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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 942: Fill up on Confickerdoodles

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Buzz Out Loud: Ep. 942: Fill up on Confickerdoodles

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A new scanner developed by Kaminsky and friends can help find Conficker-infected machines. We're so drenched in Conficker news at this point that I think the Girl Scouts have started selling Confickerdoodles. We also analyze Netflix's Blu-ray-rate hike, and try to decide why they're fighting over toilets in space.

[ Music ] ^M00:00:05 >> Today is Tuesday March 31st, 2009. >> I'm Natalie DelConte >> I'm Tom Merrit >> I'm Brian Cooli >> And I'm Jason Howell >> Welcome to Buzz Out Loud CNET's podcast of indeterminate length this is 942. >> And we just barely missed getting outraged about our first story yesterday by minutes. >> How so? >> I know this happened just after we let out a Buzz Out Loud Netflix decided to announce that they're gonna raise monthly subscription fees if you're ordering Blu-ray discs by as much as $8 a month. >> Up to 9 now. >> $ 9 >> The story's been updated. >> Yeah >> It depends on your plan. If you only get 1 DVD out at a time, then they only charge you an extra buck. If you have 1 DVD out at a time unlimited, it's 2 bucks and then it goes up from there. Every plan here essentially adds another dollar. So if you're paying $57 a month you pay an extra 9 bucks. >> Let's see I'm on the 3 disk so I've gotta add 4 bucks. >> I am on the 2 disk, so I would add 3 bucks if I were to do this, which I will not. >> I will never do this . . . >> Because I don't have a Blu-ray player. >> Right. But >> Well this is pretty expensive. This could cost you up to $108 extra per year. Which is a lot for a Blu-ray disk, you could just buy them. >> Well you could buy like 2 for that price. >> Netflix is claiming. >> You could buy 3. >> 3 you're right, just about 3 which is not very many. >> 3 >> Netflix is claiming that the extra cost of buying the Blu-ray disks. >> And they have stayed high. The curve on the price erosion on the disk doesn't nowhere near match the price [inaudible] index. >> And the fact . . . >> . . . That's true but we don't >> . . . that so many of them are coming out. >> But we don't know if they're getting any discount or not. In fact this web ware story says that they asked Netflix and Netflix isn't telling us. So we don't know if this is proportional to their costs or not or if they're just saying that it costs them more, so we're gonna pay a lot more. >> Well it's gotta be at least a little less expensive because they're not printing, you know there not there's not all those hard like printed out covers and you know the cases. >> Yeah and they have no shelving costs . . . >> they're kind of printing them themselves right. . >> Retail sense but clearly this indicates the Blu-ray disks have been kept at a high price level by the content creators. >> Yeah all of those things we just mentioned are constants across DVD's whatever format they are. But what's specific to Blu-ray is the high definition content on the disk and that's more expensive. >> So here's my question. >> Even if you're getting a discount, you're getting a discount of regular DVD's and Blu-ray DVD's >> Right and probably similarly proportioned . . . >> I would imagine. >> Well to me it's a decision that's been made by the content creators to go with a premium approach on Blu-ray. Still we're almost a year into the standards war being won and 2 years in the high def disks, almost, and by now you'd say wouldn't they have skimmed the cream off the early adopters gotten all of the high profit revenue they can by high priced disk isn't it now time to push Blu-ray down to the same price as standard DVD and populate the platform? >>It would be if people were buying Blu-ray. >> Right if people gave a rats hmmm. >> If it was getting massive adoption see the price coming down, but it's not so I feel less outraged at Netflix here than I do at just the idea of you know what Blu-ray is just not catching on and that's why this price is going up. >> This doesn't outrage me for Netflix cause I know their costs are significantly higher to have those disks. >> And this is going to continue to be a speed bump in this Blu-ray cause people like me who might be on the bubble, like oh I might buy a Blu-ray player, I'm not going to be like yeah but if I buy a Blu-ray player I can't just get the Netflix stuff, now I gotta pay an extra, I don't know if I want to pay an extra $3 a month for that. >> And then compare that to the Netflix [inaudible] deal where for a 1 time fee you get almost everything you might want for free. That's like a really good . . . >> in high def now. >>Yeah now exactly. >> Yeah on a few thousand titles, but growing. And here you're gonna be paying a constant additional fee. It's almost the opposite. It's as unsatisfying as the [inaudible] deal was satisfying on that box. It's a pulling in 2 directions. I don't know. I'm still not gonna get Blu-ray. There just isn't the reason. >> You are gonna get Conficker though if you're not careful. >> Yeah I know. >> You gotta make sure you're patched and to make sure you're patched if you're in a big enterprise situation you either have to go to each of the thousands of machines in your server room and check them individually or run a scanner, but the scanners are often fooled by the Conficker worm into thinking that a machine is fine, thankfully though there is a new tool developed by Dan Kaminsky, Felix Leder and Tilmann Werner that may not actually remove the malware, but it'll actually give you a more accurate map of where the problem lies, so that you can target the machines in question and go get them patched. >> So it will find in on your corporate machine, so if you're worried about your work computer hopefully your IT department is running this scan, but if it's your home computer there are tests that you should do because this is just not necessarily for the consumer PC. >> Right because what Conficker does is it makes a fake version of the patch that would prevent it >> Right >> So that the scanners that normally run . . . >> . . . Think that the patch is there >> The machine has been patched. >> Yeah >> So you can't tell really and Conficker has left itself a window by which is can re-establish contact with an infected system. Tilmann and Felix's breakthrough was that they discovered that Conficker reacts a little bit differently when presented with certain remote procedural calls and so they figured out how to tell the difference between a legitimately patched and a fake patched system. >> But bottom line is . . . this is not for end user deployment so we've got to keep doing a different set of behaviors . . . >> On your individual machine you need, you need to make sure that you have the real patch and Natalie you were saying if you go to Micorsoft.com and check and you can't get to the patch site that's your one tell tale. . . >> That means Conficker >> Is that right? >> Right because Conficker drives you away from the fix and Conficker also drives you away from Symantec, McAfee all the . . . >> Yeah right >> Security websites. >> So it's an easy test >> So if you can't point your browser there . . . >> Devious >> . . . right that's a sign that something's wrong and you might have it. >> But kind of stupidly devious. It's like how obvious is that? I want to go over to Norton, I can't get there, I wonder what that means? Duh! >> Hmmm Norton must be down. >> Couldn't they have had a more elegant way to spoof the site? I guess it's a lot more work. >> However for the everyday user you know the people that might not be too in the know about how these viruses work might actually have the power. . . to do >> I guess the internet's broken . . . >> Exactly that. My internet isn't working today. >> I always mess up at these computers . . . A lot of people blame themselves. They think I must be doing something wrong. >> Yeah I know and that's why so many of these malware exploits work is people assume that it's oh it's just me. >> There is a good thing coming out of the Conficker worm. >> What? >> Those new Girl Scout cookies. >> Mmmm >> Oh the Conficker doodles. >> Yes >> The Conficker doodles [ Laughter ] >> Mmmm tasty >> Hopefully they don't have any salmonella in them. I don't think they are made with peanuts or pistachios. >> Snicker doodles. [ Laughter ] >> Well we just can't stop talking about Disney and deals for giving video out and YouTube has sealed a deal with ABC and ESPN part of the Disney network to offer clips from those networks, so not full shows, just clips and sources say that they are nye [assumed spelling] upon a deal with Hulu to put full episodes on Hulu from ABC. >> Tom's mysterious sources and they're going to share ad revenue in the same way that CBS shares ad revenue now with YouTube. >> And then GM has got some stuff up there now I believe a few of their studio productions are up. So they're becoming the new YouTube rather quickly. >> I believe . . . >> Wait, wait what are you saying? YouTube is becoming the new YouTube? >> Yes >> Yes [ laughter ] >> Clever >> The new YouTube. >> Well no actually as Yeah >> As that might have been a malapropism when you said it but >> Well that's what I met it's reinventing itself. >> It's exactly what's happening. >> From a You Gov site to really a You Gov plus big boy site. >> I don't know if it was me who said it or Molly or Jason . . . >> It's got his big boy pants on. >> Or who said it, but I know when YouTube started getting the takedown notices from all the major studios about all the clips of TV shows that this was going to happen. >> We all said like what's going to happen, they're going to take them all down. It's going to take a couple of years. They'll all be mad, they'll get over being mad, they'll strike the deals and the video will all return. >> Well what else are they going to do? I mean You Gov forever. There's just not enough upside on that. >> They they pretty much figured that these, you know Hulu was started to crush YouTube and now it's obvious that it doesn't crush YouTube in fact it lives right alongside it. >> Yeah and there is money to be made on YouTube. I was researching a story for the Early Show this week on Fred Figglehorn. Do you know who he is? Fred Figglehorn. He's the most subscribed YouTube channel ever. He's I want to say 15 or 16. He makes $10,000 a month as a YouTube channel . . . as a YouTube partner. >> I see him bandied about as the success story. >> Wow! >> $10,000 a month. I called him to get him on the Early Show and he has a publicist. >> A publicist? >> Yeah he'd have to. >> It's just some dude that does some goofy stuff. [laughter] He's gonna pay for his own college. >> And >> So anyway the point is there is money to be made. >> He's making a living doing this and YouTube isn't. >> Yeah Right? >> Right [laughter] >> Right >> YouTube is still trying to figure it out. >> Well they're making off of him, but how many versions of him do they not make . . . money off? Right >> Well that's interesting Freddy Figglehorn. >> What else is interesting is that American Airlines is expanding their in flight Wi-Fi service. They're gonna roll it out to 300 new planes. It's gonna cost around $10 a month like most flights nowadays although $12 I think is the highest I've seen it go for flights over 3 hours and this is a Gogo wireless Wi-Fi network instead of Aircell. >> Delta already has it here in the US. JetBlue and Southwest airlines are starting to experiment with it as well. So slowly, slowly, slowly we see the airlines starting to put more Wi-Fi out there. >> Yeah >> I haven't tried it yet. Nat have you tried it? >> I have on Virgin. >> How did it work? >> It's great. I liked it a lot. I tried to get a VoIP call going though. . .and it blocked me >> And I knew it would. >> They said, they said that it would be blocking but I thought that maybe I could get it anyway. >> That's my nightmare I don't want people making phone calls on that damn plane. >> I really don't either and I wouldn't of, I probably would have just if I, actually though I've heard of other airlines that people have been about to get a VoIP call going. But if someone tries to have a VoIP call sitting next to me for the whole flight I'm going to start kicking them and giving them dirty looks. >>They need to have phone booths on airplanes.. [ Laughter ] >> . . . where that's the only place you can make a VoIP call. >> The old English phone booth. >> You share a nice little red compartment. >> Right! >> Air tight, not air tight, sound proof. >> Or air tight, we'll eventually die and we'll be rid of ya. >> Yeah that'll keep the length of the calls very short. >> Very short. ^M00:10:32 [ Laughter ] >> CTIA is opening up this week. It is the paler version of the GMSA Mobile World Congress. It's in Las Vegas Nevada, United States of America and usually people are very excited about the cell phones they will see there. But this year apparently it's the apps. Everybody's talking about announcing their apps. We've got obviously the iPhone Skype app just came out yesterday which was all a big deal. I tried it, I tried it out, it's, it's not bad actually. >> Who did you call? >> It works fairly nicely. I called the Skype test line and talked to the lovely British lady who let me know that my Skype connection was working. Rim is expected to announce that its BlackBerry app world is going to be open for business and Microsoft's, Microsoft is supposedly going to show off its Marketplace for the first time. So everybody getting in on the apps. >> Yeah here come the app stores. >> Now quickly about the Skype application yesterday we said it doesn't work over 3G which is not entirely accurate. It does work over 3G but only for instant messaging. You won't be able to make any calls. . . >> You can do a little chatting then. >> over the 3G network. >> But the real reason you get Skype doesn't work over 3 G. >> Doesn't work over 3G >> Yes. >> But it also doesn't work at all in Canada, thanks to Scott and Cindy for sending along this story separately. CBC reporting that Roger's has decided not to even allow the app to be downloaded. It's going to be available in every country that the iPhone is in, except Canada. >> Really except Canada? >>Yeah >> So it's not just in America it's everywhere but Canada. >> It is everywhere but Canada. . . >> That is because Rogers hates the iPhone. >> Canada just gets the shaft over and over. . .They can't get Hulu, they can't get Skype on the iPhone, they took forever to get the iPhone in the first place. >> And when they did they had ridiculous data packages. >> People are always making Rush jokes about them. It just, it's not fair. [ laughter ] >> It really isn't fair. >> Who was the base player. Getty lee's >> Rogers is a big crap head. >> Oh stick it to em Nat. >> Yeah so anyway. . . >> Pardon my French but I said crap head. >> Wow stick em to Rogers holy cow. >> . . .And Interestingly at CTIA . . . >> My very good friend Amber McCarther [assumed spelling] would agree with me on that. >> And then wash your mouth out with soap. >> Because she's Canadian. >> Cause she's a mommy now and she won't tolerate that language. >> FYI there will not be a presence by Palm at CTIA so we're not going to see, I don't think anything new on the device or its delivery schedule. It's gonna be at the Sprint booth but they're not gonna . . . >> I heard they are gonna be doing demos of it. . . >> Yeah >> but it's nothing we haven't. . . >> But no news >> . . . seen before a million times. >> So we don't expect any news about the Pre in terms of either real features or a delivery date at this show. >> Also Google is getting under a little fire for its app store. We've always thought of Google or at least most people have thought of Google as the open, lovely, friendly alternative to the iPhone app store where they're killing the iPhone application and the South Park application and you know Apple's a little prickly about what gets into their app store but now according to Engadget actually according to the folks over at Android community, Google has begun to pull tethering applications from the G1's market. >> Well we know this from 1 specific application called Wi-Fi tether for root users. They got a takedown notice and this is somewhat surprising because Google's Cole Broadman [assumed spelling] had said just last year that they did want to be a phone that would allow tethering and that they want to be the most open operating system. So we don't know what officially is going on just that some tethering apps have been pulled and it's fishy. >> Now it could be that this particular tethering app happens to violate the SDK, their agreement somehow, the developer's agreement somehow cause there is a developer's agreement, maybe it's got root access and it's not supposed to. Some people are, a lot of people are speculating on all different reasons, but it is suspicious because it's a tethering app and that's usually what the carriers don't want on their phones without charging the extra for them. >> Yeah right. >> But T-Mobile said that they would be ok with that before. >> I know maybe they were liars. >>Maybe they were liars, we don't like that. >> . . . optimistic >> Well one thing Google does have is money. They've opened a new venture capital fund called Google Ventures. They're gonna start out by investing 100 million dollars in firms around the Silicone valley probably, mostly, in various fields such as clean tech, green tech, software, web applications across the gamete. >> Right when everyone can't get any money, and no one is making any money, Google starts giving away money. >> Google starts rubbing it in your face. ^M00:15:02 [ Laughter ] ^M00:15:03 >> Gosh you know it's like >> Let's just simmer down for a few months. >> You know during the drought when they've doubled to rates of water and everybody is conserving. . >> Google is out there washing its car. >> . . .Google is out there just spraying the lawn. >> Oh yeah, washing its car . . . >> Washing the car. >> I actually have a private tank in back I'm not under rations. >> During the day too, not even at night. [ Laughter ] >> . . . daytime. . . >> . . . Sprinkler on the lawn that just shoots straight up into the air. [ Laughter ] >> You're right it is kind of braggadocios. Isn't it? >> A little. [ Laughter ] >>This is interesting coming out of New York. We don't normally do crime stories here but this one is tied to an online scam. They've got 2 people dead at a New York apartment. Interestingly the apartment of an NFL player, but that's not the story. The story here is that 2 guys may have been killed there because as payback for an internet scam, one that I had not heard of before, the so called black money scam. Anyone heard of this one? >> I've never heard that one. >> Oh that's when they darkened the money so it's not tractable. >> Something like that. >> Yeah I read about that in this story earlier. ^M00:16:02 [ Laughter ] >> Never heard of it before then. >> Right before this you had. So it says here that Wikipedia says that if you try to fraudulently try to obtain money from a victim by persuading him or her that a pile of bank note sized paper in a trunk is really money it's been dyed black and once you wash it it'll be real currency. Who falls for this one? >> I don't know. >> I thought the other Nigerian scams were crazy. >> That's where the phrase money laundering comes from. >> This is incredibly [inaudible] this is incredible but apparently they think that's what this is somebody got burned by this and went back and found the burners. So a lesson to the scammers . >> I guess so. >> It aint just about calling the AG sometimes. Some folks are taking matters into their own hands. >> This is so CSI. . .this is crazy. >> I could see it coming into a Law and Order episode really soon. >> It lead us because it's a sad story obviously 2 people died and there were bodies dumped around New York City, it lead us to consider another sad story about Tim Yeeves [assumed spelling], the son reporting that he died while jogging on his Wii Fit. >> Really? >> Apparently he's only 25 or was only 25 years old and he was healthy, so this was not a story that, oh make sure you check with your doctor before you do any physical activity. This is one of those things that is a very sad fluke. >> Sudden adult death syndrome, I've heard of that. >> Yeah the Sun tabloid in the UK calls it sudden adult death syndrome. I've never heard of that before. It doesn't mean it doesn't exist, I've just never heard of it. . . >> It's the adult version of SIDS right? >> I have heard of perfectly healthy people out jogging and then collapsing and dying you know through some sort of strange undetected heart disability or just sort of a random occurrence, so not really related to the Wii in this case. >>No, or exercise. Don't let it put you off exercise either. We should be doing that. >> Unless you just really want to. >> It seems to be just a British term, the idea of sudden adult death syndrome. It only seems to be used in UK publications and it maps out to a couple things: Sudden unexpected nocturnal death syndrome, perhaps he was on his Wii Fit at night or sudden cardiac death. Aka a heart attack. >> Yeah heart attacks can happen to perfectly healthy people for random reasons. That would be my guess. >> Just a crazy arrhythmia just kicks in >> If they hadn't said the other thing there. >> One guy tried to give Comcast a heart attack by using 35 different Comcast residential accounts to resell Wi-Fi. >> This I find interesting >> Actually he's reselling internet access by using Wi-Fi. >> Very ambitious. >> He would go into places like a condo, he would claim to be an ISP, he said I'll set you up with Wi-Fi for the whole complex here and then he would get a Comcast residential modem, hook it up in a closet, put it a Wi-Fi access point up and then re-sell the internet access. >> It's like a digital lemonade stand. Like he just went and bought from the source and then. . . >> Yeah took some cartons of lemonade poured it out in a class marked it up but obviously people who don't shop the price around didn't notice he was adding to the price of what they could have easily done, which makes no sense. >> I like it, I think it's funny. >> Well it makes sense because he's doing the service he's like look you could do this yourself but you don't know how. So you pay me for the expertise and I'll handle it for you. Problem is that violates the terms of service of the residential agreement. >> Yeah you can't resell residential. >> If you'd make a deal with Comcast, they'll let you do this. If you sign a contract, but it's a different rate that they pick cause they want a little cut of that as well. He was doing it without telling them, so he violated the terms of service, they not only cut him off, but they're suing him for damages. >> Yeah something about this just kind of incenses me. It's not like he was scamming. I mean he was buying an account, per hot spot, per subscriber, right? They didn't really lose any revenue. They lost perceived revenue >> They lost bandwidth. >> But you're reselling their product. >> But what he was doing was he'd set up a single account in a single location, he had 35 locations >> Oh ok. >>. . . but it was 1 account in 1 location. . . >> and then reselling it to many . . .complex using the Wi-Fi. >> I thought it was he was getting a modem for every subscriber. >> A lot more bandwidth than Comcast counts on. >> He ripped them off. >> Although it's an unlimited bandwidth account. It's a 250 GB account. So . . . >> I get it, I get it. >> He's basically competing with his provider. >> He was doing the internet version of going into Walgreens and buying all of the candy bars that say for sale at Walgreens only >> Bringing them out >> Taking the stickers off and going and selling them out front. >> Not labeled for individual sale. >> Yeah that's what Comcast should put on every modem. That's what Comcast should put on every modem. Not labeled for individual Wi-Fi resale. >> Not labeled for individual portioning. Portion control >> Refrigerate after opening. >> Precisely. And there should be a calorie sticker on that modem. What? >> Well all of you users of Microsoft's Encarta. . .oh I'm sorry I meant Jason because he's the only one left . >> I've been usin that software for years. >> . . .You'll be sad to hear that MSN Encarta is being discontinued. >> I am sad. >> I was shocked it was still around. >> Yeah me too >> . . .Window's live Encarta. >> Yeah they're not taking it live. They're not doing anything morphing it. It's just going away. Now it's only been a download product for some time. I don't know how long, no longer a CD-ROM or a piece of multimedia. It's $23 now, you can still download it for a few more months and they're going to pull the plug on it. Actually in June it will die. Which I just find fascinating that it was even around in the face of Wikipedia which is all we think of, or Google for that matter. >> Killed by Wikipedia. I mean that. >> And then I started to . . . reflect on it but we're talking a lot about average users here who blame themselves for whenever their computer breaks and the internet isn't working. Imagine them going to Wikipedia and everything they look up seems to have a label, this article may need refreshing, this may not be right, this may be BS, this may not fit our standards. It's like well then is this thing a real encyclopedia or some work in progress? I need a real encyclopedia and so that and Wikipedia doesn't feel like that to a lot of users who don't get communal publishing. >> I actually ran into . . . >> Right but the Britannica is citable in a way that Wikipedia is not. You can source it on academic works. >> Oh interesting, Wikipedia doesn't fly as an academic site?. >> Not any. . . >> I mean I've heard of situations where a professor will accept it but most wont. >> Is it because academic community thinks it's just too riddled with BS or it's too malleable and the site, the citation just doesn't live long enough? >> No, no. . . >> I think all of the above. I polled users on Loaded last summer and I got more responses to this question than any other question I have ever asked on Loaded and so many students had said that their teachers will say that if you are caught citing Wikipedia it's an automatic F or absolutely no Wikipedia. >> Really? >> Easy to catch you. >> But teachers encourage you to start there and then just use their citations. >> Yeah ok and then follow it to the source. . . and like that. >> Exactly cause everything that was on the Wikipedia page was cited from somewhere. . . >> Alright that's good. >> It's very easy to use Wikipedia as a source you just can't site it. . . you gotta find out where it started. >> You have to be careful with that. I was researching I've been doing a top 5 most expensive domain names and there was not a Wikipedia article about that but there was a Wikipedia article about domain names that had a section about expensive domain names and it was wildly inaccurate. Now if I was a responsible Wikipedia user I probably should have taken the time to edit it and update it and make it accurate but every time I, I have done that in the past with Wikipedia I've often gotten in trouble for not doing it right, so rather than be afraid of falling a foul of some editor I just left it. But yeah it was, there were prices that were inaccurate. There were prices that people don't know that were quoted as real and there were citations for things but not for everything. So that probably at the minimum should be marked for cleanup. >> Wikipedia is still a different animal than what we think of as a true citable source in of itself. >> . . . I would say that the vast majority of the stream of Wikipedia articles are as reliable as the World Book. >> Yeah more or less. >> Which actually still exists online by the way. >> Really? >> I wish they still sold the books. >> I think they do. . .You can still buy them. >> Instead of Microsoft getting rid of Encarta altogether should they have just opened this up? >> . . .No because then you're just competing with Wikipedia. . . >> Like 10 years ago. >> . . . You're a little too late to that game even thought they were early to the game. >> I'm at the World Book site I just to see if they do still sell them. They do still sell the published World Book. >> Oh yeah >> Look at that. >> Anyway my point was the majority of the Wikipedia articles are reliable but there are Eddie's where these things just sort of exist in a vacuum because no one happens along to them and they're gonna sit there and be inaccurate. >> Cheapest World Book set is $1000. It goes up to 1500. >> And you wonder why Wikipedia is so popular. >> Yeah amazing. >> Yeah use that as toilet paper. >> Well let's finish up with a space story because Brian Cooli is here and he hates space. >> The international space station. . . >> Oh I hate it already >> . . . according to this posting already on slash dot is having a little fight over the toilets. >> Of course they are. >> Russian cosmonaut complained he is no longer allowed to use the US toilet or the gym machine. Ganaty Padulca [assumed spelling] a veteran cosmonaut says that space officials from Russia and the US are in a little spat. It started; let's see where did it start? Politicians and bureaucrats can't reach an agreement. They're not allowed to eat each other's food. Oh ok according to this in 2003 Russia started charging other space agencies for the resources used by their astronauts and other partners in the space station responded in [inaudible]. So now the rules are only eat your own food, only use your own toilet, don't let anyone else eat your food or eat your toilet. >> You see we go to space thinking we're going to invent a new way of living and all we do is take our own petty crap with us. This is part of my gripe, we're not gonna be changing ourselves by going to space. . . >> . . .I know this it's crazy. . . >> It's silly. . . >> . . .it's like space partied. >> Again Padulca said cosmonauts are above the ongoing squabble. No matter what the officials decide. We are grown up, well educated, and good mannered people and can use our own brains to create normal relationships. It's politicians and bureaucrats who can't reach agreement, not us cosmonauts and astronauts. So he's saying screw you all down there on the ground. You don't understand what it's like up here. If we want to eat each other's food we're gonna and if we want to use each other's toilets we're gonna and you're not gonna stop us cause we're the 6 people orbiting above the space and you're not. >> And what are you going to do come up and get us? >> Above the space, above the earth. >> Yeah it's not like they could really have fights over it anyway. You can't even really punch someone at zero gravity. >> Not hard. >> That's right you're fist has no mass to speak of. It makes no sense >> So anyway I actually think in a way it shows the opposite which is when you have people doing these amazing things in amazing situations they actually get along better than the baloney people on the ground. >> Yeah it's the ground link network of idiots that's causing the problem here. >> They're trying to upload their virus of misbehavior. >> I still hate space. >> I know you do and we're not going to change that. >> Alright let's move on to the . . . >> . . . space story though? I don't know if I did. When I was in Chicago about a, about a month ago, I forget the guys name, was it Aaron, I think it was Aaron from Chicago and he walked up, I'm sitting there in a little deli after we had a day of meetings there having a little snack with one of our sales reps, and a guy walks up you know just beautifully attired in this beautiful cashmere coat and I think he's going to tell me I gotta get out of his table or something. He goes, thrusts forth his hand and say's I'm Aaron and I hate space too. ^M00:26:48 [ Laughter ] ^M00:26:51 >> And I stood up and I said by God you're the finest man who has ever breathed. [ Laughter ] >> You space hating people should have some kind of special handshake. [ Laughter ] >> Yeah because we hate space we don't have a special hand shake. >> Ok, whatever. >> It's like being a flat earther. You have to band together. There's just not that many of you left. >> I don't know there's more than you think >> You should start an I hate space podcast. >> Oh yeah >> List it on CNET. >>Cause I don't have enough cross hairs [inaudible]. That's what I need. >> Alright on to the voicemails then. Our first one is a person from the lovely land of Aotoroa. I'm probably mispronouncing that but that's the Malory name for New Zealand and wonders why we are so darn Mac centric. >> Hi [inaudible] as a kiwi I've always wondered just why the Mac gets so much attention on Buzz Out Loud. So I did some research and I think I figured out why things seem a little bit strange for us off shore types. You see according to [inaudible] Mac has a current US market share of somewhere in the vicinity of 9%. It's worth pointing out though that internationally Mac only has a market share of 3.4% and just 2 years ago that was as low as 2.5%. So my dear buzzards as you're busy yanking the Mac chain just spare a thought for your huge number of international listeners who just can't figure out why there is all of this chatter about this weird, overpriced, statistically insignificant little specialty manufacturer coming out of the US and almost no news about the real second place runner Lennox and ps no I'm not a Lennox fan boy. This is Robert the Wired Kiwi over and out. [Background sound] >> Oh he had a little love the show at the end. >> You kept trying to cut him off. >> So did I [ Laughter ] >> I was taking your cue. Sorry Robert. . . >> Those are good numbers. That's a good thing to . . . >> They don't have an Apple store in New Zealand either I think, they have one in Sydney. >> They have one in Australia. >> If they had an Apple store near him he'd be converted. >> Criminals have one. [ Laughter ] >> Just kidding Aussies. >> Now it's all on you. >> Go. . . all blacks. Alright let's go back to the voicemails and our next caller wants to talk Natalie down from her fear of helicopters. >> It's not gonna work. >> He Buzz Out Loud this is Christian from Brown town and I Just wanted to make a comment on Miss DelConte's fear of helicopters. Helicopters are quite safe, that's why hospitals across America, and across the world actually use them for patient transfer and for certain emergency situations. They are perfectly safe for such transports. Also the US Coast Guard and US Navy uses them to rescue sailors or really anybody out at sea. There's really no danger unless the wind underneath them gets stagnant, which causes the helicopter to plummet for a little bit, but I highly doubt you'll be part of a sea rescue. So yeah helicopters are safe. One of my friends is a pilot who does the patient transfer, loves his job, love the show. Bye >> I'm going to disagree with that. I don't have any hard and fast statistics, but I think the accident rate is still higher on helicopters. >> Oh but you're not part of sea rescues. >> No I'm not. [ Laughter ] >> Just don't be part of a sea rescue you'll be fine. >> I've heard this both ways. I've heard people that are supposedly in the know, say it's the best safety record in air craft even compared to all the fix wing types and others say no it's actually the worst but above the personal vehicle of course. . . >> Obviously do you drive in cars Natalie? >> No I don't drive. ^M00:30:27 [ Laughter ] >> Do you ride in cars? >> You're lying through your teeth. >> I know you've ridden in a cab. >> I ride the subway. >> Natalie says no I'm going to lie now. >> You've been on the show riding in a cab before. >> Yes, Ok I ride in cars. >> You have driven a car. >> Yes. >> Alright let's move on to our emails. >> Alright here's another thing I'm going to disagree with, we have a little hater mail for me, comes from Matthew comes from Jeffersonville Indiana. He says it seems to me and to many others who listen to the show that Natalie is quick to stereotype and judge all those who live between the 2 coasts of the US. She's made disparaging remarks about the southern states, rural areas, and most recently even the viewers of the Family Guy. I don't watch the show and I have no idea what the target demographic is but she implied that they would be most likely to still have analog TV's, a condition that seems to be a mark of shame in her world. Not only is this assumption probably wrong, it's what Christopher Hitchins [assumed spelling] calls poor comedy, jokes that only stupid people laugh at. Furthermore I can't help but think that Natalie's cute face and ability to turn her head to the right angle for a photograph is the only reason she has a job in tech journalism. I'm sure her looks have granted her many a door opening and that would have otherwise have been closed. Who's judging now? You know what that's what it's like Natalie? I don't expect this to be read on the air, but that's your decision. I'll continue to listen to the show and expect for occasional ename [assumed spelling] comment. Enjoy it immensely thank you. So I opted to read this on the show even though Matthew thought that we would not because I just have to say that we get about 1 of these a week that has to do with the fact that I'm some kind of air head or I only have a job because of the way I look, and I have to say you guys it breaks my spirit, and it's sexist and it's rude, and Tom and Jason say off handed things that maybe they should have thought through, and they don't get nearly as much email as what I do and so it just makes me sad . . . >> Oh I get plenty of email. Yeah >> That we have, but not in a sexist way. >> But I don't get accused of saying something dumb because I'm a boy. >> Or because you look a certain way and furthermore yes this joke was probably, I meant to sort of frame it in an Al Bundy type of protagonist Family Guy demographic, didn't come out right, was off the cuff, really poorly thought out, and you can tell that when I said it oh that was stupid. But I am not someone that is classist. I do know what the flyover states are like and I just really don't appreciate the sexism. So if it's your intention to break my spirit with these kind of emails you succeed and I don't appreciate it. So I'm going to stop there and that's my Natalie rant. >> And Natalie really doesn't hate any part of the United States. >> No. >> Cause if she did Jason and I wouldn't let her on the show. [ Laughter ] >> That's right >> That's right >> They're not even from the cities. [ Laughter ] >> That is right. Alright so I'll continue on here. Eric Brazier [assumed spelling] writes in and said hey you said my last name on the pod cast sort of. Why don't I have any of that Dairy Queen money? [ Laughter ] >> What? >> Big Brazier was my CD handle because the Braizer [assumed spelling], Dairy Queen Brazier but it's spelled differently. >> Ah it's still there. >> A little comic relieve. You know the only person that's seen it that it was their looks was Brian Coolie. Alright Dan from Wisconsin wrote in and said . . . >> . . . For his looks >> Regarding Vacente's [assumed spelling] email and episode 941 and previous emails about the E74 error. I can in fact confirm that there is not a conspiracy that the E74 error and the red ring of death are the same error that was just changed in the NEXE update. You see I have had both errors in my short 2 years of owning an Xbox 360. I got the E74 error last year and then about 2 days after updating to the NXE,I got the red ring of death. Thankfully I got them in that order so that it was covered for my regular warranty for E74 and the extended red ring of death warranty later. So there you go an example of the E 74 error before the update and the red ring of death still happening after the update. Conspiracy punctured unless Dan is a plant. >> Right! >> And I don't mean a fern. >> Well there's always that possibility. >> I mean Dan do you have . . . No I believe it. Sure why not? I'm feeling credulous. I'm gonna believe it. >> Your email next TC. Ok buzz crew from Mike. I know that you guys have a big hate on for my preferred mobile OS but you forgot to mention that Windows Mobile has supported Skype for years now and guess what it runs on either Wi-Fi or cellular data connection and can be minimized and run in the background, a little multi tasking there. But I guess that the fact that the iPhone has just come out with a limited functionality version of Skype is the big news. Love the show, Mike. Mike meet Robert the Kiwi. Who would also say what's up with so Mac/ iPhone centric? >> It is pretty cool that the Skype app on Windows Mobile can go over the cellular data network. They're not letting that happen with the Skype app on the iPhone . . . >> So well we looked it up to make sure that this was the case and it does say on the Skype application page for Windows Mobile that you can get on your cellular data connection but I'm not sure, it's not 100% clear if that's voice or if it's just the iPhone. . . >> But it sounds like he has it and runs it. So unless he's a dirty liar. . .which I don't think Mike is >> Feeling credulous yourself. >> Mike we're taking it at face value. So I assume you do mean actual VoIP calls not just other functionality of Skype which is yeah a big difference. I mean there's a lot of stuff that the iPhone can't or at least until very lately with the new OS couldn't do but that's the mystery of the iPhone sometimes. >> Finally a scumaton [assumed spelling] USKOMATOM and a Fin living in Sweden wrote in says he was watching the 60 minutes episode about the Conficker worm pointed out that about 10:46 into the video they showed a clip of what they claim as a Russian hacker group and even point to 1 guy saying he is called Tempest. Little does the expert on 60 minutes know according to our e-mailer he has just been pawned [assumed spelling] by a Finnish internet joke and the picture is about 5 years old. This picture was originally used as part of an internet joke called Esanmana [assumed spelling] something else I can't pronounce. . . >> Please don't >> Basically the picture was taken from IRC galleria and added to a page with a lot of badly written Neo Nazi huff and puff and has been online for at least 5 years. Guys in the picture were apparently really neo-Nazi but have given that up once they grew up. As a funny coincidence the name Tempest is the name of a finished demo singer whose work was stolen by Timbaland [assumed spelling] judge yourself based on the evidence, I believe it thought. The same guy who came up with the joke was also collecting material for Tempest versus Timbaland so maybe CBS should do a bit more fat checking on who they have on as their experts. There are a lot of Fins laughing at 60 minutes right now and this news has actually been picked up by a lot of mainstream media as well. In fact 60 minutes had pulled down the clip. >> Really? >> and I don't know if it's because of this but there is an editorial concern that they are trying to fix. So >> I'll let you phone that complaint into head quarters. >> I believe they're on it already. [ Laughter ] >> I'm busy today. >> Wish I could. >> But seriously you've gotta be careful I mean even when you're relying on a expert commentary you've gotta make sure your expert knows what he's talking about. This expert I think was a guy from Symantec. So did he get taken in? Was he . . .talking off the cuff. Did ever get caught? >> Who told him that this was correct? Send him a link that he thought was correct. >> It is the problem with the internet. We might have been taken in from either Mike or Dan from Wisconsin on this very show. >> We could have been taken in on every story on this entire show. >> We could be living in a simulation. >> For all I know space could be great. What do I know? >> You haven't been there. >> Yeah that's true. >> It's not that great cause you can't use other people's toilets. >> And spaceships are kind of like helicopters Nat so don't go there. >> That's why from now on I'm using lie detectors on every interview. [ Laughter ] >> Just to prove. . . >> I mean what I say. >> wire up for the show. >> Alright I'll do it. >> Alright you know what you should do, you should mosey over to cnettv.com cause you can see videos from Brian Coolie. You can see videos from Tom Merrit. You can see videos from Natalie DelConte. >> You can even see a couple of videos that have Jason Hall in them. >> Oh yeah I get my butt kicked a couple of times. >> He got his butt kicked in Apple Byte this week. That was so funny. >> Well thank you, it was worth the pain. >> Spiritual and otherwise. >> Was Brian really up on the, on the raters like that? >> Yes he was [laughter] >> How did he get up there? He's so little . . . >> That's how he got up there. >> He was just kind of scopin out where can I climb? Oh and he just hoped right up there, climbed up Ok come over here film this. He had no shame. >> Up he went. >> Meanwhile people all around us were working at their desks like what are those noises? Why are the people fighting? >> I kept seeing Ray Vetlemans [assumed spelling] Twitter's about he was very jealous about Brian's job that day. [ Laughter ] >> . . I don't know what that was about . . . >> Anyway you can get all of that stuff at cnettv.com and you can get all the stuff about our show at our blog, we have links to the stories we talk about every show. We have links to ways to contact us. It's all there at Bol.cnet.com. >> That's right. >> See ya there. >> Bye folks. >> Bye >> Bye [ Music ]

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