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How To Video: Fix a broken front panel on your iPad 2 or iPad 3

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How To Video: Fix a broken front panel on your iPad 2 or iPad 3

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Bill Detwiler shows you how to replace a cracked front panel on the iPad 2 or iPad 3.

-- -- And if you're a pants front panel is crap like this one as you can you live with it by anyone's -- I'm going to show today -- Just remember that this isn't something you should do if you have an Apple -- plus or other warranty that covers accidental damage. Also I encourage you to watch my video on want to know before trying to fix a Smartphone or tablet. It will help you decide if you should tackle the -- yourself or just take your iPad to -- shop. And lastly I understand -- by following -- instructions in this video you do so at your own risk. Before you -- you'll need to get the necessary replacement parts and tools on this iPad we're replacing just the front panel. Not the LCD and will be reusing the home button and metal camera bracket from the old panel. You can buy replacement panels on line between fifteen and 150 dollars just featuring about it right one for your iPad. And depending on where you buy the panel it may come with pre cut adhesive strips it doesn't. You'll need to buy them or cut your own strips from double sided tape asked for tools you'll need -- hair dryer or he'd -- and a few thin metal blades several plastics -- guitar -- or plastic case opening tools and a Phillips -- -- screwdriver. Again you can pick these up on line if you don't have them. Lastly I'll be replacing the panel on an iPad two but the same basic steps can be used on the iPad three. The first step is the back up all the ipad's data using iCloud or iTunes just in case something goes wrong. With -- -- you can begin removing the cracked panel by heating it edges with the hair dryer or he'd gone. This loosens the adhesive that holds the panel the case -- small area of the panel. Until you can easily insert a thin tool between the panel and the case and we pride -- -- part. If the panel doesn't usually come away from the case competing -- Also take care not to insert a tool too far into the iPad. Doing so could damage the LCD and other internal components. Once -- create a small gap in one area. Work your way around the edge heating and -- as you go you'll need -- -- place holders like this podger in the separated sections. To prevent the panel in case from speaking back together he'll also need to be very careful when working to the right of the home button. The Wi-Fi antenna is attached to the panel here and you'll need to gently pry loose without damaging it. And although we're not really worried about breaking -- panel anymore. Take care around the bottom left corner. The -- digitize your cable is located here and you don't want to damage any other internal components by carelessly yanking it loops. With the panel separated from the case we need disconnected from the main circuit board. Unfortunately. The connector is located under the LCD. So remove the displays for Phillips screws and lifting away from the case holding it on the right -- and folding and over along the left. Then disconnect the LCD connector from the main board and set the display somewhere safe. We can now disconnect the broken -- first carefully flip up the two locking levers on the digitize your cable connector. As you remove the cable from the connector you'll need gently peel away from the main -- mental shielding. With a broken panel completely detached we can now remove the home button contact using. Then using our hair dryer again he and remove the bracket and button the camera plate comes off and a similar manner. You'll also want to remove any pieces of -- he said that are still stuck to the metal case we're now ready to assemble and install the new front panel. First attach the old home button and camera -- using your pre cut -- he's scripts. Next reconnect to digitize -- cable and flip down the locking -- reconnect the LCD and secured to the frame with its groups. Now fold the front cover over in the place being extremely careful not to damage its cable. At this point we're just testing the panels fit and functionality. So we haven't applied any of the adhesive strips. Turn the iPad on and verify that everything works if it does turn the unit off lift opened the panel and applied adhesive strips. Now before closing the panel for hopefully the last time carefully inspect the LCD and inside of the panel for dust. If you see any gently remove it using -- microfiber cloth or puff of air avoid touching the inside of the panels viewing area. -- the LCD with your fingers or anything else that might damage the services. Once you're sure both surfaces are clean -- the front panel back on the metal case and pressed firmly but gently along the edges. After removing the front panels protective film -- complete. I'm not going the law this is a tough fix but if done right he can breathe new life into a broken iPad. Now if you have questions about this BX or any of my cracking open videos you can contact me through Twitter. And this -- quarter down photos of the iPad and other tech gadgets go to tech republic dot com forward slash cracking open. For CNET and tech republic -- -- And.

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