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Always On: Episode 13: Torture Testing the Nexus 7 Tablet

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Always On: Episode 13: Torture Testing the Nexus 7 Tablet

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In the season 2 premiere, the Nexus 7 takes a beating, GM and Ford show off the future of cars, and a DIY iPhone macro lens.

This weekend I was on. Torture testing the nexus seven tablet. I do it yourself I've come back. Got bad connected cars of the future and a rugged new laptop for your back to school means. -- always on me on. Welcome -- -- I'm Molly Wood and this is the show we take a look at the text that's part of your life and your future it's our season two premiere episode. We are back and there is no shortage of awesome to show you in fact because it's so awesome I can't wait to share. Here's another sneak peek at what to expect. -- -- try to console. -- -- -- You're dressed in a -- little buddy -- if -- -- the way it's time. This is not your grandfathers and -- -- and I got the right in my lifetime. Give -- Amazon. -- When you're going to ten. Today I'm did you check in the future of cars yeah. -- that's pretty awesome. -- grab my what -- you call for multiple. -- -- -- -- -- -- You -- that right I mean I would. Now that -- season two we are ramping up the torture and our first victim is the Google nexus seven. For this one I got a little help from an -- different. -- is efforts torture test at the studio we got coast after about -- in house. And we are gonna connect with that and yeah I've brought in because I've been told -- priced devices. Just -- I think we have to ramp up in -- we discovered I think. That archery arguments at -- like catcher in the -- it be. That getting and a couple of students and we're gonna start. Dropped out before it took just look at this -- what -- -- This. -- -- -- -- All around it. -- survey the damage. The back -- and impact you would think oh my gosh that's the backing off collectively just robot screen. Is on line. That happened that I didn't realize situation and off like a very clumsy -- a -- to -- You know this is in fact my personal. -- of them and. -- you and I'm a little -- an emotional. Please do. It up with others like it and it Apple -- -- Yeah. I see it again cases and -- contract ends and we -- actress that's pretty. That's pretty for real it's still -- long don't know wouldn't -- -- -- off an -- opt out of the best it's not just consciously themed it's like there's like a big chunk. Taken out of the middle. It's so -- It's what you know I have the little piece they were capable exit you know that you hit our camera -- -- we actually. We experienced flying shrapnel -- It here -- -- the technology. We built -- This is clearly not -- -- because -- member at the end of lasted through the iPhone four ads down the stairs quite. Dropped it -- time and about it out of there but I like pretty legit enough. -- this just shattered. What's bad look for it is it landed right on the corner of the app which is not a -- impact still but very possible but when you drop one testing and -- yeah I think its sale. How much I think the nexus seven might be the most fragile device that we torture tested so far -- me cracking on the second drop. That's pretty weak and this that in just cracked. It shattered. We did a little research on Google's product page and found out that this glass is Corning's scratch resistant glass. Not the same thing as Corning's Gorilla Glass that explains the shattering than 499 dollar price tag. You get what you pay for. Although we are not done with the nexus seven just yet coming up later in the show you'll see the cold test -- -- tests and a pretty special water test. Before that let's talk about cars they are getting smarter and smarter and the tech inside them is starting to dominate the entire driving experience. I'd take a road trip to Detroit to both General Motors and Ford. Both of them showed me how -- in cars is starting to become a huge part of your everyday life. Whether it's four G and Wi-Fi inside the car to the infotainment systems and even storing your driving habits in the -- Okay so I'm just gonna go for a little -- -- and trying to get hit by car. I know you're thinking what -- riding a bike have to do with the connected car. We'll see that car behind me getting closer and closer the driver is able to detect my mobile phone using Wi-Fi built into the vehicles -- systems. And that warning may have just prevented me from getting selections. It's just one of many -- technology being developed here in the motor city. GM has also decked out in Chevy Volt with four GL TE connectivity they give it as a high speed wireless broadband hot spot on wheels. Where devices are integrated and they share all kinds of information. The four GLT bandwidth allows us to do a whole lot more than we've ever written before so each of these screens represents one screens -- the -- -- -- right so the screen in the middle is this particular screen here. The -- on the sides represented two tablets we've brought into the vehicle so I can take Angry Birds and move Angry Birds right over to this application. Now it's playing in the back and I can take YouTube over here and give the complete -- control to. Of the rear seat. Then go crazy and and whether that's playing video games imagine if you're a kid sitting back -- happy -- and a were watching cat videos on YouTube. Now I'm gonna test out one of the most promising elements of high speed -- -- Internet and a car. A video call from the backseat I have Skype loaded up -- and -- color interns back in San Francisco. -- hey -- way of put the old logo on the back as the best issue -- hair driving -- -- really plan. We get here -- to get our studio mics that this is pretty good video quality -- -- give back to Eric. -- now the strongest trends in in car entertainment is making the in car systems feel more like Smartphones or interfaces that -- -- -- -- Big touch screens increasingly capacity and displays and of course the ability to bring your own media and a much more seamless -- Be it music personal photos even home movies. -- -- engineers are working on ways to analyze your driving patterns and then helps you drive and a more energy efficient way we took out one of their plug in hybrid research vehicles for a test drive we've decided parking lots around our campus that's green zones and as a drug gonna see the continental the engine -- -- The green zones are areas that are recommended for driving an all electric mode vs gas -- Say when you're near home or a school -- -- -- the parking -- But area here this -- You're gonna assume the color tests are. Visit -- -- -- really no not yet I. Handle electric and you can save and on the map to that lower end. And bring down the car can also store your driving habits in the cloud and through predictive software show you a better route the next time you drive. It seems inevitable that our cars will soon -- -- -- four G enabled so you can do things like manager home's energy from your car or get an alert if there's another vehicle nearby. I'm -- yeah. It's all amazing the blending of Internet connectivity with our cars I for one cannot complete. Well. What I learn in this Detroit visit is that it's no longer the motors or the hardware that define a car's performance or even fuel economy. It's the precision algorithms that control the way the car -- -- As cars of all the difference between a Ford and Chevy could become more like the difference between an iPhone and an Android found. It's all about the software. And now it's time to check in with our DIY may even -- Sharon vaknin who has a phone photography tips this week that I absolutely love. If you try to get extreme close ups using your phone -- Probably noticed that the objects start to blur when you get too close and you have -- back up. The solution to this is due to a -- labs you can buy them online purchase one -- -- forty -- but court. I found a way to do it myself for less than ten dollars. So here's what we -- -- when you finally to magnify what the landing fees and it the most obvious solution here is to use a magnifying glass. So I think this is Jewelers -- for about eight -- that RadioShack -- the quick and dirty solution. Is to just hold the Jewelers -- up against my lands. And it go close and -- and take the shot. So that's a quick and dirty way to do it but I. More permanent solution. So I -- it might own a taxable macro Latin here's what I used I grabbed a disposable camera. Just crazy they don't have an old USB flash drive. And I'm microfiber cloth. -- I need to break open this disposal -- This'll vary depending on the type of disposable -- you get. For reference -- Kodak are -- I haven't opened and this is the baby that's what I need I need to grab this lands. Fran inside the camera so. This could pull it right off. Alonso -- just be careful. You don't want -- scratch it. Tweezers have come in handy here -- I am done with this disposable camera. I have grabbed my USB flash drive and remove this part from it now the way I am going to assemble it -- I'm going to -- the ones here. And then it'll slide right over my iPhone. So I'll applies some crazy -- Be careful because you want your finger sticking together and just. Just a couple -- Around the outside of this command and now -- gently. Place. The lands on top. -- it and give -- a nice push. And this should be dry within a couple minutes now what I did is I took this frame out and actually glued it to this side of the USB drive because. I don't want this gadget scratching my iPhone so once it's dry it's ready to go all I have to do is slide it. Right on top of my I found. It fits nicely -- it doesn't box. And I will launch my camera and now. I can get super close to the -- victory here. Snapping and you can actually see the whole texture of the quarter to. Let me show you another example -- -- this book and I am going to zoom in on some text. Look at just how close I can get that tax. Now if I didn't have the macro enzyme that all that text would be blurry out have to back up a lot to see it clearly. And -- -- -- microfiber cloth around with you in case your land aggregates -- personalized. Okay and there is my DIY macro lens and think it's an instructor calls for inspiring me on this project. God making -- and send your sample photos to always on cnet.com. I mean how cool is that tip plus that doesn't involve any knives or scissors or anything dangerous like that. Although don't get too comfortable because in a few weeks Sharon vaknin will channel her injured Tim Allen. And bust out a drill and a jigsaw. Tells you where ramping up the show and speaking of which now back to the nexus seven torture test. Now we did now (%expletive) on our very first go around of the torture test and we -- gonna call -- there. But I decided it. That's not fair to the gadget and to -- the viewer so we bought another one and we're gonna put it through the regular battery tests starting with cult. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I -- Today seems nice and snappy. Now for -- -- tests will do an hour in the oven like -- promised taken up a notch a 200 degrees. In addition to phone. -- -- -- -- -- -- It is a little average 200 degrees and chairman -- think that aren't looking back. Problem Gould and did not plug and play -- We have learned from experience that it is best -- -- school for a little while Edwards is gonna go ahead and bring a battery temperature. It would do -- well one thing you notice even before we let it cool is -- -- plastic back has worked a little bit of a little bit bubbled. But we'll see if that goes back to normal. And also we looked a little plastic sticker on the bottom which is not as mind. -- nexus seven is back -- room temperature let's see it. Everything in talked. Coming on fine. Coming -- slowly. Processor it. -- -- -- What it does seem -- a little bit less responsive -- I remember editing but. I think we can conflicts -- front and. Okay. It is time for our water tests now I did notice that after that he tests of plastic on the back seems a little bit works. And it's not connecting the way that you -- the -- I just think you're gonna be bad it in the water tests of -- warning you now but we have to -- our water tests and not buy another one of these things though. I thought I would drop myself and I thought about because I like three minutes -- that this -- -- -- -- -- -- it's gonna. You can't -- letter once from open -- -- -- the waters if we're gonna then I'm out enough. Change people. -- The screen went -- immediately and I know bubbles to boot. And -- -- On screen. -- -- -- It is not -- water. Alcohol ads that happen pretty much instantly I think if -- -- the second that -- hit the water literally -- waters actually dripping out of it. Maybe it's just -- I. Man I've really loved -- held on take me away bath time it's too bad I didn't have anything to read. As promised we have had the nexus seven drying out in a mixture of silica gel packets and race course several days were gonna -- it comes. Frankly -- -- so fragile I don't think it's gonna make it but we didn't charge it for allow first let's see if it'll come back to life. Power and the power. Manage -- the power button is still connected to that power circuit back is so screwed up. -- -- -- -- -- Now speaking of -- lightly used gadgets I do want to announce the always on torture test sweepstakes. That's right we are going to do. Give away some of the gadgets that we torture starting this week on Friday September 14 you'll be able to enter first giveaway and -- Potentially win the iPad three that we tortured back in episode one she'll fight all the details and the rules for that -- Friday at cnet.com slash -- -- -- And now it is time for a little thing that we like to call on boxing. School is in session which means new laptops for students in fact I just got some survey data email it's me reporting that more students will drop laptops this year. Then classes -- ha -- Seriously though they get dropped a lot so let's check out this baby be rugged -- Lenovo ThinkPad X is one of carbon ultra book that carbon stands for carbon fiber so maybe this one could survive the first semester. Let's check out Apple. The true and boxing by the way all the tape. Original and intact. And a little grief for not cutting away from myself last -- -- I'm trying to be more careful. You -- really yet we -- like a box. Think that's actually what -- -- when. It's a little box. It seems kind of uncharacteristic. Cables are maxed. But we do have an ethernet dongle because this is an ultra books and no built in ethernet but the ethernet via USB. Is included in -- the fan of that. Power. Plant power. -- Green recycling in -- is holding an in place. It is light already -- fact this is -- three pound ultra -- and it's fourteen inches at three pounds is pretty impressive you can see that carbon matte black. It looks cool -- they have never been a fan of this because it is a fingerprint. Magnet. -- -- It's like -- -- laptop. Let's open it up. You can go through some specs. It starts at thirteen 99 with -- 128 gigabyte solid state drive. There's four gigs of ram on board and a third gen Intel Core I five processor running at one point eight gigahertz that ought to be plenty of power. It does run Windows 7 and it has a very nice 16100 by 900 HD displays most fourteen inches -- have a thirteen 66 by 768 screen. There are curved bottom keys in fact cnet's review says this is the best ultra thin laptop keyboard in the business. It -- a new glass covered track pad which makes navigating much smoother. There's an SD card reader a mini display port and that ethernet via USB dongle. And this is kind of a neat trick you can -- deleted all the way back I don't know I wanna do that but it's kind of cool. There's even a fingerprint scanner which lets you power on with the justice like I personally am a big fan of that feature. The thinkpad X one is a little bit expensive but it's a sleek solid alternative to a MacBook Air you're looking for one of those. And later this season we'll torture tested and find out the carbon fiber construction really is all that in the meantime you can find Dan Ackerman full -- Over at CNET dot colon slash thinkpad X one. It's -- take a little break when we come back I'll answer some of your mail. Let's read some emails together I asked for it and you responded here's our first ever. Video mail. -- from Minnesota woman actually in North Dakota right now it and yes -- city industrial engineering. It's pretty exciting. Times headlines and video mail so -- -- First -- I say how excited I am about choosing to you I'm a huge fan of yours I like about what lot of fun. And when you know it's always -- I couldn't wait. Secondly I want study how helpful -- torture tests are being hosted by tech can go through a lot. In this segment like. Doesn't I've had survived being stuck between -- chemistry book in a pre calculus book because. I don't know. Well that's that love the show can't wait for season two of. Often you are adorable and North Dakota represent a throw -- high school. A text like test would indeed be brutal because things -- like -- 140 pounds each next year's back to school torture test special is done. Next up here is -- another friendly face Tyler. See amoled display in this state thinks review awesome review of these -- you'll wind and just got mine yesterday and I am yeah I Marley and if they did so how many they steps they -- and trying to reach by different schools. Thank you very much and keep up the good work. I love the -- Always on it's a great mix of a surveillance report and -- that will make its malaria and -- Yes I love you back. Nice thanks Tyler eleven -- from the old school fans and good luck with the -- band. Half marathon did you can do it. Next up the -- are just ideas just keep getting better and better here's another one from my home state not North Dakota the other one. I'm all my name is betrayed him from Montana to -- good episode -- -- -- mouth whats funny. -- -- I have an idea about it torture test idea you what I should do -- torture test for Sony's -- KTV. Liquid -- first turn on the fire alarms for solar system -- torso down on -- page what do you think. Love the show T common Jacob -- period PS please reply if you can't test push it off its stand then plays the bowling ball. Then -- -- ST period followed up the email clarifying. By the way when I said bowling -- evil and anything this products. Is that kind of dedication creativity and destructive thinking that I am looking for on the show. But X ray slash. TV torture test and it is coming soon. Speaking of -- keep the feedback coming always on at cnet.com is our email address please keep those video mails coming. You can also find us on -- FaceBook Twitter and Google+. That's -- for this -- everyone at next week on the show we talk iPhone 5 iPhone 5 and a little more iPhone 5. Then I cannot wait to torture test that phone. Also will stop teasing you with our helicopter skydiving footage and actually show you the mid air road test of the HTC one X vs iPhone. Plus we Georgia testing Kindle and I finally get my day of the pool that's all coming up next week thanks for watching always on. Our draft night would be possible to call now let's just call triple -- Leatherman tool kit is go to movies to -- -- -- portables I have. And that's -- the other -- literally it's a friend of this program but it's also sort of generic CA app and click on Xerox. -- can be Kleenex and a --
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