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Nextbit's Robin phone stores your stuff uniquely
1:10 September 4, 2015
Running out of space? Take a peek at an Android phone that stores 68GB of photos, games and apps online for free.
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Relax and watch your oven on your smartphone
0:50 September 4, 2015
Electrolux will release its ProCombi Plus Smart Oven has a camera right beneath the oven's handle to give you a peek at what's cooking...
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Rock out with the old-school Marshall London
0:46 September 4, 2015
Hit play to find out how the legendary amp manufacturer's first smartphone is ready to rock.
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SmartThings aims for the mainstream with its new smart home hub
0:47 September 4, 2015
A polished new app and an assortment of useful feature upgrades could help the new SmartThings hub extend its reach beyond early adopters.
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Samsung gets into the sleep tracking business
0:55 September 4, 2015
A newly unveiled, SmartThings-compatible gadget called SleepSense slips under your mattress, tracks your sleep patterns, then sends...
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How does the Samsung Gear S2's navigation wheel compare to the Apple Watch's digital crown?
2:38 September 4, 2015
Samsung's latest smartwatch is controlled with a rotating bezel. Luke Westaway asks Apple Watch user and CNET colleague Andrew Hoyle...
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Acer Predator 8 gets serious about gaming on the go
0:43 September 4, 2015
Take a look at Acer's 8-inch gaming tablet that wants to devour the competition.
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Alcatel OneTouch Go Play is built for underwater photos
1:36 September 4, 2015
Alcatel's new Play smartphone is waterproof and shockproof, and comes with a range of colourful cases. We go hands-on.
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