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Even more monitors!: Desktops

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Desktops: Even more monitors!

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CNET's Brian Tong and Eric Franklin once again answer your monitor questions, from buying advice to the technology behind the devices.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >>Alright what's up guys? Welcome to Editor's Office Hours. It's Tuesday, I'm here, oops there's my computer making noise. [Laughter] >>Brian is unprepared today. >>I'm here with Eric Franklin, the voice inside CNET labs as well as Editor Extreme covering the monitor beat. >>Eric: Literally extreme. >>I know, I know. >>Eric: You're pluggin, that's good >>I'm telling you, we are. He's here and we're gonna be talking about monitors. We're gonna talk about, wow really we're gonna open this up to try and answer any questions you guys have but just remember his expertise is in the monitor realm but also you wanna talk about gaming, you wanna talk about you know things that I've been working on whether they're prize fights, prog reviews, Apple bites stuff, we're all open to that. So we wanna get you guys involved. We know it's all about you. We have our chat session below us where you guys can interact with each other and talk smack about what we're wearing. They do that a lot. >>Eric: Do they really? Like my collar? >>Talk about our hair. Why don't you pop it? Just pop it up? [ Laughter] >>Popping the collar on Editor's Office Hours. >>Eric: It's a first. >>It is, it is. Even I don't do that. Up here in the right hand corner we have the submit question box. Pop in your questions, whatever you want. Create a CNET profile if you don't have one. It's a username, a password and an email and continue to get us questions so we can talk to you otherwise we're pretty much useless. >>Eric: Yes, yes >>Right, you don't wanna hear us blabbing about clothes. Really you don't. Ok, we're gonna stop the blabble. [Laughter] Alright so right off the bat we have a question here from cafe macchiato who is here, actually yesterday I remember, but cafe macchiato asks, "Hey guys." "Am I supposed to see any difference on my MacBook Pro for normal text editing spreadsheet or web surfacing when using the integrated versus the dedicated graphics card?" Keep up the excellent work guys. That's excellent work. Ok >>Eric: I thought you were just saying that. We added that. >>Yea, for basically using the MacBook Pro with very minimal, I would say mundane computer tasks like that, it's not gonna take advantage of the graphics card at all so you really won't see any benefits. It really comes down to high intensive graphics stuff like Photoshop, you know and gaming where it's really gonna be able to use the power of the video card to help you out doing kind of more of those graphic intensive tasks. But with >>Eric: What kind of, what kind of benefits would you see with Photoshop. I know the benefits you would see with gaming fast, you know, high frame rates you know and you know better like you know anti [Inaudible] and all that kind of stuff but as far as Photoshop goes like what kind of >>They will, the video cards, the power of the video card will help with like rendering the files faster as well. In overall dealing with larger chunks of files the video card you know kind of offloads some of the usage to help you with that. So even in video editing, you know, there's advantages for having a better video card for that as well. >>Eric: Well I know that in video they have this, I guess feature where if the vendor wants to take advantage of it, like Adobe wants to take advantage of it, Adobe wants to offload most of the computations onto the actual GPU and supposedly the results you get are like 10 to 1, you know, versus you know just having the CPU take care of it. But I think that comes down to the vendor. I don't think it's all >>It's basically a cooperation of software and hardware >>Eric: Yea so Photoshop is gonna be compatible with this and video feature here and have the program and you have to get a patch and all that kind of stuff. Other than that you know. >>Yea but for those tasks you will not see it so I really hope you don't buy a new MacBook Pro because the word processing will be faster. >>Don't buy a MacBook Pro [Laughter] >>I mean, we're just messing with you Cafe Macchiato but thanks for the question. Hopefully that helped you. Second question this is from Sean 1190 he asks, "When is Bonnie Cha gonna be on Editor's Office Hours? Not that there's no love for Eric. >>Eric: Oh, I love Bonnie Cha. I'd rather have her here myself. [Laughter] You know, especially with Brian I'd rather have Bonnie Cha sitting here. >>Likewise man. [Laughter] Anyways, Bonnie we were trying to get her in this week. We are gonna try to shoot and get her in next week. Just to give you a little personal details about her she's gonna be at jury duty tomorrow. >>Eric: Oh, poor girl. She got selected? >>I guess. >>Eric: She didn't get out of it? >>She said she might so you know, bottom line is she'd rather be doing jury duty than Editor's Office Hour's which is her problem. >>Eric: Which is really rude. >>Yea, [Laughter] ok that's cool. Oh then Sean followed up with, sorry I didn't read this description but he says I heart Eric Franklin, no he did not say that. >>Eric: Oh, that's good. You did say Sean right? [Laughter] Is it Sauna? Not that I'd be interested. >>No, no, it was not Sauna. >>Eric: That would freak me out a little less. >>Ok, the next question, is a CRT monitor more harmful when disposed of than an LCD? What's your take or current feelings about that? >>Eric: Well, Brian >>Well Eric >>Eric: This is a new question I've not heard before, ever. Not in the last five minutes or anything. [Laughter] So yea, I mean, basically my take is that it depends on the LCD you're using so if it's an LED >>A backlit LED >>Eric: LCD you're probably not gonna see that much, well I can't quantify the environmental impact of disposing this thing but you know the big thing about environment, the big thing about monitors is the mercury. So it's the amount of mercury you use. So LED backlights supposedly don't use any mercury. >>They don't have them in them, supposedly. >>Eric: Right, they don't have any mercury in them. So disposing of a LED backlit LCD would, you know, conceivably be less impactful on the environment. So >>The CRT monitors, just the materials, the size, the parts but it also has mercury in that screen so that's gonna have a negative, a more negative environmental impact versus again specifically an LED backlit LCD. >>Eric: Now as far as a CCF L backlit LCD, my guess is because of the amount of, you know, space it takes up. It takes up less space, you know, there's less hardware to actually dispose of. My guess is, just a guess because I don't know for sure, that it would be less impactful on the environment. What do you think about that? >>I would, I mean we don't have any numbers or a chemical breakdown. We try to look up some stuff but off the top the main thing would be, right off the bat that we could point out is the mercury inside the display and the size of the component. So hopefully that helps. >>Eric: If you're really worried about it, you know, bite the bullet and buy the LED backlit LCD. >>And also just over the life of those monitor's, you know CRT monitor's take up a lot more energy when you're actually using them. You have LCD's that use less energy, they're more efficient in using the energy when you need it, you know, depending on how you calibrate them and what conditions they're used in so during the life of the actual product you're also using less energy for that. So if any of you guys know anything else that might be able to help us or contribute, send us a little note in the question box or you know you can throw it down into the chat. Ok, next question, this is from Eljuan [Assumed spelling] I know he or she always writes in but I don't know how to pronounce the name yet. Ok, what's a good 22 to 24 inch monitor that's less than $250? And the name is pronounced, oh [Laughter] the name is pronounced Eljuan. You had trouble pronouncing it the last three times. [Laughter] Nzen [Assumed spelling] and Eljuan, how about that? >>Eric: There you go. >>Tell me if I said it right. Ok, Nzen and Eljuan. Do you have, from what you've seen off the top of your head or do we have to do a little hunting for that? >>Eric: No, no, no, actually the Gateway HD2201, that is a 22 inch monitor. It's awesome. It's great. >>LCD screen? >>Eric: Yea, LCD >>What? >>That's one of the video's we have cued up if you wanted to watch >>Eric: Oh, how appropriate. >>Keep talking about it. >>Eric: Well we're gonna having a video >>In a little bit. >>Eric: In a couple minutes, said this really distracting person sitting to the left of me. But there's that one. I think that one is, I think that one pop's out at $250 actually. And then there's the Westinghouse L1916 which you can get it at Best Buy for $160 bucks, that's a 19 inch monitor so, actually that's a little less than what you're asking for. Ok so Gateway [Laughter] The Gateway and there's another one, there's a Dell 22 inch as well which is really, I think that one tops out a little bit more than you're wanting to spend, I think it tops out at $280 but the one I would push would be the Gateway HD2201 just reviewed it, it's great. Has a nice glossy screen, has a speaker bar for a little extra, yea it's awesome. >>Ok cool. And again guys questions that you can ask us, I know we're here with Eric on the monitor beat but anything you guys wanna talk about, phones >>Eric: Brian's clothes, you know his pastel clothes that he likes to wear. >>Thank you, thank you. I don't wear pastel. >>Eric: What is this? Isn't that pastel? >>[Laughter] Its blue. >>Eric: It's like pastel blue. >>It's light blue. [Laughter] Ok, here's another question, hip hop for prez asks, "what up fellows?" "What do you think about the Samsung touch of color LCD monitor's?" I'm guessing he's talking about the LCD TV set's right? Do they put them on the monitor as well? >>Eric: Yea they do. >>Oh, ok. >>Eric: They have a couple on the monitor's. >>I did not know that but >>Eric: You know I actually have a TV with a TV set at home with a touch of color on there. >>With the red border? >>Eric: With the red, yea. It doesn't bother me but I think if you, you know, if you're what do you call it? You're entertainment center at your home, or whatever, if the aesthetics of that is very important to you then if you - I think it might, you know, I think it might be a bad idea to get that, you know personally I think. Like if that's important to you because black goes with anything but black with a little red in there? Not so much in my opinion. But, I don't know. It seems like a waste to me. It really does. I'm gonna be honest. That feature seems like a waste to me. I don't know if they charge more money for that? I don't think they do but it just seems like a waste of manufacturing and engineering. >>I mean it's pure aesthetics. To me even if you want to be stylish like, ok first off the bat. Has that red border ever distracted you while you're watching an actual movie? >>Eric: No >>No it hasn't? >>Eric: No, it hasn't. >>And like you said it depends on the background. A lot of times when they show TV's at the store that you're buying them they might have like a dark background or a black background so the red accent looks cool. But if you have like a beige wall >>Eric: Right, exactly >>Or like a brick or like some wooden or a lighter color red texture it sticks out and it doesn't look right. >>Eric: No, yea it throws you off. >>I like it because it's cool but honestly I don't own one but in actual home application I would only get it if I had like this kinda cool red, you know, dark colors and red schemes in my corner of my entertainment area. But again, I don't think. >>Eric: I don't think it's worth it. Also be on the lookout this Friday for Brian's new show on HGTV >>What? [Laughter] >>Eric: I don't know if he knows all this stuff about decorating houses and stuff so >>Wow [Laughter] Ok, I see how it is Eric. So what we'll do is we're gonna take a little break. We're gonna showcase the monitor that Eric was talking about the Gateway HD, is it the HD? >>Eric: Yes, the HD2201 >>HD2201. It actually says it on our white board here so I should probably read that so we'll see you guys in a couple minutes and again keep on pumping your questions through and we'll talk to you in a skin. [ Music ] >>Hello everyone I'm Eric Franklin from CNET.com and today we'll be showing you the Gateway HD2201 22-inch display. The Gateway looks like a mini version of the companies XHD3000 extreme 30 incher. It does not, however, include a screen rotation feature and as with the extreme there are no pivoting or height adjustment options. But the screen does tilt back about 30 degrees. The foot stand is about 10 wide and 7 and a half inches deep. Unfortunately its light 14 pound weight, even with the speaker bar, makes it easy to push around. The bezel's a glossy black and its sides are less than an inch thick. The screen has a glossy coating that the glossiness made the images appear smoother on screen. The connection options include DVI, HDMI and VGA. The included speaker bar provides crisp sound and isn't distorted or tinny when playing music or watching movies. The onscreen display or OSD buttons are flat, touch sensitive and glow with a cool, blue LED. Navigating the OSD's menu however, is frustrating at times. Some of the options are buried deep within the menu system and can be a time consuming experience when you're trying to access them. We found that the Gateway has a low black level. We notice that when watching Kill Bill Volume 1 that flesh tones look accurate. Also this low black level ensures that the necessary depth. The 22-inch Gateway HD2201 can be found online for $240 dollars and for an extra $40 bucks you can add an optional speaker bar. The NEC and the Samsung cost about $350 and $300 respectively online. The NEC has worse overall performance than the Gateway. And although it has some useful photo viewing features, it does not have HDMI. The Samsung's performance is more or less on par with the Gateway but it skimps on HDMI. The 22-inch Dell has a great performance, a webcam and HDMI but it's more expensive at $350. Even at $280 with the optional speaker bar the Gateway HD2201 is the best value for a 22-inch monitor currently. Once again [Background music] I'm Eric Franklin and this has been the first look at the Gateway HD2201. >>Alright guys, that was a beautiful review. >>Eric: Was it? You know actually if you're wondering why I have the same shirt on in that video as I do now >>Seriously? [Laughter] >>Eric: Actually I just shot that review live on the brink so I just actually went and did that. It's pretty impressive right. I'm not even that sweaty so >>I knew you were here for a reason. Very impressive, very impressive. Ok, Eric can tell apart. Here we go. We have a question from Rogue Tess, Rogue Tess asks "Any thoughts about how to boost AT&T 3G or abdu coverage for my iPhone at home?" "Only Verizon comes in because of surrounding hills and it makes me sad." So I did a little digging for you, I just, first of all I typed in a search for AT&T boost signal and there are some products that will enable you to essentially capture that signal and boost it so it's stronger throughout your house. There is a product, it's from a company called Z Boost, I don't, if any of you guys that are watching has more experience with this please let us know because I haven't actually used one of these but this product is from a company called Z Boost, it's a cell phone signal booster and essentially what it does is it grabs the cell phone signal that is around you so ideally you have to at least have a little bit of AT&T signal nearby and it strengthens that carrier's signal in the areas of your house. It goes up to an area of approximately 1,000 to 2,500 square feet so that will help you. And obviously if the signal is stronger in your house it will use less battery on your cell phone because a lot of times when a cell phone is really searching for a cell signal and the cell signal is really low it's using more juice from the actual phones batter to try and connect. So it does look like, let's see here, never mind that was a different message. But, so there you go. That's a product you can look at. The website that I found it on is www.1800mobiles.com and it's a cell phone signal repeater. The price for it though, regular price is $299 and their price is $260 bucks so it is gonna be an expensive investment. >>Eric: Just use edge. [Laughter] Seriously I mean you're gonna pay $260 bucks for this thing? >>Yea, so unfortunately that you're in a stick situation. There are products out there and this product does talk with Verizon, Cingular, Alltel and US Cellular so maybe it's an option that's the best thing that we can put them to. >>Eric: It's an option. Not a very good option in my opinion but if you're like stuck at home and you can't make calls you may not have a choice. >>Yea, ok, here we go. This question [Laughter] is >>Eric: I just love this one man. >>Yea I know, I know. We'll get to that. This question is from DMan 8127, "What's up fellows?" "Hey, I just wanna know what you thought of Apple's new LED cinema display 24 inch monitor?". "Is it the best value out there for photography editing"? >>Eric: The one that hasn't come out yet? >>Yea >>Eric: Have you been doing much editing on that one? [Laughter] Who asked this question? Who is this from? DMan do you know it's not out? >>DMan we're playing with you but it's not supposed to be coming out until November although it's November now. I don't know >>Eric: I thought it was January. I know it's gonna be at the show Macro. I've heard that. I heard it was next year. That's the last thing I've heard. >>Ok, well if so, you know, who knows then. I'm not looking at Apple's page right now. I mean we can pull it up really fast but it looks like it's supposed to come out in November. It still isn't out and if it does have a glossy screen, which I believe it might, if you're a, you know a professional - it depends on your environment. You know, they talk about the whole, you know, better contrast and you know, pro's like that aspect but at the same time if your environment's a lot more brighter and you have reflections off of it, I mean, that's not gonna help you either. >>Eric: Yea, most professional screens that I've tested always have mat screens. I haven't seen a glossy screen. So you're saying its November, huh? >>That's what it looks like. You know, I'm not 100 percent sure but we'll do a little digging for that. Ok, while we're doing that this question is from, ok, this is good. Al Iceman, "How is the Wow World of Warcraft expansion played and is it going to be worth the purchase?" So, while you talk about that I'm gonna dig up a little more on this Apple screen. >>Eric: Alliance Man, I think that's what he said. >>Ok, we'll talk about >>Eric: Ok, so >>Cause you're a beta man right? >>Eric: Yea I am. I've been into beta for like, a couple of months now and yea, it's gonna be fully worth it. I mean it's more of the same. It's more Warpath it's more, you know, questing, more leveling, more getting you know gear and all this kinda of stuff and then grading and PVPing and so but you know a lot of the little changes that they've made are just, you know, they've actually already implemented in the 3.0.2 patch a lot of the talent changes, a lot of the interface changes, achievement system is great. It's fully worth the purchase. I mean if you're into Warcraft there's no reason that you wouldn't want to upgrade to the expansion which actually comes out tomorrow night at midnight. But, yea, it's been really fun. I've been working on my warrior, my warlock and my rogue just trying to level those three characters into beta. And you know, one of the things that I really like is just the graphical changes that they made is that they've actually implemented into the 3.0.2 path is the real time shadows that they have in the game now. I mean if you have a computer that's fast enough, that's powerful enough to run the shadows at their highest detail, it's just, it makes a world of difference cause they're real time shadows and like if you're on a boat or something like that and the sun is over in this area and like you're here and as the boat's moving you'll see all the sails and stuff like cast shadows down at you and start moving and stuff. Just really very immersive anyway. >>Clearly someone is into this game a lot more than me. [Laughter] >>Eric: You think? A little bit. >>Is there a CNET guild? >>Eric: What's that? >>Is there a CNET guild? >>Is there a CNET guild? That's what Anthony >>Eric: Is that another question? >>Anthony our producer is asking >>Eric: There's no CNET guild. I mean people that play here who are in various guilds all over. There's actually some world first guilds that someone's in here but there's no CNET guild. There probably should be. >>You should start it. >>Eric: I should start it? Alright I'll look into that. [Laughter] >>Anyways just a follow up on the LED display guy it says it ships in November but it obviously has not started shipping and again we joked about obviously we can't, you haven't been able to test it until it comes out. >>Eric: Yea, you know how Apple is. They don't send you anything preview. They don't, you can't go hey, can you ship the Apple to me when it comes out? They'd be like, no. We'll ship it to you when we're ready to sell it. Yea exactly. >>So this is kind of like a little insider scoop so like when they ship you a display like do you actually have an idea of when you're gonna be getting this or they're gonna contact you? You're people will be contacted >>Eric: For Apple stuff? >>For Apple displays. >>Eric: Right, for Apple displays. I've never had to deal with an Apple display cause the last one that came out was about 3 or 4 years ago >>The big guy? >>Eric: Yea, so that was a long time ago and that was before I was doing monitors but the way it works with Apple in general, for the most part, is that they don't communicate very much. >>They're hard to get products from even though >>Eric: Yea >>What about other companies? Are they a lot easier to work with. >>Eric: Oh yea. Everyone else that I work with like Dell, Gateway, you know, HP, >>Westinghouse >>Eric: Westinghouse. All those people you just email the PR contact and I'm from CNET can you ship me this? And they ship it right on, you know, they ship it right on down to you. Or you know they ask you to sign a contract or whatever but you know it's easy. But Apple is notorious for being difficult in this area. >>Well even with, when I did a MacBook versus ThinkPad 300 review they didn't want to ship me the MacBook Air because based on the categories we were gonna compare them in >>Eric: They didn't think that they would win? >>Yea and that's why they didn't wanna and I was like, well you should stand by your product for the you know. Obviously it doesn't mean it's a bad product. We only prize fight the best products but they did not want to ship us the MacBook Air because of that. I found that, I'm like, wow you know. >>Eric: I think that's one of the reasons that Apple as a company is so revered by their fans you know because I think they're very good at keeping their name clean, you know. >>Yea, they protect - well in today's world where we don't like that but they protect their name and image from - they try and reduce as much negative press as possible. So that's how when you see some of these guys that I'm not gonna name names but that give the reviews early and they like praise it to death and you know, these guys happen to always get the products first and then a week later, you know, as time goes on you start seeing some of these bugs that pop up but the reviews don't really address those. I find that kind of silly. Cause everyone wants to read the review first but to me you've gotta be able to play with the product for the life of it. At least give it a week or two to really see what's up and these guys are like, oh I love this. This is the greatest thing blah, blah, blah and then it's like >>Eric: Yea and they've spent like 2 or 3 hours with it and then hurry up and write a review. >>And one thing I'm not trying to like promote CNET but I like how we do adjust our reviews over time. Like we'll do like you know the diagnostic test and then we will actually adjust scoring and make that a point like oh, we haven't tested the battery life on this fully yet and then we'll make our adjustments accordingly. Like that's important. >>Eric: yea, like that stuff people who want to know about it takes time to actually figure that stuff out. You can't just have that up on day one. >>I'm gonna toy that with you. So I've found that it's a lot easier, I've experienced the same exact stuff. >>Eric: Yea, they've been doing that for years. That's Apple you just gotta accept that. >>Exactly. So, ok cool. Here we go this question is pretty funny from Nzen Eljuan [Laughter] Eljuan, Nzen Eljuan, "Will you be giving any of the monitors you tested on your podcast?" Giving >>Eric: Giving? >>Don't you have to return them or? >>Eric: Yea I mean the monitor's I usually have to return. I mean if a company, I'll see if I can. I mean I'll ask. Some of the companies are interested in kind of like, you know, just you know they don't usually, sometimes they don't want products back and you know we kind of work out a deal with them, hey do you mind if we give this away in our podcast so I'll check with some companies and see if I can give some away. >>That's cool. >>Eric: That actually would be a nice little prize. >>It's pretty funny because Alan Iceman actually asked the same question just a little before. People are trying to get free stuff. >>Eric: Yea are you surprised? I mean come on. >>Well on Crave we always give out free stuff. >>Eric: Oh do you? >>I haven't been able to email out all the products out yet. >>Eric: So it's your fault? You and Bonnie Chung. I'm blaming you. >>That's right. Ok, here's a question from Road Test, road test asks "How about a suggestion for the other end of the spectrum?" "Any decent 17 inch wide monitor's in the $100 to $150 dollar range?" I'm sure there's a lot of them out there. >>Eric: There are. Have I reviewed any? No. [Laughter] So dumb question Road Test. No, it's not a dumb question. It's dumb because I don't have any answer for you. >>We're kidding, we're kidding. >>Eric: It's not dumb. >>I think it's funny that he said that but if you want to send hate mail, you know send it to eric.franklin@cnet.com. >>Eric: That's right. >>He will respond. >>Eric: You know, that's a good question and I'm gonna try and get some more 17 inch monitors in so I can answer your question. Right now I can't really answer your question with any kind of authority but you know maybe by the end of the year I will be able to. >>Ok, excellent. Now here's a question from Wogus, Wogus is always here, "Sorry if you've covered this already, what's the function of the glossy finish of a monitor other than it makes it look pretty"? >>Eric: Hmm, good question. I can't think of any other function than it smoothes out the image, you know. It can do that in like games, sometimes in movies if you have a glossy screen. It just makes things look better. It makes things look smoother. >>The deeper blacks and the better contrast, right? >>Eric: Yea, the deeper blacks, I mean is that, I don't know if it's actually deeper, seriously deeper blacks though, I mean because I'm not sure if the black level is lower because you have a glossy screen I think maybe it looks that way. I think the contrast, something about having a glossy screen increases the contrast. >>Also with the mat finish it's essentially changing what you're looking for. You know, with the glossy screen which is like a glass layer that you can like essentially see through the detail, the mat finish is almost like kind of a softer filter over it. >>Eric: With the mat finish? >>Yea, when you're talking about the mat finish screens like you know, like this. It has a kind of softer texture to it that doesn't give you as good as those like email, it kind of not deintensifies it but because of that it kind of softens it up and it's just less intense. >>Eric: Yea, I mean my opinion is if you can stand it. If your, whatever room you're gonna use this in doesn't have a lot of ambient light I say always go for the glossy screen. It just looks better. >>But how many of you work in a cave? You don't have any windows in your office. [Laughter] >>Eric: No it's pretty much a cave. >>And that other cave dweller >>Eric: Yea well he's got a bigger cave. >>That's true, that's true. Anyway >>Eric: Hey what's that other question? Are we gonna answer that one? >>Yea, we're gonna wrap it up. This is the last question because I'm guessing it has to do in relationship to one of the video's you did, where is it at? Anyways the question was from Hip Hop for prez "Does CNET endorse Barak Obama?" So tell them why maybe he might have >>Eric: Well for one we don't endorse anyone. Especially now that the election is over. [Laughter] But anyway I think he's referring to that video that we showed which was the HD2201 where the background I had was a picture of Barak Obama and the text underneath it said the 44th President of the United States, this is, you know I recorded this video the day after he won the election and I was, you know, very excited about history being made and I personally did support him and I was excited about that and I usually put as a background whatever I'm into that day at the time, you know >>World of Warcraft [Laughter] >>Eric: World of Warcraft, you know, some kind of comic book stuff, you know, all these nerd geeky stuff >>[Laughter] Black nerd stuff >>Eric: Black nerd stuff, you know, so I went politically nerd on everybody and put Barak Obama on the background. I mean I'm not sayin you have to support him but he is the President and you know >>Did it serve [Inaudible] a little? Did anybody write any comments about that? >>Eric: I don't think - I don't care. I mean no, I don't know if they did or not but I don't know if it stirred the pot but if it does, you know, I'll be willing to address it to someone on a one to one level >>Yea, exactly. I mean ultimately that's our President. That's the thing. It's not like it was before the election. >>Eric: Yea, exactly so it's like, yea it's the President. >>Would you complain if, I mean what if you had George Bush on your desktop? That would have been nice. >>Eric: Yea, I mean it would probably be him in a very compromised position. [Laughter] I wouldn't be like >>Now we're taking a stance. Ok, guys so anyway, oh I was just looking at it. You know what we'll take one more question before we wrap this up. This question is ok, actually let's take this one. It says two questions, something easy. "What is the preferred size monitor for Photo Work at a working distance of 36 inches?" Any good programs for calibration? Isn't there like a rough calculation of like how big your screen should be from the distance of your eye? >>Eric: I don't know about Photo Work but usually there's that little table for movie watching and maybe not movie watching but for getting the best out of your monitor. Three feet seems like you want something small. Well, 3 feet is like, I mean that's not far so it seems like you'd want something. I'm not gonna guess cause I don't know. >>I find that when working with media and especially like Photoshop even though I'm not a high end Photoshop I have plenty of friends that are in the media biz, I mean they actually like get up close to their screens, you know when they're like working with, it's almost human nature when you get into finer detail you kind of like, you like get in there. >>Eric: Yea, I do that to. >>Even when you're playing World of Warcraft and you're talking about the sails on the boat like you get really close up to see the detail on it. >>Eric: Have you been watching me? >>No, you were just talking about it. So really obviously with photo's, working with photo's in general, bigger is better. It allows you to work with multiple images, blow them up, one thing is sucks when you have a large photo and you know when you're working in Photo Shop you can only display at like 66 percent because the screen is restricted so that drives me crazy. So I think with Photo Work bigger is always better, depending on whatever your budget is. I don't even think getting, if you could afford a 30 inch screen its ok because you get all that real estate with Photo Work and that's really what matters when you're dealing with any type of graphic stuff. The more you can see the better. I don't think anyone has ever complained about having too big of a screen when you get down there. So I don't know if you're just jumping into this but I hope that helps but I really wouldn't be concerned about the best, perfect, preferred size. I would just get as much real estate as you can. >>Eric: I get this, I've gotten this question before the programs for calibration. Yea and I don't know of any consumer programs for calibration. The only one I use is DisplayMate and you have to purchase that from DisplayMate dot com. www.displaymate.com. Go there and check it out. That's a great program for calibration. But as far as, I'm not sure exactly what you would have to do to get it from them, purchase it but I'm not sure how much it's gonna cost. So that's all I have for that. >>Ok cool so guy's thank you very much for coming out to Editor's Office Hours. Now tomorrow we're gonna have Ms. Nicole Lee in the house. >>Eric: Ok >>I'm just telling you. >>Eric: [Laughter] Awesome, Nicole's awesome. She has a great laugh. Listen out for the laugh. >>She also plays World of Warcraft. Are you gonna be in line on a Thursday? >>Eric: It's tomorrow. Its tomorrow night. I just realized that. It's comes out on Thursday? I'll be taken pictures. >>[Laughter] Dude >>Eric: And my McDonalds fish sandwich. >>I thought you were gonna say fish net stockings. [Laughter] I was like, dude >>Eric: How did you get there? What? >>I'm just sayin. Ok thanks for watchin come back 11:30 am West Coast time, 2:30 pm East Coast time. We'll be here, Nicole Lee will be here, but it's all good. Alright we'll see you guys. Thanks. >>Eric: Peace >>Bye bye ^M00:34:00 [ Music ]

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