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Always On: Episode 4: Torture testing the Samsung Galaxy S3

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Always On: Episode 4: Torture testing the Samsung Galaxy S3

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This week on Always On, the flagship Android phone ends up in the Terrarium of Death, and suffers many other fates. Plus, fun with NFC tags and high-tech smoking!

This week on -- is on torture testing the Samsung galaxy S three. -- boxing the Asus transformer pad infinity. Doing awesome things with NFC -- And smoking remained healthy but no really there is always on his arm. I'm Molly -- this is the show we take a look at the tech that's part of your life and your future and this -- gonna show introducing new. -- -- -- -- We are torture testing with Samsung galaxy S three before that -- un boxing yet another Android tablet. And this one has potential. This week's gadget is the Asus transformer pad infinity TF 700. -- -- because that's no iPad right there a series seems to come out of the new tablet about every couple weeks all of them purported iPad killers. And they have become very popular for this transformer concept. Which means that the tablet fits nicely into an additional keyboard -- other don't be fooled by the picture of the keyboard on the box because this keyboard is not in this box. But let's have a look at what is. The transformer pad is running Android four point oh Ice Cream Sandwich it has a ten point one inch LCD display. And -- Quad Core tegra three processors so it is great for gaming -- one gigabyte of ram helps out that performance. The wait is one point three pounds so it is a little bit happy the colors are -- -- gray and champagne gold. You also get micro HDMI and a micro SD card slot. It's Wi-Fi only no three G connectivity here and it comes in 32 gigs -- 64 gig capacity. There's an eight megapixel camera on the back and it's nice -- megapixel camera on the front for video conferencing. This screen is a very high resolution 1920. By 12100 pixels. The other thing -- this -- tablets are becoming known for is that they look really good this one is no exception it's extremely thin and light and has this brushed metal back here comes in two colors and then and really this is they kind of transformer part -- that transformer name. You plug it into this dock here. And you actually have. A usable. Tablet. With a keyboard. Now on the face -- it there's really nothing wrong with the Asus transformer bloody glove except for the really -- name the problem is that it's not an iPad. But it's priced like an -- -- for 99 or 599 and then this -- dock and makes it all transformer -- useful. An extra 150 bucks in sorry guys but you're never gonna be the iPad analysts -- cheaper. And the iPad the. Are right it's gonna hurt but we are going to torture test the Samsung galaxy S. Three it'll go through our standard battery of tests cold heat dropping and the water tests plus a wild card that you'll see little while. Let's kick out. Time critical test Samsung galaxy S three going in the freezer. For two hours. Good -- Fingers crossed. Okay our Samsung galaxy S -- been in the -- two hours let's see how it's different. Cool it is convincing up on the screen already take its temperature. 24 degrees. -- a Mac. Twenty degrees. Agency condensation forming already -- its actual ice there's like ice -- on there. -- answered it on. -- well it comes -- -- is sluggish. But still functional. Next. Okay so we're trying anything for the torture tests we have but contrary AM. And then I ordered 250. Watt ceramic -- -- -- -- sort of heat up like a lizard enclosure. So receiving get the inside -- it like pretty much hot boxes thing and then -- -- -- to you know 12840. Degrees. No lizards -- -- and there. Okay now it's time for the he tests we had to reconfigure. Our temporary -- -- a little bit to get hotter and there now I think it might be too hot -- actually is gonna go with one bold. Fine. Still working fine after the cold. Man. -- -- -- -- One -- -- -- Little carried away with the testing got her read -- hot inside literary in the death they did turn -- this top -- But it might have been a little unfair -- have to. The Rome -- the first thing I wanna know is whether it can even touch it with my bare hand. -- opponents had the phone is too hot to touch right now. It seems kind of cruel to try to turn it on some -- and it said into the side let it cool for about ten minutes. Maybe it took. -- so it's been resting for about ten minutes it's now pretty much room temperature to the touch lets -- But David -- -- -- -- All my got. Okay. My mind is -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thing is totally fine. I think it's happier than it was after the contest. Unbelievable. Okay it's time -- drop tests and this cameras rolling three drops off from standing here read out. One. -- many pieces. That I. Put it back together. -- -- -- It's waking -- also know crack next week. And once -- -- we'll do it again. So it survive drop one time for dropped to the cameras are rolling 321. Drop. The camera turned off. -- stain on mostly. Still no cracks. Had something to do -- standing -- it but like a little more drama that's. Okay this when could -- time for the third dropped three to one. How to say it doesn't feel very sturdy this phone but maybe that's working -- -- advantage. Like this ain't never gonna shatter because it's totally -- -- Sprint let's -- owning and can -- totally fun. Drop test. No big deal. For today's wild card test on the Samsung galaxy S three it's a bit of -- key test you all know this scenario your keys or maybe in your purse. And then you shut the front and there. Or more common for you guys. The keys are in your pocket. And then -- found -- -- So we thought we would just -- some keys along the screen and see if you actually need one of those overpriced screen protectors. Or and a half ago. Don't look into next. To the next wouldn't take my -- key here. Really pick any ten. Still actually like the old days yeah having both I see some little scratches -- -- -- -- or not. I think the mail he. You can stream memorial -- -- Told him I would not get option okay -- -- -- it's coming close. I can definitely see scratches but I don't think any of them. Rise to the level of true scratching. So maybe if he did it. -- hundred times today eventually start to scratch the -- but. No problem. Now it's time for the dreaded water test we're gonna dunk it. In our fish tank here then take it out and put it in our recovery bag leave it for a few days and we'll find out in studio whether it survived. Here we go. -- -- served 1015 sec and it's thicker screen went off. Have a bag filled with silicon gel packets to get nothing -- -- -- something absorbent. To put the phone in for just a couple of days. Can about a year. Don't try to turn it on. Hope it's me. It's making a little like water -- and -- all of them. -- -- -- help is on the way. You put it in here what it does come back are now. It's amazing. But isn't it let's put it in here -- just finish. And -- little bags here before we will. Check on it again in a couple days but I gotta say. Looking good so far still turning on -- -- it. Off. Now even though our galaxy S three turned on while I was drying off that actually might have killed it we did a couple more shots with it later and it wouldn't come back on because your really not supposed to turn your phone on after -- -- in water. So what I did is I took off the battery cover and took out the battery and up the drying the whole thing -- this bag of silica gel packets for about four days. Certainly wouldn't take it out. Put it back together and see if it survived it or right after this break. That was me and I now but here we are at the moment of truth. Let's open it up I have no idea what's gonna happen here. Here's the battery. And an iMac and but her cover back -- content. And -- so nervous. Power. It's coming back don't. The speaker isn't working. Oh my goodness look at this thing. This phone. Is amazing and I can officially declare the Samsung galaxy S three the torture test survivor. And that is a good thing. Because now I can use it and its built in an FC chip with Sharon vaknin latest how to a series of very cool -- -- that are kind of like. -- creating your own little Smart home they can be programmed using your phone check it out. Hey guys I'm Sharon vaknin and I am back and then this week I'll show you how these three letters and -- see -- and it has these tags can make your life. A whole lot easier through automation -- I -- C stands for near field communication and -- enabled phones that work with magnetic induction and that creates a radio waves. Feel all that lets you send a little bits of information back and forth from device to device or -- -- -- from your device to attack. This is not yet but there are similar errors it'll be included in the next model and a -- These attacks how she didn't memories. And a radio enchantment could cash in and kind of an all in this super earth and check it. But there's no battery it actually draws power from the device that's reading it and our. -- -- the phone. So let's get started you'll leading and it senior most sound -- the Samsung galaxy S three and it one of these tags you can't just go to best buy bell and buy off the shelf. They're not -- popular yet you'll -- to order them online. So once you do -- you'll need to program that was -- and -- download an app like an easy task launcher and now I can program it. So on making new attacked. And now I can decide what I wanted to do what my phone is -- attack. So in this case is make it so that the Wi-Fi isn't able. Then maybe I will also make it lunch. In apps. -- like those and so white noise when I get to work. And then finally an -- turn off all of the U the ringer is so that I'm not bothering my coworkers. I think now that I'm done and I have these three tasks I have to activate. My NFC tags so -- -- And it now I have two topics and -- their networks. Stereo now my -- -- program ran at sea -- cannot there's fiddle with a bunch of stuff when I get to work first thing in the morning. But you can do a whole lot of other things -- and -- tags to automate your life. You can also program attacked -- walk to work can make -- play music and enable Bluetooth. You can even make an NFC tags for your -- its launch pandora and turn -- Wi-Fi while you're driving. Yeah if you're really can mediate you can create -- title -- you want your favorite app when you get an occasion for me that's all recipes. -- it was dot easy. -- if you have any idea is cool and -- I was little let me know on Twitter. Or email always -- at cnet.com. Are right Molly let me know what kind of NFC tags you want to automate your life and I'll make one custom tailored just for. Don't. RFID you have her -- Sharon I would like one of these inside my gym bag and then when I tap it it would fire up my running playlist and my running app that also that magical electrical current makes -- read a lot faster that's part of -- right. The future. The future of smoking is here how's that for a -- We're taking a look at a high tech smoking innovation that makes the whole thing healthier and may be even cooler. -- and hill at the same -- I think it like a cigarette like user. Just think -- you haven't heard of us. Big being let me tell you all about it as we got to all the they put up these are smokeless cigarette packets -- -- sucking the tech industry's attempt to re engineer smoking in most people caught anything. Has that kind of term for -- and may be as we -- we can come up with something better than my electric I don't love it. I visited Silicon Valley face their -- and technologies where they are designing and manufacturing. Their own high tech -- its kind of warm but not enough customers it does not involve combustion which is taking a flame to tobacco and burning it. Underneath that instead what happened here is the tobacco is a heated that's where you -- it and turned eighteen vapor you can inhale and -- that paper. But you don't get combustion so -- you're not destroying -- -- -- you're trying to -- anyway can be you don't have been negative side effects conflict. Not regulated by the FDA the wee -- in a way self it helps you sleep and not giving people something they -- dancer and now. Would people look at this and -- -- electronic cigarette. Some of our products are certainly about what we would consider performance electronic -- and we actually build our advisors -- little magic part of the device that generates the paper is our technology that we built right here you know. And -- over that way. That it was clean metal -- that is -- -- nickel plated there's no slaughter of plastic you know unknown materials. It's this precision technology that is made -- essence vaporized as popular here and around the world and -- -- and hold it in a cooler way. -- -- -- You're -- Sherlock Holmes and looks fun to write this without without nicotine genuine present -- Forcing him again I do execs don't know how it -- come -- and -- -- lifetime smoker would consume. Seriously though this this very -- -- swear to god that's not killing because the -- After a few more -- -- maybe you would not my thing I'm sweating like that it's. But the folks that their -- license technologies clearly see a future where tobacco and other substances like medical marijuana. Could be delivered in a safer way -- smoking. And then there's way way into the future when who knows what we might inhale. We're looking at flavored. Liquids as a way to kind of society your desired -- suite you know and so as that. Potential weight loss -- is a potential curb to curb your cravings -- You get that flavor -- that viewing executives at -- a little espresso in the. Outside -- the guy at Harvard made it available here. That that may be in the matrix like future where you just can't work we can from them anymore. -- -- -- -- I gotta say I am still on the hunt for a better verb for taping so -- you have any ideas please email me. Also I haven't tried -- and one of those things inside yet I hear it's a little hitter missed if you try it take pictures. -- I have a look inside the mailbag this week last week I asked you what you thought about the great on boxing scandal of 22 well and now I know you're watching. Because I got a lot of email and thankfully most of it went like this. I'm a huge fan of your always on show as far as un boxing goes don't change anything. I think including boring and meaningless acts such as removing brown paper wrapping and cutting tape is a huge waste what's the point. It's tape. I agree. Girl writes with regard to the un boxing scandal are what is considered not to be true and boxing. It's meaningless to me. This is one of the reasons why the non tech folks say that we techies are weird. Last I checked on boxing was not classifies as science. It's our tech Brothers and sisters need to take a chill pill and just enjoy the un boxing or packaging removal or whatever its top. My opinion is that you should keep the show segment as it is don't seem to take. Thank you Earl although there were -- some -- gear types out there like Edward who writes regarding on boxing. I think it is better that the product box is never opened and you should open it using a knife to cut the tape seal. And then this next part is -- -- which I love. I would also like to suggest that all reviewers use some kind of disposable moist -- -- to clean their hands before handling gadgets on camera. The HD cameras used to make your video shows smudges and fingerprints on products very easily. Keep up the good work that Edward is the -- type. I one -- I really like from Ethan dear Molly you should mostly keep on boxing as it is but change the name. It's a good showcase of products but the part of opening the boxes kind of silly. College gadget of the week like on the buzz report and just use the time to show off the product not necessarily just open the box. Dad -- really done. A newer one time we -- does bring that back. Speaking of good suggestions Ben writes if you think that's a nexus -- like a bowling ball and why -- you try -- -- on the show. Don't look actually we get into that on the show wildcard for content that -- I keep that kind of feedback coming in fact if you have other ideas for wildcard torture test specifically. I want to hear them email me always on at cnet.com or leave me a message on Twitter Google+ or FaceBook. Right that's it for this week everybody next we got now is I'm Sharon vaknin joins us with a cool DIY project they take NFC to the next level. Plus I start an insane fitness project with the help of the things that ultra and -- -- fuel bands. And you wanna see and -- -- -- that got a huge box right outside my office just waiting to get ripped open. That's not coming up next week thanks for want to know is -- --
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