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Loaded: Facebook lawsuit gets green light
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Loaded: Facebook lawsuit gets green light

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Google+ introduces improvements just before the holidays, text-sending teens increase their data usage by 256 percent over last year, and a federal judge rules that a lawsuit targeting Facebook's "sponsored stories" can proceed.

It's a Monday December 19th 2011. I'm Wilson Tang on and it's time to get loaded. In Facebook news, a federal judge has ruled that as soon as social network can proceed with their lawsuit that says showing advertisement set their friends like, violate the California right of publicity statute on commercial endorsements. According to the plaintiff, a sponsored story in someone's feet is an unauthorized use of their names and their likeness endorsing a product of service. Facebook says that the lawsuit is without merit but keep in mind that the lawsuit does attack the completed main business strategy. In more Facebook news, the company has introduced a new feature in Asia that let businesses interact with their fans. This means fans of a business can send private messages to that business, the feature is Asia based for now but it could open to the rest of the Facebook world if the model proves useful. Fans within a business page must initiate communication with a business before the conversation is enabled between parties. This aim is to create easier interaction between customers and businesses but it can also reduce inane activity on the company's Facebook wall. Google Plus is adding a few new changes, the social network will let you bounce how many post from any given circle or allowing your mainstream so chronic posters won't over populate your wall. Google Plus pages for businesses and and friends are also allowing users to delegate up to 50 managers to function as page administrators and new settings will allow those managers to stay on top of activity. Finally, Google Plus is changing the way you add and tag photos along with (??) the way users view photos in light box to highlight your pictures. Teenagers and yours are exchanging 7 text messages every waking hours of their lives and no surprise, females lead the survey by Nielsen averaging almost 4,000 text per month. Guys have about a thousand less. As a whole, every age groups text usage is up but for teenagers it's up 256% over this time last year. iContact apparently is super lame. In Japan, they have reinvented the vending machine Sanden a major manufacturer of vending machines partnering with Intel in Okaya Electronics to come up with this prototype vending machine uses a transparent 65 inch touch screen display, you can see the items inside the machine but visualization will pop up, the customers get interact with through touch. The vending machine also use a camera and facial recognition technology to target ads based on gender and age. Finally, a prince of Saudi Arabia has invested 300 million dollars in Twitter. According to Twitter analyst the investment (??) the company at 8.4 billion dollars which suggest that the prince has a 3.6% stake in the company. The air world has seen the power of Twitter with activist during the air of spring uprising this year using Twitter to spread music and communicate during the revolutions. Those are your headlines for today. I'm Wilson Tang for

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