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Fashion-forward dSLRs on sale: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Fashion-forward dSLRs on sale

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How about a camera that comes in red, white, and blue? Molly Wood and Brian Tong drool over the feature-packed Pentax K-x. Plus, a past caller dials in with a fabulous deal on one of our favorite point-and-shoot cameras.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:07 >> Ola, everyone. Welcome to the CNET Holiday Help Desk. I am Molly Wood, he is Brian Tong, doing his little Help Desk dance. >> Yeah. Ola. >> Do a little dance. And we were speaking Spanish before the show started, that's what that's all about. And of course we have Debra Afferio [Phonetic] from Shopper.com on the Deal Desk looking for the good prices on everything. >> Get all the good deals for us, huh? >> That's right. And for the next half hour, as you may know by now, because we've done a couple of these, we will be taking your calls and answering your e-mails like, you know, shopping questions. Because it turns out I don't have any presents yet, and I'm starting to panic. Because we do this show all the time where we talk about the presents, and I don't have any yet. >> Gift cards, gift cards. No -- >> Sweet deals. >> No. Sweet deals. >> I need to actually -- yeah. I need to get some of the sweet deals. >> You need to get some of the stuff rolling. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Yeah, not a couple shows, this is 11, Number 11. So we're pretty much halfway there. ^M00:00:58 >> So I have no excuse. >> No, you need to start getting on this. >> There have been enough sweet deals that I should have bought something. >> Absolutely. And remember, it's every weekday until December 23, 1 p.m. west coast time, 4 p.m. east coast time. You can watch them live with us, jump in the chat room, or as -- you can see them on demand as well, through our web site at cnettv.com. >> Yeah, that's right. And the phone lines are open. We actually have a couple lines open, which does not happen often. So give us a call, 888-900-CNET, 2638. You can also e-mail us, but I suggest you call because it's just more fun for everyone. And then you can join us live in that chat room at cnet.com/live/holidayhelpdesk. >> Yes. >> Ask your questions, or actually like the chat room usually does -- give us the answers. >> Also every day you know that we have -- we give you the opportunity to win a daily prize if you go to the web site at crave.cnet.com. Today's prize is the Targus Crave laptop bag. Now, this is a back pack. It fits laptops up to 16 inches in size for the screen. It's double-padded, it's also rain resist -- or weather resistant. >> Oh, look at that. >> So it kind of looks like those pouffy North Face jackets. >> That's exactly what I was just thinking. It looks like a little down coat. >> So you could wear your North Face jacket, put on the back pack, and no one would know you would have a laptop on you. >> Nice. Wait -- >> It just melds in. >> You would just look like -- >> You'd look like a North Face jacket. >> Like Quasimodo. >> Oh, yes. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> So that's exciting. Get your Quasimodo back pack over at crave.com. Just, you know, put in that -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> I think right now there's about 1200 entries, so you guys have a really -- or 1500 entries -- you guys have a really good chance of winning. And the prize goes on until 4 AM Pacific, 7 AM eastern time. So you've got to get those in, get the free goods. That's the only reason I'm here. ^M00:02:37 >> Good stuff. I'm actually here for the deals. The sweet deals. >> The deals. >> The deals. And that is where Debra comes in. She's checking out Shopper.com. What have we got today that I should be buying? >> Talking about sweet deals, you guys didn't do your sweet deals -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We're trying to evolve it, we're trying to let something naturally just organically happen. ^M00:02:55 [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> We can't be doing the same gimmick every show. [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:03:00 >> No pressure. So what we're going to do today, if you'll pull up our site, we'll show them where to be able to sign up to get our newsletters that has these sweet deals Monday, Wednesday, Friday. So if you go to Shopper.com -- >> It's on the right-hand side, correct? >> On the right-hand side. Sign up to get special deals. And a little sneak peek, I thought I saw something happening as far as Wednesday and Friday of this week. There might be an iPod Touch 8 gigabyte -- >> Are you leaking out exclusive information? >> With some free downloads, maybe. So hurry up, sign up, sign up. And then I think I saw some Dell days of deals happening for maybe the Friday send. So without saying too much, get over there, sign up for the newsletter. It's a three-day delivery, and there are fresh deals every day. >> Wow. >> Oh really? So you get it three times a day. >> I'm sorry, three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, Friday. ^M00:03:51 [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:03:53 >> No, I was like -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> But they will be -- they will be fresh deals on those days. >> Hot fresh deals, get them while you can. >> That's right. >> Now do we have anything specifically that's standing out for today? >> For today I thought I saw a few things. But I don't see anything jumping out right now. While you guys are taking some calls I'm going to continue to look. >> Okay. >> All right. >> Sounds good. >> Sounds like a plan. >> And in the meantime, we're going to do even more deal talk and go over to Rick Broyda, live at the Cheap Skate lair in Michigan. Hey Rick. >> He's skating on cheap. ^M00:04:22 >> Skating on cheap. >> How are you doing guys? >> Doing good, Rick. >> How's it going. You know, you can't lord the Michigan weather over us any more, because it was, like, 33 degrees here today. >> My car was frosted. >> I know. I'm feeling, like -- >> I eat 33 degrees for breakfast. [ Laughter ] >> Ah. >> Don't get tough with us. We can handle winter-ish. We can handle "ish-it." Winter. ^M00:04:42 >> What? >> I don't know. It was really -- >> What's the temperature now, that's what I want to know. >> Okay, it's like 45. Show-off. Anyway, let's talk about deals. >> Let's talk about deals. So today I've got something pretty cool, actually. Google has teamed up with the makers of the i-Fi card, which is that wireless SD card that magically beams photos from your camera right to your computer and then up to the photo service of your choice on the web. It's really very cool, and a nice convenience and a great gift item. And so what happens is if you sign up for Google's Picasso Web online storage service, which is currently offering 200 gigabytes, that's with a capital G, gigabytes, of storage for $50 a year. >> Whoa. >> For that $50 you get yourself a free 4 gigabyte iPod card. I've even got one here to show. >> Yeah. I-Fi. >> Really? >> Love these things. These are great. >> I want that. Can you hold it down a little further and I can see if I can just grab it off the screen. >> I'll just -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Get it, get it, missed. >> He passed it to me. He passed it off screen, to over here. To here. See, see it? ^M00:05:44 >> That's not cool. I -- this is actually -- this is a pretty -- I'm pretty fired up about this deal, I'm not going to lie. Because the i-Fi card is neato. >> Yeah, I have them, I use them all the time. >> Really? >> Yeah. Because not only does it do photos, it also can up load videos to video sites as well. So YouTube, [Inaudible] wirelessly publishes them automatically. >> That's a great thing. Everybody, you know, everybody takes a million pictures and you never get them off your camera because you can never find the cable, and you never have a card reader. And so they just live there on the camera until the camera breaks, and then they're gone for good. But the i-Fi uses Wi-Fi to let you just up load, ka-ching. >> It's one of those killer tech products that people still don't really know about. It's kind of, you know, until you actually use it and you get it, you're like, this is freaking awesome. >> It's a sweet technology. >> Oh. Sweet tech! >> Sweet! And then this is pretty interesting. So today I saw that now you're trying to back stop against this selling out thing, and you had a back up deal, but the back up deal is the one that sold out today? >> Yeah, how's that for irony. My back up deal was gone about five minutes after I posted it. So now the main deal is the back up deal. >> Yeah, that's -- well because the Call of Duty; Modern Warfare 2 was the back up deal, and you had to think that was going to go pretty fast. >> You know that's not going to last. But this is not going to last either, so get there quick if you want to get in on it. >> I know. I'm kind of hoping no one's watching this live, because I want to get it -- >> I'm actually running a transaction on my screen right now. >> Oh, stop it. Why do I not bring my credit card -- >> Sold out. It's done. >> What? >> No, I'm just kidding, messing with you. >> Oh, that is not funny. >> Okay. >> All right, thank you, Rick. Anything else we need to know about before we let you go -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Nope, back here tomorrow, same bat time and same bat thingy. Channel. ^M00:07:20 >> All right, sounds good. >> Holiday, Rick. Holiday. >> Holiday! >> Okay, I don't know what that means. >> I know. We're forcing it now. Okay, bye, Rick. Thanks. [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> All right, here we go. Obviously you guys are here to take -- for us to take some phone calls to help you guys out. So we're going to jump to the phone lines. We have on Line 1, Nathan. How are you doing? >> All right -- >> Oh! We lost him! Where did he go? >> Well you know what, we can help him though. >> That was my fault, sorry. >> Oh, Anthony, if you're listening. Call us back. >> We could -- I guess -- yeah. >> We'll just answer your question, because we happen to know. >> Because we can read minds. Basically Nathan had a question about finding a portable hard drive for under $100. Portable laptop hard drive, specifically. So we did a little digging, but Molly, you recently picked up one of these things, and you kind of wanted to chime in your 2 cents. >> He wanted an external drive, right? >> Yes, external. >> And he was looking for a terabyte. And so I recently purchased myself an I Omega Prestige 1 terabyte USB 2 desktop external hard drive for about $99. And now it's down to $94.99. >> $94.99. >> Yes. >> That's pretty wild. >> So that was a pretty good deal. I like it. So far it seems to be performing as advertised. It's not a network attached storage. You're not going to find a terabyte network attached storage drive for under $100. But just a dumb external drive, no problem. >> And was that -- was that a laptop external drive, kind of a slimmer one, or more of a larger hard drive. >> It's a pretty good size. >> Okay, okay. >> It's not -- and it is not BUS powered. That is the one drawback is that it does have to be plugged in. >> Now I believe it was -- he was also -- he was looking for a laptop hard drive, and we did look at a few of them, which is fine. Because your recommendation still works. I mean -- ^M00:09:01 >> It's just, you know, FYI -- >> Just to know. >> Yeah. I mean really, a $95 terabyte, how is that even happened? >> It's because it's the holidays. >> It's just like technology is crazy. >> It is wild. So we do have another recommendation for people out there. We have the Seagate Free Agent Go. This is an editor's choice portable laptop hard drive. Right now it's showing up around $78 at its lowest price. Basically, it's their favorite portable hard drive to date, and it's really well designed, really fast, and a lot of people are also worried about, like, you know, should you really use the software on these drives. I typically don't. I kind of just push them aside and let them be drives. I don't really think there's too much of a benefit of the bundled software. That's just me personally. >> Yeah, that is almost always the case, actually. Just, you know, plug them in, let them be recognized as a drive, and drag and drop. Because the software almost always gets in the way and is a little unstable -- it's kind of -- it's like all the software that comes with printers. All you need is the driver. >> Exactly. And it's obviously PC-Mac formatted. So this a solution for you, you know. We have the I Omega Ego series as well. But that really -- they'll come in your wheel house. They're around 320 gigs to 500, if you want to get around that $99 or sub $100 price point. >> All right, there you go. We should actually take another call, I guess, since they're still there and we're just answering calls that we didn't even -- from people we didn't even talk to. I want to get to Jana, because it looks like maybe we have an update -- >> I remember Jana. >> -- on a previous call. Are you there, Jana? >> She wasn't very nice to me. >> Yes, I am here. How are you two doing? >> We are great. Welcome back to the Holiday Help Desk. >> Hi, Jana. Thanks for calling. >> You tell me to call back, so I'm calling you back. >> Yeah. >> I'm excited about that, really. >> So we recommended a camera for your mom, right? >> Yes, you did. And I was calling to let you all know that I got on line and looked that up, and I actually ordered that today. But the reason that I was going to give you all a call is because I got on Kodak's web site, and for today only they're offering 20% off everything on their web site. ^M00:10:58 >> Whoa ? >> I know. >> Really? >> And that camera was $152-something the day that I called. Today it's down to $127, and because I called to order it instead of doing it on line, because they don't -- it's hard to order stuff on line from their web site, actually have to call them sometimes. So I gave them a call. And they said because their black ones aren't selling as well as their silver ones, they gave me the black one for $99. >> Group speaking: Whoa! >> Now that's -- >> That's your sweet deal. >> Oh, Jana! >> And I got a free -- >> Yeah? >> I got a free 4 gigabyte card to go with that, which is also one of their promotions, plus free shipping. >> Are you kidding me? Dude, somebody get the Cheap Skate on the line, because how did he miss this one. >> Jana, I need to know who did you kill to get that offer? >> I know. >> I will do anything to get a deal. If I can get $5 on something I will do it. >> You are -- >> -- I will go and look and look until I find a deal. And I just happened to look on the right day. ^M00:11:58 >> Wow. >> She's our official secret shopper. >> You are. Yeah. She's our deal maker! Jana, that's awesome. I am so excited that not only did the recommendation work out, but you found maybe the sweetest deal of the season. >> That's awesome. I was just calling to -- so you all could let your viewers know and the people watching you all today, that if they are even interested at all in buying one of those cameras, today is a really good day for that. >> That's great. >> Nice. That is excellent. Thank you very much. We're totally going to hire you. >> We have special correspondents everywhere. >> Good. I'm excited [Inaudible] -- >> I can't promise anything. Thank you very much, good luck with the camera. ^M00:12:36 >> Thank you. >> Bye Jana. >> Bye Jana. >> That's awesome. >> She managed not to be mean to me, too. So I actually like Jana now. >> I know, totally. She needs to call us back. Jana, if you're listening and you need to call us back with other deals you find, since you are clearly the deal maker! >> Maker! >> Deal maker! Okay. >> All right, should we do some more calls? >> Sure. You want to take another one, let's do it. >> Yeah, what are you thinking, should we do one more? We can do one more before we have to get to a break. Let's do Steven, who it looks like might be looking for a cell phone. Are you there, Steven? >> Yes. >> Hello. So what's your deal, you cell phone shopping? >> Yeah, I want one for Christmas, and I was wondering what provider should I go with? >> Well, where do you live -- >> Do you have a specific phone -- >> Do you have a -- okay, well yeah. A, do you have a specific phone in mind. >> I'm looking for an HTC, I think. >> Okay, so you probably -- so they're not -- it's not going to be an exclusivity problem, because it looks like they're with pretty much everybody. Mainly AT&T and Verizon. But you can get the Hero on Sprint. >> Sprint, yup. >> You can get the Snap on Alltel, you can get the Touch Pro 2 on T-Mobile -- ooh. >> [Inaudible] on -- yeah. >> Yeah, the Droid Aerus on Verizon. >> On Verizon as well. >> Okay, so then what's your budget. So that we can narrow down actual phones. >> I was thinking about the HTC Tilt 2, actually. >> The HTC Tilt 2 on AT&T. Well, you know I can't say anything about AT&T. I mean, it depends on where you live. I think the first thing to do is get on line and look at the maps and make sure that you have coverage. Because the maps -- even though they don't always tell you the whole truth and nothing but the truth, they are a pretty good indicator of whether you're going to have good service. It looks like the Tilt 2 is only available maybe on AT&T right now. But that is a pretty good phone. I mean, there's no question that, you know, Verizon has the number one network in America, at least according to consumer reports. Like the consumer satisfaction surveys are basically Verizon, I think it's Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and then AT&T. So if you really want rock-solid coverage, I think Verizon and T-Mobile are both pretty solid. >> I can't -- >> Oh, and then the chat room is telling me that the HTC Touch Pro 2 on Verizon is the same phone as the Tilt 2. So that I think we have your winner. >> All right. >> Cool. That was easy. >> So you're right. The chat room does answer questions. >> I'm telling you, the chat room is where it's at. >> They're beasts. >> I love those kids. All right, thank you Steven, good luck. And I think we have got to take a quick break. Coming up right after that we're going to be talking to Deanna Goldstein [Assumed spelling] from Willoughbys.com. More deals, coming up. ^M00:15:09 [ Music ] ^M00:15:14 >> If you think all batteries are the same consider this. These Duracell batteries were given to the Mattel Children's Hospital UCLA. Because when it comes to kids and healing you're not just powering a toy, you're powering a smile. Duracell, trusted everywhere. >> Everywhere you look new gadgets are popping up. To get the real story on them there's really only one place to go. Cnet.com. Discover something new, at CNET. >> Last FM now on Xbox Live. Discover more music and explore endless personalized radio stations. Find out more at www.lastfm.com/xbox. ^M00:16:01 [ Music ] ^M00:16:05 >> All right, welcome back, everybody. Joining us now from -- on Skype, from somewhere on Long Island, I'm told, New York, is Deanna Goldstein from willoughbys.com. Welcome, Deanna. >> Hi. >> Hi, thanks for joining us. >> Thanks for having me back. >> So I -- so willoughbys.com, obviously, consumer electronics retailer. Tell us a little bit about willoughbys for those few who do not know. It's mostly cameras, right? >> It is cameras, video cameras, all the accessories that go with it. >> Great. All right, and so you have a deal today. We just got one camera deal, so you're going to have to make it good for us. >> Sauce it up a little. >> Sauce it up. Okay, so we're talking about the Pentex KS today. It's -- it's a DSLR that sort of redefines the entry level digital SLR category. It's -- has all these high end features like live view, HD video with 720 P, yet it has superior photographic performance, 12.4 mega pixels, it has a 2.7 inch LCD. And it comes in the hottest colors -- well, flavors. >> Oh! Flavor -- >> Flavors! There we go. >> Like, what flavors? >> Yeah, what flavors -- oh! Whoa! >> Whoa, it's like Starburst cherry, dude. >> That is so bright -- that -- wow. On your screen it looks almost orange. Look, I think it's reflecting back. >> Yeah, it's actually -- it's like a cherry red. It really is. And we have a great white I guess it would be -- >> Marshmallow? >> Oh! >> [Inaudible] maybe? >> I'm going Storm Trooper, all the way. Look at that. >> I don't eat Storm troopers, Molly. >> I want a white Storm Trooper DSLR. >> I love this camera. I love this color. >> I actually have not seen a DSLR that comes in colors. >> That -- >> Totally been a point-and-shoot thing up until now. This is pretty new for me. >> Yeah. >> You can coordinate it with your clothes and everything. >> I know. >> This is Navy. >> Ooh. >> Submarine. >> That's more subtle, that's true, than Storm Trooper. I guess. >> It also comes in black, which I didn't bring, because black is black, but it's black. It's hot. >> That's great. >> Everybody's used to black though. But bright red and Storm Trooper white, sweet. >> But another thing that you mention about these, Deanna, is being able to take HD video will DSLR. That's a huge thing now these days. Like, almost all the DSLRs are trying to incorporate that feature, 1080 P even, on a lot of them. >> Yeah, it's really nice. And 720 P, I mean, coming off of a digital camera is going to look outstanding. So what is -- all right, so what's the deal? Because if you go to the site now you have to add it to the cart. I know it's not that hard. But there -- we're in some suspense. >> No, well the deal is that this camera is flying off the shelves. So there are limited quantities, although it's multiple colors, limited quantities because they're almost hard to come by at this point. You know, they're just going so quickly. And for one more week although they are $649 normally, with the 18 to 55 millimeter lens you can get it for $599. And that's pretty much the deal, if you can still walk in and get them. They're just hard to come by, because it's a very, very high quality camera. If -- you know, competing against higher class models and doing everything that you want to do for a $2,000 camera for $599. >> Cool. So yeah, get there now. $600 for the camera with lens is not bad, because the basic lens kit is usually pretty good, especially if you're going to be on auto a lot. So I recommend Storm Trooper white, and -- >> [Inaudible] recommendation too, I really like it. And also I think that the Picasso statement, that was pretty cool too, I use Picasso. >> I know, it's a great deal, isn't it? [ Multiple voices speaking ] >> Your free i-Fi and your Pentax, and you are good to go. >> [Inaudible] go shoot your pictures, and then go load it on [Inaudible] -- ^M00:20:00 >> And you have a great holiday in the making. Thank you so much, Deanna. That's a great deal. Willoughbys.com, that's with an O-U-G-H. Willoughbys.com. >> You got it. >> All right. Talk to you later. Thanks again. I think -- let's see. It looks like we are going to go to a video. We're showing you one of our Editor's Choice recommendations from the holiday gift guide. These nice clipped ear phones. I love them, you may have seen this on the buzz report. I love them because they come with an ear wax cleaner. Check it out. ^M00:20:27 [ Music ] ^M00:20:32 >> Who says you have to spend $100 or more to get some outstanding replacement head phones for your MP3 player. I'm Jazine France [Assumed spelling] and I'm here with the editor's choice award winning Clipped Image S 4, a stellar sounding set that lists for just $80. Although these ear phones aren't without a couple of flaws it's easy to recommend them above many other competitors in this price range. The Image S 4 doesn't have the most stunning design. The ear pieces are made of plastic and pretty simply adorned in black and silver. And the cable is pretty thin and may not be that durable in the long run. But still the compact shape of the ear buds combined with the contoured design and the soft oval ear tips gave me a perfectly comfortable and secure fit. It is worth noting, however, that none these sleeves are very large. So some wearers may not have as much luck as I did. Along with the sleeve clips includes a metal storage box, kind of reminiscent of an Altoids tin, and an ear wax cleaning tool. Kind of gross, but also necessary. Of course the big news with these ear phones is the sound quality. These head phones sound simply fantastic. In fact, they are on par with sets three times their price, with really nice high end, sparkling high end, very clear, detailed, very rich and encompassing mids, and a tight and powerful base that is not at all overpowering, which is kind of hard to come across in ear phones in this price range. If you're looking to replace your current portable head phones the Clipped Image S 4 is a superb choice. I'm Jazine France for CNET. ^M00:21:52 [ Music ] ^M00:21:55 >> All right, welcome back to the Holiday Help Desk. >> Welcome. >> I've got to say, right? Ear wax cleaner. Why has no one thought of that before? >> You need that. >> It works. >> You need that. >> Especially if you're going to share -- you know, we've used bud thingies, and we need those. >> Just saying. >> I'm not calling out anybody, especially -- Molly's ear buds are always perfectly clean. >> He has got tidy ears for sure. But I'm just saying. Uhh. Okay, so right, to the calls. >> Sure, why not. All right, we're going to take this one from Rob in Pennsylvania. Rob, how are you doing? >> Hey! >> Hey! >> How's it going? >> Pretty good. I was calling to ask you guys if you knew if I could get an internal hard drive for my iMac, and then take that to the Apple store and just have them install it for me. >> Okay, so with that -- they're not going to do a third party hard drive install for you. That's just kind of their store policy. Typically out of the box when you buy a Mac you can choose to have a larger hard drive when it's custom configured. But you can -- you honestly could do it yourself. But it's kind of trick y. It's not too -- I don't know how -- do you like to install your own RAM, or not even that? >> I was going to say I have opened up the iMac before and I have, like, messed around with it, and I did accidentally kill the power supply. So that's why I'm kind of sketchy with opening it again. >> So you're a little gun shy now, understandably so. So can you, do you know, Brian, would he be able to go into Apple and say will you install, like, an after market Apple drive? >> Well, what he can't -- see, Apple -- in the retail store they won't. They won't do that because it's -- you know, an Apple -- if you bought -- technically you can't buy an Apple hard drive that's just sitting on its own, like, from anybody. But what you can do, you can -- >> You can take the iMac back and say I don't want this, because this is a pain in my butt. >> What you can do is there are plenty of Apple resellers, right, authorized Apple resellers that will do that install for you. And essentially, they're probably going to charge you around the same as kind of a standard install. But if you don't, you won't be able to go to Apple. But go find an Apple reseller. I don't know what area do you live in, what state are you in? >> Around Philadelphia. >> Around Philadelphia. So there's definitely going to be at least a few Apple resellers there. And they'll be able to do that for you. Just give them a call. I know for a fact there's plenty of Apple resellers out there, out here, that would do that same thing. If you would like someone else to do that install for you. >> Yeah, that doesn't sound annoying at all. Anyway, good luck. >> It's iMac. >> It's iMac. You know -- >> You could pull -- >> It is an option -- >> You could do it yourself. But like you said, he had a bad experience with his power supply. So he doesn't want to mess with that anymore. >> I think that's reasonable. Okay, fine. All right, let's -- we've got on Line 4, Izzy, also from Long Island. Hey, Izzy, looks like you have more than one question for us? Bring it on. >> I'd like to know what is the best deal on a Blu-Ray player now. >> Yeah, we've seen them anywhere from $99 to $78, but that's without BD Live. Let's see what we've got going on today. Debra, you've got anything good for us on Shopper? >> Yeah, I'm actually looking at the Samsung BD P 1500. And that price range is $99.95 to $217. I think this would actually be a great item at that price. Unless you guys have any input as far as rating, overall rating, editor's rating on that. It's two-and-a-half stars, >> Right, two-and-a-half stars -- >> [Inaudible] rating is two-and-a-half star, but the price is right. It's a good bargain. >> The main thing with that Blu-Ray player, I don't have it pulled up, but one of the -- with the earlier ones, they don't read the discs as fast, and it probably does not have the BD Live features, the networking features, or updateable Firmware on it. So that's probably two limitations on -- typically with the $99 Blu-Ray players that we have out there. >> Yeah. One thing you might want to consider, yeah. >> But ultimately, it's a Blu-Ray player. >> But it's a Blu-Ray player for $99. So that certainly is nothing to sneeze at. >> Yeah. >> And I think honestly that's about as low as you're going to find them right now. And most of them are not going to be BD Live capable. That is -- you know, that is something to keep an eye out, but I haven't seen a really great deal on a BD Live capable player since Black Friday. So -- >> And to be honest, the BD Live features have still yet to really take off. I mean, I'm just saying they're not there yet. It's maybe if you want to future-proof yourself, sure. But at the same time, how many times do people really, really dwell on all those interactive features on their DVDs. How many people really do it. >> Yeah. So if you really don't care about that, then I think, you know, about $100 is what you're looking at. And that's a decent player right now. I hope that helps. And did you have another question for us? >> Yes. I -- as I just asked you, is the resolution on that one good? ^M00:26:28 >> Well, they're all going to be 1080 P. So it's definitely -- I think the biggest complaint about that the DVD playback doesn't always look as good, or -- [ Multiple voices speaking ] ^M00:26:40 >> -- up-scaling of standard DVDs, they don't up scale as well. And then the main thing is the load time, to actually load a Blu-Ray disc. A lot of these earlier players that are cheaper now can take somewhere like 30 seconds, 40 seconds to actually load the disc itself. Sometimes people are annoyed by that. >> Okay. >> Okay? >> Thank you so much. And my other question is e-readers. I don't know much about them. Which is the better brand, the Kindle or the Sony ones? >> Better brand. >> Yeah, I mean -- see, for me the Kindle -- I just keep coming back to Kindle because of that wireless access. And the Sony e-readers don't have that. They're, you know, they're full-feature devices and they have a color screen if you care about that. But I find that that makes it a little harder to read, and you can't download the books on the fly the way you can with the Kindle. To me, that just kind of -- I don't know, that does it. And the Kindle is consistently rated higher so far than some of the newer -- the Sony Reader Touch edition I think is about three stars, the Kindle's four. >> For me, once the Kindle basically resolved the whole PDF issue of now you can just load PDFs on to it, instead of having to go to Amazon and convert them, that really opened up the flood gates. Because with the Sony store or the Sony reader you could just up load a PDF really easily. There's plenty of free classic novels and books that you can get in PDF format. So that really tilted the scale to the Kindle. Until we really see how well the Nook performs overall. >> Yeah, because don't forget, if you're not buying something for this Christmas or this Hanukah, you can always wait a little while because -- >> Or Kwanzaa. >> Stop it. >> I'm just saying. >> Hanukah starts soon. >> Okay. >> Just saying. >> Light the menorah. >> You have even fewer shopping days, if you're trying to get done for the first day of Hanukah. You could wait until next year, because there are more e-readers coming. The Nook obviously is sort of out, but you can't always buy it. And there was that announcement today about how now there's going to be like a universal magazine format for e-readers. So that market is really evolving. So if you can wait, there's the K or the -- I know they call it the Q, but we like to call it the K -- queue -- [ Inaudible comments ] ^M00:28:44 >> So you know, if you're not in a huge hurry you can always hold off. But for now my choice, because it's the one you can actually buy, as opposed to the Nook, is probably the Kindle. >> Yes. >> Okay, great, thank you so much. >> Sure. Happy holidays. >> Let's jump in and take one, Line 1, we talk a lot about cell phones, kind of curious what they want to get. Mitchell in Indiana. Mitchell, how are you doing? >> Hey, how are you? >> Doing good. Welcome to the Holiday Help Desk. How can we help you? >> I'm looking at [Inaudible] switching from my G1 to a Sprint phone, and I want Android. And I would like to know what your thoughts are on the Samsung Moment versus the HTC Hero. >> Yeah, so first of all is a physical keyboard important to you? >> I like the keyboard, but I can always deal without it. Because I like -- I'd rather have a thinner phone than the G1. >> Now personally, being able to play with both of these, and you know, doing the Prize Fight stuff. My preference as a touch-screen user is towards the HTC Hero. I -- first of all, I love -- these phones are both on Sprint, for people who aren't sure. But I love the Sense UI OS. It really makes the Android feel really clean. It's -- offers more customization screens, you know, more widgets, more of, like, web sites and links you can put on your screen. I just feel it's a cleaner product from a usability stand point. The Moment is still great, but the keyboard -- and also the buttons on the front are a little clunkier, for my use. But it has a physical keyboard. So someone else who's listening is like forget that, I want a keyboard. They might go to the Moment. And the bulkiness of the Moment is definitely not that much bulkier than the HTC Hero. I would say maybe 20% thicker because of the keyboard. Not too bad. >> But definitely thicker, and it has -- apparently it's pretty heavy. I mean, that's kind of -- our reviewers have definitely said it's a pretty -- it's a heavy phone, which always makes things feel bulkier. Like, the Droid is not a giant phone, but because it's so heavy it feels kind of brickish. So it's possible that -- it sounds to me like the HTC Hero is the one you want to check out. Although -- >> What about battery life. >> Oh. Battery life. I see. >> Let's see here. >> I mean, battery life on any -- I've got to tell you, I was just having this conversation with Jamie, [Inaudible] first look videos here, and she just got the Droid Aerus. And she said I couldn't believe it, like my battery, it was almost dead at the end of the day. And I said welcome to the world of smart phones. >> Yeah, that's how my G1 is. >> Like there's definitely no question -- if you're using a smart phone you're going to have to charge the phone every day. And I think that, you know, and most of them will at least last all day. I don't know that there's a significant difference between these two. >> Give me one moment, I'm just going to see at the end of all our reviews -- moment. Yeah. I did that on purpose. Sure. One thing I just want to check really quickly. If you check out all our reviews at the very bottom they'll have the performance of the phones and a lot of times we will -- if we have the results -- be able to give you -- sorry, the battery life ratings. So here we go. On the HTC Hero they were able to get 5.75 hours of continuous talk time, okay? So talk time typically uses a lot of the juice. For the Samsung Moment, 5.5. So you're pretty much going to be getting around the same talk time. They didn't say just kind of normal -- >> No, they only got 4.5. >> Oh, you're right. >> Rated battery life is 5.5, but they got about 4.5 hours. >> Whereas the Hero they actually did get 5.75 hours on their test. And the rate -- so -- >> Better battery life on the Hero, especially if you're going to be talking a lot. >> All right. >> Okay? >> Thanks. >> Hopefully we helped you out a little bit. >> Yeah, good luck. >> All right. Thanks. >> All right, happy holidays. >> You too. >> I believe that's it for today's show, right? We have blown through a half an hour just that fast. >> I had no idea. >> I had no idea. Kent German, by the way, for more cell phone calls, Kent German is going to be on the show on December 23 , if you can wait that long to make your cell phone purchase. You never know. People buy last minute, because you can always walk right into the store. >> Well, one thing about it, Kent German will tell you how it is. He doesn't mess around. He'll give you a cold, cold stare and just tell you what it is. So I appreciate that about Kent. I love -- >> Definitely. So what do we have on the show tomorrow? [ Inaudible audience comment ] >> Oh, right, yes. Before we go -- this was a big one, actually. We're announcing who's going to take home the Samsung LM 32 B 360. That's a television. >> What was that model again? No, just kidding. >> The Samsung LM 32 B 360. >> Okay. ^M00:33:08 >> Yeah. 32-inch LCD TV from the holiday give-away that was posted on Monday, and the winner is -- >> Wait, wait. >> Yeah! >> Thomas Micea [Assumed spelling]. >> Or Massia? >> Or Massia, or Matchia [Phonetic]. >> But the best thing about it is he used his name. >> He did. Which I really appreciate. Instead of, like, Bob72. Well, he used his name to win the LM 32 B 360. >> Okay. >> Yeah. >> And now we -- >> Thomas, you should have already received your e-mail from CNET with the information about your prize and it, once you claim it, will be on its way to you. Congratulations, dude. You won a TV. >> Seriously. I'm just going to search his name, find out where he lives, and wait for that TV to arrive on the doorstep. Just saying. >> Nice, nice. >> Okay, here we go. Next, tomorrow, I'll be back with Mr. Cooley, plus we have best buys, Andre, Sam Hill will join us from New York. And if you guys didn't get your calls in today, make sure to call again. 900-888-CNET. That's 2638, right? >> Yes, indeed. >> There we go. 1 p.m. Pacific, 4 p.m. Eastern time. And we will see you guys tomorrow. >> Buh-bye. ^M00:34:07 [ Music ]

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