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Always On: Episode 15: Molly gets her iPhone 5

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Always On: Episode 15: Molly gets her iPhone 5

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Molly Wood unboxes her iPhone 5, Jeff Cannata tortures the Nokia Lumia 900, Sharon Vaknin breaks out the tools to install a cooling fan in a media cabinet, and Molly checks out a potential game changing product called The Leap.

-This week on Always On: My iPhone 5 is here. The Nokia Lumia 900 gets hammered, hurt, hurt-- I interrogate the lead founders and Sharon is back for the jigsaw and electric drill. Always On is on. -Hi, I'm Molly Wood. Welcome to Always On, the show where we take a look at the tech that's part of your life and your future. Now, I swear to you that I was not going to buy an iPhone 5, but in the interest of making a better show for you, I have one now. Let's unbox it. -Okay, I just retrieved my iPhoe 5 from the mail room. Look at this. I got my delivery notification on the web and I ran right down and got it. So, this is a true unboxing of the iPhone 5. It has not been touched straight to me from Verizon. Let's open it up. Of course, this is the deal at knife at home. Let's take it out. I will return label just in case you never know I might hate it. iPhone 5, how that's-- No, I'm just kidding. Look how long and wide and skinny the thing is like that. It looks like a tampon. Here we have a black one also to compare. So, on the white, the anodized aluminum silver and then on the black, it's sort of this black-- Now, there had been a lot of questions about whether this aluminum covering is gonna scratch and reveal the sort of silver underneath. We are gonna try to find that out in our torture test. Right after about thought, it's much lighter than the iPhone 4S, but it doesn't feel quite as solid like when you-- this is like machinery. This feels much more-- although that is sort of the trend in these lighter phones, the Samsung Galaxy S3s equally light, but it's to here these iPhone people talking about their huge screens. This is 4.9 8-inch display. That's a huge screen right there. Let's go to setup because this is actually my personal phone. I bought it on my personal account. So, let's go. Let's do this. Next. Alright, that works. Okay, so, I'm actually gonna do restart from iCloud backup so we could be here a while, but at least we'll know how well that works. This is what's really interesting. It doesn't seem to have that super premium iPhone feel. It feels kind of light. It feels little more tossable and although I know that this is a 16:9 display and I'm looking forward to watching some video on the sort of 16:9 retina display. This long skinny screen at least right out of the gate is not that impressive. Okay, I'm happy to see it is still coming with the wall wart. We haven't gone completely. Alright-- how could I forget the lightning dot connector, silly me. Now, one that is gonna be nice about this cable I do admit is that you can put it in their in any direction. It's kind of an idiot-proof cable. Let's check out these headphones. This is the first time I have seen this. They are super futuristic every time I see this on the lab. They give kind of Kubrick, Stanley Kubrick feeling. This is the hard. Alright, let's try them up, sound okay. Sound pretty good actually. They block a lot about side town like I don't know how low I'm talking right now. The feel like the might come out because there's not, you know, they're not resizable at all. They're kind of big like I have slightly small ears. They're not the most comfortable thing as ever. I was picturing an extra row of app sideways. I don't know why-- I don't know why that somehow the idea of the bigger screen maybe think oh like Galaxy S III screen, but I guess I'm just get an extra row down here that apparently I'm going to have to manually re-arrange. That is lame sauce, but everything is there, my wallpaper, all my apps, you know, iCloud. It's certainly as easy to transfer from one to the other. And let's check out the camera though. My photo. Alright, the camera quality obviously great. Let's the panoramic mode. Okay, so you find it under options here at that top. Option, panorama. It has handy guide to see. It's pretty idiot for panel. Oh, do the-- move it. Oh, this is hard. Oh, sounds like you have to press once. Okay, I can do this panorama mode. That helped. Until he knows never run your future. Have the money too. Huh, I did it. During this day if you're looking for a reason to buy the phone, that's probably not it. Let's search for an address here. Let's do-- our current location to Half Moon Bay. -Starting road to Half Moon Bay coastal trail, Half Moon Bay, California. -So, that's nice. That's all-- I mean it sounds like the maps are gonna be terrible and I don't know they can't just use Google maps because they are in fact the best, but it's gonna be very nice for people to finally at long last have turn-by-turn directions built in. That has been frankly unacceptable omission, although the maps can be trusted. It won't really matter. Alright, quick first impressions, it is definitely thinner. It is definitely lighter and the screen is definitely longer. I am a little disappointed that's it's not wider even I guess I should have realized that. It's sort of surprising shape. It seems fine. It doesn't feel quite as cool, quite as premium as the iPhone 4S, maybe I'll-- maybe they'll grow in me. I am impressed again with iCloud and how it's become to transfer from the cloud because that was another android differentiator. It's really nice and easy to move from iPhone to iPhone now. So, that's a good thing. I don't know. It's like i-fine, i-fine. The great thing is that now I have an iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S III so I can road test them against each other. I am gonna wait until the S III gets Jelly Bean because I think that race could be a little too close to call and I have a feeling that the Galaxy is back, so gonna be better than the iPhone. And do not worry, we are also planning to torture test the iPhone 5. -Ready good luck. -This week, our victim is Windows phone. I lot of you wrote in an assess to torture test the Nokia Lumia 900, that's what were doing. I know Microsoft just announced the Nokia Lumia 920, but hopefully this test will give you an idea of just how tough this line can be. Jeff Cannata is taking over for this one. -Today's torture test is the Nokia Lumia 900, the Windows phone. I've been using it a little bit. It's a got a nice little interface, but is that interface gonna work in the cold? First up 2 hours in the freezer, we're gonna pop it in and see the last. The truth is I'm a bachelor and I like brown rice. So, it's going in with brown rice, stay frosty my friend. Okay, it has been 2 hours. We're gonna pull it out of the freezer and see how it's doing. Oh, it is-- show with that. We got-- We definitely have ice crystals like Molly likes. Whoa, look at that. No problem at all. It does think it's Valentines Day for some reason, but I don't think that has anything to do with the cold. That's just the cold my bitter heart. Alright, it's baking time in the test kitchen in my apartment. I got the Lumia. It survived the cold, but I have preheated the oven to a lovely 200 degrees. We're gonna pop in the Lumia 900 to see how it handles the heat, and what phone bake would be complete without some delicious chocolate chip cookies. I have good, nice, delicious cookies and a nicely warm phone. We're gonna check in an hour and see if this thing can survive the heat and the delicious smell. Alright, it's been an hour. We're gonna check in and see how things are cooking. Well, turns out 200 degrees and not the ideal temperature for cookies. So, we've learned something already. Let's see how the phone fared. This is toasty. It is definitely toasty. Hot to the touch. Oh boy, very hot to the touch. Nothing yet. It's not turning on, but we'll let it cool down a little bit and see if maybe it will come back to life at better temperature. Like hot cookie in a hot day. First, let's try the cookies because really that's the most important thing, delicious. I don't the see the [unk]. Well that-- back in business, smells like chocolate chips. -How cute is Jeff in his little apron and how much of dude is he that he only has brown rice in his freezer, and he doesn't know that you bake cookies at more than 200 degrees, adorable. We'll get back to Jeff's torture test a little bit later in the show. I think you're gonna like the wild card test. Before that, we're gonna take a look into the future, the future where you are the input device. I took a look on a nifty little gadget called The Leap, not just The Leap, The Leap. -So, of course, everything is in 3D, [unk] a lot more interesting, wow. -Different actions like, you know, zoom in, zoom out -rotate left or rotate right, tilt up, tilt down, you know, really just be one action. -This is David Holz, one of the co-creators of The Leap, a small rectangular device with the humble goal of revolutionizing how we interact with our computers. My face during David's demo says it all. It is mind blowing. You look like a wizard, -Don't tell me-- -actually look a lot like you're a wizard. -I'm actually a wizard. Of course, and we still like to do simple things as well. So, in this case, we're sort of doing a normal touch, a normal touch application -Uh-huh. -or software is not actually communicating to this program directly. What it's doing is it's telling the computer, okay you have a touch screen and here I'm actually touching the screen right now. I'm touching it there or other so we can really nice back [unk] compatibility with, you know, things like windows 8 and all that now sort of tablets stuff that coming to the computer. -Uh-huh. -So, that' kind of fun. -That's very clever. -The Leap became a geek sensation when its teaser demo on YouTube show cased everything that gadget could do. The Leap device will initially support Windows and Mac and then Linux soon after. The company plans to ship in February 2013 for 70 dollars. Now, that may sound like a lot, but it's less than some precision gaming mice can cost. This device is part of a revolution in the idea of input. If the mouse changed everything, you can assume that the next user interface is really all about the user. Like Google's project glass, which would let you wear a device and share moments as you're leaving them. And then there's Microsoft connect, the motion technology that arguably started the body control trend. -Previous. -Connect recently got expanded voice controls for game play and menu selection. -So, with you know, Connect, people have gotten used to the idea of using her whole body or big arm gestures. Are talking a much more precise interaction? -Absolutely, we think that if this is going to be a genuinely better way for people to interact with computers, then they have be very precise, subtle, newest movements interaction. In that way, you have all the power and this feeling of connectedness, which we want to achieve. -Uh-huh. -But you don't get tired. -So far the biggest question about the Leap is what's the tech inside? I was determined to find out. So, I know you guys have been famously KJ about the technology, but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't grab you by the shoulders and ask you what's in there? -Well, at the end of the day, it's based on a fundamentally new approach to motion sensing. It's never been used before in academia or commercial end. -Totally, what's in there though? -Well-- It's-- -Michael please. Are you talking about-- -Right now it a very technical process. -Obviously, but tell me how-- -A lot of technical know how. Like I said it's a fundamentally new approach. It's never been used before. -Okay. -Absolutely. -So, may be like lighter though, that? -Well. People will find out soon enough. I'm sure that-- as soon as we're shipping this in February, people will recognize boxes of this. Not wider enough or structured way. Really, nothing that most people are guessing. -I only have one question. What's in there? -Well, some magical dust. Yeah, it really is fundamentally new and it's really exciting to us because we're at essentially the very first stage of what's going to be decades of innovation and improvement on this new approach. There's plenty of room to grow and the Leaf is only going to get better over time. -Maybe unlike rotating-- -Even though the guts are still a mystery, the company says the Leap is for every one. They're working with third party developers for all kinds of uses. 26,000 or more developers have applied to create content for the leap. Expectant app store that could let specialized users like engineers used the leap to build 3D models of cars or scientist who might wanna visualize complex protein structures and of course the app store will include important apps for you and me. -You can-- I mean, the possibilities seem endless, which I'm sure you know. If I have this and the simple pieces offering a D printer like I own the world. -Yeah. -Right, mostly right there 3D print it, bring it out behind you and you got it now. -Boom! I'm a wizard. -Boom! You're wizard, yeah. You can wheel things into reality. The folks at The Leap consider their technology to be a platform. In the future, they're talking about embedding it in tablets and smartphones. How cool would that be? But in the short term, they're just focused on making your desktop experience more magical. If you are a geek with any credit, or you're probably have a ton of home theater gear at home and that home theater gear probably gets pretty hot and to Sharon and her jigsaw and drill to show you how to install your own fan in your home theater cabinet. -I like to keep my living really tidy and that means putting all my media devices in this cabinet, closed. The only problem with that is that it gets really hot in here and I'm afraid these gadgets will over heat, so what's the solution, to install a cooling fan on the side of this cabinet. I'll show you how to do that today, but first I need to turn this place in a workshop. Alright, my workshop is set up and now we're ready to get started, but first, let's talk about what we need. I've got my fan. Now, this is a temperature controlled fan. So, at 88 degrees, it will turn on and at 81 degrees, it will shut off, and I love it because it's super quite. Okay, I've got the fan and now my tools. I've this measuring and leveling tool, masking tape, a drill, a screw driver and pliers. I've got my drill bits and jigsaw, and finally, you'll need measuring tape, let's get started. The first thing we need to do is center of the fan unit. So, it's about 15-1/2 inches and need to be at 7 and a quarter that will mark their. Now, I need to play some tape around where I'm gonna trace the outline of the fan. Reason being this cabinet has a finish on it and I don't want it to chip off when drill into it. Alright, that should do it, perfect. This is where I'm going to cut out a hole for our fan. There it is. Now, we got to do some drillings. So, put on a protective eyewear. Oh, yeah, it works. So, what I wanna do is drill a hole on this corner and on this corner. Here goes nothing. That felt kind of good. I'm not gonna lie. Alright, now, it's time to bring out the jigsaw. Now, what I'm gonna do is drill-- sorry guys. I didn't make sure it's level. Oh my God, good thing I checked -- some curtains-- Okay, I'm gonna read through these lines. The jigsaw-- I'm gonna up through this hole up here, go down here and then meet the 2 lines, okay. This is the moment of truth. Nice, okay. Now, actually, the real moment of truth is to see if our fan fits in the hole. If it does, I pass. It totally does. But before we can finish the installation, kind of do little cleaning, much better. Now, we can to installing the fan. Alright, the first thing we need to is secure the fan to this mounting plate. Now, what we'll do is fit this guy in here [unk] really nice. Lastly, we'll put 4 wood screws over here and panel would be ready to go. So, to make it easier to screw these woods screws inside, I'm going to drill 4 starter holes and then hand screw in those screw. So, this gonna mark the middle point of each of these. Now, I'm gonna carefully just drill a little-- not all the way through, just a little bit I have a good starting point from my screws. That looks really good. My fan is in place. It's basically flushed with the cabinet and when it's all said and done, my gadgets won't overheat. So, the last thing I need to do is put everything back in the cabinet and take this guy first then. My apartment is clean. Everything is back where it belongs and I can finally put this fan to work. So, the last thing I need to do is connect the fan to the temperature sensor and finally I'll connect this sensor to power. Okay, it's really hot in my apartment right now so the fan should go on almost immediately and it's already running. Now, you can put this temperature probe in specific high heat areas in your cabinet, but for me I'm just gonna throw it on top. Now, if you have any questions along the way, let me know on twitter, and send your suggestions to alwayson@cnet.com. Hey, if I can do it, so you can you. -I love that tip. Sharon is on fire lately. We are going to take short brake. When we come back, the conclusion of the Nokia Lumia 900 torture test, spoiler alert, there's a hammer involved. The phone is the hammer. -So, we asked you via Twitter what we should do as the wild card test for the Lumia and evidently there is famous video floating on the web of someone hitting it with a hammer and using it as a hammer to hammer nails. Supposedly, the screen can stand up to that kind of treatment. We're gonna find out of that's really the case. So, I've got my hammer, got my phone on a hammer and nail onto it and see what happens. Did not like that. It did not like that at all. Oh boy. Interesting. It's angry at me, I think, but it's pretty amazing. It's not cracking. I mean, I would have assumed it would have cracked and then it's not cracking. I kind of doing it like I saw the guy in the video do gently. I'm not gonna whack it because obviously it will-- You can drive a nail through this thing, but it's pretty impressive that even after pounding away at it, there not even any dents. I'm actually very impressed. Now, we're gonna use the phone itself as a hammer. I got a piece of plywood, got some nails, ready for this? Nailed into the plywood, phone not cracked, look at that, not cracked, not even any scratches. I hope to see scratches. Let's try it again. It's unbelievable. Look at that, it's unbelievable. You can't do that with an iPhone. You don't even need an app for that. Build a house, use my phone, I know you don't need the app. Good job. Look at that. Too bad, it's a Windows phone. Next up is the drop test and I wanted to put the Nokia through a real world situation. I'm not saying this has happened to me, but walk to the car, put in the roof, get distracted, time to go, oh my God, I'm late, drive away, let's see how it handles it. Here goes nothing Lumia. Oh no, my phone, my phone. Look at that. Got a little damage on the corner. Screen is remarkably intact, turns on fine. No, problem, Lo. That's a pretty decent fall from the car hood of the car. This thing is coming through with flying colors. Alright, round 2, can it fall off twice from the car? Let's find out. Ow, ow-- Did it fall? It's in the bag. I didn't even fall off. You win this round Lumia, clever, clever anti fall technology built right in. It clings. Alright, round 3, perched precariously. How we do-- That was a pretty good bounce. Still the screen-- amazing. Again, we got corner action. That's a corner action as you would expect, turns on fine. Look that. No problem. Screen un-scratched, unbroken, given mad props to this thing. Time for water. Here it all the time. I put my phone my pocket and I went into the pool. We got a pool. We got a phone. We got a pocket. Isn't a wonderful day here in Southern California, so beautiful, so-- What? Ow, ow. My phone! My phone is in my pocket. Oh no. Oh no! Soak and wet, wasn't it long? Not turning on. Alright, we'll let this thing dry. Let me dry and we'll see if it will turn on. I dried it off, still not turning on. It wasn't in the water very long at all, but there're definitely lots of places where water can sip in here. I don't have the SIM card in. So, it's not really fair I supposed and maybe I should take it apart and put in rise to give it a fair drying out, but right now, not working at all. I, however, feel very refreshed. Well, my clothes haven't dried yet, but hopefully the phone has. I kept in a vaporizer about the last 20 minutes to see it turns on. No. Heat couldn't do it. Cold could not do it. Dropping it from my car could not do it. Hammering it nails could not do it. Old H20 finally managed to kill the Lumia 900. -Jeff, dude, you let that phone dry for 20 minutes? 20 minutes, have I thought you nothing young Padawan, 24 hours at least. Actually, I e-mailed him later and asked him if he kept drying it and he said it's just not coming back to life. So, I guess, I got to believe him. Alright, I'm sure we'll hear more about this in future mail, but let's get to this week's mail bag. We got a ton of amazing feedback about our sky driving episode. Thank you so much. I'm glad you guys all like it and also I'm mostly just glad that Jeff and I survived. On the topic of the sky drive road test, our first e-mail comes from Omi. Omi says, "Hello, Molly, I'm writing you from Bangladesh. I guess you know where Bangladesh is as you knew where Ukraine is, so I'm not sending you any photo of my country (smiling face) I kind of wish you would." Anyway, he says, "I am a text savvy and always on is the exclusive food for my brain. There are many tech shows on this planet, but the way you represent technology is unique, exciting, and fantastic. You just read our mind like I was always thinking about the perfection of that HTC commercial and you just proved it for us, but I think you missed 1 point. In the HTC 1 commercial, that said, "Nick was recording video and taking photos at the same time." "You did not do that and I believe iPhone 4 cannot do that. So... Omi, yeah, I didn't' actually missed the point so much as I completely failed to pull that off while I was in mid air. It turns out that when you're at terminal velocity, it's kind of hard to button mash, so I just failed. That was totally my-- but the phone can do that and the iPhone can't, so you read about that. Alright, moving on and speaking of things that I got wrong, here's another e-mail from Archie. Hey Molly, I just watched the episode 14 and I just want to inform you that there are gloves that will work with touchscreen. I actually have a pair myself. You know, Archie, you're right. After I went back and I watched the commercial again, I does look Nick is wearing those touch capacitive glove thing, so another thing that I kind of missed, but I do wanna reiterate that we didn't die. That's really the key here, I think. And I think we might be getting reputation for outlandish torture test. Here is complicated suggestion from Joe. I have a great idea for a torture test. Maybe CNET can fund it. It's starts at 30,000 feet on a flight from SFO to HNL and while you are reading e-mails from [unk] and suddenly the flight attendant accidental spills Mai Tai all over your device. This would actually combine multiple tests in 1. The first being the actual liquid, second the cold test since it was a frozen Mai Tai, the drop test since the frozen drink also landed in your lap casing you to throw your device in the air out of surprise tossing the device 2 rows back bunking a passenger in the head before bouncing down the aisle. Lastly, in the horror, the flight attendant tries to help you by putting your wet, frozen, dropped device in the oven to try it out, ta-da! All the tests in 1 flight. Since you are so efficient, you reward yourself with another Mai Tai while sitting on the beach waiting for the return flight in a few days or so. Okay, book it Molly, aloha. Consider it done Joe. If I'm not in custody, I will meet you at Duke's in Waikiki. I'm totally gonna be in custody. I know, I like it. Speaking of torture test, I put out a call for wild card ideas for iPhone 5 torture test that's coming up. It's gonna be a good one and I got a lot of awesome suggestions. I think my favorite is dropping it from the top of a roller coaster. We're kind of trying to work the logistics on that one, but I want it to happen. Here's another suggestion from Chris. When you get your hands on the iPhone 5 to torture. You might wanna see how scratch proof the slate finish on the black iPhone is. When finishes like get scratched, it tends to scrape off the coating and expose the bear metal underneath. This results in silver scratch marks on the dark finish that look Brian Tong's hairdo, but not in a good way, sincere apologies to Mr. Tong again. A lot of people suggested about that finish on the back, so I think we might try to do that maybe with keys or something that seems like a good key test option. And finally, an e-mail from sterling that makes me feel like we are really helping people around here. He says, "I just wanna say I love your show. Also, for some reason after every show since episode one, I have a smile on my face after very show. I think it is because you are such a happy person. I had plan to buy 2 devices this year, a tablet and a 4 G T-Mobile phone. The tablet was going to be the Nexus 7, but after torture tested the Nexus 7, I have scratched the Nexus 7 off my list. Now, I'm thinking of just buying a Samsung Note 2, but not until you torture it. Ps. I also watch CNET TV everyday. CNET has help me make well informed tech purchases, thank you." You are welcome Sterling and actually-- I mean, pending the outcome of the note 2 torture test, that might kill 2 birds in 1 one stone because it's kind of like a tablet and a 4G Phone, all in one. And finally, finally, I am super excited to announce the winner of our very first torture test give away. Ed Santiago of New Jersey is the lucky winner of the iPad that we tortured back in season 1. Now, we had almost 2000 entries, over 2000 entries in that give away and they will continue in 2 weeks. So, stay tune for the next one. Keep the feedback coming. I love it. E-mails alwayson@cnet.com or find us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. That's it for this week everyone. Next week, we unbox a car. We also torture the iPhone and we put the Galaxy S III through the wash cycle and on top of all that I'll show some of the amazing tech behind America's Cup Racing. It's gonna be a good show. I'll see you then. I don' think I can-- Oh, I didn't keep the air on that-- the center line just like I said this made me pretty [unk] and done. Hunted down buddy. Okay, so far, I'm totally filled [unk] Apparently, it's not totally [unk].
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