended formula for -- how many bars the display forgiven signal strength. The real signal strength remains the same but the iphone's -- -- report it far more accurately. Providing users a much better indication reception -- we'll get a given area. -- -- We are also making bars 12 and 38 bit taller so they will be easier to sell we have one view my -- strength stuff well let's -- Apple's -- do you -- is is there anybody there I mean this is ridiculous I okay so do they expect people to believe the fact that. -- they gonna pick the fact that you still touch the bottom left hand corner but no other phone -- that they have had. Amber showed off this sent them where you touch a corner and it literally you know -- -- here. I think here's here's the thing about -- the Leo right and -- the the the problem with this first of all is. This is a white -- there's they're basically saying. There is no problem but to make everybody feel better we're gonna change the -- that you see in the phone so you feel better. But that that the problem here is that independent test you know -- -- -- you know these guys -- -- the -- -- you know screw the -- thing we're going to do signal strength that's than they did and they found out. That this signal strength actually does degrade and quality of voice and data reception and transmission degrade significantly when you do the thing you're not supposed to do just touch the antenna in particular place. So this fix an Apple is doing to replace the -- display with something that is. Basically more fuel gooder. Will do nothing to fix that yeah -- kids about problems. Of the phone so this is just this is Apple -- watch and it's it's frankly I find this offensive and ridiculous also. I mean when you -- dig into it deeper is -- throwing eighteen. But there's -- the opposite that over for the past four years. That -- that if you had bars is said for five that really your signal strength that's probably too. Right and what happens is displaying higher and then fill a cliff and your parts were displayed go for 45 to zero and rightly so yet that's that there are so they're also saying -- for the past like forward for years now where you've been complaining about eighteen he signal strength being bad is. Actually been about two bars worse than you thought here and right so it's -- everything eighteenth -- -- problems with transmission -- been worst -- You know -- your phone has even been expressing to you over since the beginning of the I've gotten. Apple is the sad thing here along outline is that eighteen he has given Apple these preferred settings and -- like together they did right. Of the thing is that the whole idea of the -- displays and any phones there is no standard doesn't mean anything it's it's the carriers -- the device main factors figure out you know what. That's -- emulation they want the bars to reflect in the kind of make up in in Apple's case and many other phones case it's not just that. Which is not standard but there's also an averaging going on in Apple's case that -- on -- and discovered that there's a moving average of about ten seconds so you know you would see. It doesn't reflect what's happening at that moment reflects an average -- have overlap and Apple's making no bones about that said that leaders stand that deployment that was. Totally wrong I know that you might be measuring some other thinking and actually that's a -- is actually your temperature of the adult. -- actually helping those very handy is an iPhone it. Anyway. It did it it it just -- they really Apple really should I mean it started as a joke -- they would be giving away free free -- but the -- actually do fix some of the problem is significant part of the problem not -- software developers we know that those -- sell for thirty bucks but they only cost a few -- -- is basically -- -- with a couple of the little -- and they're gonna get -- actually -- giveaway at product of -- for free that normally costs thirty dollars. They should just invite the -- strong people down to every Apple Store. To give the -- it was my idea is still laughing and -- Idaho and you cut a little -- in those for the dock connector wrap it around and apparently works pretty well and then just you know the hot day admit that they captured actually giving product away sodas are a little -- -- for charities for chair and they can say face. Yeah good luck saving face and that's -- nepalese and he he himself in deeper however one thing that Apple did not do you yesterday we reported on that there -- that Steve Jobs replied to somebody -- for. Reporter on working its report. About. You know it's just the phone get over and that email. As Jason appropriately said yesterday all without it what I did I did -- thing now. -- -- -- Was bogus stuff well mail. It it was Steve Jobs and I actually -- yesterday that there would be an industry -- -- Steve -- -- and too little too late for that now -- -- commands that you know that jobs did not send an email that was not a it's unclear if he was involvement conversation at all but that that that response -- he said. Basically you go around get over it go spectrometer family that was -- yeah and not only fabricated but the email. Transcript was sold to the boy genius report and -- -- apparently. This story still developing middle click -- you -- did not disclose that paid for that initially. Yeah it was you gentlemen I guess by the name of Jason Buford he was actually trying to sell this email -- -- email -- with. Reportedly with Steve Jobs the several of the Apple rumor web sites and -- -- cottage industry think -- Steve Jobs is you know. Little bug that is trying to make money off of their own. Let's play devil's advocate though that what -- what it really is real and of his dislike. Apple's word against this guy. Or -- and -- another guy I just you know week announcement Lima conversation that supposedly -- come from Steve Jobs spent. Apple totally -- categorically denies came from. Well why would Steve Jobs and sending it at all I mean this is not a guy that's supposedly heat because you judge me and he gets his jolly stuff just telling people like your -- jokes and you know when he gets a little tipsy at night and then -- has PR team categorically denied and the next thing. I I don't get away with it yet he can. There's no way he can really figure out some of its kind to you know right now he's gonna ask your email right now Steve Jobs got a whole team of PR people saying he never should have done in the first place that's just create. Okay don't get your own little PR firm or Apple write with all these little emails -- that -- now -- little tidbits. You know a new user you know to confirm what may be coming -- -- now becoming so -- can't control Steve Jobs when their job is to kind of control the message that Apple went out and -- And there Apple is so rigid about controlling its message and if you knew that when Steve Jobs start to reply to people it is an email that he kind of knew he was doing but -- interest in consequence was that it's easier to spoof messages that come from your leader -- and jobs. So. I don't know I -- I I I predicted this will stop that you know Steve Jobs is going to now have to stop replying I'm gonna be some secret way to authenticate the messages yeah I feel like Steve Jobs not someone -- takes to anyone telling him what not to do well that's true you know I think I'm I'm Steve Jobs and and send emails I want onstage -- the gap. Maybe this does this make is PR -- -- Yeah and see how good they -- they can cover up the is really nasty emails to cut customers period John -- your key. It man well meanwhile I -- vary meanwhile the competition for the iPhone products. Keeps. Dying T-Mobile has that is going to stop selling sidekicks now remember yesterday we talked about the kid can go and I've it was a -- -- product at two months then you know on the market and off. Another product that came from danger which Microsoft -- -- that a cool the cellphones -- -- with yeah dangers original product right with T-Mobile site he came from -- Previously known as the -- top right that. And so that the thing about this is right Microsoft acquired. Danger. Couple years a couple of years -- -- now her a couple hundred million dollars million dollars and now. Both of the they -- their new baby that promise that position -- and the previous generation product they're they're all gone so that they have at the moment they have nothing to show. But acquisition and on top of that. You know they're saying -- -- gonna go back to -- -- kind of rebuild and rethink this psychic -- it's already been damaged by the whole outage. When it went all the data from the site -- servers a completely blacked out you know a large majority of their users for I think about two or three days from now bill. Now wasn't -- enough the fact that now both of their babies are gone. I believe I don't see how they're gonna is that these are all models still like these -- phones and on the shelf for a little while ability to decide to psyche -- then I'm just kind of relate in the whole chain and decide -- addition the site -- one of the the -- that. First shrew. Cloud mobile -- was definitely -- You know it looks like it does a lot of the same things -- most Smartphones do which is you know contact -- you know all that stuff but and web browsing but unlike the architecture most modern Smartphones. Actually it needs the cloud operating nor do anything and yet now you know without that it doesn't have much local power it relies on stuff in the cloud and those kind of a revolutionary archetypal it was that's why I mean that's why have the phone at the time now what's the iPhone came around I jumped from the thank you -- -- -- -- -- -- it had its -- app -- -- You know it every if everything with it -- so. Yet -- in part of this is that T-Mobile actually owns the -- name. And -- that there's there's still plan to sidekick isn't gonna go away as out granny just decide it is this sidekick or the sidekicks and as they might be Android based. Sidekick devices coming out -- -- later I realized it out the form -- really not that I mean. It looks dated now it's time. So let's do some cool tech stories here in positive news we may be able to kiss the by the something nobody really likes which is the HDMI cable and replace it with something I think I'm gonna call it gimmicky or something I have HD based THP based HD which -- -- new cables this is just the cable -- but I dig the story because I think its fiscal. It's called HT -- and basically it is a new spec that carries. Audio video networking control like on off -- channel now and power over one cable and yet and a network connection enters well. And it uses an ethernet connection and so it's still compatible. -- with all these you know current ethernet plugs speaking of current apparently will be able to carry a hundred watts of power which is enough to power a TV. I you know you could put that much power that little cable I guess you can with HD based theory while medical and is not to disparage each -- too much is -- you know I was gonna. So I pretty clear lie about format but it just makes it now it can I mean it was great that combined seen HD Nina video and audio. But it doesn't going much further that yet again. So at some other cool things about this HD beastie it's all it has the bandwidth to support HDMI one point or -- as well as. 1080. And status got a treaty can go as long as 100 meter high school which is specifically advantageous that HDMI cables are like -- it's around fifteen meters a lot shorter. So so this. This guy and it does everything from what they can. From what they -- and it's they said it'll look like it'll be available sometime around 2011. -- -- start shipping these cables now one monster cable can figure out how to charge you 3000 dollars easy to him he can't if they just have one step -- a -- and golden promise that I have an old. There and the other one it -- -- all right we have Al they had been. -- now this was actually designed camera -- it's not by Sony Samsung LG and balance of his talents so it actually does sound like it's got the backing up some big major players is like one of those things like -- -- -- things Philadelphia maybe sports and it does that make their life -- or yeah or. This'll make this everybody's all the equipment manufacturers life much easier because it will make it easier for consumers to connect equipment together you and that's good than -- viewer angry calls to customer support fewer returns because the can't -- it out this is all good news yeah and by the -- most H. HDMI cables are like three or four meters. It's display port -- fifteen meters. Though to have a cable that can reach basically across the room and carry all this stuff delivered -- -- -- -- percent this is really year old clear so -- -- probably Willard road and expect CDs ports on the next models of TV that CES this coming year. -- -- really realistically. I think there's the I technologies pride geared towards CS because it probably is tired of setting up TVs with like four different cables and -- -- oh yeah and one cable defer our TVs as he had okay -- my little county's assistant optical so it's not like -- with interest in you -- and of course an optical -- -- apparent power. If so anyway Andersen stuff and in other -- them. That's the quick hit here on another attack story the -- Which I think is really need a Microsoft is announced that it has -- do it has -- away. Which they call. -- the load. Where you basically put a battery at double layer AAA batteries in a device and any any configuration you want this way or that way and it'll still work so your -- your devices will either. Before used to be you what you -- in the right way that rights were to put -- in the wrong way either you burn -- your devices or just doesn't work and you don't know why. And if you've got multiple batteries like four batteries with the netbook with -- -- to go down. With this new technology just put it anyway don't you -- it -- cram them in and get any direction you want is different drama this is good for everybody -- get according -- about this this story is that I mean they're gonna licenses this technology to people but they'll provide free licensed any technology that is geared towards people with like that physical disabilities. Or vision impairment. Because that's the people like I can't see to it to wave I can hardly a slam plus and minus on on devices and I'm trying to put the battery yeah obviously I think it's not as cool -- and songs and I can seat on the batteries that you know look a little -- means plus but some of the device -- can't tell the device -- latest to -- because they. In -- in late. Yeah in the my chronic high under that I -- gags like whenever arts and that's the ethical in other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you won't soon be able to send your Google Maps directions -- -- the -- yourself on your computer at home. In Google Maps and then send that route to your vehicle. You're on start the vehicle yes so that -- -- you go online play gettin'. Let's send them when you jump in your car it -- -- a little video clip that just hours. You say virtual assistant. In your virtual assistant talks to -- And yes and it asks if you'd like directions and it'll -- those directions to you. Why is also and that send -- dialogue when you're in Google Maps if -- -- plug in -- OnStar username which hopefully you know. And and then that'll send itself to -- -- that I think this -- school now people asking what what do I have against arms are I think on starts. I happen to like this as -- my personal opinion I happen to like my navigation system have a screen so I can. Kind of visualize what's happening and OnStar. The least the early on stars were all audio now that means that GM that the cost of the -- the -- -- the cars as much lower because they don't have to put this big. LCDs panel controls and all that it was just one button and speaker microphone. And -- you know. GPS and and -- somewhere sending the data. I prefer a more fully featured navigation department that's all I'm sick and I think on stars and the technology. For -- yeah that's it. Are these that I'm glad -- -- that I pilgrim at the moment -- Yeah. I'm really you know what I'd really love -- stuff. I hope so I only you know you only criticize the ones you love. Is that true. Right anyway and in headline news Google -- is acquiring IPA. Which is a traveled data providers -- their their copy of the gathers airline flight information. And sends it out. It would people pay for previously those people included travel online travel companies I think like kayak. But Google has bought the company which means they will now have their own source of this data in. In Google search Microsoft of course -- being has a big online they bought what is the -- by. Expedia I think now we have it up within -- -- forgive me I'm wrong about it -- Microsoft bought a travel company. And Americans that was one of -- of that reflective provider. And -- -- -- -- being has a lot of travel data in it and now Google is going that direction as well. Yeah what -- so -- -- in about this now we talked about you mentioned like kayak other satellite orbits and hot wire they use this operative Bing travel. Bing travel actually uses the software that behind this of Google essentially. All advanced the gap -- Google essentially is going to now. -- the infrastructure behind their competitors. Product service -- so it's easy to see how that how that actually shakes out and you know we were talking before the show. -- will Google -- will they give priority to it you know. They're they're searches over these other sites -- -- these other sites still also offer rental cars and hotel services to. And -- differentiate themselves but the fact that being relies on his engine. -- little Dicey. -- I I think he had the turf where turf where turf war side link is it is -- -- -- cool if if Google can do a better job displaying -- you know. Actual flight information in them and help you you know they will also have their own decision and -- on decision engine on the left field but -- and decide article yeah. Yes so anyway the better Google at the end of this people are expecting that there'll be regulatory action. Against or targeted at Google and the idea acquisition and you can bet that Microsoft lawyers will be fueling. Does does Google really have to get into every single looking for any of our life yes apparently so. I just -- if there comes a point worms like. It out well. Yeah I -- it makes it easier I'm all right I mean you love the technology that that makes things easier but. Practically everything that you wanna do now is like Google's open into it. If it makes these -- what price your luxury -- yeah are you willing to give your freedom. Exactly. Speaking of giving up freedom best buy there was an employee -- best buy who did this pretty funny video comparing the customer -- -- to -- wants to buy an iPhone and basically the little animated guys that you don't want an iPhone and the conference that if they do and it has does know you want this this -- -- -- -- puzzle we don't have the iPhone we don't have do you want why you want it -- -- yeah in the iPhone Android phones all these things better. It's a pretty funny videos not -- for if you find out there's a lot of F bombs in there. The guy who made it is a best buy employee and apparently. Best buy is now trying to fire his Easter. Because they don't like the -- Yeah you know that the thing about this video is that. It it talks about the tech toys that that's -- -- but in -- and there's not a single instance in the video we're best buy is alluded to. There's no uniform I mean obviously the retail experience but. There's there's no there's no traces -- best -- is involved in this video. Yes except the fact that -- best buy employee made it and best buy really doesn't probably like its employees going out extracurricular early. And saying bad things about products that it sells -- which okay which which you know I am I can see why they feel that way but. I don't know if he had any clause about it in his you know in his contract to do that probably -- of -- to best buy probably not your problem probably not but it is is -- -- thing where. You know companies because the the almost become have to change how things are -- how they regulate it's not because. Our companies really going to be that involved now with even our personal creative projects. That we can no longer. Be creative and you know do things like that. Well but but this is. He's talking about. Products that are in best -- business -- -- he is. That the line here is blurry I mean remember you know granted this -- no movie's start a movie stars have these morals clauses and anybody who -- something -- sell something on behalf of the company. There's this expectation. That they're going to act and in their entire lives the public -- anyway in a way it is congruent with. That drop that they're doing -- -- getting paid for. I don't think this is necessarily a good thing to do to this poor guy which is having some fun. But I'm not surprised at best buy is confused about what to do about it and is taking action are trying to -- actually had finished yet I I think that is the only way to -- -- mean that the guy behind his video I estimate does the pull off the video the level of like intelligence marking yes that is required port to be funny and informed. Is means that this guy knows this stuff. Yeah true he knows his stuff though not well enough to say I'm every single reason why this guy should -- by -- -- status. The iPhone. As I got is that who knows his phones that well. Enough to pull off video like this and make it funny I think someone in Haiti needs to go up the -- instead of through the exit door -- you know I mean. -- and I know if if you ran best buy a chart it would be await cooler place to shop. Hey hey hey yeah. -- did you have smart. People who are able to say what they wanted people feel more or if this guy who made this video is in charge of best buy inventory decisions you know media Libya they would have joint outages they -- that patent and I think at this this sounds like he's -- he's smart funny -- That probably deserves that have more power in this company incentive you know being. You know relegated to it is -- Hoosier. We -- to deal with you know down customers come into Asia that's team and I left -- were the frustration I am. He's frustrated but he also -- -- this -- that. Speaking of frustration again. A judge has rejected all the FF arguments in the. The 5000 or so people who. The producers of Hurt Locker and other movies -- have -- -- or stolen the movie and they -- The suit is about trying to basically -- all these 5000 people at once. Even though they don't know each other and there are different places. And the F -- this saying look you can't have one lawsuit against 5000 people and the judge says well actually you can dismissed. It's a dangerous case is an interest in case that obviously it's going to be fought and fought and fought. It's kind like the reverse class action I mean if you're 5000 people are upset about something like an -- antennas they can't file class action suit. But Apple campus file suit against all those people -- they did something wrong rank. So. Anyway it's a very it's a very dangerous argument it lumps basically everybody in this case from people who actively try to steal something. Two people who. Didn't really know what they're doing into one thing and this is the case where the produces are saying look. We know you are if you settle with us for I think -- -- -- 15102000 dollars then we will take you off of our hit list. And you won't get sued 450000. Dollars so. This is basically in quite some -- -- the judge. Reinforcing -- protection racket. Ranks really scared was also still going to be really hard to pull off even if you can do this but like looking up the IP information and -- The download data for 5000 people. And bring that into this in this case is can -- take a lot of time and a lot of effort. And even Time Warner and that's the same -- wouldn't they would. -- -- Cooperate with this it is limited to any request per month -- Time Warner VW and you say what we can say whatever we want about the ISPs but they're probably not too thrilled with the idea of having to participate in suing their customers right. So I anything they can do to delay it I'm sure they will -- -- -- -- -- -- The you know experience either way and painful but it would mean for lots of buzz out loud you know mentions an occasion is -- -- 28 subpoenas at a time. Finally are science story for the day is a bit of us that one we talked earlier and I got a lot of information wrong but the high -- Japanese space probe which landed on an asteroid. And with the -- scoop -- some rocks have a little. Secondary rover go -- Then I'll lift -- connector and drop its capsule down honest with expert parts while that mission went horribly wrong. The -- -- step of the channel now the sample retrieval thing didn't work away with the post who maybe got some dust maybe not. The little rover floated off in space by itself. The chemical and just didn't work they finally after seven months of no signal from the spacecraft they finally managed to connect -- that make I basically. One ion engine cobbled together from. -- one here an Apple won there and -- got this thing. Instead -- to come back to earth orbit and drop capsule to basically. Explode in Earth's atmosphere and drop the rest of it just that -- return capsule into the Australian Outback. Where they now believe. There is no. Asteroid. Vapor whatsoever although they won't know for so. They haven't they have not opened this capsule -- not yet I don't know what's in it -- ability got. And if they spent how many millions of dollars to use it might well have passing it did you hear that I might have -- Wow all I might be after a gas in this capital of Arnold and using it. By all means. Anyway I ghetto I think they're they're afraid to open it up to find there's nothing in there because there's a lot look I think. Nationalistic pride involved in this spacecraft which was really extremely ambitious. The fact -- -- I I have to say that. Although. Basically it all went. -- the book's -- them. The fact that this thing had an Apollo thirteen moment and landed on the asteroid and then everything went to crap apparently actually managed to get -- -- hundreds of millions of miles back to earth at all. Is amazing. So let's that's the hats off to the Japanese engineers managed to recover this this vehicle. I hope there's something in there. I'm very that's -- to collecting space itself they did Douglas Adams thing. Like it sounds like -- is -- of the galaxy where everything goes wrong and an impossibility drive. Smith appears out of nowhere and and make suffered their rover intent here is landing in the out here Leo and again with having gastric -- inside exactly yeah. 42 -- it. Voicemails you can send the boys know if you like it it's short and -- the 806162638. With 80616. Feet and -- -- the person is from Brandon wonders about -- -- right. Oh that is dramatic yeah. Well it's still not playing and I click on his name in it please dramatic squirrel. -- here let's turn this. Brief has had some pilot. -- -- -- -- -- Ask your question about a year now since you all passed a law to to get rid ourselves -- -- cropping. Just -- -- that it really made a difference you'll you'll see people governor elements opposed to New Year's. Just just a curiosity. -- -- -- Interesting question random let's play our next voicemail. This is from -- Hey buster this math or language beeper out of me -- -- along it's raining. And I and it's salient point about -- 1257. And I pull up the siren -- -- lectures on the states. -- is. It was that it I have to start over whole if I think you do on purpose idea that I can easily be slightly start -- -- that in the. Oscar this Matt -- outlandish be proud of me airstrip along it's raining. And I and it's salient point products at 1257. Pull up the siren -- lectures on the -- -- Any -- guys -- talking about that president kill switch for a theater level Obama is wrong on this but. Instead of shutting down entire Internet but they need do is put -- which is -- hospitals and power plants and everything it's important. -- the Internet -- it and no harm can be done. You don't need it you don't it's got all communications -- treat people seeking to protect thing the importance. -- -- That's an interest -- point. Although. It's open -- ideas that you have these Newton and you can lower the -- or raise the draw averages rather when things go -- And it's got to. So what things of that -- just basically a law the critical infrastructure from all the other stuff and everything we say that. Theoretically makes a lot of sense the challenge with that is what if the that the attack vector that virus the malware in the whatever that -- is that come over the unit is already in this is just dying and it's triggered. And you can't get it out it's already there and it's not like. And you wanna protect the Internet but -- might be too late. -- I don't know that that's true I dislike the idea of a Obama happen and they kill switch. -- color would it be -- you have to color code the -- and I'm saying because these projects that when that nuclear Armageddon Mac that's one button click the obvious that I wanna hear those pirated. I hope so Polly's a few keys that he probably means a few other people -- particularly brilliant inventor in. Accordion and kill switch the community is the -- to them to -- an ethernet cable actually just gonna go millions as -- -- which is much is it is applaud the idea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our right to the notes yet there we go this is from Adam from Maryland -- -- through listening to episode 1261 where he talked about the debt. Of the -- is one -- went -- that there was one product with a much shorter lifespan the palm Foleo. Announced party used and not released could up product -- be shorter then that love the show. Iowa I want that one of the that's all those things released that'd be comfort -- I was there and I held -- it was really cool with basically. A -- -- keyword extension for a Palm Pilot. And use the -- for everything and -- -- got a chance they made him -- the warehouse them somewhere and then they killed it. -- bomber. Paul which is a tech writer says. It just caught the caught at that -- 61. There seem to be the consensus the class action lawsuits -- lawyers -- copies and we consumers without recompense. While there may be the case for consumer tech I know the least one example which -- company sold faulty product and as a result class action had to make the right. That examples Polly doodling pipes that pumped plumbing product that eventually -- would -- the high temperatures. Found in hot water and chlorine. It led to we -- piping and leaks the settlement of the class action suit let the formation of a billion dollar fund completely cover the cost of recording homes were flooded. While suits against Apple for performance -- -- on -- unique antenna design may be specious not all class action suits are wrongheaded. Nor are they merely moneymakers for lawyers when I wonder though is where -- -- losses -- -- on behalf of the residents of New York patents against thinking the people's people of the bottom. What it would be worth my money -- where's my better but my five bucks yeah really a month. For the last ten years that I've had service. It's not -- -- -- time constantly and well. -- says next and from Craig saying hey that's true this is in response to Apple's customer support script following. Forbidding giving away bumpers that -- Apple iPhone for owners. And making them buy them. The -- to do this to the. X server server serves servers. -- extending -- X serves as plural product yet just looks we years. And survive is -- taxes that are excerpts that's. You now have a regular VGA or dvi port to hook up a monitor the also have they have a display port that must put into PGA or dvi adapter dongle. They do this they used to include the VGA dongle with previous Generation X. have been now that the current generation me change this label this -- port and mini display port and no longer included dongle. You must now buy one for forty dollars. You don't really have a choice because you can't use your server without thinning out forests and set up you need to monitor. Also don't forget that first iPhone that they had had recessed headphone Jack that you only use Apple here buzz with or buy an adapter. And obesity including ear buds with the -- Apple -- on -- -- now. They make my professors instrument makes the money I'm gonna get Tommy from their accessories -- their store. They can't be with people who on this though. Now. Batteries but batteries not included satellite space that are right in Africa. Now will mark is now is say like yen to thinking about iPods and in and -- -- certainly. They sell -- little. Dock -- if you really want HD -- you've gotta by the dock and talk. About oh really been that bad yet this is pretty it's commonplace. Damage yet in the tech universe. Alright. Remember if you're watching this live -- round -- coming up with all that space exploration and exploiting it for commercial purposes with miles O'Brien and Brett Alexander summit here noon. If you have comments send them to us that buzz at cnet.com is Jonathan BOL dot cnet.com. Call us with your pithy and entertaining emails 806162638. Happy Independence Day everybody is US. And -- we miss you come back and -- it. Yeah I -- show this next Monday by the way. Fantastic all right how -- mixed. Let's see here this what I believe -- -- but this one is from Scott McGrath and I believe it has some key tar and it so. Those who watch out for that -- your -- listening. Children wow look the other day -- little ladies little lettering -- middlemen couldn't quite tell what I like it -- -- we decipher -- now that -- both. -- -- -- -- It was probably David -- -- some happens attitude of stars in and out and stretch now -- done. -- and I do -- -- after it right I -- -- that key tire expression at an actor. Comes out of -- -- it's all majestic and it. And you just didn't this -- the -- Oh by the way we do have more I thought -- can run out but it's Friday but we got a couple more so it extended the next week. The clinical and then we will be out. Officially. I just gotta wanna watch him play that part -- good news record it and you and I gotta do that again alright you know Disneyland like ugly -- That is a little while while it is yeah can't you can't. Not used the ugly face vineyard you're playing -- -- the key target and squeezing will look as good a handle. -- -- That in the immediate expressions or do you think he was standing up when used. I am equally can't data right that tired. There's no way it be like having no funny -- like this expressed like. The question yeah a hole in the wall I meant. There are people like that that ultimately the eighty injured -- the expect -- -- -- this card who that it question. If his computer relied on fire -- payments he was recorded. -- rainbow shoot out and -- -- -- -- -- it is the solar and any follow the -- the end there was that you don't. Time now and Michael and then he wrote the unicorn that I -- of rock. Unicorn Atlanta Barack and I like that I'd never would have those few things in the same. -- -- -- -- But the picture -- it won't be drawn. To you you you want an illustration of that now the unicorn of Barack I want you don't stretched.

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