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Always On: Episode 2: The iPad gets the worst of it

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Always On: Episode 2: The iPad gets the worst of it

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This week on Always On, Molly Wood freezes, bakes, drops, and dunks the new iPad. Plus, the future of video games at E3, and up close and personal with the Samsung Galaxy S III.

-- now is on our first torture tests. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And Sharon vaknin shows you how to get started -- available right now. -- and we also lined box the hottest Android phone going to be always on and on. Hey everyone -- always I'm I'm Molly Wood and this is the show where we take a look at the -- part of your everyday life. And really find out if they can survive your everyday life and this week we have our very first torture test trust me things got interesting. We also have video games on the brain after a recent visit to. Let's -- box the hot product of the week. Inside this box I have the Samsung galaxy S three. The hottest Android phone that you can buy right now and even though Samsung may -- unprecedented move of making it available on all the major US carriers. I got so excited that I ordered the international unlocked versions I can get it -- Let's have a look I got the white model. As you can see this phone is pretty. It has a four point eight inch super amoled screen looks pretty good. There's a one point four gigahertz Quad Core processor. Although unfortunately the US version will be dual core only 5112. Gigs of ram to make up for it. There's an eight megapixel camera on the back it has Gorilla Glass. It's sixteen gig standard we can get up to 32 gigs of storage there's removable battery and a micro SD card slot. -- -- phone has this weird eye tracking features so that it keeps the screen on whenever there's a person looking at it that's a little bit more of a gimmick than anything. And then -- voice is the feature that's supposed to go head to head with Siri perimeter road test a little later and see which one of those can drive us crazy the soonest. But all that said the galaxy S three is unquestionably. An awesome phone in fact our UK editors already gave it an editor's choice. Based on that unlocked Quad Core version HA governor cnet.com. And read the full review their -- Okay everyone it's time for the most exciting and potentially most painful part of our show. The torture test C. Real life is hard on gadgets they get left in cars are dropped or spilled -- -- -- they get shoved in a -- with keys. All kinds of things can happen to an iPad or phone or a laptop. So we came up with a series of five tests to see whether these gadgets can stand up to real life. We have heat. Called dropping and -- plus every gadget will get a wild card test based in part on your feedback. The first device to go through the got let. The new iPad. So we haven't ice chest here. And yeah we used a little infrared thermometer to determine that is 31 degrees. Now the iPad stated temperature range says it can safely use it down to 32. -- -- -- want to see what happens if we push it just a little farther than that. -- got a little iPad. The light went off. I hope now forever. See what happens. Find out. How cold it is in here -- 44 earned its -- and heat up already out laid out back -- look -- -- it is tunnels leading anti crops on American drug smiley face. 39 degrees. -- -- -- It's actually surprisingly. Responsive. But it seems like the biggest problem we have here that if anything it's just that the screams -- -- -- A car parked outside and a hot day you can get up to a 120 -- -- 140 degrees Fahrenheit on the inside and there are other and lowest temperature is 150 degrees so we're about to push our iPad -- just above its documented limiting. We wrap the little guy in a towel to protect the metal and we left it in for thirty minutes we just didn't really have a hard to keep them longer than -- Thing. After thirty minutes we nervously rescued the iPad it didn't melt but you can see a small formation of condensation. We let -- -- cool for another thirty minutes and it survived. Are -- our third generation iPad has survived the cold tests and they -- test. Which is pretty impressive we're gonna continue the torture test dot -- today we find out if they can take a drop. -- way to see if it makes all the way to water. We're gonna knock it off this -- -- -- which seems likely if it's left on a table or if you're cooking with it in the kitchen. Finally assuming it survives that we'll drop it from. Standing height which on me is a little unfair -- now but you know a guy can be holding -- okay let's get started with -- eighteen instruct. But there was on the table it got knocked and. Okay but it's funny and has some crumbs -- -- No -- -- -- a good job -- iPad. So is allowing. The glass is not -- RM and turn it off. Turn back time. Seems -- totally be functioning fine. The -- is cast just right now. I added considered and then I just have a butter fingers and it. With the fact. I've had been officially survived the drop test. In fact I think I'm in worse shape than iPad it's. Now incredibly the new iPad has survived all of our drop tests which frankly. I was not expecting. But now we've devised a wild card test so I was thinking. A thing that happens to my iPad a lot is that I -- other things on it so we have three items here. These are the keys -- kind of the latest in fact I don't really. Could be worst tearing up. The driver of my -- -- like 500 dollars -- chips. You can't have had been doing -- next up the phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Sony can't and I've had that are still fine and you know what that means I've -- moves on to the water around. And I'm gonna. Okay Matt that's freaking out. It's doing things on the first thing you want to do. Could get it out of the water and turn it off. Don't try to turn -- back time. Some of the driest year sticky with any devices that once -- -- -- you need to give it time to drive before you try to power it back on. With a phone or something which we'll show you in future episodes you can put in a bag of something to try to dry it out. In this case the worst scenario probably is that water got inside the stock we can see it's -- come back on on its own. I'm gonna turn it off though and leave it alone for a couple days and make sure it's still fine so far though parents say. This is one tough iPad. Tough. I officially declare the new iPad the torture test survivor. I still cannot believe we put that iPad in an -- whose job is both awesome and terrible but you need to know if these gadgets can survive your life. Next up on the show however it is time for how to with Sharon vaknin. With all the -- gaming on the brain -- here to show you how to get started with cloud gaming. We -- gaming if you involves a console like a PS3 or computer. And the software like a disc or cartridge but what is it could skip all that and stream your games to any device. With cloud gaming league -- are streamed from a server tutored writes in real time that -- that you'll never need any special hardware to play the games you love. And in the games are never stored on your computer or mobile device. Games save the settings and even updates all those things happen in the past. Let's take a look at one of the leaders in cloud gaming on live. After downloading the online software on your computer and mobile devices like this Android tablet. You can instantly demo games or purchase and played a complete versions. Control have been on the screen and concern about -- the sun is motions to a server somewhere. And back to my to finds -- surprisingly fast. Now he's on screen controls do take some getting used do so if you're game how to kind of person. Online does have a universal controller that's compatible with a few hundred devices and the some computer is. You can plug it into your computer or parent with your tablet over Bluetooth. It doesn't get why you sometimes but it's the next best thing to a gaming console when you're on the go out. -- -- which means of open ocean in Japanese is also playing a -- games. But instead of offering full games and only -- is -- -- the idea is that you can try game by playing it online before buying the full version. Such a big deal in the price of popular games -- usually start somewhere around fifty bucks. You can -- the showcase some game demos on -- -- website and play them on your computer. But the tech isn't available for mobile devices just yet. -- -- -- on live are two examples of platforms that bring high quality PC games to all of your devices and stream them to you on the fly one. -- company hasn't even the content drive gaining. And -- -- the one stop portal for dedicated gamers. Steve we just created by the company valve it lets you download full games but it uses a minimal DRM or digital rights management. So you can read -- bagged game on multiple machines with steam installed. Mobile gaming and I. So if you want PC games on any device and -- kind of gaming -- try but don't get rid of your console just yet. And you have any questions or comments to hit me up on Twitter or always on at cnet.com. They share and okay it's time for us to take a quick break when we come back we are still pondering the future of gaming. Will it be cloud gaming will it be augmented reality will it be -- control. Stay tuned. It's only my third day 83 and -- Almost completely lost my voice. But have the extra cost jobs that he was -- -- -- have to -- have -- -- to me. Something about. All that glitz and -- and big time graphics and costumes and flashing lights it was all their. But it felt like underneath that might be a slightly rotten core. Software game sales down 42% over last year console sales are down with no hope on the horizon. Other than the confusing and -- boring -- you. I decided to take a look at the future of gaming starting with the biggest instructor of all the phone in your pocket. Yeah -- really hardcore gamers we don't like to admit that we play games on touch screens but we're all doing it we'll have Smartphones and that we we that we might not think -- as gaming but one with some of us -- playing games. Speaking of the phone in your pocket here's Microsoft again promising to integrate the Xbox with phones tablets and TVs. Using a concept called Smart glass. Microsoft has promised this kind of thing before although this time they're actually kind of fire alarm. This is gonna update because it knows what I'm doing on them on the console and say -- -- you're gonna watch the north remembers. Now -- -- that now I start getting into the experience so I have controls -- over here I can cause I can fast forward. If -- tap this interactive map. I get this map of -- us. Applications change in the episode I mean on the -- now this is actually gonna update dynamically as the show progresses. And this principle of Xbox Smart about knowing what's going on on the TV and pushing information continues to you don't have to do the work. It's really part of the value for the consumer. Can -- Decent game of -- but don't worry Smart -- also works with games here's -- concept using Xbox Smart glass and halo four. You could use this second screen to get more game information even accept multiplayer requests. See no -- -- my games I am fired up about halo -- thing is though every time is it like a big long trailer trailer you know I really wanna see halo movie. -- -- -- Back to those sixty dollar discs and those gotta go to. Enter cloud gaming all your games anywhere maybe even without a console. They'll look. We want -- -- -- next generation -- the next the next TV buying the next tablet you buy you basically are able to. To take data gaming experience wherever you have an opinion want to make it is convenient -- as possible now you've got Olson 300 games. -- like he said tablets and Smartphones. PCs and Mac. And content our own TV device online game system but also really excited. Also announced -- -- this methodology. Integrates the online service in the next generation. I LG will see its every move there while you know what about the latency -- -- -- it -- Cloud and mobile are one thing that I'm ready for augmented and even virtual reality. Sony almost thrilled me with an augmented reality books they've turned out to require a real wind. Although we are getting closer. The enemy classes driven many home medicine -- -- interactive windows on the street I can't imagine the same landing. -- it's the same -- I think that time technology moves so fast. I was kind of surprised to find that while I'm ready for gaming implant some pro gamers are not in a hurry for that future of gaming we have the connect now to connect is awesome I love I love that we as well. But when it comes -- you know competitive gaming when it comes shooting games I don't wanna go around. And go and -- virtual reality and I want now go do -- lives as well -- like playing basketball or go outside and maybe get advantages that feeling is -- my area where they got. It's totally a -- I don't -- public got a jacket that I can feel like the bullet hitting me in and heard snag every letting myself in my mind limited -- business. So maybe Tsquared isn't quite ready yet but my feeling at. And it cannot be just more amazingly realistic head shots and blood -- all well maybe to be that for a few more years but after that. It's time to actually get creative. I will be waiting. -- personally I think augmented reality gaming is where -- that because I want a holographic avatar. Yes please. Right it's time for my favorite part of the show you -- your typos -- -- your emails your tweets your FaceBook posts and so on. Now this week a lot of you have a logistical questions about the show. Hot -- left this comment on one of our blog posts he says I'm really looking forward to the show but I'm curious about the format. Will it be a live stream only or will we have the option of viewing it as a podcast also. Thanks hot -- and while I -- employment has said that. Anyway I always on will be available -- a video podcast on iTunes if you haven't already found it. And you can find different segments of the show all over the site and actually all kinds -- locations. And you know what since it's a longer show it's a really good one to try out by subscribing on Tivo or watching it on your roku because the show was made for TV. Tell my bosses. I keep the email coming everybody always on at cnet.com is our email address you can send us video messages on social -- or towel or one of those. You can find us on Twitter. At CNET always on find us on FaceBook find -- -- plus. That's it for the sake everyone stick around for next week because we are going to Google I O. I hope we get our hands on and you go look tablet I especially hope to get -- have all -- -- Google goggles. And I play around with some swarming autonomous robotic helicopters -- lived to tell the -- That's all coming up next week thanks for watching -- -- --
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