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Find the best deals on event tickets: How To Video

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How To Video: Find the best deals on event tickets

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Check out these free Web tools for finding the best deals on sports, event, concert, or theater tickets.

-Hey everyone, I'm Sharon Vaknin for CNET.com and today, I've got a few tips for finding the best deals on tickets for sporting events, concerts, and local happenings. Craigslist is one of the most popular ways to buy tickets from local sellers who offer their tickets cheaper than face value. The trick here is to be the first to apple to a post because these tickets go fast. Of course, you can't set on your computer all day waiting for new listings, so why not let Google do that for you. First, go to Craigslist, find your city, and copy the URL in the address bar. Now, head to google.com/alerts. In the field at the top, type site:[URL] space and then type the search term you'd use to find your tickets. For example, also set an alert for SF Giants tickets. Now, decide how often you wanna receive an e-mail with the new listings. Select all result for volumes that you don't missed listing, and then select the e-mail address where you wanna receive your alerts. Finally, click create alert and from now on you will e-mails according to the frequency you set. You can also set this up for eBay. Just the replace the Craigslist URL with ebay.com followed by your search term, and if you ever wanna unsubscribe from your alert or change settings, go back to google.com/alert and click manage your alerts at the bottom. Now, if you'd rather purchase your tickets from a place StubHub, Ticket Master, or TicketsNow, but don't wanna spend time checking every single one of these websites for the best deal, check out SeatGeek.com. This awesome site gathers tickets from all the big ticket vendors and brings them together in one nice package. Check it out. Head to SeatGeek.com and find the game or event you want to attend. Now, enter the number of tickets you need and find your tickets below. SeatGeek has other cool features like price forecast and e-mail notification, so take a look around. With Google alert setup for Craigslist in eBay along with SeatGeek to save you time searching vendors, you're on your way finding the best deals on events. If you have any tips on finding great deals clue me in on Twitter and visit howto.cnet.com for more videos like this. For CNET, I'm Sharon Vaknin.

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