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Always On: Episode 6: MacBook Air extreme torture test

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Always On: Episode 6: MacBook Air extreme torture test

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It's our most dramatic torture test yet with the new MacBook Air. Plus, we ElliptiGo, control home theaters with Android, and Molly attempts to control your mind.

Got Alex on the craziest fitness contraction ever after kind of consciously think that I'm running -- mono. Larger -- MacBook. -- Control your computer with an Android phone or let me control your mind. I think about my -- -- following the -- -- -- Hey everyone I'm Molly Wood and welcome to always on the show where we look at the Texas part of your life and your future. This week I feel like I mean game of friends because I am hooked on torture. -- -- -- -- The MacBook Air is my next victim but before that I wanna -- always on the newest correspondent Jeff Cannata of -- totally rad show. And despite being totally rat himself. Jeff is not afraid to put on -- -- badge now and that. He tried out this crazy personal fitness device called the a -- to go -- this week's un boxing. Had ever been at the gym and looked at the elliptical machine and touch yourself. -- really like this thing and not just stay in one place standing here but somebody did and the result is actually pretty cool this. -- -- -- go it works like. And elliptical -- -- gives you the low impact on the joints worked out but it's crossed with a bike seeking go on the world and experience the out of doors so I don't have a box. For on boxing but. Remarkably this thing comes almost completely fully assembled it looks like this when you get it. And -- the adjustable height -- -- set comes kind of strapped to the chassis like that. All you have to do -- Pull it out. To -- in this little group here something -- that's. -- there. And they go to wield the front wheel also. Comes -- -- -- but you fit that in just like you would in normal mountain bike so really there's not much assembly. But it is it is the -- a full sized. Much bigger than a bike clearly -- you stand on -- mostly like an elliptical machine and I may kill myself because. I'm not exactly yeah. Don't castill -- to -- -- like that very important point. -- -- -- -- -- You just -- just a -- -- that's what they tell me and he claims are going to be a look at this in the Mike Honda civics so we'll find out if that's the case or not. Do you good to go HC uses a shoe mono -- CNET 88 speed geared hub. It as a trigger shifter for climbing a steep incline to the whole unit is six feet three inches long and weighs 44 pounds has an adjustable steering column and adjustable -- like. And they aren't cheap that the -- model starts at 18100 bucks and this G speed version listed -- for 99. That's not too far off from high and street or mountain bikes but it is an investment. I'm anxious to get my feet on this thing. I'm a runner and this thing is designed for runners fares several Olympic athletes thing is to train some of the high end. America -- are using it to train. And it eliminates all be out Wear and tear on your knees because -- in that constant flow like you are on an elliptical machine in the -- It's beautiful. I don't know what else to say. Here we go to -- this was not stand up and act. Now walking oh -- but it. Consciously think that I'm running. I'm walking I'm running I'm running on the same. I looked -- Wednesday. -- Jeff is like an avid marathoner which is why he got the actual fit this device and I got the personal rover. Elliptical -- heart. Jeff we'll be back next week with a road test of that device I can't wait to see him -- -- to going on the streets of LA comedy. And now it is time for our torture test did you really think we were only gonna torture phones and tablets on the show. Well -- all mobile devices. Even this one. -- today we're gonna be torture testing the eleven inch MacBook Air this is obviously the portable version the one that's meant to be tossed into a bag taken through the airport. And the one that's most likely to suffer some unfortunate accidents. Okay. CU our areas. In the freezer. I shouldn't be -- -- others. These tests. It is nice to know where. -- look at bad. I'm also did so called that I can barely touch it -- It's pretty thick -- -- -- -- -- And happened so far we've pretty sad if the -- -- killed and and -- well. Rate now it doesn't come on we're gonna let it fall off. Literally software out around 2030 minutes or so -- -- we're -- -- I -- almost ready to call it. -- Okay it's back. And it's -- and. That was this -- here. But it passed the called test and. -- Take it out. See how it took -- weeks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There's one. Super -- left. And -- wanna rush your body right let's see. Warm in there. -- -- -- -- Any intelligence distressed because it's not and does come and -- on -- -- -- excellent. Think at some point indefinitely shut itself -- -- to protect its own. But it. Despite still being very warm to the touch. -- at least -- And actually -- The little birds and the fan just -- done. But other than that. I think we have a winner. Worked in a way and maybe like a beach. Still I find. I know what you are so worried about it's fun. -- -- -- -- -- Actually check ever. It's grasses. Just know fifth. A couple little things here but nothing serious. Three GU one well I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- we definitely have bandage we have actually. A full on -- here. The screen. It's and they closed quite as well as it used -- the let's see really the important thing is. That it still comes alive and well doesn't MacBook Air to drop -- and around. Not a problem. Other than the -- RA several of you sent me notes on Twitter and said this has happened to you I've put stuff in the vaccine about my computer right here. I'm gonna do is gonna get my car -- and sport mode and punch it let's see what happens. -- Underwear without my laptop. Well we have a couple more chips add to it move. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Roughed up here. I don't remember a mustache -- -- let's find out. -- Can we -- it. -- -- -- It's time now. Yeah -- this thing is now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So we've been setting up for our water tests and I've been assessing the damage a little bit tarmac. Which I think might make a -- -- may be even more unfair because there's a lot more places for the water to get in then there used to be you can see that. The -- has bent a little bit so it doesn't close quite as tightly you can also -- That the bottom panel. Has come pretty loose so it might be letting in a little more water there there's chips -- -- the back here this definitely. The most damage that we've ever cause -- -- gadget but it's still functioning fine which I think is pretty impressive. And 321. I know the first thing to do any spill water on your laptop -- you obviously don't take it out of the water. -- your screen is still on some precedent. Now if you have a laptop you can take apart you should immediately remove the battery and -- -- you wanna do is turn it off. Looks like it take care that -- -- it. You want to make sure you unplug it anything that can sort of cause circus. To try to connect American short circuit the device it. -- what will kill it in the end you wanna hang upside down so water drips out of the keyboard and. Right there is still water dripping out of the things I do not want to try to turn it back on because that could send it to its final resting place. We're gonna go ahead let it dry out for a couple of days and we will find out whether it survived or not. It's got -- Sam cross my fingers gives -- little thing's been pretty tough so far. Right so we let the MacBook Air dry out. For two or three days and when we plug it in look at this -- and I wanted to say that it had survived our final water test but unfortunately. Look what happens when we unplug it. They will not come on and lessons plugged in and I'm sorry to say that although this thing put up a true ninja battle. The MacBook Air has failed the water test. -- the MacBook Air -- rest in peace. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some -- to take a quick break when we come back another new face of the always on family from a dude fitness geared to man -- we are getting kind of much O Donald bell is here to show you how to control your home theater system with your Android phone. And in case you're wondering that doesn't mean the nexus -- was making a comeback and I don't care I just don't get that thing. Small and I don't like the nexus -- I'm gonna talk about anyways. And actually all the different wireless audio options you have your living room that you can control with your Android phone. Starting up with something really cheap. Some everyone's got you got your Bluetooth speakers here this one's from so this -- sound link. That was in the kind of ratings actually look kind of -- this is the jam box -- -- you don't wanna spend any money buying a dedicated Bluetooth speaker for your living room. You can cheap out you can just get a forty dollar Bluetooth adapter this one's from Logitech screws this up to the home -- the home stereo -- house. I needed to go to your phone to see -- -- got Bluetooth device you can send music to it. Great you're living the dream -- human just entering your home. And playing music and just being magic Apple users are so you say that every -- should have that too. Now -- the dream gives out is that you don't have great range with Bluetooth got maybe thirty or forty feet. You've got any walls between it that's gonna cut that down -- it killed their music -- your -- in your pocket you get to -- out of range. Musical about that's not fun so the better way to goes to use your Wi-Fi network -- -- -- he -- the range of your entire house. You might even how everything you need already. -- -- -- -- options kind of like airplay. Eyes open standard Samsung had on their devices. Sony had -- this is a lot of different TVs and devices. That's coming out of this wireless media sharing capability but it doesn't always -- -- kind of frustrating to set up we've -- -- here with this panel in the Samsung TV. And it was in -- -- to try to get to work. If you can't get it to work. Use that option. If you don't -- 150 dollars -- CD. School's box or radio here at Logitech makes this doesn't -- a bunch of different -- these boxes in different prices and configurations. This -- have a great Android app that you can use to get your Spotify music pandora stations everything queued up -- you can control it. Walking -- -- the -- get music going. You can even use this -- to turn the -- box radio on and off. Maybe a little too loud but you can see you get. Actually some pretty good audio quality out of buys a device that's pretty small. So that's good to -- but. It's not gonna cut you in every room nine lets you buy a couple of these and spread and -- house. Might get something that's gonna get you everywhere. You can upgrade to someone else this is the Sonos play three -- the solar systems are really meant to be expanded -- your home. And they make it really easy to do that -- -- -- a speaker hit the -- button and then you've got a new speaker in the corner of your house. -- also have a great app. Even better than the squeeze box out. Again it's gonna plug in every service that you like it's got Spotify innovation rhapsody. Pandora can plug -- your local music collection. And then this get music going to push of a button. The Frank Black. Some more Android integration and finally four -- super hardcore Android fans the -- -- schools glorified volume knob. 300 dollars gets you this you can connected to your TV can connect connect your speakers. I will say this about it it works really well -- Android so you just queue up. You can't grade your Google music app with a little triangle button on the right and you've got music plan doesn't. And -- the giant on control turned up. One other thing the nexus can give you is -- killer screen -- none of -- that are options are gonna give you. A screen saver on your TV while the music -- so if you really want something that's gonna. Assists you in -- out on the couch and nexus you might be worth -- 300 dollars. Isn't for me. I've got a lot of options to choose from here. Hopefully found something you like you've got other how to ideas email -- -- always on cnet.com. Can also find me on Twitter. -- -- Thanks Donald okay now that's a super cool tip that -- -- of the nexus -- for just 12. Doesn't remind you of those sentinel dealings from the matrix X eighty. Right speaking of a world that only exists inside your brain. This week's featured tech is all about mind control. Today -- -- -- were talking about mind control which as it turns out sometimes means getting control of your own mind. I know -- -- -- but it's a reality and this is just one. Of the devices make an app. -- and -- of sky is one of the companies behind the futuristic technology they developed a type of headsets that actually reads your brain waves or EG outside that's fine disappears we membrane. This is your brain and -- digital. So the first thing you're gonna notice is that white line which is called the -- EG signal. And that's just a completely unfiltered. Reaction of the electrical energy it's coming out of your forehead. Then using sophisticated algorithms the software takes the data from my brain and shows my mental state -- -- the very attentive individual. From there I can start screaming my mind. -- -- -- -- -- Doing things. That's where yoga practitioners can be really good because they can just turn it on and just lower the heart rate lower -- metabolism. And be relaxed and it's all done with this little headset and click on your teeth suggest -- logistically like howl. Is this talking to this is a Bluetooth the way that it works is that your body gets off electrical signals and we make instruments that measure that. And then via Bluetooth communicates with the device to -- like take this baby for arrived by this baby I guess I -- my brain. Tomorrow what you're playing here is again called for its success -- -- around tension relaxation. First I grew up plants with my mind. Keep restaurant. That's been doing just about collecting. -- -- Paradoxically it seems relaxed and content. Glenn Dyer. A -- And then I was onto exploding -- -- -- -- At all. There's a -- and felt the time had a warrant. Don't expect next time there's -- Now that I've spent some time holding my skills I think I'm gonna take on her intern -- in a little battle of the mines. The top of its always on. -- -- -- -- -- And my challenge was -- Will this floating ball to the other side of the game -- All are. Advantages to going to -- on your own show you the now imagine wearing a headset like this -- all the time this is common necco -- And it is more of us social type of experience and lets people know what you're thinking whether you're interested whether -- board whether you're relaxed. Do you think -- ever want to Wear them at school. -- today truly the possibilities are mind so I am crazy lady. A research lab called chaotic moon has used a headset from a company called. Using your mind. Instead -- his -- menial stop thinking something -- And you're making if you were running the board was -- Columbus -- -- it. I -- just love it that we live in a time when you can go to the store and buy a toy that you take home and use your mind to control. Is this not an awesome time to be alive. Right now it's time for the part of the show -- I get all the good ideas. The mailbag. Last week I asked you for your thoughts on wild card torture test concepts and -- did you deliver. First up Kevin writes this I think it's a great idea to test devices the -- you do. But what viewers are interested in our real life situation tortured tests. How about trying something that might actually happen. Such as someone leaving a phone in a pocket and having -- go through a full cycle in the washing machine and -- -- here. I would be interested in knowing what this would do TV. Indestructible. Samsung galaxy S there -- You know what actually another email or Felix suggested -- -- big -- thinking clearly you guys have done that and we should drive. Moving on Joe's suggested this as for a wildcard torture test. I would suggest all terrain and dropping of devices being an outdoors -- type -- -- gadget geek I take my devices with beings fishing hunting etc. These outdoor activities are perfect for all your current test and then -- I -- dropping a phone into a burnt out fire that still have -- at the bottom. Following an agreed to try to -- after leaving -- phone on the tailgate of a truck driver would take. Joke and we just hire you -- like. We'll send you some gadgets and then you -- just be like Paramount man tester back and think that -- work. Drew wrote this about our torture test which I found a little upsetting. During the torture test in weak -- episode you did the temperature tests before they drop tests. Sometimes when heated and -- quickly glass and other parts of the device become stronger. Then they were before please next time get the drop test before the hot and test. I hope that's not true can somebody like email us and science -- stuff and amino cleared although we didn't. Cool it first and then -- -- -- next time and finally another Kevin writes in and says I was just curious as to the state of the torture test devices. Do guys dispose of them or keep the what -- to these devices thank you sincerely Kevin KPS. If you guys how -- broken devices I would be glad to take them off your hand. Yeah. That's may -- where you -- don't -- -- and Kevin okay. Now we do have some plans in the future to give away some of our torture tested gadgets but. -- about episode eight we have a different idea ever taken out some frustration. On some of these gadgets. Right if you have ideas for wild card tests or road tests or anything else. Please email -- always on at cnet.com you can also -- notes on FaceBook Twitter and Google+ and and that's it for this week everyone next week on how -- on Jeff Cannata returns with his road test of the -- -- ago. Sharon vaknin is back with their special brand of DIY and a robot makes -- -- usually. That's -- next week thanks for watch an always on. --
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