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Always On: Episode 5: We get physical with the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra

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Always On: Episode 5: We get physical with the Nike+ FuelBand and the Fitbit Ultra

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Molly takes on the biggest physical challenge of her life with the aid of the Nike+ FuelBand and Fitbit Ultra; the knives come out to unbox the Personal Rover; and Sharon Vaknin creates a DIY NFC Phonedock. Plus, we merge the physical and digital worlds with a look into augmented reality.

-- -- -- -- -- -- We get physical. -- save my life after this week's protest. We get -- -- competitor and break out that night sprint DIY project. And bring their physical and digital worlds together. Molly god -- Look at how it. I'm Molly Wood and this -- the show where we look to detect -- part of your life and your future. This week I have the results of my month long road test with the -- -- -- and the Nike fuel band but before that. I have a really big packaged and box. Okay it is finally time to deal with this box it's been outside my office now for weeks inside. Is the personal -- electric scooter PR 800 feet. Which -- like Intel is kind of like half just electric scooter motorized scooter and half segue competitor. So obviously I want to know what's inside. And I brought my -- to this job. But and bring an active again thanking him can -- cereal box. Before using the personal rover please see the manual and video -- Personal rover dot com slash -- I -- I'm a fan of not having a paper manual it. Volume -- stop and go back to the Internet. Think at this juncture in my. Collection instructional media. The dominion hope. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gently push forward to activate break BE RE eight K. I'll do whatever you write the personal transportation vehicle you risk of death of course -- dysentery. As expected that the personal rover weighs -- -- pounds. It's 43 inches long and when he inches wide -- -- -- 45 inches in the wheel diameter. Is ten inches the motor is 800 watts. The Max distance -- can go and -- charges twelve miles its Max Stevens is a highly dangerous sounding fifteen miles per hour. The estimated charge time if you can figure out how to -- it is four to eight hours just shipping weight 95. Pounds -- -- of steel and aluminum. And it can hold up to 820. -- human. Suggested age thirteen and a it has an auto power shut off warning feature which I can imagine you might need. It also comes with an optional cargo box or you can pick -- your local grocery store and there's an optional storage cover you know -- I think I got. -- -- -- -- It weighs that much -- if it's gonna roll out -- the. Apple get a data crusher and thinking -- -- Mimic those of -- -- I'm. Sorry. If you're turning radius is roughly that of the Titanic like how African reverse. All -- later. -- god. About. Again no I -- I totally see whatever but now I can't eleven. Them. For the reverse problem cannot -- it might consider buying it. It's it's. We're actually in a pit that personal rover against a segue -- an upcoming road test it'll be kind of like. The always on version of a car race -- obstacle course with -- -- personal transportation vehicles. -- begin to read tests let's find out what happened when I spent a little over a month. With the Nike fuel band and the fact that ultra. A limited today as compared the setup of the Nike fuel and the equipment and now in keeping with the spirit of our show up an attitude problem -- in the extreme that nothing or testing is about. So against my better judgment I decided to train for a -- them. And I found myself you water to -- marathon in one country here in northern California. About -- well when -- well. I want and I -- So we want. Anyway let's start with the -- that let's see how I go about registering downloading apps and get it all about. -- -- appears to download. The desktop software. And it's Mac compatible. After -- wish that -- list view web site. Amendment firmware updates of course there are. Definitely not paid coupon and -- monument FaceBook. -- -- this obviously takes over the world but I like. From what I am not didn't -- frustration now. Affect them successfully locked and I have done nothing don't know what I'm like -- quicker -- -- Okay I gotta go look at how little -- three -- -- -- shopping. And flattening. Now I'm going to think my fuel band with the iPhone -- Announced surface it in her. Home last. We have that that -- ultra and how good more software. Download. School once -- -- fit -- know -- there's an interest. They might be okay I like -- -- So I am going to install the -- after. On my iPhone I do like that with a fitness app I can track all my activity and answer my food because I was a big fan of the -- and his -- -- About the technical pony. Electrical animations. To -- and data aren't fit is cool. Seriously it is making you sweat just trying to like do all the registration and the software installations in the firmware upgrades this -- on the web. Or just on my phone and it should not be this hard and -- I'm never gonna have to -- things again but oh my god I hate set up. So one thing you don't like I know I can use the cable but it's obviously easier to plug the Nike fuel and directly in like this but then it's just a little thing. That it pushes on the delete button. Although it's not nearly as clunky as trying to pull it off this thing without feeling like you're actually the story. That's not my field and on a minute clip on -- fit bit. It is now time to exercise which -- Okay I'm starting my half marathon training today I have to do three miles I have my Nike -- band and my fitness. So my elementary Myles I'm gonna sink at the end and see -- -- makes me feel better about all this hardware. You markets when he 300 -- Okay it's an instant for mountaineer and. And that's a good fit. We had lost its. Minnesota -- -- This kid should ask around -- upgrades. That's her -- funky. Alternative mathematical gold. -- have been comparing the Nike feel bad and the fit -- ultra for about a month now and I am ready to declare a winner first I'm -- compared him. Contrast these -- I will say that as a motivational devices if you're looking to get off the couch or improve your patent overall fitness. Both of them really work they make you wanna do more in fact I sign up for a half marathon so that I can test them appropriately. And I am up to eight -- which I feel pretty good. Right let's start with the bit -- -- for one think it's very unobtrusive you can see it's really small it clips on snug so it never falls off and wherever it is. Kind of don't feel it. You can collect so much information with the -- And then it spits out these beautiful charts. So you really get this awesome narcissistic picture of how much you're working out. The downside though is that if you get a little border fed up with all that data collection. Then this becomes sort of a -- on paper weight. Also the clip on factor. A bit of a downside because it's really easy to forget and -- -- had a problem where I've changed out of my street clothes into my gym clothes and left this -- -- much. But the biggest downside of the good -- for me is that it does not sync wirelessly you actually have to plug it into a base station which -- field. Totally -- early two thousands. I pros and cons of the Nike -- -- I gotta say the biggest pro at this thing is the simple convenient. It's so unobtrusive and so easy to -- that I'll never forget to put this guy on. And LED displays are kind of futuristic. The other thing I love is -- game of the patient every time I didn't Baltimore activist streak going door to -- Even my goal by a certain amount I get this adorable little animation that's -- -- smaller. But it really works and it makes this a lot of fun. The other plus is that this six wirelessly with the IOS app I don't know what it. Right downsides to -- them -- it is expensive 150 dollars. And then finally and you'll and is part of this whole Nike family of products and they don't talk to each other. Like this can't talk to issue alive and it can't talk to -- -- GPS running Apple's. But those are all the -- I can think again so. When it comes down to declaring a winner in this -- test for me. Now since I signed up for -- half marathon on camera like a fool I will hopefully be finishing it on camera in a little over a month. -- -- -- I we're gonna take a quick break when we come back Sharon vaknin has another cool and SC project this one involves a sharp blade and a book. -- -- -- Lastly I shouldn't how to program NFC tags to automate your life. This we also have to step it up a notch and really integrate and I see injured dated daylight and we're making -- DIY phone dock I'm not calling charges your Android phone. I also uses an FC automate things you do very good -- bad so Somalia irony in this -- you can have been. Why are you thinking and all and again you land with my proud -- and I'll show you how to make it easy to follow on to the so it's a good start Amber's gonna -- just wanna partner. -- -- going to need your USD core lists AM hardcover book with the sleeves. But you don't mind murder and a box cutter with a brand new way to kind of nice and sharp. Still need to hunt all ruler and of course NFC -- as it gets started it takes -- leave. -- -- -- -- -- And it -- need to cut a small rectangle in the cover. Hughes your ruler to cut rectangles pretty close to -- -- It doesn't have to be perfect it just seems to be big an -- so that the court can actually -- now. Grab your box cutter and get to work this is really need to bring them muscled out because this hardcover is actually a lot tougher to get through than -- -- and so. Can't think we're almost there. And don't worry about making -- really pretty -- going to be covered the -- anyway it looks like we're almost there. My -- now comes the the kind of tedious part but it is fun ripping -- -- apart because. You know your parents are really -- having -- so. The first time I did this. You really need a -- so be prepared to bring out the vacuum what you're doing. Isn't making had -- really digging out a tunnel so the court can run through it. It needs to be about an inch thick so for me there's gonna be pretty much through the entire bug. Are carried out. For the first appeared on menus the -- to make sure it's a nice clean line. -- if you needed it to break at some point go ahead because trust me. Your arms are gonna be a little -- -- for this project. First hand. -- -- -- -- Okay the -- will be closed. Since you really can't read anymore Kenya. -- -- -- -- -- House where there. -- of software. If -- had lost some water but why they didn't. Things we do in the -- -- Technology. It's it's spoof. That I know I just wanna cleaned up a little bit. You'll never really -- -- but I do like to keep my project pretty clean. Okay let's -- of its deep and have to uphold our cable. That's perfect it. But CN. Six months. -- -- Now if you you could just cheaper right you don't have to put -- -- back on -- hardcover got a friend but I like this really -- less because I want this via. Stealthy and I've seen doc. Oh and speaking of bankruptcy was still need to put our tagging their so I'm just gonna take this tasks and has been crying here. Cover goes back crimes and their right to where is he UST artist -- government totals list. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm just going to take a couple bucks the stock once hot and this'll probably isn't going by my bedside table now because of dot. I program this anise -- had to do things like set my alarm that put pandora -- and put my phone on silent so it up on here. All those things happen automatically with an ex CI. Put my phone on the dock for. It charges and your sat. Okay Molly I hope you enjoy your NFC -- as for me I need my much needed drink -- water. Now I'm not saying -- that's not an awesome idea electric because it -- This is that I -- like that first -- she ever made its and I am assuming matter cutting skills are just gonna keep it that. And now -- future -- merging real life with the digital world using augmented reality apps and hardware. Is the world of Tron so so close. I hope so -- -- take a look. It seems everybody is jumping into augmented reality. Whether it's Google. Or HP and a little company they bought recently named or asthma and I took a tour around San Francisco -- harassment. To see how -- inventing new ways for you -- ITC the world a little differently. Incidentally can do is take our phones or tablet computers. And point had a photographic image and object you get the real world needs sculpture and bring it to Digital -- where -- first see there's just so much more than meets the -- -- we do it again -- okay it's a normal. Now that -- its complaint is just sit there there are plenty of those -- and -- there are devious -- letter -- -- -- -- -- My little friend. Behind the scenes the software on your phone or tablet. Is using increasingly. Impressive image recognition technology to identify real world objects. And then overlay that with digital content that's like New York -- -- basically you don't need to put that blackened -- there aren't your thing you can actually just have the image as it is. Recognize it and then bring it to whatever digital content you want to play like -- Here items items I have already got -- I -- haven't. Now it's still pretty early in the augmented reality game but the possibilities seem endless line is we're all -- -- -- walk around like -- While comes euphoria is also experimenting with augmented reality from teams to advertising to movie times. And I have to admit it was pretty fun pocket around is seeing Iron Man appeared mostly in the places -- his tactics here. Believed to have him anyway so within the -- -- library of images and objects and -- there is -- That you can create input anywhere you want in the world it's up to you put it wherever you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People walked by us in the spirit of the I realize that everything yeah. Too -- and root access is pretty ripped us -- I love this new world. Overall I gotta say the tech is pretty cool but I can't help thinking it would be even more awesome with those who. Contacts or dare I say I -- -- right now it's using the Smartphones and tablets to get you there we see ourselves -- -- of their contact that's happening that we are truly interacting actually. And I know -- I am glad I read it. I have a feeling that this augmented reality thing is about to take off. Google glasses will be available to developers -- 2013 -- about 15100 dollars but probably a lot less for consumers trust me. This is the start the -- Are at every and it's time to have a look in the mailbag it's just one -- to emails today. -- a little bit of stream of consciousness from Jeffrey who writes. I don't know -- everybody thinks Chrome books are not cool there possibly cost less than an iPad but my problem with this is security fix its security and you have one of the best browsers on the market in a form of a laptop also I was crying during the iPad charge adjustment. And -- you get a demo IOS six and I want the nexus tab can you put -- pricing and also a video review of the full version of the tablet also something I'm BMW active. EPs and you do the best reviews on CNET I truly the best tech review accompanied by Brian Tong can be a little weird. And I think the -- boxing needs to be -- -- and boxing thanks Molly Wood and policy that you guys have the best reviews smiley face. And then he followed up -- Sorry about that type problems I meant to CNET is and un boxing and the nexus when it comes out -- sorry I was kind of pushing things smiley face. And that was awesome possibly my favorite email series ever. Please keep them coming I don't even care they're pushing email me always -- at cnet.com or leave me a message on Twitter FaceBook or Google+. Right that's it for this make everybody next week on how we've done that the MacBook -- And Donald bell will be here to show you how to control your home theater -- Android phone because apparently. Our how to folks who really love their Android phones and -- -- -- I dig into the concept of mind control. That's -- next week thanks for watching -- on.
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