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Always On: Episode 31: BlackBerry Z10 vs BlackBerry Z10

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Always On: Episode 31: BlackBerry Z10 vs BlackBerry Z10

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Molly Wood and Jeff Cannata take the BlackBerry Z10 for an epic Road Test in Spain. Plus, they unbox the Sony Xperia Z smartphone.

-Receive data transfer, receive. It's coming. -If you do this with a stranger, it could get awkward-- -This week on Always On, we put the BlackBerry Z10 through a multi-stage road test on the streets of Barcelona. -It's gotta be easy to find. -And we unbox Sony's latest smartphone, the Xperia Z. -Little bunnies. -Always On is on. -It's alive. They're all alive. -Welcome to Always On everyone. I'm Molly Wood. -And I'm Jeff Cannata. -And this is the show where we take a look at the tech that's part of your life. -And your future. -And we have an outstanding show for you this week. -Yeah, we finally get to show you that epic road test of the BlackBerry Z10. -That's right. This phone has gotten a lot of buzz. So, we really tried hard to come up with a good test for it. -Yeah, we ended up going to Barcelona, Spain. So, check that out. -As you do. -Okay, it is time for the awesome and exciting competitive portion of our BlackBerry Z10 road test. -I am so excited about this. I have been excited about the idea of doing this road test since I heard about it, but also, very nervous because we have only the BlackBerry Z10 as our guide. -That's right. -And I have had very little time on it. And it's a brand new OS, full of-- lots of quirks and interesting-- quirks and interesting-- -Quirks. -difficulties-- -Quirks is a generous word-- -like how to find the home screen. -for example, the home screen. And I don't think Vodafone, by the way, is doing this thing any favors, like the performance is very slow. So, basically, we're starting here. We're at the Plaça Catalunya in beautiful Barcelona and our producers have given us a list of objectives that we have to accomplish. So, we're gonna have to go places, buy things,-- -Yeah. -take a train. -All those things are pre-loaded onto my BlackBerry Z10 in my "Reminder" app. -And don't lose me, remember. -I will remember. -It's your "Remember" app. -"Remember" app, clicking it. Barcelona Road Test file. Objective one: Get to Mercat de la Boqueria, try an unusual food and tweet a photo of it. -Ooh. -Unusual food scares me. -Weird food! Weird food challenge! -Awesome. So, that's the gigantic, like awesome, market that I've heard about. -Food market. Okay, so, we have to find it. -So, we have to figure out how to get there. -From here, with just our phones. Okay. Maps. -Maps. -Okay. -Let's see for information. -Oh, I see where we are. -I'm not even getting-- There's my map. Slowly loading. -Slowly loading, Boqueria. -So far, the slowest race ever. [unk] C-E-R-S -Seriously, it's a pretty big market, like why would it not just immediately be like, oh yeah, you're looking in. -[unk] What happened? Look, it just crashed. -I'm just gonna use Google, Google Custom Search. -How many objectives do we have on this-- -Just the one, right? -Oh, boy. -[unk] gets us to market by lunch time. All right. Oh my God. -[unk] -We need to go that way and then turn left. That's it. All that [unk]. -[unk] -Okay, let's go. -Let's do it. -Let's go. -Yehey, Google! -Google. Molly, I don't think you understand the idea of a race. -Oh yeah. -We don't have time to shoot pictures of bunnies. I was racing, but there were bunnies. There were bunnies right there. -Stay on target. -I'm-- -Stay on target. -I'm testing the camera. Mercat-- -Right there? -Yeah, it's Mercat de la Boqueria. -I know Google could do it. -There is no shortage of weird-looking food. -I'm thinking this is gonna be faster if we split up. Each of us has 10 minutes to find a weird food. -Okay. -And then we meet back here, compare. -Oh, I'm gonna outweird you. -It's all-- It all comes down to guts mi amigo. -It's like I don't wanna win that. -I don't really like-- Ready? -Yeah. -Go. -[unk] -Oh, man. Chicken ala-- -[unk] So, I-- ooh, look at this. -Oh, wow, that is weird. Take a picture of it. Detecting faces. -Oh, God. -Oh, please don't detect the face. -Oh, little bunnies. -It's alive. We're all alive. -Hello. Tres. -[unk] -[unk] It's not that adventurous 'cause it comes with a spoon, but it is magenta [unk]. Jeff's turn. -Yeah. -How did you do? -It's okay. -I got pitaya. -Oh, my gosh. It's awesome. -And that looks beautiful fruit. I mean, it's unusual. It's not the scariest food here 'cause it comes with a spoon. -I really wanted to get something that would terrify you. -Yeah? -But I chickened out-- -Oh. -and I got churros, but not any churros like anything I've ever seen before. -Wooh. -It's got honey on it. So-- -We got churros and honey. Look at this. It has tentacles. I got a tentacle fruit-- -Yeah, I know it's fruit [unk]. -and you got churros. -I wanted to get a goat head and they have plenty of them for sale. -I want it too-- -But you know what, the market for-- -but instead I got a churro. -goat heads right now is really-- it's really overpriced. -All right. I'm gonna take a picture of my pitaya. You take a picture of your churro. All right, I'm gonna tweet it. Boqueria with-- I wonder if I can add you. Oh, God, really? I can't just type it. -No, it won't let you. -No, no. The Twitter app is truly terrible. -There you go. Tweeted. -Tweeted. Auto-upload to Twitter. Boom. So, the BlackBerry Z10 not off to a great start. -Well, maps, you know, not a super important feature when you're in a foreign land-- -No. -running around. -You don't need those at all. As Apple found out the hard way, maps are hard. We did discover some good food, though. I know. -Well, mostly, good food. That little churro thing, not-- not so good. It should-- -New food. -It shouldn't crunch. -No. That's not cool at all. -Well, there's another device that's been gathering a lot of attention and that's Sony's Xperia Z. -That's right, and in fact, later, on this season, we're gonna get the Sony Xperia Tablet Z and compare those two phones in a kitchen torture test. -But, first, let's unbox-- There's a lot of Zs in this episode. -There really are, yeah. Not snoozes, though. -No. -The Xperia Z. We have a hot announcement from CES inside this box. Probably, the strongest competitor, I would say, to some of these like really hero smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4, this name may surprise you-- Sony. -Sony-- -Yes. -Xperia. -The Xperia Z, right here. Let's get it out. So, this is, no question, a high-end smartphone. One of the other things about it is that, supposedly, it's waterproof. -We get the international unlocked model. So, we get an extra little charger. -Sony. -There may be slight differences, not usually, but just like, you know-- That's a good-looking box. -Yeah. -Xperia Z. Not to be confused with the Sony Xperia Tablet Z that did confuse me. That's one's coming later. All right. Ooh. -[unk] the shammy. -And now, it's-- Oh, shammy! That's a nice touch. I like a shammy. -On the back and front things. -Oh, so, these could totally like protect it. -Yeah. -Wow. How nerdy! That is very thin and light, in fact. Also, in the box, we have-- -Wow. -That's not normal. -Beast. -That's a-- I assume that's not. I mean, this is our international charger thing. That is nice. And you know what? That weight is with the battery. -Yeah. -Battery is in there. -It's light for something so big. -Yeah, all right. -Oh, it's pretty. -So, then, inside the box, we got our little charger which is, yes-- -Look at the cool power button. -mini-USB. Ooh, I love that! Okay, can I just say that my current complaint about all consumer electronics is that the power button is virtually invisible and flushed with a plastic and I do not understand that because why would you wanna make the device harder to turn on. I want to turn it on, and therefore, use it! -Wow. I really feel like we've come to something here. -I think so. -You needed to get that out clearly. Yeah. -That's really, really bothered me way more than I thought. Here's a Molly wrath for you. All right. Also-- -Should I turn it on? -headphones. Yes, please, turn it on. And a bunch of different earbuds. -Does this need to be charged, maybe? -We're hoping not. -Oops, it vibrated. -That's a nice, big display. I heard it has a fast processor. Maybe, it can get through startup faster. [unk] -Here we go. -Awesome. All right. We're gonna play with it for a little bit and get it all set up. While we do that, let's run down the specs. -The Sony Xperia Z has a 1.5-gigahertz quad-core Snapdragon processor and 2 gigs of RAM. So, it's snappy. -It has a 5-inch display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Sony is calling it a "Reality Display." Not retina. Reality. The pixel density, though, is 443 pixels per inch compared to the iPhone 5's 326. -The phone is thin at 7.9 millimeters and also extremely light, weighing only 146 grams. -It comes with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, but Sony says it will be upgraded to 4.2 very soon. -It features a 13.1-megapixel camera which is very nice. -16 gigs of built-in storage, but it's expandable using microSD. It supports 4G connectivity. -And it's got NFC as well. Sony claims the phone is water resistant with submersion up to 30 minutes. -It's available now in the UK for 450 euros. I gotta say, I think Sony has kind of a winner with this phone. -I'm surprised. It's really nice looking. The camera is awesome. -Camera is awesome, which is a huge selling point. I don't know why more manufacturers aren't going after the iPhone on camera alone. -Yeah, and we both love that power button. -I love the raised power button. My only complaint right out of the gate is that it is loaded with Sony crapware-- -Yeah. -which is not my favorite. I assume you can delete it and it's still Jelly Bean, so it's gonna be plenty customizable, but I really do think that this is a strong competitor. It could be a great seller. -It's really surprising. Yeah. -Good job Sony! Who would know? All right, it's time for us to take a quick break, and when we come back, we will have part two-- -All right. -of our BlackBerry Z10, head-to-head road test. Very cool. We will be right back. -So, objective one down. -Buddy, I know we did it. -Nice. -We did it. Weird food completed. -All right, checked off. -Okay. -Now, objective two is, each take five photos of La Catedral, see if you can figure out "Burst" mode, upload one to Facebook. -Share via NFC. -Oh. -Also, objective two involves find La Catedral. -Oh. I saw a sign. I'm going old fashion, like no more mapping. -Wait, you saw a sign where to go? -I saw a sign that pointed to Catedral. -All right, cool. -Let's do that. -All right. Following you. -I didn't have anything more specific than this way, but now, I see another like set of blue signs. Shoes for 5 euros. Detour. -All right, stay on target. Stay on target. Catedral. -That way. Yes. -That looks like a cathedral to me. -More than clearly the Catedral. We made it. -Spire. -That is beautiful. -Cool. -That was one. -I figured out "Burst" mode. -Huh, you did? -Yeah. Yeah, "Burst" mode is a little [unk] water out of his face. -I'm gonna burst that kid. -Do you remember that time we got kicked out of Barcelona for bursting a kid? -And burst. -Tell me when you're gonna burst me. -Okay, ready, one, two, three. -Did you burst me? -"Burst" mode is rad. Okay, this is the first solid point that the Blackberry has gotten. -"Burst" mode for the win. Pretty cool. -Dude, all those tourists that you see who are always trying to do that photo? -Yeah. -They need BlackBerry "Burst" mode. -Oh, gosh. -Spires. All right. -[unk] -I need burst zoom. All right, let's keep going. -That's really pretty. -That's muy artistico. -Muy artistico! -And I have more than five photos. I have the-- -Oh, yeah, I went crazy. -But-- -But that's a good stuff, though. -I know, me too. Okay. -So, we have to do it. -So, I'm gonna try to edit my artistic lens flare shot. -I like that you can edit right natively in the app. -I know. You've got kind of a cool little edit button. All right, I'm just gonna enhance, so I'm not gonna do much. Oh, [unk] is cool. I'm going with that 'cause it's very gothic. Save. -I made mine looked like something out of Game of Thrones or Skyrim. -Oh. Go back to camera. Where's my link? Share. Facebook. Minor editing. Post. Auto-upload has started. Is it there? Oh, yeah, it's there. -It's there. -Sweet. -That's pretty great and it was luckily split too-- -It was luckily split actually. -and really easy just right from the camera app. -One little point for Vodafone too. -Yeah. -Okay, so, now, though, this is a tricky part. We have to share photos via NFC. -Okay. -So, I think I have an idea of how to do this. -Are you sharing me? -If we hit the share button-- -Okay. -Oh, look, NFC. -NFC. -To share files, please align the back of your device with another NFC device. Oh, it vibrated. -Wait, I heard a buzz. -Waiting. -Waiting. Receive data transfer, receive. It's coming. -Three seconds, 13 seconds. -21 seconds, 22, 21, 20, 18, 19. This is not as fast as in the commercial,-- -No, it is not. -at all. I thought we were like-- -If you do this with a stranger, it could get awkward-- -Yeah. -and feel like-- -It's actually a-- We're not strangers and it's a little awkward. -A little awkward. -What? -Received four files. -What? -So you gave me four and I gave you three. -I received three. Look. Okay. View. So, then, this is somewhere in my library. -It's not in my photo library. -I can't-- wherever they transferred to, I'll never know. -You go to File Manager, and on device, it's under Downloads. It's not under-- I guess, it wouldn't be under Camera 'cause I didn't take it with my camera, but it's also not under Photos. It's under Downloads. And then for some reason, I got the same photo four times. -And I got three. I got three. -So, maybe, it would be a lot faster if it was only sending it to us once. -Probably. -Also, we've determined that three of my photos are with four of your [unk]. -Right. That's not a fair trade. -The exchange rate for photos is really weird. -All right. Nevertheless, I would say we have completed this objective. -Oh, for sure. -Let's check that sucker off. -All right, checked off, boom. -Checked off. -Now, we're on to objective three,-- -Okay. -find the metro station and catch a train to the Arc de Triomf. -Okay. -All right, let's do it. -I'm sure there's a sign for that. -Metro station. -Yeah. -Yeah. -That's gotta be easy to find. -Sure. No particular place to be. We're doing good dude. -Yeah. -We found the subway. Pretty soon, I expect we will find the train. -I hope we get on the right train. -[Foreign Language] -[Foreign Language] -[Foreign Language] -You did it. -[Foreign Language] -Proxima estacion. -Nice. -Arc de Triomf. We're here. -[unk] -I know. Wooh. -Look at that. -They have a huge arch here. That is amazing. We're getting a good tour. We're here. -We did it. We found the metro station and caught a train to Arc de Triomf which was objective three. -We totally did that. -So, we're checking that off. -Boom. -Now, objective four, find a nice place to enjoy lunch. -They really understand us. -There's a lot of options for that 'cause this is all nice. -I know. Let's go. -Let's do it. We did it. -We did it. -Cheers. -Cheers. We completed our challenge. -Sangria for both of us. -Yeah. -That's pretty good. So, what do you think? -Kind of nice. -Overall. Now, we did our challenge and we've had this for a little while. -Yeah. -What is your impression of the BlackBerry? -Yeah, I mean, we've been using this all throughout our European travels, and you know-- I mean, I think, so part of some of our issues could have come from Vodafone and the local service. But, you know, I have to say, as an operating system, BlackBerry OS 10 just is not there yet and that is not really acceptable in this day and age when iOS, Android, and Windows phone are all so good. -Yeah, there's some good things about it. I mean, we both really liked "Burst" mode and some of the accessibility of the common apps that you get being right there on the phone already,-- -That is cool, so-- -but, man, it is a clunky, hard to use, unintuitive experience, picking up this phone even for somebody that's used to, you know, using lots of different cellphones. And getting around, maneuvering, it just feels like I'm doing extra steps to do common activities. I didn't like it. -It's rough. It's gonna be hard for an advanced user and hard for a newbie. And then, on top of that, the app support is not there. It's heartbreaking to pick this up and have Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn built right in,-- -Yeah. -but not be able to download Instagram. So, I mean, I hate to say it, I was polling for this phone. I think the Q10 has a lot of potential 'cause people want the keyboard. But for me, right now, I have to say the Z10 is a do not buy. -I agree. Without the keyboard, there's really no reason to get this phone over other better smartphones. -Cookie. We have now thoroughly road tested the BlackBerry Z10 here in Barcelona. -So, now, we're going to destroy it as best we can. -I think Jeff has really been looking forward to this. -Yes, it's a little cathartic for me. -He's-- He got a really pretty buggy unit. So, I feel okay about, I don't know, throwing this one down the stairs. -All right, Molly, you do the honors. -Yeah, I get the first one. -First, toss. -Okay, ready? Here we go, one, two, three. -Oh, nice. -Oh, oh. -We lost the back of the case. Excellent. Just popped off really. -[unk] -It's just designed to deal with that. -It's still-- It's still on, though. -Yeah. -Here we go. Put together-- together. No problem. -Yeah. -Well, I think it handled that so well. We might as well do it again. -Wooh. -Yeah, I like this. -A nice roll, okay. Oh, I got some-- I saw some corners. -Yes. -Oh, no, I think the roll is not as cool as the-- -Yeah, toss was a little more violent. It did get a little edge action. There's no-- no problems. -Yeah. Hey, you know what I'm thinking? Let's take this drop test step a notch. -I like-- I like this idea. -So, the thing you're always doing at Scenic Vistas is taking pictures in high places. Accidents can happen. -Molly, this is gonna be a great shot of you-- Oh no! Oh. -All right. We-- Oh, oh, I see glass on the ground. Come on down. -Did I get a shot? Did I get-- Oh, oh. -Yeah. Oh, I get the little red light, like terminator. -You have a message. You have a message. The message is, "Why?" -The message is, "Why?" -Why? -And it's still going, blinking. That was amazing. -[unk] -Let's see. And now, this is a-- -Sharp edges. -This is a downright dangerous situation. No, I think that red light just came on for a second to be like, "What's wrong with you?" -[Foreign Language] -[Foreign Language]. Beautiful weather. -We gotta come to Barcelona more often. -Seriously? -[unk] -There's Mobile World Congress soon [unk]. I like the snacks. -Oh, [unk] -Come on. -Oh, actually, I wanna just let it go. -We have tortured a lot of devices on this show, but I can't remember one that I have enjoyed destroying quite as much as the BlackBerry Z10. -It was awfully cathartic. -Yeah! -Okay, everyone, I think it is time to answer some of your mail. All right, this first e-mail comes from my self-professed biggest fan, -Ooh. -although this does happen a lot. -Just kidding. -That's so mean. Hi, Molly. This is your biggest fan. I am a 10-year-old boy from Malaysia. -You're huge in Malaysia. -I'm huge in Malaysia. And in case you don't know where that is, I have sent you a map. My other favorite thing. I want to know why you put a case on the iPhone 5. I am an Apple fan boy, but I wanna know if the iPhone 5 can handle the snowmobile. -He really is a boy, a fan boy. -Yeah. Let's just assume no, but I will get to that in a minute. And I saw your Samsung Galaxy S3 torture test and thought, "OMG! I didn't know it was so tough," but then, when I saw a bunch of other drop tests on the S3, guess what, they all cracked. And also, when I dropped my cousin's S3, scratches on the glass, told me that the next drop was its final. Anyway, I love the show and don't stop doing torture test. Love the show, Jeevan. Thank you. -And you just love it 'cause he's your fan. -[unk] I do. I love it 'cause he's my biggest fan. He's only 10 and that he's adorable. -You know, I don't have any case on my iPhone 5. I decided to go caseless this generation. -I am-- I am caseless all the time, but we did get it. It was quite controversial that we put the iPhone 5 in a case for the snowmobile test and we let the other ones go unprotected. I'm amazed that that is the kind of thing that people consider a conspiracy. -Well, it is. -We want to keep it and torture it more in ever more creative ways. -Speaking of conspiracies, our next e-mail, the subject line is, "Just to be a jerk, I guess," which is always a great way for us to rush out and read your e-mail. Hi, Molly. I love the show. Just wanted to ask you to pronounce paella as pie-ay-ya, not pie-ye-ya. -Oh. -'cause it sounds weird. I know it's probably okay since you speak English and the word is in Spanish, but darn it, it hurts my ears. It's ay-ya, not ye-ya. Oh, pie-ay-ya. -Oh, oh, pie-ye-ya. -That's [unk] -How you did that? You bedevil us. Pie-ay-ya. -Pie-ay-ya. -Ay-ya. -Whatever it is, it's delicious, especially when there's squid ink in it. -Squid ink, it's the way to go. All right, thanks for the feedback on the wide variety of topics everyone. Keep it comin'. You can e-mail us at AlwaysOn@cnet.com or, of course, find us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+. Paella. -Pie-ay-ya. -Ay-ya. -Ay-ya. -And that is it for us on Always On this week. Next week, we unbox the HTC One, our very own Sharon Vaknin is back with the GoPro DIY, and the future of your home, everything controlled from your mobile device. Thank you for watching Always On everyone. We will see you next week. -[Foreign Language]
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