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Episode 8: Torture testing the iPhone 4S: Always On

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Always On: Episode 8: Torture testing the iPhone 4S

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Our most requested gadget to torture is our next victim, the iPhone 4S! Molly unboxes a new competitor to the MacBook Air, Sharon Vaknin explains why you would want to cut down a SIM card, and we fly with the aerodynamics of wind tunnels.

Got now is on of the iPhone four S gets tortured him. Reflects have a sim card. -- MacBook Air competitor and I didn't I. Always on and off. There I'm Molly Wood and welcome to always on the show where we take a look at the tech that's part of your life and your future. This is our first season finale. And in this week's episode we will unlocks the coolest windows ultra book you can buy I go indoor skydiving -- will give -- some sneak peek at what's coming -- -- you. First though let's get to my new calling in life. Torturing gadgets. Today we are torture testing the iPhone four S now I know it's not a new product but you all want to know how it can handle the so actually we're gonna start with the -- two hours. In the freezer. You know. It's even in white like snow good. Buddy. It is then two hours let's rescue our iPhone four S from the freezer and see how it's -- We're learning to expect condensation and ice crystals at this point and we have them. We had -- -- it's not coming up. The moment troops out -- probably get it. To dedicate both. Tablets couldn't select -- because it was so crested ever thanks. -- -- -- It's doing this this new. World of the battery died a -- did not think that common. Now this went in there. More -- about two thirds of the way charge so that's kind of interesting that the battery seemed to have suffered we will charge it up for a little while let it stop. See how -- still enemy and became on of assuming it's okay but it. That's -- and the battery thing. -- let's see if it'll come back -- And eaten. To conceal look at that -- -- -- of the battery is back to Apple. So that was just kind of a weird it -- mystery because of the column. So we got a little hiccup. But I'll now it's still seems to have made it. The -- got a little guy. -- -- our iPhone has been in literary meant death for a little over an hour at -- perfect. 150 degrees because we have this thing down to a site. Just slightly to not attempt. I this is cooled off nicely I meanwhile totally sledding standing nonstarter area because it is hot in here. Let's -- -- phone is doing. Problem I'm starting to think that we are actually nowhere near. The top operating temperatures for these devices to those found. Acts like -- -- at the beach. Later in the show we'll find out what happens when we throw that phone down a -- -- six. Let's shift gears now -- over to wind tunnels what are they for a while mostly they help test the aerodynamics of certain vehicles which can lead to better design. Also they help you plot. At -- adventures I live -- built a twelve foot in diameter vertical wind tunnel. That's designed for human indoor skydiving. Although they don't really college athletic -- campus. -- exact RAF zero and eventually your hand -- I went. This season and bears don't violate bed. Now obviously -- titles are great and sending humans -- into the air. But there -- also used to test the aerodynamics and all sorts of things. From bicycles to semi trucks to race cars. As aerodynamic and -- Carolina and they're using wind tunnels to research the performance of NASCAR race card they also -- notices you -- transportation like bicycles. And if you want to see the largest wind tunnel in the world check out NASA Ames research. They recently studied the aerodynamics of -- semi trucks to figure out how they can be more fuel efficient. I flag to mean -- Inside the belly -- very -- Of the day. There were down here and like the built in -- -- today. Underneath where we were just fine a lot of people are really surprised that there is no -- down here our fans are actually a top. For. To -- fifty horsepower fans may actually push the air -- to the sides of the building. The air then it's turning beings just like these -- trend and win ninety degrees and then they get these remains an issue back up. The air is concentrated into winding narrow area and many can reach speeds of up to a 180 miles per hour. That. It was a ridiculous that -- link. The funny thing -- -- -- -- -- get totally -- on -- totally addicting how to do. -- amazing. You actually really really wanna really act and not just. You can't get it instantly canyon of course -- -- -- -- -- -- These -- flying teams are popping up all over the world us the whole thing gets more popular and they proved to be serious training facilities -- sky -- Now speaking of sky diving season -- of always on starts September 11. Between now and then we'll -- -- some pretty exciting segments like -- road testing that totally unbelievable HTC one X commercial. Where the guy jumps out of the plane and -- is doing a fashion photography shoot. Using the one -- of the one. So -- we're gonna do that. I am going to jump out of a plane and try to take photos and video with -- HTC one X and Jeff cannot up member -- a -- to -- guy he's gonna jump with the iPhone four S so we can actually compare. The photos from each phone and see how they do add 101000 feet in -- But now back to the torture test. You have asked us for more dramatic drop test so last week we got the MacBook Air off the roof of a -- This week we -- a little higher. Update to time for the drop will do three heights. And then an extreme drop let's get started three. -- you want. -- We actually have damaged you can sit -- purple line -- there. Interesting. -- let's keep going from -- to what. Her screen has gone to be blue screen of death at this point. And this phone does not like to be -- I've turned off is restarting. Can't say I've just -- and a million times nothing like this ever -- It's back on vacancy we still have that purple line is pretty surprising actually at well lets drop it from. Shoulder -- Few more damage they can do three to one. We're back to blue screen of death maybe it's because the battery was almost I don't know. I gotta say though it's not broke into its source so gonna conductor extreme test. Now we happen across CBS interactive president inland -- -- -- the -- was never. Going to say -- to the opportunity to throw the -- on forest on the stairs and. And I don't know com. It's really starting over and over -- restart itself. -- Can't -- see any chips. But -- it won't -- given credit it's pretty dirty. Guarantee you that was my actual. You totally broken area we did some damage to its chips have a little chip -- I can thing of the storm will look better nestled -- protecting. -- -- -- Think this is well and then this happens to this purple line -- him says. It's a pass fail greatly -- Sylvester farewell think that's a little bit of a baby failed pump. It's pretty you know in general we definitely we -- a little couple chunks out of it but parents -- the total strong we've run over. I think you -- things -- sometimes. Right time for the -- test here we -- -- bubbles. And. Lives of their for a second. This is there anything. About thirty seconds up again that's all I can think it's been still wanna take out here. Just. Turn off the screen. -- an Apple event. It's actually responding to the water pretty well didn't seem to have any company to the screen stayed on. The iPhone four as barely squeaks through to the wild card it. And we have that coming up a little later in the show I'm sorry but it is worth the wait. Now if you still haven't operational iPhone or your thinking about buying an unlocked phone you'll probably appreciate this next tip. From Sharon vaknin. Hey I am I here rat pack shop and that you might notice that this card is shrinking -- -- it's also nice for them. Format in a lot of international -- even things like I'd had an iPhone. Use this format. It looks like them -- it actually has seen each other regulars and -- but it's a smaller. So if you want to note here sometimes to a wider variety of phones from overseas -- more than you want to unlock your iPhone users service provider like T-Mobile. Q how he got that my present format files you already have a regular -- them. Cutting down you can get your carrier's store I don't know -- floor. Hello can get your development so let's go ahead and do that I don't need it says there -- Double sided tape. They have a list like this which you can find asking the right here. And it yourself how they wanna cut down so to get started look at a price you could double -- -- -- And we're going to use this to stick that have led sees the larger size sim card. Right now we'll -- the template right on top. This is -- it makes things a lot easier. Credit -- know it's pretty yet. Now we have to do is cut it out for -- follow along these out of line. -- -- a pair of good sharp scissors. Okay now we need -- cut off a little -- parent. Sherry. Phillips peel off. -- -- lists aren't. Oh and I realize that there's one more thing you'll need -- -- now. Now I'm at tech shops amusing the super profile but it you have an -- file -- -- -- -- -- he does. Soft patch together a little -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- to -- now let's see if it works. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Area. Her -- to advance. Perfectly so let's go ahead into the meat -- found. Our kids and and I know it works because my I thought it isn't telling you -- there's no sim card itself. REN if you ever need a bigger Mike Preston got in a popular part of a regular sized card you can just use one of the of the doctors because a couple bucks online. But if you have any tips on them to me on Twitter at Karen Mac or always on at cnet.com. Okay -- I know that you went to T-Mobile to -- your sim card -- but I know next time you do yourself. They share and also -- need one of those gigantic nail files it's like sort. Now Sharon said that sim cards are getting smaller were even hearing rumors of a nano sim card space saving for a thinner design maybe iPhone 5. Rumor has it that all will be revealed on September -- I have time for us to take a break when we come back we -- box possibly the best ultra book you can buy right now. And that we show you the last iPhone four S torture test. I am a big fan of the Samsung series notebooks and back the original series seven pretty much made me lose my mind of its beauty and inside this box. -- the new series nine now it's technically classified as an ultra book although it's basically a MacBook Air competitor. Let's check it out. Quite a lot of people. I'm finally. -- -- I'm okay. Bubble. -- can do that. Okay. The is -- notebooks. Have really become known for their high style they are a little bit expensive. But if you really are looking for that Mac competitor you want to look -- you probably already willing to pay more. Box. Ethanol. It's kind of a bluish. Look to it. Yes are packed inside the box in addition all the regular charging cables you actually -- -- them. An ethernet dongle that's right even though this laptop doesn't have ethernet built in the dongle is right there in the box that Apple. I'll -- a look at this guy look how thin -- I mean for a thirteen inch -- but this is extremely. Thin and lights. Before I start actually physically drooling on let's go through the specs. It has a third generation Intel Core I five processors running at one point seven gigahertz processor support gigs of onboard memory. The display is thirteen point three inches and the resolution is 16100 by 900 and it runs Windows 7 the wait is two point six pounds. It has two USB ports one on each side it's also equipped with micro HDMI and an SD card slot. The base model has a 128. Gigabyte solid state drive. Now it's well 99 this series 900 dollars more than the MacBook Air although it's really only seventy dollars more -- include the dongle. Other than that it's practically a one to one comparison it's a really pretty ultra book. That runs windows head on average -- cnet.com to read our editor Scott -- review and find out what he thinks for my part I just think it's so. Right onto the moment that you have all been waiting for the conclusion. Of our iPhone four -- torture test. I know that our iPhone has survived the water -- it's time for the wild card we asked and you answered. Several of you told me on Twitter that you have put your iPhone through the wash cycle but leaving it in the pocket -- your pants so. That's what we're gonna do today. We got some -- hair. -- regimes. Until the screen up -- the phone will stay powered on. But -- wants it back pocket and see some light on why the difference being that. Detergent and -- This is brutal. All bundled up. -- -- -- Dear god. -- -- -- -- wash cycle is finished let's imagine we just realized our iPhone four S was on her pocket and fish -- out. There is -- me. When an unfortunate discovery now I know you're not supposed to do this but I think what everyone we -- in -- situation is. Okay it's not coming on we are gonna put it in the drive existing -- I cannot imagine a scenario in which this iPhone survives going to the washing machine. But I guess you never know -- open this -- and they are too. -- -- -- There's my little iPhone. Okay now personally I'm gonna have a heart attack if -- iPhone somehow survive going through the washing machine but. You never now we've got -- in -- drive -- for three days let's open up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And anything. -- -- -- No surprise there the iPhone four -- does not come on and after being washed in the washing machine. I don't know maybe you'll try to recover it somehow but I think we're gonna have to call that one. -- not very surprising -- And thank you to Kevin and everybody else -- -- and suggested the washing machine torture test. It is very realistic and -- -- just read your feedback I actually take your suggestions and act on them. Speaking of feedback. Let's all -- -- emails together it is time for the mailbag and don't worry it will have new -- -- segments during our repeat -- -- keep the feedback coming. First -- Jason AKA glacier ID from our live viewing party chat room has these suggestions. I think -- fund it might be to torture test some old tech along with the new attack. Remember how nearly indestructible Nokia phones -- back in the day you might even be able to devise a torture test -- new tech as -- solved -- by held to. Either way subjecting -- to all the things your mom told you not to view as a lot of fun. Also this just popped into my head what if you spilled olive oil on your Smartphone top what do. I also imagine GPS units flying out of open windows that's not -- of that might be a chance. For -- I love all three of those ideas I actually think olive oil in particular is very realistic and if any of you have any old indestructible -- you wanna send us -- absolutely directorate. Speaking of torture I -- was among a -- wanted to stand up for the poor MacBook Air. I really like -- what you torture these devices but I thought the MacBook Air torture test was a bit unfair at the end. Okay I get that drops and all that stuff but the test at the end. Seemed a bit unfair to me before the water tests used stated that under the device the -- release and the motherboard was showing so it failed. I think if you -- the water tests with a brand new MacBook Air I think it would have survived or had a better change of it. It all comes down to personal preference after -- love the show I love the Georgia but every time I watch them my heart -- to be. Every drop. I agree I think in new MacBook Air might have been just fine while they you have to admit that things really took elegant and let's be honest nobody is under torture -- we're gonna be fair. -- email from Patrick who I hope is happy now. I think I speak for everyone when it that you should bring back the blooper segments from the end of the buzz report. That was -- -- lap and I know you must have tons of them new shows always need to work out today -- them. I think you do you speak for everyone Patrick I got a ton of mail about that. And I hope you noticeably present at the end of last week's show with more -- -- because I've learned to. That's on that's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Except that -- on. Thanks. Speaking of things I love I also love crazy mail and it start neural line -- first this one starts off by saying. Sorry Molly I did not get to finish all you do on your show how -- -- your show. I am a big fan of the torture test do you do you torture tests on all electronic devices including the week. If you need wildcard abusing that -- please tell me what you think government always on with me -- 100000917. Policy UN a week -- them. What. That email also had an attachment in the form of a zip file which I obviously did not open. But lest you think that that is the most random email I got this week you'd be -- check out this 12 from Alex the first subject line says I'm so sorry. Sorry about that I forgot to get the tomatoes in ranch I'll go back in half an hour. Then a few minutes later there's another email with the subject line Romaine or iceberg. Did you want the Romaine or iceberg by the way. I gotta say I like a nice iceberg salad with ranch dressing and the midwestern girl like that also I hope that your wife does not -- that -- never got her dinner whenever. Right that's fit everybody for this we keep the feedback coming like I said new mailbag segment every week you can email us that always on at cnet.com or find -- on FaceBook Twitter or the -- Coming up next season on -- -- -- I promise you a torture test every single week yes it's gonna cost that's -- little pony up the -- just for you. Also I will be at road testing new gadgets driving a race cars jumping out of helicopters looking into the future. Of course answering your feedback I'll see you next time finally got. --
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