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CNET Top 5: Features Apple needs in iOS 7
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CNET Top 5: Features Apple needs in iOS 7

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In light of the success and recent advancements in Android, here are five must-have features Apple needs in iOS 7.

You smell that? That?s the stink on Apple right now. Sure they?re sitting on a few billion dollars, but when the most anticipated product coming out of your company is a wristwatch, you might be in trouble. It?s also an off year in terms of iPhone models. Who?s excited for the iPhone 5S? That?s what I thought. No, what Apple really needs is a new, innovative version of iOS - - preferably one that won?t turn my old iPhone into a sluggish turd. But what can Apple do in iOS 7 to keep their customers from looking at the competition. I?m Donald Bell, and in this Top 5 I?m counting down the five features Apple desperately needs in iOS 7. Starting off at #5: better multitasking. This whole double-tap and swipe thing gets old real quick when you?re trying to get real work done. With the iPad, at least you can do that 4-finger swipe to switch between apps. Give us that for the iPhone or maybe something cooler, like a palm swipe, or peekaboo, or a rub on your belly. I mean, multitasking in OS X is insanely good. Just give us a taste. Coming in at #4: automatic app updates. How much time have I wasted reading through the release notes of some dumb app update. Bug fixes. I get it. How about you just do it already. Can you just set it up so that apps update automatically over your home wi-fi when you?re charging at night, or at least give me the option? The only time I?ve ever thought twice about updating my software was when you switched out Google Maps for Apple Maps. Which brings us to #3: better maps. I think we all know that Apple Maps could still use a little work. Or a lot. In the meantime, how about you swallow your pride and let users set what Map program they want to use by default. Also, how about an offline mode? The times I need maps most are when I?m either stuck out in the boonies with zero reception, or in another country where data costs will bankrupt me. Just put the map industry out of business already. At #2: Multiple account log-in. I know that Apple would prefer that I buy iPad?s for everyone in my home, but until then it would be incredibly convenient to share one iPad with different accounts. One personal account for me, maybe a separate work account, an account for my wife, one for my kid that?s locked into a safe mode, and maybe even a guest account. It?s something that traditional computers have been doing for years. It?s great for keeping information private, and great for keeping your kid?s games out of sight. Alright, before we get to the #1 feature Apple needs in iOS 7, I have to take a minute to put in my own relatively minor request. Can we please get rid of Newsstand? I can?t delete this thing, I can?t bury it in a folder -- why is this app not an optional install, like iBooks? It just sits there staring back at us as a constant reminder that Apple sometimes has really bad ideas. While you?re at let?s go through the rest of my un-deletable junk folder: calculator, compass, voice memos, weather, Passbook, Game Center, Stocks. They?re all fine apps, but give me the choice to download or delete them. It?s annoying. Speaking of annoying, here?s the #1 feature that Apple needs to fix in iOS 7: Settings. For a company that loves touting that their products ?just work? why do I have to click three places just to turn Bluetooth on and off or change the screen brightness. You?ve really gotta simplify this thing and make the everyday stuff easier to get to. Y?know, like Android. So there you go, 5 key changes that I think will be key for Apple to include in iOS 7 in order to stay competitive. Before you send that hate mail, be sure to get fully fired up by the 15 features ZDNet?s Zack Whittaker is asking from iOS 7. I got a number of these from his piece, as well as Luke Westaway?s wishlist over on CNET UK. But if I?ve won you over, you can check out more Top 5?s like this over on I?m Donald Bell, thanks for watching.
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