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Tech Culture: Ep. 95: AMD kills ATI; Apple event predictions; and video game pottery

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Tech Culture: Ep. 95: AMD kills ATI; Apple event predictions; and video game pottery

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On this week's episode, we mourn the death of a GPU giant, as parent company AMD prepares to kill off the ATI brand. Then we make our predictions for this week's upcoming Apple event, and check out price increases for Xbox Live and price drops for Nintendo's DSi. Finally, if you've ever wanted to see some hand-made pottery based on a popular video game? We've got you covered!

-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's nicknames but it's the makes it sound so. It is -- Sunday when an innocent. Worse than a -- -- very innocent nicknames but it's the fact that two people are totally different of the same nickname mean. These big red. Think that has to think. I -- is Monday at the digital city here we -- -- Nike showtime has been in terms of the it'll going on an end up says report that are Powell I just -- -- not here. And I know he he heard a Specter reasonable person stuff because he's old. And you know I I guess in the file in like for five years Scott will be that old and we'll have to worry that throwing -- backed out and sitting on the couch as well. -- three -- -- blood relatives news. -- we're gonna pick your five years older than me. At least in and descent. I I person put up some -- this weekend and did not hurt my back in the slightest honestly how I -- the books now that's seventy. -- got this big -- And -- a temporary -- after registering its so painful I did not take a picture of this because it was very -- even those very food who you know friendly. A bookshelf. Collapse at my house. Fell off the wall. Had been there for a long time -- overloaded -- the -- bookshelf. Crushed what was underneath which was sadly my my extremely rare extremely valuable. Vintage electro home Apollo. Stereo system as big -- space 1999 but -- looking guys totally destroyed. I was beside myself for grief. -- -- and I'm gonna rebuild and just build actual bookshelf that are really attached to the -- a good way. So went Home Depot. Got those big metal like strips. You know that you put on the wall and in the give them hooked and I'm gonna back up and get bracket and they'll build a holding thing five shells -- -- that's than the great for -- The only thing is that replacement for the electro but Sunday I will not replace it meant anything else thanks but announced the morning my -- there -- system. I understand well has it flooded basement of childhood earlier in the -- hard Q. Hard to document the think on the books. And you feel for you at least you I I just. Felt sad about it -- built some nice shelves and a -- and -- -- he's faced with a crash. Stereo. But -- the -- will prevent this in the future. -- if they didn't put that up right I think definitely -- to -- democratically you -- -- I don't. I -- most of the studs in the law I think it again I think I think it a pretty good overall. But hanging stuff Peter through drywall in New York apartment is -- -- -- and on our hanging in my walls you have wall shelves that I got for as a wedding gift and and hasn't -- -- for exactly those reasons Phillies on the falls through their son. India -- that finder and -- on the wall it's not -- my web business that -- Act anyway it was broken actually let me -- -- -- Monday took down. It is it's it's a -- they're -- -- these okay he's usually yelling and screaming at this point the show it's nice and peaceful it is nice to be filled as the mail this week. I thought well usually it's like -- yelling McLaughlin group kind of video. It is going to be the more intellectual Charlie Rose sort of thing across the table quietly and -- feel. Today is Monday tomorrow's Tuesday actually Wednesday what -- Wednesday that's Big Apple. Event with the Apple shaped guitar. Invite. Where they could target Apple -- town hall -- pivotal him what are they gonna have to have any ideally you have any Apple predictions considering it's going to be music based at least in part. Because of the invite you -- be. And new gen iPod. I mean via iPods and -- And I'm assuming it's it's either. Where they via a public houses. Well -- -- Back design for. -- line oh and then go public and -- Though that should be interesting -- -- each other. And I thought that arms but not not a bad idea there Apple products -- about the it would -- traditional. IPod they still make one of those in the sixty gig or 120 gave -- a hard drive and it classic with with the with the scroll wheel that go away with the deficits grow well. -- probably. Unless you wanna keep 1008 -- you know people don't mind having a huge. Base and there -- And you know. And now patent BMI and having the bulk of it -- of that dynamic creative zen and that had a hard drive you know not the flash base you know I've found it hard to -- -- thirty gigs and at the time it was cheaper than iPod. The original iPod so. -- And I'm keeping it just in case anything happens -- -- you know. And as soon in the creative than a year yeah yeah I would ask that. Focus group organized to yeah. I don't think that's my. He's gonna go anywhere until the top the capacity. I have a feeling mean only used -- sixty for the next one went when he covered but. I just feel like there are people who do like the larger capacity for music for whatever reason. I think that's it I really replaced the platter hard drive with a solid state hard drive that was through the weak point those hard -- to die after eighteen months you know without without fail. I don't think they're gonna go to work anyway that's alignment and that -- price -- those components as the sort of hovering. It hasn't had that. You know hard drives to inhabit W acceleration everybody expected some others kind of like -- even. While the device is now hovering at 3260 weren't action -- -- -- sixty -- a lot of 32. The ICs -- not bad for music now it's good. And I think that that is so it's -- is the only thing left and has that spinning hard drive. Yeah and and they're just you know you can't come around as my it's heavier that battery life is not Vietnam and accurate -- -- just feel like it's -- be when they hit that went when he okay can put up a little what about the little -- prediction with the tiny touch screen. It's actually it's a hybrid I think that seems likely to happen a little surprise likely to happen again no idea -- -- it more than 50% they show until he's more than you're -- cases only after they've seen -- -- -- On the usually tend to be true when you see actual cases appear. But the I'm surprised they didn't make the simply keep the same form factors before -- the screen larger. -- you know they do instead is keep the same -- -- -- the whole thing smaller so it almost looks more like a shuffle Bryant. It's. -- I mean -- that could -- chemical and I could see that making the shuffle truly pointless like you just get a point where that would be the one device. I don't know how the fitted camera on their two will -- and have it is incredible on one put its stamp of -- -- -- all in one post. Every government press conference the what about the seven inch iPad that influence yet you know which I personally don't buy it I don't have -- -- -- it's not necessary and I don't think it's gonna happen now. I -- anything like that's gonna happen. That's January. Okay okay I go doesn't always -- -- good -- -- that lets small I think -- -- look at Simon Simon. -- a the -- -- -- -- the only way I hear more about that -- -- that in my conspiracy theory for why they were -- seven range really has nothing do with. Anything other than people are talking about the insurance on the nine inch now what to buy something now -- -- -- I don't see that happening but I do think that people talk about the screen in the DPI. Now on the on the iPad compared to the -- display it's a there's a big -- -- you can see the pixels even more clearly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's actually very similar netbook display -- By the problem is 320 deep giant and -- ten inch screen. Would be really tough to pull up I could see them I'd be expensive they may be split the difference maybe they reduced the size of the screen. But double the DPIs that semi written a display on a 5% and in ride out to get -- the -- higher resolution look to it that could be the reason I can see they would. -- -- -- -- And then you could say it's more portable. Well I will say the one the one content here is an Avi and it would seems super super excited about. Well you know what's Apple gonna have. Now they when he's pretty mellow about it September when has always been -- and literally an iPod or the newer version of iTunes where we just beyond your iPod and think -- needed to one. -- nice of iTunes ten were. You know better aware of the I TV -- And thoughts on that Apple TV renamed ITV nine -- both screens videos and also does some apps specially made for. The only way I think that happens now is if it's really it which you probably will be really integrated iTunes ten and available. A lot of those features will be made available across all -- devices that may be the IE TV. Gives you like the one particular use the -- your iPad and other things will have so many of those functions to and it's really an iTunes store announcement. ITunes it's. So I did not know how horrible that these jammed in the and one half of why isn't the slow -- to it and it is -- among Mac I'm and I haven't. I'm not gonna listen to you enjoy that -- Israel it's called additive to what they're watching you know. It's -- history files but that decides that I will go on a limb and say. That I don't think there'll be face time cameras on the new iPod touches alliance. Because something always gets left off it's never exactly everything that's on the iPhone for. And honestly if they really do get cloud music and whatever is going on there. Working to some workable capacity with iPods and you and the camera and HD recording on the video camera. -- of new features. I did and -- display. I don't see on top of that any going from no cameras to two is kind of a -- they just had to. Actually yeah I think it's gonna be the -- France jet when I know cameras you know I've only on the back. Yeah because you'd actually wanna take pictures when your around about I guess I was to wiggle room I -- spotted but that's -- -- from. Really well -- -- well okay I'd like to hold a chat room why would you rather then a regular. Camera on your iPod Touch. Or you want only -- front facing can only the front -- iPod Touch what -- the front one was as good as the normal back. They don't they do that because that's not the hardware built in to this and after -- only. And I'm just look at what's the my digital finally it was where -- fat had a camera pan am I gonna -- of those. The only time as a -- sign into -- finally goes your touches on lifetime. I mean -- so -- actually it's a great idea. I think to have it all would be incredible I would only say that since. -- seems more limited in whereas having a camera wherever you go with with flash if they build all that stuff. That would be such an incredible flip camera placement of course -- That's -- -- -- a camera flash nine. Yeah this not flat bread and added I. To -- 100 editor when it's time but I'm not I'm just guessing doesn't easily -- feature but I'd root for having -- Apple they're not covered by -- that goes ahead it Apple Intel has products on -- removal bingo we think it. Right that's when you casual game that is the most likely to be removed okay I like speaking of things being removed. And this. -- leave -- yeah yeah. They are removing them and get removing the ATI brand name from -- -- graphics yet because the body TI couple years ago and now this thing but we're keeping the products which is getting rid of the name. Which is a bit of shocker to me because you know they've been around -- But yeah. That's probably why -- It -- it doesn't really inspire a lot of. A lot of -- about -- so they just wanted to be one cohesive you know company in the I think they did. They did it's a market research they found out that people kind of had pretty good name recognition for indeed and virtually no name recognition for ET guy that's. That the eccentric. Going to be. Yeah a lot of -- enters I was reading on -- article their cable or I can't agers that would actually I a lot of loyalty -- -- -- -- very savvy and I don't Elena. Yeah there's a lot of people who moved -- leopard the great days they've had with ATI graphics and that -- Andy in the end graphics product group. They can -- got until an Indian my computer and -- sounds silly that's right. My computers can tell him -- Police -- they conducted a survey of thousands of people across the United States the UK Canada. And I mean China and other countries. And they said that AMD brand preference triples when the person is surveyed. And -- -- aware of the ATI in the merger. The -- brand is stronger than a TI verses graphics competitors and and and radeon and fire pro is because -- -- -- brands. Actually have very high name recognition compared to eighty -- itself the more people know radeon -- -- If you make the the new logo looks somewhat similar. And he had they're all very similar to what this thing at the same slicker and -- That's a video it everyone with a moment of silence to -- and the the the death of the 89 -- got the forty. And a really cool. Speaking of somebody else loses having. Got this when your -- -- you'll be very happy years yeah. Apparently pay TV in all its forms lost subscribers for the first time -- -- acknowledge this year -- comes. The revolution that's the that's the -- as the beginning of the revolution sound of The Who have beats of the revolution. It's of a big I think it'll be good for everyone I don't want to sound like a Mac. A money. T Vienna is banning these actually I think the kitchen I never gonna get that somebody please give me that. Anarchist not I say it is an -- I am excited. I think if it happens now. That they'll be a chance for all of television and video content to reinvent itself and being controlled and I don't want to go so far. That it hemorrhage is everything. And that influence me to put a standing on something that's why kind of really for now because -- think. And who resent this other than the biggest companies. In the world to your earlier your news -- you're. Time Warner who else is gonna be able to reinvent anything other than the entrenched corporate interest. -- -- Against the interests of the common man like -- Well thank you. If the bottom lines keep adding uplink and numbers go down that's where I think this could be temporary bingo now the research firm that did this. -- of -- -- US economy is the main culprit for the decline. Along with that and after effects of the government and -- transition to digital broadcast -- over the air broadcast. Sometimes though. Economic change can precipitate long term total. Of change well I either doesn't -- -- And I look forward to the 24 hours. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think down -- -- it and it's counted the end also. If the economy -- going to linger of the way people are predicting it will in this state. -- upwards of another five or six more years mean this could certainly you know I don't think I don't think is gonna shoot back up to the point where -- the -- is consumption. If you can city conspicuous conception is -- luxury you know what's interesting I think it is yeah I think it's getting old and the luxury category -- before. I can be a big shift people on that if something is due -- yeah it's a inoculate you get a landline you get -- used. No -- about your landline repo company right hand at victory out two that's why we're gonna take for you to drop your cable TV subscription how how -- things have to get. Before that's the next thing heavily. On expert. And and think in many -- get -- -- -- thing that would not be the first thing you cut if you're looking to save Cuba now. Lesson after -- let -- let it here's the thing I'm not a huge cut it those. It's not like if I mean I'm a cubicle -- like -- -- in an handing over it and it was you know. Best effort you know. One expert gamers and -- -- do you know wasn't -- hello a couple of television exactly in Iowa and doing that eight. It wouldn't be -- being. And they lost arm and and I adjustments it -- the at night as it happens it's like is just and then there it need now hide those that I can't. Otherwise. Then again I think. -- and it went down from two boxes one's. Already already gotten there yet into I don't have Idaho either an that the that means I -- cellphone. That month. You know -- disease. -- still. To watch television programs and it'll still be found -- he -- had a it'll just not exciting stuff Adobe ninety animation and you. It is good right yeah you know battle browse them I'm lying and found yet -- to be like oh my god at the same ninety -- Yeah. I -- It's twenty foreigners in waiting and waiting for it to enhancing losses now let me give you some numbers -- highness mr. other research firm says that the entire -- TV industry that's not just cable. Lost 2161000. Customers. In second quarter this year compared with a gain of 378000. Customers in the previous year. Cable suffer the worst. A quarterly video lot to date -- 7111000. Subscribers. And and six of the eight major cable -- averages were recorded. There worst quarterly video off that there. And then DirecTV DISH Network actually and it's evident that that's what comes -- that -- infinity AT&T and Verizon with there. But here I guess digital fiber optic test services -- okay. They're they're gaining involve traditional cable and other and of the -- -- But it could just be get a one quarter aberration or word or an economy -- it could be. You know actually looking to competitors. Wired -- -- -- appeared there but. -- -- -- article on non non television and in the recent issue and and actually went through and broke down. The costs of the average cable TV yearly subscription versus. You know they even allowed they've been factored in Hulu. With a year subscription and buying it would -- buy an Apple TV. And by a premium TV episode every single weekday for a year they work that all in. And the savings were still pretty significant. But this chilly night infomercials on that have known if the home shopping channel. I'm just saying minds and Helen know how to get -- sham. Actually sooner have I subscription rates at which you just were bad then that it is -- erase that because. Something else is going up and -- And what does it. I wish you were here right now because he would have ball and he -- -- -- -- -- Xbox Live good old and year old subscribers to. I'm and I know you're not -- on the go online multi million Jelena invisible line mama yeah -- it -- expired then there is late yeah like yeah. Relying on his back. Now he he's he's happy -- software demons and apparently. -- I just like they might -- mining subscription. And did. It. Gains in -- this -- I mean it and they haven't been bugging you to review. And once I'm I'm to have a special deals go announced that they're really trying to get people -- the I think now look like thirty bucks it's -- very. I'm not much -- be paying yearly subscription. Monthly treatments if it doesn't Anthony. -- I agree -- -- to -- in Beirut erasing it from fifty bucks the year 260 bucks a year. Which in the lot but at the same time. They have had the Xbox Live service from what eight years now and it's been fifty bucks from day one says this is the first price increased our that said. It's still tough it's up to I think that when when the PlayStation network is it's technically free although they have a premium version of that now as well now let's play I mean. You -- threes coming is debuting -- notes. -- delete them Eleanor -- factoring into that as a picture contents and yes yes Mercer paint. Is gonna be available for everyone they said no it right before the holiday -- -- while that that's because you have to have ESPN three in your. Local cable and -- yeah I'm ready for heartbreak because I'm gonna sign up. Despite not having cable but they have -- Time Warner Internet. That they -- if you had people you would be able to get it right. I think he can gonna shoot Time Warner and only Time Warner has or one of the last thing around actually that -- -- -- Disappointing and in that sense I don't wanna pay me. If it's gonna -- content thing if that's not available to every person and Netflix thing is still to -- -- monthly subscriptions do. True I'll probably keep my Xbox Michael -- that one time for that one time quarter -- Lima -- somebody. Wouldn't that wouldn't you think I mean being that it's been around for so long that they -- that they should. He -- the prize there really should be a great velocity and yellow of the while Britain ever and we -- -- I have charged you for -- -- -- a hundred bucks for like five years following I didn't. -- -- they'll only in the new Xbox is -- I finally built -- -- never lowered the price on either the -- I'm that you could you could plug in you could billion in external like -- antenna but you had to do a whole bunch of -- -- through -- of hoops to get here. -- -- -- -- Now they go another anti consumer. A little bit there however. One thing is getting its price cut. That's always get an email this morning -- -- is an intent to hit the sun is the is -- excel price cuts coming September 12 I think twenty bucks. Off each -- -- those reports it's it's it's nice to see although. With the 3-D S looming on the horizon now is mark got to -- really looming on the horizon sure holiday money say say you know let's -- August September October or November December or January February march and what newly arriving at seven months away what he wants it to open your Christmas tree -- pre order. For the three he had illegally -- offering thirtieth pre orders in time for Christmas maybe. Yeah it is -- but these things pretty part of a patriots is pretty -- I mean I'm not. After -- while I I've always -- the Nintendo DS product line but. I think. It's as good price. One thing that really noisy about the is that you can't transfer those games do you download. Doesn't locked into an account or no and then maybe it'll fix that someday that is a big by everywhere until they fix that and I'm very annoyed because there's some actually content on there. You can even. -- you're gonna be stuck with it on that one device and -- the 3-D S comes out. What do you do with those games it's unclear interesting that is actually that is actually very interesting that's a point Fiona holiday -- thinking all I'll be able to download as one of the two features that in the camera. Are reasons -- upgrade or maybe just never had one it's my system. Let's point out. One thing -- you might make you wanna get ATF's higher -- I fell. Plans versus zombies don't of the DS in January over -- hear him play the stuff yeah I think everything went on there. I love agilent it was a great I guide that somewhat different but because I -- I was at X always action is no -- actually going on them just down. And they put both versions that put the original packet entitlements the probably in there is there's no plans resigned his expansion yet but it. While there you're gonna be flavors is only to observe him indefinitely -- some bonus content -- an Xbox Live in September and I guess -- in general elections are really long I don't know why Arctic. Get it on their -- if it's not. If they got on the iPhone pretty fast speaking of -- -- zombies. I do have to Syria will summing up the mail today it's in this that's right here next if you look -- the big things. -- -- But that's just an approximate what it. Now they -- -- -- -- on these a limited edition in there. Okay let's trying to get through and as erratic at that holds on -- -- -- here and there's a new zombie is on later denominator or whatever doggie day care. -- exactly you make your own zombie. I think is -- of it actually says the when the AT AR it's on the leader sounded okay fine zombie makers maker is -- -- in the game so I mean. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they also sent it to honor I doubt there's no Presley's in this -- -- a piece of paper explaining what was going on nothing. Just the game and one of actually. It is a collection of plants versus zombies pottery -- made. I from pottery studio in California we have will sunflower. That's number one what is it just think it's standalone simpler yet is it's always having to take it now has an audience. It's -- finger -- that they made a little. Of clarity there's no it does not the -- workers found the place holder and it is. Patrick this is one of these little plans -- -- given these guys a call but they're also planters is obvious there's the and external case of the superpower. Yeah it and get effort and then finally this guy who shoots the little -- -- the little. If we get good look at that -- school and they go that's the three bits of plants versus zombies pottery got I do not -- If anyone else and game land got any plans versus -- -- today or they had different. Planetary even if they had some zombies of this appointment of times in here. But the cinema into. Then again AM AK Ireland -- -- then couldn't identify I got some pottery sounds like -- that was cool and down I actually took some really nice sides of this photos taken and put about on on crave. If you go take a look at those later in if you want to see that and it and reminded me some of the other wacky things we've gotten over the years like this frozen -- stakes. It came with I think -- state and it it seems thinks that's a Taiwanese independence and chocolate utensil. You know the Bioshock props from. I've -- infinite that we look bad. So Leo. Those schools don't -- out there. It's always has been some wacky I'll probably showed up just because people think they. I click I read your article -- game's stakes -- that he did not realizing ever done articles -- from word heard I read your column. You married your analysis of games State's well that was an system -- -- I gave misleading vegetarian I speak in -- I think down. The thing homeless. That was my it's an enhancement and yet oh and -- had -- had mode ski to -- a -- called the hall of meat. Okay I don't really know I don't remember how that -- it. -- -- Is open. This short baggage quickly get something really rotten side of creepy and -- And -- -- would have had a lot of fun explaining via what justices that have had -- about the about via pottery plants. I dividends and I'm pleased to do a joint I have not. Enemy in have been texting. It probably. -- language -- guys chat after an attack yet they typing in the term if you guys to put videos up for that's the one thing -- -- It's not well not yet I didn't graduate you know yet one thing that you make your happy -- happy about PlayStation by the way is that there's a price fight this week. We we rated expectations Islam versus the PS3 slim and you know what one -- various. Ones that if it's really. I was involved with that so anything any attempts at any attempt stickers as it. It passed -- so there -- some PS3 love. And anyway they got. -- -- -- I would I do very that they'll do it in with somebody -- -- -- that. At a particular area and go to regularly and they got some if you think it's -- yeah. And good and those did you anymore and that's not my kind -- funny and -- really have to get talent. That could -- I didn't. TV I was secretly video one that's got you -- And I was much New -- one which is local news channel here in New York. Which have lot of cool stuff on there and just randomly -- -- corner I I look up and what I see if -- Scott -- appeared cameo. -- -- Village they would have to see any show is an area here and this latest secondly the -- I mean right I -- -- just got -- but that's 900. It was just there was right we're beginning in it was like blinking you -- -- other again. There there you are and -- you at the politically the -- -- different kind of and PayPal Aventis. -- my friend you aren't gonna you aren't that in. No things to PayPal they were showing had a -- how -- had a bump. People for drinks. And actually. -- -- Merrill -- there football. Personality and I now I bumped phones with them there. The -- to take duplicate that and let me just take away from -- if you take away from it that. He just really think you may not be videotaped. You are in your put on New York one I -- not expect to be put on camera. As a good thing -- and -- -- you behave yourself as payments of enjoying a nice whiskey. -- drink and and we were -- behind and that was. That was the event but yeah I mean -- PayPal and there's limits on the futures are people who don't already have it and I like -- additional wallets and I think it's still not really distributed the point where. You can use it comfortably but together as a bump up an account right there we can actually. -- -- -- And you like that like the contact area we're just -- it takes information transfer government and -- -- -- to get the person's email the that's the bomb about to do that it's gonna have -- idea of these -- into the rest of the payment info does -- they don't like accidentally just sort. And a -- is very high tech. High velocity. We transfer system of my own that I have actually developed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It -- -- -- oh you got ready C received. Obtain an -- you know what animals don't need to him paying it. Often a three dollar fee if on the -- on -- city and for engineers -- in the event that in England. And they say. It's annoying if you're not here to save that we should do -- hour -- show. If that Google Earth technology -- advocate -- just not gonna need to keep the time it didn't. I don't talk down the debt if the bit on this and -- and non ambulatory welcome to the coffee shop -- Chicago it is called the -- -- And it is interesting because they have in built into the window. A Delorean prop from back to the future but -- -- with hilarious this is -- actually video that you designate go to psychiatry Chicago go to the -- -- And it -- and you'll see this. Card that -- feel remote paired with its in the wind is only -- call for typical kinds of like an empty -- camera in it and stuff. I think that the actual license plate that -- like -- -- they had in the movie. -- they got the worm hole in Chicago. Is it like a science fiction themed competition it's like it's like a pop culture -- coffee cup I believe and it is called the Warhol got it and though. -- make of that what you look -- Those pretty funky that's activist on to -- isn't that much space in the -- in your copycat death with a lot of floor space. -- Well I feel that they gonna go into yeah wrap things up on the -- -- there anything. Anyone and it's been excellent. I will feature is -- mention that you can -- -- that the agency dot cnet.com but we get this episode put up. And I'll apologize for last week's at this I have not happened there. There often annoyed but that the -- that follows last week's show which is very good I've done. And you policy on Twitter digital city CNET is the shows Twitter account I'm -- Dan Ackerman. -- candidate Jeff -- with our Twitter names FaceBook fan page always a good place to hang out. Is that digital city podcast on FaceBook and anything else of note in Britain tomorrow -- -- separate data on another hero that. That's got accepts gifts of a consumable and cash though an annual with a similar. If you like sending a hello. And expressing your -- -- and they year old. Feel free it should feel free to join -- but -- -- younger than you. So there I don't think I would wielding an -- -- mind who it inventors September. 5 of life. -- -- -- very you don't wanna say the that's a good days it's coming up -- Thing I love you guys kind of ethics yeah they definitely torture and one way at one vehicles and -- -- me do it your hand well. He remembered -- the government receiving a copy of still that is nice -- my my client funky jazz rock punk album and fellow on iTunes Amazon River about music online. I've won in more ways than one now I -- It's yeah. Clean enough already I -- -- more gifts. -- may have a great September heavyweights I feel better. And Paul's -- -- football season kicks off.

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