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CNET On Cars: Episode 1: Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe

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CNET On Cars: Episode 1: Audi A7 vs. BMW 640i Gran Coupe

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We kick things off with two German four-door coupes that hate each other, a look at the biggest engine breakthrough in your lifetime and a list of the Top 5 high horsepower cars you can actually afford.

Audi vs BMW in an eight -- grudge match meet the most important new engine technology in your lifetime. And one count down the top five most powerful cars that might actually -- in your driving. Cars different available on the road and under the hood but also check the tech and are known for telling it like -- -- The good the bad bottom line. This -- on cars. Hello everybody and welcome to CNET on cars I'm Brian Cooley. And this is going to be fun this is -- view show all about cars and act and the only one -- -- against both. -- up every week we're gonna start off with the coolest high tech all right at the CNET garage lately. This week because restarting your show and bring YouTube Audi a seven vs the BMW 640 -- -- -- Both a CNET editors' choices both scored nine point four out of ten. But I'm gonna break that -- Seven is a clean sheet design. With an amazingly spacious cargo bay -- hatchback which Americans normally run from. The BMW played that little safer with a conventional trunk. Little less cargo space but fortunately that -- no longer hides under a bad angle -- that you -- -- -- -- that BMW's had to about two years ago. In fact I'll go so far to say -- the -- -- is the better looking of the two and that's saying something because seven is no slouch. Other key positioning difference is the BMW gran coupe has got a green message. It's got regenerative breaking like a hybrid that would isn't an auto start stop what -- kind of rarity he's gonna go. Rather different religion lives under the -- on these two cards. Both are three -- both have six cylinders then they -- like miss the Audi is -- V6 direct injection all the usual variable valve timing. Super charger in this case. Eight speed automatic is the BMW all wheel drive -- a week -- get Audi after all. Of the BMW goes for inline six it's a BMW after all against three leaders but -- twin power twin scroll single Turbo. And the Turbo charger of course a very different power curve than a super charger eight speed automatic rear wheel drive only at this point let's stack up the numbers between these two. On the horsepower 310 here on the Audi 315 on the -- little bit better 325 -- the torque number on the Audi a 330 on the BMW. They get real similar -- zero to 65454. And both cars -- 4200 pounds now the MPG stories interest. 1828 for the -- 2030 on the -- Let's compare the cabin tech. First off neither car has. The touch screen that's apparently a German thing. No greasy finger up and BMW hasn't -- to put FaceBook Twitter and web radio on the main screen but its iPhone only after almost two years on the market. The navigation rig can access live Google search via a built in three G connection. Audi takes roughly the same Google integration and -- -- raises the stake to include live Google Earth imagery as one of its views that's pretty cool. The BMW screen -- ten inches wide but kind of short. The Audi screen -- eight inches large but more square. I prefer how -- can -- the navigation across that display as well as the center LCD between the gauges for what I think is the best navigation -- center in the -- both cards use three G -- their built in data connection but will soon be a step behind your 200 dollar Smart -- as Ford she rolls out -- goes so far -- to let you switch on a Wi-Fi hot spot in the car but you're still sharing that single three G connection. Between index -- And the passenger -- to these cars offer just about every form of mobile media you'd want as well as a -- when you probably don't like hard drive an SD card. But the Audi makes one serious screw up by omitting Bluetooth streaming you know that technology that some key as 13 its price have. Both these cars -- an image of serious performance -- off the road. And -- the same tight track where the PC EA redwood region holds its -- -- crosses. What are the person does not driving this supercharged engine is that it's super charger. There is really no perceptible delay in that on Russian power and it's a big boost when you get it there's also this all wheel drive all four paws are gripping. Once you get the feel of the and -- -- -- the best. You realize this car Roy knows how to vector itself been around corners and there's also a little bit of country running and the running of the chassis I'm getting a little bit of the sound of parts moving in the undercarriage is not my favorite sound. But I don't believe this -- built to be -- this hard. BMW of similar caliber. It also tends to do everyday driving a little more refined the Lehigh -- -- rides are. Gran -- making it -- -- you've -- rear wheel drive steering with the accelerator is not difficult at all the car feels it feels its way. -- feels like it's been a fool you there's a big car. But a very capable big guy and notice that the BMW drive modes -- -- -- little different on this car you go all the way down you get did you go pro really dials off the responsiveness and maximizes your economy. And any major -- setting your soul sport sitting on this car which -- sport plus and it also turns off your traction control. -- we do that. We really do have some fun here in these corners. Both these cars are admirable performers of an urgent onset of power but cryptic. You'll just -- driving them side by side they came to noticed a distinct difference when you hit -- -- it peels back the sporting pretends is to become more of a luxury car. In the BMW the luxury veneer comes off to reveal more of a sporting car I know the Audi has -- This has casters in front but -- a street fight I'm gonna pick up the BMW keys. And can. Okay pricing seven starts around sixty grams to 640 I gran -- around 76. But on the how do you have some option in the nav system and a few other niceties that are standard on the BMW -- comparably equipped the difference dissolves to a handful of thousands. Bottom line both these cars justified because of the board or -- and -- has a showcase of almost every kind of cards and out he needs to get Bluetooth streaming -- BMW needs to get on Android. So which 1009 driveway why don't like you I spend more time getting around mid driving for -- until BA seven wins by. -- I could probably bring it home at a lower cost. I'll -- you suddenly got an appetite for one of these high tech German rides and it wouldn't blame you. Go get fed over cars dot cnet.com where you'll find our full review of each and reviews from users like you very enlightening. Well you probably noticed just about every possible form of modern car tech was in those two cards we just wrote I know you're dying to get your hands on all of it but I also know a certain kind of driver who shouldn't get their hands on in the habit. So cars and distractions bad combination. Awareness is getting better but 57%. Of teens still admit to texting and driving in a survey recently done by state farm and 68%. Are willing to grab an incoming call while behind the wheel you might think the answer -- hands free technology but honestly. The majority of research provides no conclusive proof that hands free is any safer than hand held where are you -- -- be here right now. So at CNET were intrigued by the emergence of tech. This service also reports if it's been switched off -- email sent to the master account holder. That would be mom -- -- Do you know what technology shorts are giving the growth of EVs and hybrids you're gonna find out when CNET on cars continues. Well let's -- According to my watch the gasoline combustion engine was supposed to be in its grave by now. Born there by the twin under takers hybrid and the electric car. But something funny happened on the way to that funeral it didn't happen hybrids -- -- 3% of the cars we buy today and the gas combustion engine is very much alive and kicking. Largely thanks to one technology in particular direct injection. And that's this weeks car tech one -- one. This is the Ford research and innovation center at their headquarters in Dearborn Michigan. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They're huge machine -- up an engine two to run it and run at heart. Tickets -- her ability. -- horse power. Its torque. The behavior of all those parameters of making engine -- that -- one of the biggest things sport has worked on to make those parameters all better direct injection. -- say some parts over here on the bench. First of all here's how typical engines are built today most engines that is what's called port fuel injection. This is intake manifold section of one this is a port fuel injected or notice it's what we call upstream from where the business is done the cylinder will be down in here in the cylinder head. This is basically a piece of plumbing that funnels fuel and catering to -- cylinders but it does so -- -- in exactly as that mixture tumbles down this pipe. Enter direct injection. Here's a cross section of -- head we have DI or direct injection and does give you some orientation here. -- your topping your -- and this comes up on the crank of course closes there compresses air and fuel in that small gap. Spark plug ignites it. Down off you go. The key to this design is this little part right here. That is a direct fuel injected or notice where it's raise fuel. Right into the combustion chamber not upstream here in the port where the mixing -- the timing is kind of random. Direct injection puts the gas where it needs to be in the amount it needs to be exactly when it needs to date. That means more bang from less fuel and it's a key reason some gas engine cars now hit forty miles per gallon. So what does that game for you you get more power out of less fuel. You also are gonna get a car that's going to run more precisely this is the future of technology. It's also -- place report finds it Turbo charging is like peanut butter and chocolate. -- philosophy is to. Go with a downsizing strategy -- smaller engine were previously had a larger engine. And making that smaller -- perform like a larger than by putting technologies such as -- for -- The basic idea here is that Turbo charging direct injection they come together in a way that is not just about performance cars it's about taking an engine that is smaller. And getting power horsepower and torque out of it. -- tend to come from engines that are bigger using the old port fuel injection. By the way our next car tech wanna wanna next episode is all about Turbo -- come up part two of this -- you wanna get caught up on car tech -- even before our show covers them. Go to CNET at EBCs of car tech law we lay it all out for -- and we've got a link to that section in the show page here at CNET on cars. Dot com. If you think a Smart Car looks weird at least it has four wheels. Three wheeled cars were hot tech in the fifties. Of course they said the same thing about backyard bomb shelters there. Turns out these weren't exactly -- when we come back a look at them today. And some cars that -- all the rear wheels they could get when I count down the top five most powerful cars you can before. And CNET on cars continues. Cars -- fewer than four wheels -- the dream that won't die. The GM and the electric side by side two Wheeler was developed was -- -- the family resemblance. And it's in trials right now in China. This app Terrell is one of the best looking Wii wheel rides ever our partners that Edmonds drove it so it was real but -- -- pull the plug in to 111. And little motors in San Francisco is developing this two wheeled electric that balances itself. The reasons for cars like this range from fuel savings to taking less room on the road starting -- vehicle taxes in some countries or just getting into the car business without meeting stringent safety regulations. Wearing a helmet. You don't -- get real tired of all those list of the world's most powerful cars. I'm not gonna buy -- -- Iran would probably aren't either. But you might buy one of the cars on this list. Top five most powerful production cars you can afford. We're gonna rank these guys by their horsepower and keep the base price below fifty grand. And to keep an item value wheel calculating the box reports. Number five is the city Camaro ass ass that's right you. Tough road when the -- -- is the bottom of Marlins but it's no slaps. At 446. Horsepower with the manual transmission no it's just 400. If you get it within automatic. Battle aren't yet it's got a six point two liter V8 and the MS RP isn't amazingly low 33. That comes out like a blue light special 78 blocks all ports in fact it's the best value of any car -- less regulated that way. Number -- gonna raise a few eyebrows it's the Hyundai Genesis that -- Five leader. 429. Horsepower base price of 455. That's a 106 box reports that by the way is the highest cost -- only. Of any car on our list today. Now this is the car you want when it's a sleeper that you want to be at the red lines between folks are gonna think this is your grandfather's Lexus. Until they can't see it anymore because of all the smoke from that burnout you do is laid down. Okay number three Ford Mustang boss 302. 444. Horsepower 43000. Dollars about 97 box so horse. This by the way also happens to be my favorite mustang -- all of them right now. Sliding ahead of the standard five liter GT which doesn't quite make the list on our. And below the 650. Horsepower Shelby GT 500 which would be big of this list. It was just for green she. Number two the Chrysler 300 SRT eight. 465. Horsepower out of a big goal -- -- -- six point four -- enemy base price about 487. Around -- 105 bucks a horse and as a free bonus you'll be driving the official car of driving around -- see all the way back. Say -- -- Eminem forming. Okay our number one affordable high horse car may surprise you. It's the little known and seldom seen -- Dodge Charger SRT eight super being. 470. Horsepower out of -- -- super charged six point born leader and mediate. Base price 484. About a hundred -- -- ports. And if you're gonna drive horsepower champ get -- we'll take advantage of all that bravado and -- yellow bumblebee -- right surrounded by. -- You -- the number one email I get from CNET -- to experience. It goes like this hey Cooley which what would you why would your money. Out of that if that's a very tough call but I came up with one did a blog post on it it's over our show page at CNET on cars dot com. While you're there would love to get your feedback about the show it's brand new -- our labor of love and once you love it just as much as we'd. I'm Brian Cooley thanks for --
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