Ep. 975: Where we're making educated guesses: The 404

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New patents reveal Samsung's foldable and scrollable smartphone future
4:06 December 1, 2015
Samsung's looking at smartphone designs we've never seen before. The Gear VR is getting a controller and Fossil's Android Wear watch...
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This Nokia virtual-reality camera costs $60,000
2:53 December 1, 2015
Good VR doesn't come cheap, as evidenced by Nokia's Ozo 360-degree video camera. Meanwhile, Swatch's next smartwatch has mobile payments,...
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First look at the 2017 Porsche 911 Turbo
1:28 December 1, 2015
Porsche is updating the iconic 911 Turbo with a slight facelift and some new features. XCAR runs down everything you need to know about...
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Speedy cooking features offer mixed results
1:28 December 1, 2015
The LG LDE4415ST electric double oven range is packed with cooking modes designed to speed up cooking. Those features work well --...
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Wearable tech gifts for the holiday season
2:06 December 1, 2015
From high-end smartwatches to the latest fitness trackers, there are more wearable tech options than ever for someone looking to get...
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Just Cause 3 - Wreaking havok with tethers and boosters
3:19 November 30, 2015
Looking to master the grapple and booster engine mines? Here are some Just Cause 3 beginner tips on how to utilize these gadgets to...
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VTech hack exposes 5 million accounts, including kids' photos, chats
2:56 November 30, 2015
The toymaker stores personal data and photos in a way that may be easy for hackers to access. Also, Amazon shows off its latest design...
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iPad Pro after one week: Can it replace your laptop?
2:49 November 30, 2015
CNET Senior Editor Andrew Hoyle has been using Apple's gigantic tablet as his main computer for a week. Luke Westaway asks how it stacks...
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