CNET Update: Facebook finally deletes the deleted
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CNET Update: Facebook finally deletes the deleted

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Facebook finds a fix for erasing the past, Google makes app updating easier, and Instagram maps out your photos.

Bring out your inner shutter -- for this show I'm Bridget Carey and this -- CNET update. Think the Smartphone cameras we can live broadcast and -- issue online through services like you stream and and you stream is about to offer a way to broadcast video right here FaceBook page. So friends can see -- -- from their news -- It'll be a separate U -- app called -- that broadcast for friends. And they'll be available in the coming days on injury an Apple devices. So you remember -- embarrassing photo you deleted on FaceBook -- years ago well you know it's been around all this time right up you might not C -- profile but it's someone had their original URL link. Yes it was still there. But FaceBook has finally gotten around to updating its systems that when you delete a photo it's gone from the -- -- -- than a month. -- nice -- and take time out of their busy schedule to finally address the problem that the blog -- -- it had discovered three years ago. Tired of app updates taking up hours of time eating away your data plan and sucking the length of your battery it's enough to meet you want to cry. But now answering assault all your problems and for general with detailed updates. It means only -- down the features that changed instead of re downloading the entire act Google mentioned this feature was coming. But it seems that folks at Android police -- on an already working on their phones. Magic can no longer -- gathering on eBay online seller has banned spells and -- from being sold. EBay won't sell Texas -- psychic -- blessings her magic service. But -- -- -- magic fix accountable takes effect in September so -- is your last chance to spend 131 dollars on hygiene station ocean. Or -- islands and recipe to steal at that price. The streaming video network crackle and by Sony had added its mobile app to windows phones -- tablets so it'll also be on Amazon's Kindle fire. -- many films TV and original web series. Including Jerry Seinfeld's show comedians in cars getting copy. There's an update that the sharing network -- Graham Apple now display photos by location with a new mapping feature. But if you don't want your photos on a map you can avoid from the start one app is that it. You go through the photos you already took that had geo location tags. Select the -- you want to them out to be -- and as always gotta be mindful of photos you pay into location because boutique but as your home. You're not gonna want to publicly attacked -- with the location of where you live and respectful of other people where you're tagging them. That's your tech news update for more details about today's story it's just that on average are a lot slash update from our studios in New York averaging care.
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