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Episode 11: Apple v. Samsung Torture Tests: Always On

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Always On: Episode 11: Apple v. Samsung Torture Tests

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Molly Wood revisits the damage and carnage of torture testing the new iPad, Samsung Galaxy S III, new MacBook Air, and the iPhone 4S.

How is on our most talked about segments that it. Following on it's on its. Am -- welcome to always on the show we take a look at the tech that's part of your life and your future. Season to have always thought is coming soon -- all new episodes debuting on September 11 and let me tell yes it's gonna be amazing. It's time for my fast -- and -- -- did I know. They need to check out the future of cars and nine -- test drive a couple of things. Then I got bored -- Korea's America's cup had a plan. -- just held on for dear life. This is truly a dream job and I cannot wait to share more about what is the season two is going to be. But first we're going back to the roots of always on our most gut wrenching and talked about segment the torture test. Now I admit -- We did go a little too easy on the iPad the first time around and boy did we hear that from you. That comment was actually one of -- kinder ones that I read before -- just stopped reading. But honestly if we took it easy on the iPad it's because the thought of torturing these gadgets was cool until I actually had -- acute. I mean you try throwing an iPad down on a dirty -- -- -- I dare you. -- -- Okay this comes just right now. I haven't edited there and and then I just have a butter fingers night. I think I'm in worse shape than an iPad it's it's. -- The light went off. I hope not forever. We'll see what happened. Do. That ice test we used for the -- test is actually ar CNET executive ice chest. Apparently there was some kind of up weird smell in there after we -- an iPad inside so we moved on to freezers. Sorry bosses. But since the iPad sailed through those early experiments I'm thinking of something a little more extreme for season two like maybe we can freeze in a block of -- can -- It over with a sledgehammer. Do you wanna watch -- on how -- -- that question. And then moving on to -- -- tests we are bringing back that happened in fact we're moving up to reel of it because well. Let's take a look back at the -- -- -- I think the hottest it ever got into that frame -- a 190 degrees it was really just like a nice place for gadgets to Sunday. He did remind me that I needed -- the pool and I got one recent -- recharge -- tested the Kindle. Back to the past our second torture victim with the Samsung galaxy S three. A -- that in its first three months on the market sold roughly one -- billion units. So a lot of you are interested to know whether it was tough enough for everyday use. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It can mean memorial became. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I was shocked that phone survived all those tests but I think our producer Eileen Rivera. Put a little voodoo love on it. She's such a Samsung fan girl she couldn't even stand to watch the torture testing. -- I was also the point where I realize the power of the torture test I got a ton of email from people saying they bought an S three after watching us trying in vain to kill it. This phone is still alive and kicking. But I have plans for it in season two. My next to victim was the MacBook Air. Okay. -- college. I super hot it can actually -- A little burned and the fan. -- -- -- Thirty do what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna do is gonna get my car hood and sport mode and punch it let's see what happens. -- underwear without my laptop yeah -- let's find out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- some time next. Right so -- let the MacBook Air dry out for two or three days and when -- -- it and look at this thing comes and but unfortunately. What happens when we can plug it. Emblems not come on let's -- again and I'm sorry to say that although this thing -- true ninja battle. The MacBook Air has failed the water test. -- -- tests really hurt I mean I had just bought this big. But eventually the blood -- took over and we got our first successful fail. Which is kind of an oxymoron. To get this fixed somehow. I think there's life left in it. Now our next tests would be highly requested. IPhone four S I ran through the normal battery of testing and then let our CBS -- president's -- -- throw it down the a couple of times. Actually -- that thing down the stairs so many times I am truly amazed the screen did not crack. -- -- -- All okay. We did some damage there. It ships we have a little sample it will -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then -- -- the iPhone in our fish tank but the real test with the wild card. But washing machine test. Now I actually got email from people who said your -- survive going through the washer to that I say -- Because this phone is tough but that's unbelievable. Speaking of tough now that I know how much these gadgets can take I am getting much more comfortable been really hard on them so the galaxy S three. Will be getting the same treatment as the icon in season two. Right it's time for a quick break when we come back I am going to answer your torture test email. And believe me we get a lot of it. As I mentioned torture tests are most discussed and sometimes most polarizing segment. That said I think you all love them so next season will have a torture test every week our first victim is the nexus seven. I got a little help on -- from Jeff cannot add the -- -- to go back other soon you'll know him as my kinda everybody. Let's get into your mail the first one comes from Tony who says. Hi I'm Molly just for fun I decided to -- some pictures I got from the torture -- below is -- -- to my Dropbox is public folder for you to take a look at them. You are well done Tony. -- -- These are not flattering but they are being involved -- Are you about last photo I know I get them crazy ads that apparently the torture test bring out the really crazy eyes. Thanks for that -- our next email comes from the -- -- 1337. Soldier leaked. Dear Molly out episode six the MacBook Air received an unfair ranking Obama fail. I feel that the ranking system needs a revision 2.0. First sail slash wind or dead slash survived in seconds a third main point option. I think the dead -- survived braking system works great after all batteries dot I've never said my battery failed to go ahead try it. It feels funny on your tongue doesn't it as well as just in my mind and I tend to go off subject like this so back to the subject see above. I am page now the ranking system should be survived. Works as it should. Dead does not work -- -- Does not work as it should but kinda sort of in a way thus it appears that the MacBook Air should have received the rank of -- or un dead war Frankie. -- and if -- soldier 1337. Somehow I have a strong feeling better graphics company would love to create a badge that says zombie just wonder how often that's gonna happen. I like your survived vs dead idea maybe I can find out how much it would cost need to change those effects. Next up an email from state -- who writes dear Molly Molly. I really need to see an external hard disk torture test we have to find out where is safer to trust our data it's also a good idea to make it torture test sites. She's cute gadgets test than the same way. Also the C wildcard house to be -- and name a winner after the more word assurance tests from low equals Molly and hurts -- -- torture. So that's offered out have a good time in your vacation I'm Molly Molly PS no offense I -- -- that way because you and my dogs share the same name. Kisses states it. See what that really necessary to -- have to be a good job part -- -- -- -- -- like a good thing going there and then there was the dog. Next. I'm Molly I have another crazy and yet realistic torture test for you. There are times that we're doing some DIY is like fixing a broken chair or table and we are using our phones and tablets as guides like -- Then accidentally I drove a nail into my phone using a hammer instead of the would. I would like to know what it would -- to the indestructible Samsung galaxy S three to -- unbreakable Nokia Lumia 902. -- love the show very much and I think I -- skipping the caffeine while you guys do the torture test. Love the show and always on is watched by many here in the Philippines. Hey Jonathan guess what hired David Nokia Lumia 900 to the aforementioned -- -- and he did the hammer test you'll find out what happened there. In season two. Got my phone on its. And hammering me on to it and -- what happens. On to our next email a disappointed viewer with a common complaint. Hello Molly loved the new show after watching her last show and seeing the torture that the iPhone four passengers. I was a little disappointed that you do not plug in the iPhone and see if the battery was just dead -- My wife has been through for iphones and well she would have tried to plug it in about point pop pop -- Actually a little behind the scenes on the Iran but normally I just -- -- right out of the drive back and see if they're okay without one I actually did plug in for more than an -- to see if it might come on. Like well you saw what happened on the show apparently that is dead. Although the charger and the phone did get super hot so I think -- was trying really hard to come back to life. Maybe it does not -- I have finally this email and many like it's a torture test wish list. With the iPod Touch fourth generation -- -- contest I have an iPod sport and an iPhone 3GS -- -- and -- all devices. Now that I said that -- what are you -- the nexus seven or the Kindle fire to the -- And a candle like I mentioned earlier we are torturing the nexus seven we got a ton ever quest for that iPod Touch. But I think we should wait and see what Apple announces supposedly on September 12 if anything. They with the Kindle fire and you wanna -- that but I'm hearing tons of rumors that are gonna come out with a new model and -- -- even several versions. We did test the Kindle. Also on the list for season two the Microsoft surface tablet whenever that comes out the Droid RAZR Max and galaxy note although probably -- the note to. And also a camera and maybe even -- TV. Keep those wish list coming along with all of the rest of the feedback. I love it makes the show and great email me always on cnet.com or of course you can find me on FaceBook Twitter and Google+. That's it for this -- coming up next -- -- our best of always on tons of bloopers outtakes. And never before seen footage from season one plus a sneak peek of what to expect anything -- team. See you next week thanks for watching how we've done. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And now and then we only have the dangerous business we have one safety. Thing. This is like its own torture test and I -- and alone. This. It's -- money. She's the hottest of the popular tech -- -- always on. Money so Oracle nationals in which a student jumps out of a plane. Takes fashion -- -- And then upload -- to the Internet. Poll found his mobile -- and an old before hitting the ground. Money thought -- herself. No way is -- realistic. Or is it. The new season of always on coming -- -- --
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