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Buzz Out Loud: FLASHBACK! Ep. 1137: Tech predictions for 2010

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Buzz Out Loud: FLASHBACK! Ep. 1137: Tech predictions for 2010

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This is a flashback to our 2010 predictions. Being that we are now more than half way through the year, let's see just how awesomely (or not) we are doing with our predictions!

Mean yeah. Today's Thursday December 31 2009 and he's now I'm Hollywood anti -- the -- out of so 1137. Our last holiday episode. Before we come back on January 4 that's right and it is the all hollowed. Predictions -- this there and happy new year everyone okay and -- safe tonight thread be safe tonight everybody don't drive. Don't our prediction is you should stay home think I'll wait and -- or take the -- but don't drives if you have a bar or -- like device. Take -- take -- This device since. I how to divert its purpose anyway I told you thousand. If you have a space elevator tonight's the night look good gotten their Christmas as a way to -- Wounded in my -- to delve deep into transportation device that's my first prediction yeah okay. I won't go there that's the that's that these. Now years from now you will learn soon from their results show that we're not good at this getting and -- -- -- anyway commitments. But this year it's different this oh yeah yeah -- -- here we are just the line. On we've been researching this all your -- -- been writing downtrend as they appear and and using our spectacular analytical powers running it through computers -- computers. Algorithms we've we've had our analysts crunching the numbers -- non stop -- -- totally those numbers are. Power crunch I rented -- I rented space on a Cray supercomputer just around a complicated. Algorithmic assessment of what what's going to happen in the future. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah well oh start. With at that this is one of those predictions I think it's pretty safe and I'm you know get to the wrong size eight and and they're crazy Apple Tablet. It'll come out. I don't know when I'm -- spring fish -- will include three G. Will be focused on. 899 dollars actually summer I'm gonna change at this summer -- -- commands them. I think ever -- predictions that actually I -- -- you say it's safe. I predict there will not be able -- there house went there. I just in now I did some really nada -- -- -- -- -- somebody has apparently one of us will be right yeah. I -- they -- yeah yeah. I don't know next year it's what most we'll be right kids they call this covering the sprint -- -- I hate to think it's an action is I don't think they're gonna get a feel like there's no there's -- -- it's still an unproven market there's no reason for them to dive in with with such an expensive device. In -- you know into a market that really is not. Hasn't taken off balance quite sure with the -- in -- I think there I think you're gonna sit on. That's where -- my reasoning for it is that. All it's it's partly alchemy -- all of like the sources that these things are coming from out indicate that -- real. But also. They haven't had a big market changing device -- the iPhone. Brett and I think yeah I think they probably feel like it's time for -- and it to take a shot at it with something other than an Apple TV or a high five him back. Or where some of those away hobby -- wayside devices yeah and those with this would be I think they're gonna go buy it now you may be right went if they -- I'm I'm not making a prediction about. Success rates are now rather but I yeah I'm just saying that they're gonna come out -- -- -- okay and I guess I could support that because even though I went back and forth I still. And even though this was totally prediction -- -- -- 2008 it didn't convert yeah after 2009 didn't come true. But I still think it's gonna happen is an e-book store and iTunes and I think that in the tablet. Does actually happen that just seems like it a no brainer that that has Apple's iTunes obvious place that they if and yet that's not and he goes -- they have to have a new stamp something -- -- that in their dynamics makes me think of some sort of the news stands now if I think they'll have magazines for -- and I take -- don't have -- to you. Yeah but yeah yeah I think if I can get behind that. Regardless of the hardware actually I can see that just and it seems like that's such a huge market now and iTunes just I mean. Yeah they've got movies they've got music the books is really the only thing that they're missing and all right without your prediction. Yeah I actually did have that as a prediction analysts -- a couple Wilma. All of then it's back mat around the mean this I'm gonna make a really obscure industry analysts tech prediction though there will be so convoluted -- that'll be able to claim it was right no matter what happens -- So now I'm so only sort of kidding I think and -- prize. Is gonna get into the cloud really seriously. 11 major. Enterprise will adopt say maybe it's IBM may -- its Oracle may be even a telco. I juggle -- of a limb and say a telco is gonna become an enterprise cloud services provider and so that you -- you will be able to go to somebody trustworthy. As opposed they're gonna market themselves against Google. -- Google's kind of -- -- and SNL this cloud stuff right now certainly until -- people -- scared if I run a financial company I'm not adopting Google docs yeah. But if Oracle RI BM comes along and says actually we've got iron clad. -- collaboration may -- even in partnership with Microsoft maybe not maybe it's their own thing. Then I think yes yeah they're gonna I think that's that's going to happen this year and it's going to be a big thing. It's gonna be news. And -- it's gonna be if it's it's going to put clouded. Respectable rate could right now every -- they'd make the joke about the -- cloud services via whatever it buzzword -- this is intelligent. -- okay. This is a letter here's that I have on their predictions that the the cloud craze will slow after a major security incident probably involving Google. Yeah I mean that directly I we're not only does -- on purpose so -- we haven't you know why others prediction those actually am totally set up. Be true that's about your because the consumer cloud could totally recede after a security -- -- and and and IBM Oracle think it's the behalf -- up and Yasser I don't know help them because they do exe. That's what you need that's totally true they added -- we need to get to see very interest he had do you think I think consumer confidence in the cloud which is already kind of low is going to be like. Not there I think there's gonna be something big that happens even bigger than that you know the T-Mobile danger thing. But and but -- doesn't preclude that because if I mean you read in some ways that's a no brainer obviously the enterprises can remove the cloud because it is just so much cheaper and more efficient and but Alec and you that there will be -- -- trustworthy provider. But I also there's gonna be a major cloud -- Out like when you try to manipulate the weather and everything goes wrong -- huge killer storms summoning -- -- everybody that's been. Going to be a killer storm from the cloud to liftoff time. And I'm confident wow this is a normal so that may be the title I. As a commitment. I don't know this -- necessarily cloud related but it's kind of the same thing and you know in the way that the Kindle and the note penalties the UVs -- I think -- going to be thing and they're gonna be a lot more devices that have this type of embedded you don't really necessarily. Need to know that it's there you just know that it's there to do that particular things riding on the coat tails of kind of the wireless. Spectrum now there are the three G or whatever might -- your portable in a music device has some sort of back and forth can activity in a different maybe in a different way maybe a pared down Whitmore pared down wave and say your iPhone doesn't whatever. If like iTunes and its Kindle -- exactly like an iPod Touch -- it. Three G brand but know excel but no phone -- -- like a Nokia N 900 but spun into -- more consumer friendly totally secure and others. I had I had of the same predicted. Three did that that built in three G basically free three G was gonna become ubiquitous yet -- -- At and I think it's gonna actually I think that can be pretty dangerous -- for the telcos in some ways because they're gonna make a lot of money on this on the back and partnership yet but they're gonna have a lot harder time charging. Those data rates on people -- is likely why don't have written brief three G wireless access -- my Kindle. -- raise the data rates. And can I go ahead you know another -- another -- and try to did they start to try to gouge you because fewer people find the need. To get data plan hurt -- -- now. -- better -- because okay so my next and what in my other predictions and accounting goes counter to this seems like is sad that data plans. Will take a nosedive. In the same way that cellphone minute plans plummeted not too far along go because -- -- -- going on so many so many of these cheaper and cheaper Smartphones just. Data on your portable devices so top of mind right now almost more so then. Voice and I just cannot think it's gonna fall in the same way now I don't know how they -- because that -- really think about. You know the one versus the other but. The one subsidizes the other I think if if company to do know that Amazon is paying -- time to sprint and nineteen T seem to pay for that access so I think it actually. That ubiquitous three G which will be subs heavily subsidizing a paid for by the -- manufacturers will then subsidize the -- ability to offer you to predict. -- -- there will be a consistent. Breathless leveraging exactly drive rather than that I have to made it may be that will be what should accept things and and makes us actually get better data plans and -- hope springs eternal now -- -- and and better network. Are right next -- I think I'll go I have like eighteen of them HP will come out with a compelling IT TV box that will include cable alongside I PTV. -- -- Bunch of stuff I read indicated that HP has been toying around in this area and that they are willing to it to take the risk and nobody not too many people are so I'm you know in might not -- HP but. That the stuff that I was reading pointed it towards HPV in the wanted to take a gamble on -- And try to try to be the first into this market and coming out with that box and and the way they would do it is. They would bundle it with with cable companies and so maybe it's true two way. In Allen and and you buy from HP and use it to get Hulu and and they make they make a big agreements with big online video providers. Or maybe it's integrated with TV anywhere from Comcast or something like that but they also have the cable television box and it's a DVR. -- all in one. Behind yet. -- I have a hardware. Prediction as well actually going back to the tablet thing I I think that even though Apple will not introduce a tablet and when he and Microsoft will. I think that that little prototype video that was going around is going to come to path. Yeah did a little dual pane tablet -- dealing. And it may and it you know again it may prove to be there Waterloo Wi shelty but I think that they're gonna do -- -- newbies -- -- They have they bikers has been -- to do tablets and Bill Gates showed what that one off -- I guess they want 2003 some like yeah they want a tablet bettered their curtain and a -- and I think that they need to do some Margaret I think they're gonna do. Think they're gonna do the -- -- I -- keep on keep this on the Microsoft churning a little bit. And -- -- I don't think that Microsoft is gonna open anymore than maybe three or four retail stores. Yeah good. And review and that really an occasion for a that would is going yeah get on our way Iran via -- I've been on a main I think ultimately their move into the retail space isn't really gonna take -- -- -- -- maybe that's not to say that it won't eventually it's gonna be really slow start. And I don't think -- -- by adding by the end it -- the of the on Microsoft we tell what. -- the only other option is that they just are -- them out. Right out right I mean they took so long to get those first two -- -- and there's no indication that others accompanied Mariana and a they're -- government that. -- -- I'm when I did top five predictions I I I stated this when a lot more unequivocally that I'm going to now but good -- pom. I have them give them I don't. Necessarily. A minute and then bring it back a little from what it's a tough but I don't necessarily think they'll go entirely out of business by the end of the year. But I think you'll see ponds it's I want to say they're stock dropped -- that -- has a literal meaning here. They you know -- I think I think we'll see them on the way out if not totally sold to someone else definitely on the chopping block and I don't say this with any -- great. Pleasure now and I happen loved pomp and their heyday I loved Handspring first and then -- -- went on beloved -- I love the palm OS above the PDAs but you know the Palm Pre. They were in trouble and the Palm Pre was supposed to be the thing that was gonna save them. They've been okay I don't think it have to -- and I can Beckett will now yeah it to -- it didn't have the it didn't have that -- they and they needed to get that sucker out soon after they handle that it's the chance to take at a rapid coat tails of all that -- that it had because and I think about it a year ago that was the hot topic at CES and now we're talking about home. You know I probably yes drove away and it does it via via an it was a month at this he has been -- -- command -- -- -- out -- limited quantity than just yet. I also had -- will hold or be purchased and really I mean I think they're going to be yet. Inaccurate or around -- -- valuable for it to disappear somebody's gonna buy it up. Meaning and I don't think it landed in any great shakes whoever does but I bet that's an asset that they can probably divest themselves of possibly can. I guess -- do another instance we have the same one IA I predict that Microsoft despite everything that they have said up until now will make isn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- is gonna slap some sense into them right and they get your mobile strategy act together this is a breaking embarrassment he cannot sit there on that dead and dying Windows Mobile brand because the only thing you have gone for -- -- is as soon. And -- -- -- get a clue. And get a -- -- okay granted maybe I'm the one parent elements from but I do think that they will. How are they gonna overcome the carrier though because the block to that room. That reasoning is the carrier saying wait a minute we have you know partnerships with you to run Windows Mobile on this in this and that if you get in the space than -- competitor so -- -- they get over that. However they have their competitor because they are putting out a phone directly into competition with other phones around -- -- mobile. Well yeah I don't think that's something that I think -- -- -- be identical just like a -- I think every part of does unifying their mobile strategy like I think that they'll say they if they may actually. Do is you know less than similar to the iPhone OS that that starts to migrate onto the other Windows Mobile phones I think that what -- I can do it again it's -- in -- unification of the mobile strategy that will combine Windows Mobile and the Zune. Idea that and then eventually you'll get via then you'll get some decent hardware and you get a better OS and then we'll just get it -- there. And to implement I have a little bit of thing and there's your last. You mean -- really had enough recuperate. -- day I predicts we'll come back. So consider this these -- -- yeah. The Mattel Children's Hospital. You're right you're fact look first actually answer is I -- I did a blog. Are coming here on the days and -- Jason that's right. I'm tired just trying to get out you're an -- now I know well no horror. He must see here I'll just pick one these here. Google Wave I think it's gonna fizzle. And I think it's gonna go the way of the do it -- absolute fails can be one of those Google projects. That like have a lot of hype and a lot of buzz and everything like -- -- in the grand scheme of things can be a blip on the radar like popular videos and yeah them -- Obama talk a little bit it is like really who uses that. I think more people use Google Talk been and we think of all Andy and I like that built into Gmail yet and Google Voice and a and how -- turned into a thing in fact. I after I finally did get some Google Wave -- I've never actually even use. Yeah I mean I've used it a couple of times and both times in just circle on. What am -- using here like why do I want an -- is how would you -- adopt this from it needs -- killer you yes doesn't have any reason little demo and to have their resolution and sort of a problem in you know actually that lucrative. Yeah well I mean if you know -- -- -- email. Yeah no big that'd not a big -- plant. I think we're gonna see IBM getting back into hardware. IBM yeah really I think you know they they distanced themselves now from Lenovo in the thinkpad line and all of that and they've done this before where they stop -- hardware. Then they cut back into it started making the thinkpad and and desktops. And I think they're gonna come back with cloud based devices that's that's their big thing is their networking push. And they're gonna look at all the devices out there and realize -- were experts in how this stuff works and nobody's making -- good use of it we're gonna come out with. Maybe a tablet media netbook line. You know maybe something something that is meant to make use of the cloud -- -- partner with Google and Chrome OS for devices like that but I think. Think you're gonna see IBM coming out with specific hardware tight devices for the -- interests and we'll look -- Margaret type devices that are stupidest thing I have said all 2009 hardware -- staff and stuff they're gonna come out with our hardware cloud. It's hardware thing. -- -- he mentioned promo us I will go this route I believe that Google will. Much like Mikey have come to -- and -- Android and Chrome OS into. One big operating system operate. I think they will stop trying to kind of drive is this. Sell -- what I mean right now it doesn't feel -- artificial right because the devices are ours still divergent. But I think at the point where we're talking about smart books and laptops that are adequate yeah never -- and whenever I think that that's is gonna become kind of one last -- Yeah I think -- actually makes a lot of sense because there have been laptops that being created around Android. Oh that's right and that's almost like they did the new Google OS it will be the new. Laptop or netbook rather. That's powered by and it's emerging and I think -- it has so much momentum right now that they would be really pretty silly not to just clip all of their. Firepower in some ways behind that operating system and it really it is. Moving on have figured it's moving -- devices with keyboard that's moving into time -- you put it into. A branding change -- -- Or do you people -- just gonna abandon the Chrome -- lasts. Maybe they abandoned and they just they we have one -- because you -- need a different type of operating system for a netbook and you do for fall. I don't think you do anymore. I'm not sure that's true I think we have different hardware they have to take it managers so different ways to control -- -- -- -- -- quite heavily used lot of my vs Windows Mobile vs windows starter yeah. Yeah but I I think it Android seems to be. Flexible enough. That it is showing up on that other hardware and so I feel like there's not as compelling reason to compromise -- -- really truly separate offering. Or maybe they'll rebrand meteorite maybe that what that really do is rebrand -- it -- it says Andrew for netbooks and a but I think Android is the winner I feel like Android is the winning rendering and that somehow they're gonna unify their efforts at least behind their brand if not mind that technology across the board. -- to contact well. We'll keep it in Android land a little bit here. And I'm -- go ahead and say that some time and the next year there's gonna be a pretty well I don't know how significant but there will definitely be some type of exploit. Not to hit the Android mobile devices. -- to be a coming of age will not have insurance the thickness and -- -- I think that -- that obviously it has. At some point it gets popular enough people -- exactly exactly and I really do believe that in 2010 Android it's a lot of a pretty decent chunk of the market -- just there's so much lamented what he certainly -- that with iPhone right they're starting the big day exploits for the -- on just you know totally -- in -- in the mobile market is so fractured iPhone is even that dominant but -- popular -- Sandra gets popular makes employ. If anything I think the brought there's a broader predictions we made which is just that mobile security will become a serious issue yet president and I and and no one is really had to think about that much and -- haven't -- many exploits. And it's very possible to 2010 is the year of the mobile security crisis that. Actually considering -- -- -- thoughts that I am a hot Smartphones and and Apple -- that's happening. And I wish I would put that in my top five now mobile security that your or you're right this year its gonna become a thing yet. I don't think we'll have a devastating one -- -- this. I'm I think you'll start did wonder you need security software for her target yet do you think it matters as much in the -- -- that fact that it's open source versus like Apple's closed environment I must not -- no more than a matters in the Linux space you know there are Linux vulnerabilities in and they're fixed arguably faster because they're more open but I know about them. But then. You know they they also don't have a company behind them making sure that -- got that that's an old argument I think probably that just translate over and there. Into mobile right. Well that's it and I also think more -- -- -- versions of big software. Little would be a trend. I don't know necessary actually download needs them or or gap web big but it's like Photoshop for -- it's Microsoft Office and books away for them -- actually keep selling boxes how adorable actually makes or down downloads for sure I -- yeah yeah it but but sort of like we -- software not whether -- not Photoshop -- web. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Interest -- like that one. I think let's see aware now I'm getting a little bit -- as well before I get to the total crazy I think that in 2010 WiMax roll -- -- -- install. And LT four. Is going to emerge as. -- technology that's not. I'm not yeah you -- -- you know a lot of people disagree with that though I think that's -- -- to get the good kolbe okay. Next idea all about LT four and I think that it's general out slightly faster than we expected although it's not going to be widespread by the end of twenty and even though we wanted to be difficult Zia a device would cede the market Chica. You could see devices this year I mean there are few devices are ready yeah night. Being marketed advertised devices closer to see them and a. Is not like a big one. You know I'm gonna Google -- -- niche devices plant like Internet tablets that are and a penalty or but I do think that that is going to be that's the winner in the in the orgy or street. Okay -- what's sexy stuff there. Com while this is we were talking about outsource I Muslims that is when I think that by the end of the year the Android app store one actually have somewhere around 50000 apps. Oh now -- a number -- yeah. I don't know -- had already -- by. I think I think you're gonna see a lot -- -- there 50000 -- half of what the I. The iPhone the Apple app store has right now yeah. I think it's gonna start increasing. Like that I put that I had thought that up -- totally totally selfish yeah I'm really hoping is more totally. I've got two more -- to ar ons yeah and I have like twelve more but I got tomorrow wanna do so yeah I -- ago my dad my I'm minute I'm gonna take the easy logs every taken yet. 3-D TV will be the big deal in television she had a it's gonna eight what you see on the shelves we're gonna see 3-D TV everywhere the -- HD was in my 2004. And where. Not everybody had a -- many people had it but when you went into the store that's all you sides by an HDTV or -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- televisions with 3-D capability it's going to be the big marketing push. Okay yeah. If you want -- -- my turn I changed all that and again this is a -- springs eternal kind of prediction but I think that congress or the FCC. This year is finally going to -- one of them will force cellphone carriers to drop exclusivity agreement. I think they're gonna say -- anticompetitive. With devices. IPhone you can't be exclusive AZT anymore I think device exclusivity I hope your -- is on its way to extinction and that again yeah. My hope springs eternal that I know this does have a lot of lobbying bucks but I think that I think that. Congress and or the FCC and haven't. Mean certainly I have -- all those senators who don't want the iPhone on AT&T. 000. What I was flying debris formalize my one official prediction for the entire year which is -- -- as an engine. Yeah okay all right just just to get it on -- record and this show that in predicting. Alitalia okay got it can I throughout just a quick prediction that that won't happen and not necessarily have that be one of manic street yes okay -- finally I think in the opposite. I actually don't think the iphone's gonna end up on Verizon I think iPhone is going to end -- on Verizon when it comes out as a four GL TV device. Yes and -- may not be this year. I don't know yeah so what my arms are regulated out here both of -- -- I think it will be that but I think not this immediate answer aren't. Aren't. Well let's see here iTunes subscription music. When she -- -- -- yeah we have heard a lot about and this kind of goes back good percentage change back to the embedded connectivity thing I can totally see. Then working out some sort of subscription music. Program to actually work with some of their smaller devices and not just your iphones or iPod Touch but also -- integrated -- -- No actually just kind of have them kind of make some of those lower cost devices. -- people's entrants into the kind of this new new offering that IT you know now you're used to using iTunes to sync up for all of our devices -- -- analyses all our all of your devices to. Tap into this new functionalities -- like -- pentagon. It's now about that but our last call last round okay Toronto -- a bunch and I have to actually -- and you want you to more. We needed to -- we'll -- -- more I would update you can affect how do you think there right had to and a and. And let's hit yeah okay I -- -- with the -- I'm gonna get this Project Natal will launch in November. But it will be totally overshadowed. By another. Advanced device that has been making up the time time while we've been waiting for -- so whether that's something that comes out before it or is already announced and everybody's like. -- -- so much cooler logic at all will launched totally be overshadowed. Interest -- blanket okay. I think. That book publishers. In Tony -- -- -- a massive verbal they may even boycott Amazon and digital books in force. And the Kindle until Amazon and -- -- higher prices for digital but. Which I think will be a giant setback for the industry but I do think that because. 2010 but I think publishes -- just gonna freak. They're gonna slam on the breaks and basically gonna stop industry in -- until they can. Work out from -- My only issue with that though is that I think Amazon gives them whatever price they want and the -- -- lost some times says. That's -- they're what's gonna make publishers revolt exact example it's the same reasoning that's causing them to do that -- they're trying to create the window right now so some publishers now are already saying they're gonna get they're not gonna care about the revenue they're gonna get mad at the price point is wasting. Other -- the price point -- so they're saying like we're not gonna you cannot make -- sell digital right now all a couple of them are you saying we're gonna delay releasing. New books in digital form for a few months because we don't want to sell them for nine and -- -- we can be making twenty bucks I think there's gonna be a widespread. Kind of version of that and I think there may even be like a little bit of akin to what. -- -- -- I on the I think we're finally getting here's some news this next year of actual specifics on the new Microsoft gaming system platform. Start just Microsoft not Nintendo yeah I thought about opening it up to all of out of my addiction last year yeah I'm not about opening it up adultery but I just I guess I landed on Microsoft just because it's been out along this great things medals quietly -- have -- very most likely the one to start kind of -- that stuff out. You can't a lot of -- a lot of folks have talked to don't think so they can this is gonna be. Longer. Along the longer lived to console cycle than we've been used to they're just gonna keep coming out with slightly tweaked models of the same -- Well that's what they've been doing so far it's a -- -- all could be a intent. No pun intended -- -- that's the last call -- Machine to machine connections are going to be a big trend so in other words machines being able to talk to other machines in your local area. Versus the Internet. -- of protocols and devices that and that do local networking wirelessly particularly. So consider that you know you've got your netbook tucked into your phone. It's been able to share data move things back and forth stream things off of your TV device that HP device and are talking about earlier and you Smartphone and -- that. That is going to become a feature that will begin to be developed for -- I return of the local area network did yeah -- it. Back wireless land for Europe and but but personally -- now. Now there is exactly we actually desperately need them that it's so many Internet connected devices that can't -- -- -- and a good idea. I think that -- is going to be purchased this year probably by FaceBook. Thing and I -- that was one that I was not going to do but it was on -- -- -- I think even if you are making money like. Not planet -- -- -- -- -- and money and if they really had a good plan to be making tomorrow and. Outside Netflix that's I think they are recommending but I still think you mean your settings on this maybe via app I don't know if it'll be -- -- they have data files FaceBook. I I think that I think he is an attractive to Google. I wondered about that's actually almost that Google. When -- there and the reason I say that is when Twitter said we're making we made money in 2009 it was based on the -- Deals with Google and Microsoft right. And so I think that fits nicely into and it could be a Microsoft -- for being right now but it fits nicely into that Google. Business plan. Of making money off of data organization. Right and actually that's -- actually Google has said. That one of their big challenges for that next for that the coming years is how to. Index real time information. So buying Twitter and having access to that real time database and house manipulated it and might be forced into because maybe FaceBook wants to -- -- -- I think they have -- and I am I think part of the reason they do is I think FaceBook wants the data stream that can generate -- I mean -- -- matrix now have million dollars -- -- -- -- -- get in -- as an -- cents -- faced a the only -- FaceBook is making money is like selling -- -- -- back and forth and I think there's actually -- -- -- really used -- to make more money. And they both need to make money so like Tennessee that. Now but I -- -- to do things you either way I think footer. But gap and -- It is not final and it's definitely out there but I have to back it because he came up not -- long go with the Nexus One conversation towel like it's -- who's gonna throw it out -- Google. We'll extend its -- words to mobile platform. As a way that that you can choose to subsidize their phones. Okay because they are they have AdSense remotely by an area like a free ad supported Google -- yet like -- they're trying to use. The -- go around I've actually heard that from a few other sources really predicting that there would be there would be free phones. Better ad supported like at least from AdSense right -- -- -- you know it's like a long shot but how do we have to come from Google necessary -- Google like platform. That's part of Android than anybody any device maker it's -- prayer with Google and put it out. You know -- come from Motorola. Clutch king. And every found some free -- yeah -- -- wow. Yeah free cell phones yeah. Look out stampede. Poor the deadline especially is the economy gets going again and then that's them. Right well they -- thirty -- -- realist. Yes we give you a dire predictions so don't -- -- now thirty tech predictions for 2009. Boom one of them will be writers have at least one. Now one or two and -- because there were a couple of all Natalie let's have the opposite. Right at least two of them. -- will be back Monday January 4. With a regular episode of buzz out loud right before we head out to CES for our special CES editions of buzz out loud. Those will be Wednesday Thursday Friday at 9 AM if you wanna watch the live streaming -- live dot cnet.com. And that's right to civic time and Saturday at 1 PM Pacific time and from CES they'll be no. Episode on Monday the eleventh. Because will all be asleep will be uh huh yeah. And then we'll be back to regular schedule on Tuesday that -- Israel and once again happy new year afternoon everybody yeah -- And if you're. -- -- --

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Amazon Dash Buttons may be the future of grocery shopping
2:53 March 31, 2015
Running low on something? Put an Amazon Dash Button in your home to instantly order more. Also Google makes a bigger push for Chrome...
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Hisense's Chromebook is portable, light and only $149
1:48 March 31, 2015
This new budget Chromebook is perfect for students.
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What is the Turing Test?
1:54 March 31, 2015
You've probably heard of the Turing Test for artificial intelligence, but how does it work? And what does it mean if a robot passes...
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On the road: Mercedes F 015
5:53 March 31, 2015
Brian Cooley rides in the Mercedes F 015 self-driving concept vehicle and explains how we'll live with cars in the future.
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