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Ep. 98: NYC Maker Faire highlights, why we're keeping our phones longer, and Gilt obsession: Tech Culture

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Tech Culture: Ep. 98: NYC Maker Faire highlights, why we're keeping our phones longer, and Gilt obsession

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Scott and Joey recount their adventures at the NYC version of the Maker Faire; a new study shows we're waiting longer to upgrade our phones; and Dan recounts his obsession with the super-hot fashion startup Gilt.com.

We were -- all kind of down and low energy today and then the bouncy theme music comes on. And just -- everybody right assessment. Now we have is -- but but that did it does remind me I'm always promising to. Export in MP3 version of that is -- Download for our viewers and listeners which I promise I -- you when the upcoming 100 episode how about that very incentive to tune it. -- right maybe -- -- but it's gonna happen anyway I'm sorry I was setting were also were also low energy today I think it's the rain it's keeping -- -- down. Cannery here in New York if you're not here Scott slip something in war I I brought I brought an umbrella and everything and and a -- to protect myself from the rain. Good for your trading yesterday ha. Because then it would have wrangle over the NYC. Maker Faire. Of Africa that was this thing so we'll -- to -- the -- probably where -- -- here -- It was -- did you goes -- yesterday I did too. It Julie did you go to this you events now I gave it to room and on and if you -- and let me give a brief brief bit of background I think this spring originally from a magazine called -- which is that -- a home our projects do it yourself kind of magazine. That -- -- pretty nice magazine I I think it's very closely together it looks ninth. Eccentric sector the they had one of these what its efforts -- goers sent then and now they have one and you'll of the country look at every other country. And this is the new first annual New York speaker there though it's about people who. Put things together and make things rather than just buy them. And I was gonna go but it got caught up -- cannot PowerPoint and then they'll all that has. Is on a weekend at all the TV shows Iran on Sunday and then in the PowerPoint -- -- Scotland Julie went and from the pictures I side I thought to be a little more high tech it seemed a little more on on the collide. Single hit the -- -- him before that's what they are. -- attend their combination of things they're a little bit like -- Engineers meet burning man type of thing. There's definitely a down and dirty element to it it is -- if you look at the exhibits and there are a number of them at the New York science hall inside. They they range wide gamut from fantastic -- -- performance art -- Agassi's -- any contemporary art gallery. And and then your stuff like -- -- -- rear light crafting felt monsters you know so yeah it -- if it's a very very wide range it. Went from like a life size mousetrap. The human mousetrap -- two like. This woman it was like fashion you where she -- -- weaving wiggling her waist and her dress does. Filled up with like against it and balloons and it's filled up with air and -- you don't think. Who -- the year and then she wiggle again and it went down wearable art but that sounds very -- -- it it was new it was it was -- is just. It was weird thing is that it is actually not that it's not that weird they're they're weird things -- might. It's fine it's like it's it was like a team down kind of burning them as well I think what it means we're getting is currently. The only -- different was that yet at that must educate us under but kids kids yeah. Good friend of mine we both brighter kids it guys day. With the kids and nine it was and they ran around its own -- by the food away and at the big plea deal raised from the Diane the when handling ten foot diameter plant pots that they needed appeals -- them. And it has on the -- he's so I have a government with their photos of this I'm gonna see some photos -- -- -- in this photo -- -- have a -- and problem there that was a cool there was a guy walking around. He was dressed in the suit. Made entirely of metro cards I've got -- years ahead heading in this guy MasterCard guy dagger is here I have an affinity -- it in the loading dock -- maker Faire and I had. Snap a photo the weirdest thing that I -- -- some things. That's the giant -- strap that's been written that that they -- -- creating a large human size version of the board game. Aggression taxicab of the bowling ball he team literary gone -- its -- -- -- was just standing there with Clemens -- I'm -- the inside like crazy in -- had converted all its potential entity to Connecticut. And yes so I'm sorry invalidate the -- school here you know your requisite -- cubes solving robot. Inside. This is actually wish I'd seen this but this is an argument maker fair in this thing the these are giant Tesla coils that are part of a band in that Lenovo rock bands on on the -- And he Quayle's I think. And how they produce music but they do and that's inside the great -- that's actually the oldest part. -- signs all. Wearing queens was this is is and watching this is I got it okay at the other side to side of the old world's -- yeah aren't and it's and -- location -- Just weirdness -- it feels like comic comic is weird. And explain rubberized monster seats walking Iran and running into the bushes over here there's actually -- chariot race. -- with homemade chariots. Run by fit them a group called them Madagascar's aside. -- I've reviewed. Typically. We also have. -- of the we get. Some in that this is thankful that swimming cities -- -- Ian walker anymore -- these things it looks sometimes like parade floats. On some of the rides definitely looked and safe especially. Yeah 360 degree sitting area that's right here and risk almost performance -- there were like rocket engines attached and it. Kind of strange hospitals burning -- -- yeah this that was very burning -- it'll cycle ride thing one in the back. Was was what is in concert with an electric guitar what does this bizarre and on the side of your FaceBook. A pair of pants -- I. And rescue me about the nature face but doesn't -- well yeah usually the ads are targeted towards the user -- -- I -- aren't exactly. Oh yes of course they're entitled to get saying yeah I -- like it you market CBS skip free dental care I've never seen them work successfully so they go pants for sale. And this guy at a moment of burning man I found -- early morning this man was putting together. The name of them these giant pod like robots Tutsis and I came by 2 o'clock. I could -- -- mail any female. Robot -- person a copy of late and produce an alarm but he was currently constructing. That's except sadly and -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it come on join in -- -- -- at that point -- early. And make your own 3-D printer. -- -- felt I don't think it's a real -- reporter but as a whole. There's actually tremendous three -- revealing is it's a huge part of make in the culture is actually really cool if you've never is it was a inequities there were demonstrating. Really nice jewelry and that they printed out of steel and other alloys on 3-D printers okay. Really complex 3-D shapes and -- it -- you could. In an invite you -- -- it printed I have princes that I -- -- -- -- -- -- a lot of fun -- and also thank you wanna go the nerdy geeky as part of the I certainly did not mean although I'm standing there with my son. It's utility kilts now apparently these are well known in Seattle. These -- that explains everything I -- if you wanna know but the red and honesty and aggravates -- brick if you wanna go up but the it's stuff like utility belts that now the Internet because these are -- -- made for men with lots of pockets for gear. I was almost -- violin. There are some are in 203 denies that pushed me away but that. And -- -- -- your your taxes -- in the next I think that's a step away right off step away from replica swords and change yet. Although -- closest things that was the I'm is that science on that was about it is my son from -- those crazy robots and will -- be coming back next year. Yes it's the first annual okay so I thought it was going to be traveling around very encouraging its first annual you know. New York actually I think doesn't have enough. I'm of those large scale weird things is the mermaid parade but usually it's not very Manhattan new York and things like the fact -- -- -- -- the New York comic con next weekend. Yes well that'll be. I've done is I've got the last two -- who's -- -- -- cars do let me at a town and I come back in time for -- Saturday of it and you'll in the general observation I personally really are we gonna go to the -- in annual maker fan exterior. Now now. You guys are going to make it -- on. I made the appeal for me was disfigured myself I think they'll know the funny moments that's and that they did it that's why gave -- -- -- -- -- -- route -- to -- a -- -- -- -- yeah. You know -- when you take your kids an acute computer problem if yes it's time you could -- learn a lot of stuff there ever single exhibit they were very interested and dedicated to exactly they did. Which is interesting some of the use it -- -- art -- but they'll talk to all the if you like weird interesting motivated. -- you sign I love. To explain stuff they'll tell you all day long that's of the group selling point to -- got I think. Then hit these explaining -- step to me all day off -- -- if I mean I consumer anatomy I actually got on the bicycle at at the airplane propeller have been to those cool. Enable kids and things and it and is it that -- very charming milestone problem in thirty that's the my only problem is and you may find this hard to believe despite client long -- and -- sideburns. I hate -- Yes Elvis that -- now what exactly bees -- panel that -- and that was the number decades ago. These these weren't any hippies yeah we we thought we go. You go by the hippie apparently -- -- to say here we go it's got an accurate about and -- -- -- hot -- let's move onto our next Saturday to thank you. Thank you for going to the make -- -- and document he had photo Scott thank you going -- -- your observations suggest that looks as we went to get my weekend schedule it worked out differently I actually would have gone as well. Perhaps that there were not in flushing you don't want it to you -- it was a valid frame of my trip I I really I really did. Plan on going at what your needs -- -- again it's I have some fun I feel like these taxes and it's -- steps. And that they should bring -- the life pac man -- -- Washington Square Park -- come and play them without that was call that's part of the whole like -- -- -- that's records. You know this you have to -- your right you have to let go it's like a Renaissance -- for -- You have to like go -- the Turkey -- I've I've I think they're probably been to more well. I'm not -- more like comic books last -- I think Frederick mentioned that anyone else here. You know it's all it -- distant pastor -- -- -- comic guy your iGoogle lives -- video. I've in my chief fair share via actionable playing in another embarrassing things. Oh yeah. Do videos or now this before we had him did you ever been forever to did you -- -- -- did you originally better whatever you grow at. That's right so work -- I don't know what you Fridays after -- gonna play some DND year. But I retire my one game with the -- sadly this is hat I retired by dungeon master's guide in the sixth grade. -- that's something I've never played is and believe it -- not satanic. The only good -- imagination you don't visual. Aboard a hit ladies and how many do you know -- the visual he needs like electronic. It would've -- right at a clip all the -- of the -- stories are gentler terms of game play you just need a visual just to -- it was just the same plots over and over again and keep rolling dice. They examine pretty much -- video games slate for I think whenever replaced Democrats in the background first person shooter you shoot you can -- money at -- or you're playing a platform it's pretty much like a lot of things and pretty much the same. I don't I don't really -- -- reject -- and for some equity in the with the with the dungeon master. Let's say if in fact this is a good idea for the upcoming 100 anniversary show why don't we each. Save up and then declare. Our -- our our our -- is geeky secret. Everyone gets one effect I don't find it right now I might have the picture for it. Don't throw everybody think about that and for everyone has something in their deep buried path minds can be you're -- if you're like -- whatever I don't know I have what are you it's -- -- -- you do that you personally embarrassed by. Well you're -- have to stop I think about it -- can't leak out. Though so the coveted two weeks with the with with your dirty secret -- anyway I gonna get an okay -- you've got stuff. I saw a study. That said that according to JD powers those are the guys who -- the -- few if I'm gonna study. We are now holding onto -- cell phones longer than ever the average. Time that we keep a cell phone now is twenty point five months which is 17% longer. Then this work from last year now why is that -- -- our phones -- -- there was indeed -- now how how -- -- time. How long it do we spend between buying new found caveats and download that had an all time high -- -- point five month why do you think that it. Many enemies of the leading edge on the low and I'm in every year now I'm like twice the years sometimes feeling that was less -- you got a film for your -- Payments to ten years to hear -- 44 months the average is twenty point five month so that's right about there yeah. So why do you unlike these two guys why do you wait the full two years -- do -- one year and six months. Is on the I'm typically not an early adapter -- anything and kind of like to just fill out the products before actually you know commit to them so everybody else he's against the -- before I do anyway so. That helps and if I wanna get it great if not an -- at fair alternatives and if my contacts out pre. If not and I have something to look forward to -- though they'll be something better and online anyway. So the -- and. Important and is that contract I think the reason why people don't want their phones more often is these onerous contracts -- all. Kind of stuck in the two year contract -- The that's it through fertility doesn't matter -- break his contract pay extra money whatever -- Okay -- the at a discount for years -- -- -- but they don't have like you know. But you don't get that pulled this Donnelly can be anti are you get you get it -- if -- on the new contract. Com you just extend your contract and a year from now points -- If you have a year ago Allison and another two year yeah which Etsy into the new year which which rightly you don't get the same discount nobody I get the -- yes -- you get a certain amount -- program access to I -- the -- sustain it or not special like yeah. I guess is -- off the back of truck NATO fold the back of general he's -- -- they land gently though because it is past. With certain people if you if you if you maintain good credit which -- -- if -- if you ever plan over hundred dollars or you've been with them over ten years and there they give you what's called spread premier plan. And that entitles you to annual upgrades the full 150 dollars instead of the semifinals per year that's supposed to be the same thing with eighteen T they say that depending on how much you spend any given year you can upgrade every year for the iPhone but it's high level. I'm not call it. So and that's that's Arjun. And it also lodged a building account so that with proposed by I think another reason why people are holding onto their phones owners were also. -- in an -- of upgrade Apple software so actually. The phones last longer yeah have a lot of useful life span now Apple is among the ones that -- off the functionality about two years but you can buy a phone you know any iPhone last about a two year cycle for Toledo's main function right at least in the need to get the other functions. You can still use it and it's. But he's all attachments updates for the next to last well by an. Well the Smartphones pretty much have back. Automatic update you know DT and and -- directly. So -- really is no need to rush and get the numerous phone it gives you and you don't feel when you have all these of these coming around the -- and within like it means though is -- -- -- to -- for the year a year and a -- -- two years. For that next phone as you know you sometimes. That's why can't I can't bits and all the time he sees that the new phone on the money I don't want it well and you can look cooler comes out there right there again isn't -- -- -- -- whatever is quite. Do it eventually come blitz for now late enjoyed evil you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He doesn't even ordeal even told you're -- -- greater than getting it and he is again which you Afghanistan is this -- they keep cranking out thing for me. You -- -- right around -- corner playing with our phones don't Joey that's all -- five times you see. Joey Joey likes a little phone strange you know I think that's true but what can you know we're just gonna citizens. This is where where where it might my average of commit more frequently you have been -- longer the -- in do we know I've seen some ice carried three phone. Add the I following adding that the iPhone I have to write about -- well and I had my and you keep them aren't. All the issues that would prohibit have a Samsung blade which folder when in my -- what did you use them -- for. Well the iPhone I'm surprised. Got a -- of -- are local and even imagine what use I use three I use -- through over vocal buyer focused surfing the web and the blade I got because the whole papers stand to the blade was actually pretty equally got the -- is a veteran I got the -- -- -- I was really fortunate I wanted to checks -- sort of play with it. And I want to the sprint store and they hey guys com. Elected bonds won't boot to my account like we can do that -- I call and I ditched. -- -- -- A month ago -- build. My Treo to my account which at the time Treo 650 dollars. He's got a month ago -- I fighting generic drug dealer and I could build the -- the my accounts of the credited my account 200 dollars. And then mailed to me for free you'll recorders for funds. They need to spend an answer -- headquartered look like that at the time that I had that though the iPhone was available for surfing the web. You did is another -- there was nothing better than -- -- the web than the iPhone at that time so that's of them was for. And you actually are largely -- a hot minute and then. My Treo I've had which was sprint for years -- -- -- my personal with the Sony CMZ 100 anybody wants and that thing up but. Ackerman with the disputed that was feeling wheels and I'll I'll have that sort of yes this -- -- guilty and it's gonna cause them -- love I love cellphones and BI had so many. That now -- have one I just I want I want what the hottest weaponized ordinance. I mean it's it's it's my one it's my one -- and I'm with now you know I get that the federal I don't gamble. Mobile -- is actually pretty cool. But syncing between them all of your data and info it's look -- -- and that we you know about that wasn't that big of -- do because the nice thing what are they with the blade was great for. There'd be times I wouldn't wanna be bothered by people in the only person and had the number the third phone. Relate my mom my sons -- second literally secret I can literally just leave all my -- all. And only answer that phone from my mom Ahmanson's moment of my -- -- -- time in it was it was great it was great sometimes you just wanted. Unplug from the world but you don't want unplug from certain people. I can give that number to anybody sent it out so get a phone for just two or three keep the way it was it was like you're -- I'm -- it was like it was like it was like a bat phone. Only commissioner Gordon Craig had a -- it was it was -- doesn't have a question for here is this your definition of speeding it up. Illness and over the phone today and for those -- -- -- -- -- read the chat room. We're all -- for rising to be hit and our outer guard but a -- -- -- -- let me know I was about NASA's battery can't of the jet's on the head back on legal. Okay look now -- -- pulled a double less I will say clearly. Sounds like he's he's the world's biggest Brit fan. I may be -- -- -- gilt dot com fan and that's the now that's the private sale of -- -- and membership only website that I I looked at myself Saturday and I realized that. Everything members wearing. Came from deal. -- -- -- My jeans my new John -- -- -- converts Letterman yeah. -- there's another problem he couldn't even an idea that my count reclined boxer -- everything that Microsoft basically those it finds and socks and guilt your breakfast cereal I'm I'm sat. That is all and they say that this is one of the most successful digital start -- for the past two years XT with more than I. Now that's an annual revenue. And I think it's company to watch out for it's I'm gonna say I -- got his -- did a few times. I know -- -- invite it's a very nice layout and I'm tempted and actually the prices on the issues are very. I'm just a big fashion your fashion that I I think here that is this is how you become. You know I'm gonna make sure every it makes it it'll make you more TV ready Enola -- you like the limited selection like the limited menu yup because for me going -- -- -- store. It's very intimidating and I'm speaking on the doubt when I say I like the fact it's like. You know it's like -- and restaurant menu and say we've got east I'm knives for dinner and that's it in a game and tomorrow it'll be notified violence that's always get it -- -- for yes Israel's as a -- the the but that's -- bubble -- -- on deal. They'll put out without being actually I backed securities and you probably he will listen to us that what's -- guilty pleasure thank you. I don't -- yeah. -- yeah. Having there were guilty and it really lighter there -- -- -- this is what I know he well within what would you call what are your -- -- what do you find some -- okay -- addicted to -- you're addicted to three and. I do now only thing. What you got a nice show and I'm sure there is something but I'm not very don't need to know. We know it's got the big the full -- that minute and oh yeah that's right cuts got predictable and even a secret guilty pleasure you know it's like well until we know Hillary loves like race and -- Phnom. And -- and -- yeah -- -- and Andy and that's good point would -- poison yeah and besides obviously you know -- she -- -- And if it Amanda. -- advocate that to him. -- I've I think we should have -- the month who we all go out and grabbed -- we do that now. Inevitably is that it immediately -- -- -- -- -- -- well well you know we're we're we're skyrocket actually you know me you know -- begin printing out the ex wife and give it definitely heading meetings got a -- Don't they don't -- Oh please got a you know. -- is always up for me going and having fun -- usually the ones in the VW relatively new -- and I had thought that's I. And I know I'd still outside those soft and fluffy. But I don't think -- -- but the difference. Yeah. I you -- I service like Julie liquor yeah. Yeah. Just that you're closer and I have had hasn't let it fill segue. But before we forget that -- when I ask about. A -- thing you know get that yeah I -- pervasive -- pretty persuasive argument made that the New York Times. Our hometown paper here in New York obviously needs to put -- -- he wall immediately they say they're working on a -- Pay system any way but. They point out that if you wanna subscribe to the top and it's currently five dollars and 85 cents a week we're 304 dollars a year which is half off their normal lifted price of 608 dollars a year of work reading all the stuff on -- very nice to put together with -- -- free. Fill you know when you get the high diving for free ever in keeping up to put up a -- -- but every newspaper that does that. Tremendous failure for the most part so what's the what's the real middle ground here. Would you pay for New York Times website if you had to now what well war. What would be your alternative that. And another trouble -- because you know what they've offered so much room for free now and for soaring used to it being free yeah for so long in so many different ways that I think. Maybe the best solution might be and I was against -- first the iPad -- the editor's choice. This is terrible -- -- you know it's not terrible futures go limit of articles I get. That is gonna put a lot more stuff and if you wanna read an article or two on the train but then if you -- actually pick what you wanna read in the news. You pay for the whole thing. Maybe something like that. Sitting at least let loose some of the content for free. Now how now I mean I I just don't see -- it to drop prices a lot to make it worthwhile. Or charge you more and dehumanized -- with -- an idea of subscription along with the print paper. On an island -- I'd like the printer favor more well I like the print paper but at the same time I've been buying it less often now for two bucks today. Yeah and and and you -- website -- I used to. I still do occasionally but not not as often as -- used to -- right totally true. I find that now makes sense that they've been intercepting more of the links from other places and make you sign and because I just find that if the -- -- -- -- I mean I'll be perfectly honest I'll I'll look at three different news feeds them it'll eventually lead them around and through to the times herald and I'm interested in and that's relegated I don't usually go through rates there and that try to fix it website might Peru's all of you know tiger and there is an and that's always and obviously that's bad news for for a site like that -- All these aggregators without without the time they would have anything to aggregate first on second of all it's simply the paper of record for so many things in its -- -- collateral live. I've never worked for the times more probably will I ever I want to say however. It is impossible to be a a a informed well spoken. And you know do. Successful member of society. Without. Knowing what's in the New York Times on a on a pretty regular cases it is it is the engine that drives. Thoughtful society here in America -- I'm gonna put that out there the one way -- the other. We need this product it's a question of how you get it to people in a way that that that you can not -- Even in terms of its concept. Maybe it's price maybe it's constantly -- -- to you. Mutated something else and still keep all the qualities I don't know if -- -- -- -- just like what if a product that's error says the digital cities an average drinking game is that we -- -- -- -- -- -- plastic -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Just -- at this oh yeah. I exaggerate. It is this is every time -- mentions that checked every time it'll be an adult. You laugh at something will be lack yeah I am really most at home I think you're letting the -- gotten I have to go to -- in my office nutcracker. -- If the super nutcracker even though they serve these strings of -- and if they do these -- those that kind of it's not making yourself -- on the -- Thirty alcoholic drinks and this is the in the bar version that yeah they would have these cracking down on -- the -- you go and you -- -- paper cup of you know -- calorie free booze and Ella but -- -- -- -- -- company it's it was like -- Campbell or 151. In thick smoke who. Moves -- kick and then they've greater tester chicken. Yeah but they -- ladies and gentlemen let us now enter the lightning round -- 2800. Did the clockwise. Scott. I heard somebody talking about what the NFL has to do with -- iPhone app in order to be successful because the iPhone app currently -- You basically get audio highlights and press conference video and that's it. That reminds me of all the coverage you get -- the thing -- what do you think of -- plan to -- that the iPhone -- the NFL. We need to do a lot they have big -- and it goes down the licensing the problem is that he wanna control all of their information more than and I'll be an NBA because -- the big dog and sports. So you can't stream the audio of games you can't get answered and access they're really -- that up. Which is why they're offering nothing on the iPhone I think and they paid wrapper for yeah it's a paid -- on top of notably -- 499. So you're really only getting the stuff the -- pretty much would be getting on on the CBS sports mobile it's like to -- one. Mobile -- and and others so. I and those are free so I think. Envision existing because it's an in stadium thing they're licensing allows you to see those games to get those stats in the stadium on UHF network but I asked the guys and vision. Hey would you ever be making a product like this that could be outside the stadium that allow this type of experience and around. That's the dream project. Now they didn't say anything but they sort of suggested they obviously tried talking. To people about it but -- it goes back to licensing but the NFL is -- -- -- -- from the NFL wants -- -- get all of your streaming audio from serious and they -- you get all of -- games from -- TV. And they've locked up and they want you get your phone content from Verizon and they lock those. Publisher in very specific places like stadiums. It's very annoying because the MLB is actually much cooler baton. But also in places and and sports like the NBA because they're desperate for -- again they'll feels like they've got everybody -- and it got huge amounts of money coming in from these. From the partners stereo. Yes. -- anybody but it isn't it but this is an enthused that they're atop Andy a little catch it -- It's that we jury everybody drinks whenever someone ships a product of -- Both that they -- haven't -- a little -- like every two to three -- Yeah NFL's not happening. Now I'll give got -- -- credit he was on board -- on -- this -- before it went out he was also when he talked about about this. On top of this trend of people coming to New York in other cities and buying up iPhone to take into China -- the iPhone with actually just released like what this past week or something in the near time's going to be story on this just -- a couple of days ago just last week. You were onboard this story months ago it's true what do -- were reminders quickly what you observed and talk to us about now when you were buying your iPhone for. Yes there's other times during a got a little you know as I saw that I was there but credits and they they really investigated and we'd see the beginnings of that I was online and I saw I could report this because. You need to be able to prove what you're talking unique and anecdotally discuss it but. We -- on the show I saw a lot you -- to profiling people. Well and I like your online for an iPhone for at 9 -- in the morning it's packed when you get there and 7% of the line -- where Asian and based on what -- I don't speak. -- the Asian languages. -- I believe it was Chinese and analysts and others and you attended doing it in conversation with some of them is I guess they're Mandarin and that's what some of your -- -- I don't know. And that's why cooler port and I went on my own not ready -- bringing people here at CNET like Wilson honestly who who knows I believe some dialects. They come and check it out. But I -- online site electing an iPhone and they said yes and I said which model you're going. And it says yes now they just sort of turned away. And everyone had to come out of the line had to iphones per and the line took forever is apparently -- -- -- cash. So this one obviously something was going on in and I heard from from couple people that they heard that that there recently -- In New York. It's -- -- flash version of gold farming. And they're getting and the times article talked about how much money. If -- -- is actually involved. I would've waited on line -- -- but apparently get really giant particulars the general says her group will certainly looks -- -- I. I five. And -- that can carry out okay and act in our eyes a paperback book over 600 dollars you go to town. Now streets of percent of fifty and I was like 150 bucks to win I'm going up and down all they do do -- -- -- -- whether admit more than we make hearing so. -- I think actually -- just. Cover that and when I wrote the piece started telling the story behind -- your movement information because we felt like we realize -- -- -- you if you can't explain it. And was Apple's problem too because Apple -- same issue they couldn't. Correctly identify or stop it because it's -- discrimination. And so he can't stop anyone from buying the phone even if it's going to another country because if you're paying the money. Otherwise it looks like it like a racial -- a life. -- limit on how many iPhone did that pops up a point while you're gonna buy a couple at a time they can't you can't buy one too but they don't really have a formal record -- apparently so if you do your credit -- right so now they're giving it -- system. They've made -- one of this security people online admitted it. I asked him is this happening is it pretty much I said. Can you stop -- he said no and and the online sign ups. Didn't work either because they're trying to the reservations -- was -- and names and email addresses. But now that iPhone is its survey done story because the iPhone Swanson. And -- there are huge and they're huge so well so you. I think the -- I think this this selling a bubble is over. And maybe there are buying them for people that couldn't stand. Well the blind people want them next symbol Atherton. -- -- It's not it's not really it's really I learned how hard it is just what you -- -- -- without rather they have to -- -- -- and conservative books and we -- a line -- I airline and you have -- access and as we -- lines I don't. I -- -- -- higher -- standard admirable we went to. EA EA on EA but an afternoon with which one I'm looking at -- -- the windows and award a line is moving -- -- -- and only after party. After all is not like Frontline was not moving fast enough that when found somebody -- -- got to the line actor and others and not like wading -- and Ackerman does not that I do. I'm I think I like -- but I -- I'll wait on line Ackerman doesn't behind solution thank -- That's right find a solution quickly I sort of mentioned before we go before -- there's a tragic tragic story this weekend. The -- company. The company that makes as he -- that scooters to was was purchased last year buying a by a English millionaire named Jimmy. Has -- -- And and he had not -- the company for very long and he was killed this weekend and and not things anyway to make -- -- it in a segue accident. Apparently his Segway -- off a cliff while he was driving on his estate in England. I'm sure there's some sort of horrible irony there but that is such a fantastical story it's impossible to not mention it. -- -- -- -- -- Make of that what you will and I believe you wanna lighter -- We had a visit. This past week in unannounced visit. From an old friend devised hopefully. Scott Watson pictures for -- devil -- -- -- to demonstrate you'll do it all -- -- -- and you think your hands. So two years ago. Zoom in -- two years ago. -- It's got his -- inside. Two years ago with I think -- me and talked his way past the security -- -- -- it to come up and visit us because he was such a big fan of everything we did. And we hung out with him for awhile -- mature. -- gave a big tour and the area is that's two years ago and then last week and it last week who who -- it again. But. And it -- Various yeah. -- look how big he's gotten into all -- and Julie's taller than everyone that doubt that through I mean just that with we've which is really amazing so that's the same kit but there yeah see if he will. And the two years later. That's adolescent for -- and it. Let's I didn't know who it was when you bring him into the just like any of birthday present for you -- news cookie mine gonna make really -- -- -- -- -- -- and -- -- okay. So they go thank you cancer dropping -- -- always good to see and does this mean it seems like a real tech expert flat entrepreneur of the making -- for youth. You didn't do that within riding in was an idea which is amazing to -- -- still listens. Yeah. He's a known as the three exaggerating -- -- actually -- company and he said -- that you're -- lack of an accident stuff. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought that -- that. Ever wanted to -- -- next week episode 99 week after that episode 100 follow the show at twitter.com slash digital cities cnet's. On FaceBook. Do it podcast is that the fan page -- diversity but it's my -- with a link to the show excellent excellent polish twitters and out of that just got -- attack in and of course. At ports for all -- jazz rock needs. Through your please feel free to check out tales of -- Novell on I -- not we got a good idea we got hundreds or wherever you gotta hand. -- yet Joey angels but online obviously -- -- I everywhere and everywhere dust next meager when you bring their old bottle.

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