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CNET On Cars: Episode 15, Power grab: Turbos vs. superchargers

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CNET On Cars: Episode 15, Power grab: Turbos vs. superchargers

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Learn the difference between a turbo and a supercharger as they are taking center stage in new cars, get a look at the most interesting cars from the New York auto show, and find out what's on Cooley's list of Top 5 car tech flops.

Top tech from the New York auto show. Difference between the Turbo supercharged. And the top five card -- -- students time to -- suggests. Cars different. We welcome on the road under the hood and also check the tech. This scene and. Everybody I'm Brian Cooley welcome to CNET on cars to show all about high tech cars and modern driving. -- lots -- mode here at the New York International Auto Show. So that in mind let's kick things off with a whirlwind tour my favorite picks from the floor you can. Right off the bat I think the most important part the show was probably the Cadillac CTS. -- very nice new styling and all LCD instrument panel option but most importantly. A combination of 300 pounds of weight loss and a -- Smart tag engine -- What's more fun if you take out 300 pounds from a car's weight and -- a whole -- -- power to move that around half a good formula -- is -- part of the story this is the new top end engine for the CTS. This is before the CT SV comes out they'll be a new one of those coming but right now you can get this twin Turbo V6. 420 -- more than thirty foot pounds of torque. Those are great numbers also going out to an eight speed very advanced automatic transmission that has programming logic that will let it -- a gear as it goes up and down to the gears if that's more efficient because at the -- get so close sometimes it doesn't need to go. 45678. They can -- -- to interest in logic there. And -- this design feature this car's body casting an exhaust port. Not a separate exhaust manifold here with a Turbo taxes that means that as soon as exhaust valves open and expanding gases are coming out they are driving the Turbo almost immediately not having to wait to pass down through an exhaust manifold and then get there they should lead to much reduced Turbo lag and of course that's one of the key things -- -- motor likeness. Also losing a total weight was the new Range Rover sport. 800 pounds came off this guy a huge amounts they've mostly by the use of aluminium -- they would -- Here's the first thing you should notice it -- this guy out from the side. The whole vehicle is two and a half inches longer -- dramatic but the wheelbase between the -- points. Is seven inches long that's a big difference from one generation of the next. We've also -- -- -- story going on here this vehicle has lost 800 pounds over the outgoing model that's almost unbelievable. Taking out weight makes everything else about -- vehicle better. And this should be a very different driver of the outgoing model. There is something else new in the very back this sort of Apple great in third row seats I wouldn't wish my worst enemy but it's there in a pitch and that's something they want the sport as well that's an option. The most interesting introduction of the New York auto show is this guy 12014. She shared replaces the liberty in -- line but you aren't even looking that you're looking at this. That's what's so notable about it a very different -- face kind of a point you look at things with just the slightest hint of the traditional. Sort of -- vertical slats but none of the squared off square jaw and headlights are of course a major design feature that we'll catch your -- immediately. Once you get around the side of this guy get a big blast of Mazda CX nine everywhere else except for the squared off -- -- And he's running lights to the vendors are very -- complimented that very different grille headlights -- all -- not noticeable out of the action below. But the consensus on the show floor was that it will sell like. Man. What will also do that. The new point fourteen Kia soul which already outsells the competing sign on XP and Nissan cube at home behind the final order of magnitude. They're inside a big difference in the cabin quality of the new soul. It's a pretty Spartan squared off in here look at this all organic shapes now -- lots of soft materials with a better kind of -- quality -- them. And a completely different look dominated by this big boy an optional eight inch LCD 88 -- have you vote. That's their connected platform. That among other things lets you flick through things like a Smartphone and kind of -- the screen up and down as -- those clunky page up page down interfaces you normally see cars. All that's being of course could be optional navigation I see here it's gonna be SD card based also I think it's a first for key at least for the sole. Pandora integration there as well seeking control your pandora stream from your phone here put the phone aside. And top trim models have another LCD screen and enlarged LCD between the gauges to give you helper displays stuff like just the latest and add instruction or currently what you're listening to on the -- Q what many of my videos you know it's no secret that BMW is the top of the back when it comes to -- -- activity. App support. And basically putting CER four wheels. Let me say what's new -- I drive four point two of the newest version of some other connected technologies -- wouldn't. Of the basic Ide drive interface is not changed you recognize this one from the recent a couple of years that'll be the same but you're going to see it for new apps that are not supported inside of BM w.'s -- -- system. Glimpse for location sharing audible for audio books. Rhapsody a well known subscription music service and two it was also a music service but not about music cuts it's about radio stations when you -- the car with -- and it'll automatically transfer its connectivity and play back into the head unit as you entered the vehicle. And -- last thing coming and I drive four point two of the you'll see in the -- BMW's. -- the -- -- the ability to -- two phones at once so you want your wife's phone can be -- the same time and it urges the phone books your contacts all this together in one -- but you can see where that could go left for some people. But not -- Schools that -- that I had heard about this little feature. In the back in the left corner of the rear cargo area. It's something I've never seen -- the car before. CNET on the back and no kidding you pull this thing and literally designed with a shot back people who make the vacuum -- -- -- your garage. -- -- -- -- -- -- Let's get the privileges. It -- better that crappy little plug in twelve volt when you've probably got. In your garage. And it's not good for dating back here which no one cares about check out the link to this -- this -- they tell me -- all the way around the links. Of the car turn out there we are for a -- -- up front -- the second the third round -- the back. That means -- no longer to get that back out of the garage to everything which is why your -- so -- Connecting Smart technology and cars is definitely a much bigger component of driving these days as were all -- The problem is when you do this sort of thing especially in conjunction with your mobile device -- introducing a huge amount of your personal data. Into the vehicles that we've never had to think about before -- you're worried about your radio at least that's being discovered. Today you need to know how and when to scrub your data from the -- of great interest to the smarter driver. Now modest change in the world of autumn -- that -- the decades. The 1970s some 70% of -- stolen restored for joy ride. Now more than 50% cars that are stolen are going to be stripped to have things stolen out of -- -- parts from them. But apart they can be stolen from your car that you don't think about your personal data it stored in your system. So think about these data protection tips for your car. When you sell -- -- just leave the shop for a long time. -- and your home address navigation system to allow that -- one -- take -- home functionality. Most recent places you've navigated to are also typically stored in your GPS head units menus as well. Did you click yes with a Bluetooth hands free system after nutrients for your phone contacts into the car. -- recent call history incoming and outgoing is typically stored in there as well some cars -- have text message ability to send and receive enhanced store your message history. What about that garage door opener to open your visor and combine that with the home address -- your nav system. I've basically made in his garage. Luckily most -- these -- to deal with it you just -- you -- -- your -- idea for example on parrot Bluetooth -- that will also typically move the contacts call history everything else with. Navigation systems -- -- -- -- -- -- recent destinations. Some cars have a clear personal data command in their settings menu that will blow everything out. And carmakers -- trying to convince us that their vehicles are now rolling consumer electronics. Bingo and to think about the data within them that -- Coming up another car -- 101 use suggested CNET on cars continue. Yeah I'm Brian Cooley and welcome back to CNET on cars coming to you this time before the New York International Auto Show. If you watch this show much you know we had to build as much of it as possible around what you want to cover not just -- we should cover. One of the areas that hurts you a lot about -- the new components and engines -- the more modernized components are one behind me now. Among those is trickle charging and -- -- being used far more now and high tech engines than ever before we're gonna explain the difference. -- -- technical ones. Number of terminals -- super chargers are there as they ramp forks air into the intake portion of the engine. And when more air goes -- that means the engine can combine more fuel wizard to get what's called a bigger sharks at sea air and fuel before -- ignited. Putting more air into the intake portion of the into that also means -- other components will combine more fuel that you've got to do that to maintain the charge. That -- something he likes a lot more gas more power what's magic about that. But because you're doing under pressure and using modern valve timing ignition timing and fuel -- in a high tech fuel injection system. You increase what's called -- electric and thermal efficiency. That means you can scale all the power of the -- more efficiently that you scale its fuel consumption. How those two pumps do that though is different experience. First off let's get the Turbo charger -- apparatus sitting right here let's see how it works. This is the exhaust manifold the exhaust gases are coming off -- -- here which would normally go out your -- the journalists it's hearing intercept those gases -- blows by this this is called the empower -- that -- really fast. On the other end of its. It's shaft. Is this little part that's the compressor. Cold air comes in here this compresses it and -- of the -- into the intake to ramble -- into the end. This system is using otherwise wasted energy -- It's getting something out that the down side is Turbo lag. Because those exhaust gases are created -- believe part of each cylinders cycle. It takes -- system. Due to swivel base that's where you get. You step on the gas. Or two later this thing really spins up to the demand -- ones. The supercharged as a whole different animal there's one problem Australians and it's -- apparatus you see right here. Note the difference with a supercharged it's not driven by exhaust gases distribute my mechanical connection to the engine in this case about Bill Gates running off other police and the crank. And happily turn these gears those operate these -- blades here that turn compress the air and then ran it down into the intake here. Therefore it is always turning always on if you will -- to engine rpm electric Turbo that Apple's lag issues. That's a bonus here on the downside this guy's got parasitic losses -- another big old rotating accessory that is hung off the engine. So they tend to be used more to create additional brute force power -- to create efficiency or really high MPG in every day cars. Okay the last part of the Turbo supercharged restoring it if -- -- Here's the thing when you compressed -- either of those technologies. It gets hot. The molecules want to expand fuel -- oxygen molecules in a given space the engine doesn't like that he -- the most oxygen molecules in a given cubic inch if you will as they go to the cylinder. That -- combines more efficiently with -- like we were talking about earlier. To do that -- cool the -- -- -- -- Down here. In this engine for example that's basically a -- kind of hard to see the structure but this is -- is a killer if you will be compressed air goes through here first. That makes it more -- -- more oxygen molecules in a given state that the temperature drops and that you can combine it more efficiently with fuel. Both -- -- super chargers typically use wanted to use. -- bottom line. Basically shopping for a car -- pretty delighted to find many that have super charges they tend to be verified at extremely high performance so let's talk service how to shop for one. Take the car for a test drive and noticed that Turbo lag that's the delay between stepping on the gas and feeling that -- of power from the -- that we talked about. Secondly notice the additional torque. Turbocharged engines that have a lot of torque compared to the amount of horsepower they have -- the fun stuff -- what. Really -- off the lining gives you going. And third and noticed the price Turbo charged engine options tend to cost more. Take that price factored against any fuel efficiency gains and a couple of rough amortization schedule if you will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Times the cost you gotta -- to get. A lot of solid card -- you're in New York but when we come back the top five carte tech -- and CNET on cars continues. 1964. And fourths Aurora concept wagon that had crazy -- Including a swivel passenger's seat that could face a bank debt in the -- here with a high -- in a -- wet bar. Little -- became reality for a minute in the -- cutlass in the mid seventies. -- sometimes do get a little hot. So all mobile design was -- -- And abuse 6768. Chrysler imperial had the rare mobile director option to create a pompous board room on wheat -- -- Today's car seats may look more prosaic but they have -- cooling and massage even -- -- recline. Active bolsters. Even ipads -- fold down picnic after it. None of which will help when you're just dying for a hot. I -- I think this one coming. A built in vacuum here in the rear quarters of the when he fourteen Odyssey. You know I love this right. And -- -- -- a -- to admit it. But there's plenty of car tech I've seen over the years that I did not and do not love and much of it comprises my top five list. Of car tech swaps. Number five -- headlights I put these -- at number five because they did have a good run bowed my 67 cougar be without them. But -- the market but dated card today as auto makers instead of moved on to sleek high tech -- clusters built into the body. And they're all too happy to avoid the complication and cost of anything that pops up by a homeowner in any hints in this electronic care. Number four digital instrument panels I had these first flourished in the late seventies. Pretty much gonna by the nineties horrid looking -- displays that are hard to read expensive to repair and looked like something you made from a -- A slew of Lincoln's caddies and even Aston Martin's mistook this look for a luxury today it's descended the LCD panel is taking over. Number three brake by wire rankings up pretty basic thing and a car you like it to work consistently. -- Mercedes sense electronic system. Always do that. It replaces the actual pumping of hydraulic fluid and connected to the panel. With a digital sensor in the panel that told a computer how to apply the brakes except when it and I didn't. Mercedes -- the system after four years of freaking people laughed. Today though electro hydraulic braking is once again -- as part of stability control and lane departure technology. Never to cylinder management. Cadillacs V8 64 engine could drop down from eight to six or even four cylinders for better fuel economy. Cool except it was 1981. And the technology was a mess of vintage electronics and mechanical parts that moved -- things around on the fly. Resulting in a car that -- and surged all the way back to the dealer. Today cylinder the activation is back and smooth thanks to more sophisticated electronics and fuel -- But the number one -- in recent car tech history is BM w.'s -- drives. When the first generation of this -- onscreen interface debuted in the early two thousands it was infuriating. The screen layout was just clunky. And it can only be navigated by this -- with silly haptic feedback and almost no help -- buttons around it make you vague for a touch screen. And it was the most universally hated car tech that I can recall. But look who's laughing now -- almost every car has some kind of similar human machine interface and BMW's paradise drive one of the best. Thanks for being here for the special episode of the New York International Auto Show and nobody was don't know the CNET on cars so. Go check out some -- the back episodes that that's the case you'll find those on our site CNET on cars dot com. You can always email me your show ideas -- on cars at cnet.com. Accidental lock windows -- I wanna see more. Thanks for being with us Waziristan.
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