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Tech Culture: Ep. 92: Slingbox outages; high-tech subway woes; and a Nintendo-loving gorilla

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Tech Culture: Ep. 92: Slingbox outages; high-tech subway woes; and a Nintendo-loving gorilla

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This week we freak out about Slingbox outages that have hit users around the country (fortunately, the problem seems mostly solved at this point). Then, we check out the two big tech firm ousters of the past week: HP's CEO and Apple's head iPhone guy. Dan goes over some recent NYC subway nightmares, and how the MTA's high-tech makeover isn't moving very quickly. And finally, we check out candid shots of a gorilla that got his paws on some poor zoo visitor's Nintendo DSi XL.

Got to get out. God -- -- -- out -- trick I get everybody -- worked every -- positions for arts and calendar -- -- Hillary just disgusting. If everything -- while you're completely right while it was -- right so we're discussing the directing credits of Sylvester Stallone I pointed out that that he -- but did not directly regional -- the ability direct I think it'll -- like well oh yeah and as he directed -- Rambo movie. And I think he directs the extent of -- wrote. That I was surprised that directed -- was. You know he's you don't wanna -- you like to put together as a he's one of the guys who likes to put together zone project. How -- direction blown out that. President directs them surprise in new directive will spend -- feel obligated to see that film because of our childhoods watching these -- and here it actually thinks -- -- -- I don't I think you. -- then -- Lundgren connection that we -- care. Yeah man don't go -- you the funniest thing is I'm gonna Xena Dolph Lungren I've I've seen this Rovio. Now I actually know showdown in token little Tokyo women in Brandon Lee was -- but I mean. I don't really were called paying the scene of his movies except for him being Iraqi for getting beat up by Stallone I mean. Other than that I don't. He was said that he was -- -- publisher yet. Was never an action be except I do like short and I'm not a man and a and then I mean I. Guess -- -- you figure -- Who either didn't know what -- -- -- as movies -- these you know -- -- but he gets all the time the Stallone Schwarzenegger -- don't -- -- the -- ones betting -- language goes but he go you -- nobody had an elf 109 has again the argument involvement in the -- but -- companies and some opened his and it well. I think van dam was the only tired of who actually turned it down but I and he Stephen iPad because you know that was really pleased he's got his own show he's like a cop polite on -- -- -- look through years of you -- Yes I'm actually -- of some like dog the bounty enterprise it -- -- -- -- -- you -- I admit I wanna see the X venables is just so -- so much value I feel like you've -- there was once an interview is the most and most the most written and -- and people for your dollar. It is it is the Harlem nights of action movies yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The way it's -- ago. About leaving the house could you tonight emailing and that's wouldn't have a good program Simoni observatory guaranteed bendable it's not just go -- dark and now. I sounding I don't know you paid me a bit of reckless. I thought that was left -- rocket to fill out -- I don't know why I'm gonna interview and they didn't. And -- this podcast and if you're gonna put little -- on -- -- just you crank out a way Joanne there's is now called latitude has got downloaded that you have yet to agree that only value I am a little -- a little Scotty is that both you Iran and in the run crying there's a couple weeks we don't go out several times -- children -- I -- the entire enterprise Scott again. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Back actual technology that this has not been fun. We had a major meltdown a crisis that both here in new York and -- -- around the country. -- -- -- Lots of people Nagano going to try to watch TV at the office is crazy. For -- earthly bucks user Howard to the here's there. Apparently -- media has been scrambling to address service issues that left many of the company uses unable to -- -- -- slingbox remotely only curious whether there was any whether it's through the web player or through the actual downloadable software really uses anymore. Today it seemed fine of that we get on on Friday I tried it and it took me several Fries actually get connected by and eventually it did work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his mind. And I don't use it but I I plan to use it within policies if that only my way -- slingbox you clever yeah. -- expect a joke. -- -- And actually barring a barring a very kinda office workers slingbox is not using windows sling boxes and -- by -- -- and and I'm gonna set up -- that because the -- is -- -- -- they're not gonna connect would be surely and to be okay but also in -- the -- you're gonna have promoted -- from their home. Right does this in their Time Warner -- -- -- so they may not have ESPN -- together and agree with agents here -- in just a moment and he's gonna tampons excellent year and -- -- -- model to. Tivo that doesn't work with them. It's too knowing this and -- That it's sitting on -- I know a guy who -- in France who pays some friends in -- Cisco to just get an extra cable box on there you account and -- in -- closet. When the slingbox attachments that too he can from Europe tune -- watch any American TV -- That's a pretty good I just I -- -- for whatever five you know if you've got cable -- to get an -- you've left won another 5710. Dollars a month whatever it is. -- -- -- Yes -- what do you collect. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- of slaves are gonna order there could get that fit on cartoons you want the the NFL out of that works for Howell. Packages on DirecTV if you are if you subscribe for whatever and ignore those is definitely something the instrument is get a second box and I -- convince them -- I wanted to do with but the bill for the cable. -- we noticed you heard it if you wanna we article box and my house but the current in your favorites a box of -- sided X -- -- slingbox. I need to have DirecTV deal the NFL -- -- definitive a package online do direct him. Non Time Warner has been. I'm not doing any and I you use. I very -- basically it's back up now -- crisis averted but this is what happens when you run everything through a third party server and you know when the -- -- goes down everybody's gonna that they would not. Also not doing well -- paper master Apple's vice president in charge of iPhone. And a direct Steve Jobs report one of one of only a -- apparently he's out. He needed a little surprised by this. He had to blame somebody. -- think it's because the iPhone and and issue. So then I dining and finally. If someone must get the hostel and -- It makes more sense in the quote of broader cultural incompatibility. Rightly I think now they're they're they're deconstructing now and in things that I think. You can again street analysts applicant. And things that you did you do and give their own name -- and renegade yeah of the director of deconstructing and and seeing that this is sort of -- longer term issue -- -- -- -- William Leo before the iPhone for even came out because of -- got that. A broader cultural incompatibility apparently he came from IBM and was not -- to the kind of creative culture and Apple where you have to be very hands on everything -- can't just be handled managers stuff and he could negotiate the office politics well although the only two in the company I think in 2008 -- -- -- -- -- -- and rerouted so that we hear the stable -- that. We'll look into it and -- Apple's line because of the great line I think it regretted it might have been on. The silicon Alley insider -- daring fireball. They pointed to The Wall Street Journal article about this -- named the reporter who reported this cultural incompatibility issue. And it and and they gave a great did and I think it's true and all -- just saying this report. From a reporter who's the person Apple -- who would wanna control story -- These are the issues. Maybe was just could also be that the antenna moment was a great opportunity to do what they are doing. What they are running planted it right. What we -- -- -- great timing for them people point out that this guy paper master was not in any the iPhone for promotional videos TV -- up on stage. During of the -- gaping they had the Mac hardware guys apparently taken over this guy's job. Do all that stuff to me here he did have pointed out the door someone says that if a message out -- analysts scapegoat. That that's a good job had to have if that's -- your business card and you might wanna. But you might you -- and everything into and it's that you wanted to articles mentioning that the that this antenna and it had been filed as a bug according to reports before he come aboard the that the sort of thing that Brennan was designed have been I don't think you can it was his fault per say right. Good Steve Jobs of the sign off on it apparently knew it was in the issue. I think he's wanted to do like let's -- -- sentenced him to buy it anyway I think there's no. To -- with somebody like some of that I mean I I about the gonna numb I act descending and and maybe and comparing as the department. I've owned my fair -- -- of sneakers and I've I've always been a big time Jordan fan by my Michael Jordan's news and and have to say summon up some of them some of the designs and they've released them like they must sit there and everything is gonna that -- they say let's make it as. Ugly as possible and see what idiots actually bothers like but the -- -- colors the crazies design. If people either when you -- patent leather all over his sneakers and patina with some hot -- play ball I don't know anybody else. Anywhere and -- drifting but I just can't help but think they were aware of the issue but -- like you know what people buy our product anyway. Will will will will will throw in some free bumpers -- and then why did they release the yellowing iPhone. Or in white that is not because I because it didn't it didn't get away as well as well as they put it on -- -- -- -- A because I mean think about the numbers a reporter were crazy people were satisfied not satisfied with. It was I don't know I don't I don't the numbers and Apple I don't know I can never really -- -- Hey I just I think they do aware of the problem they didn't delay at the push it out anyway it they said you know people heated up and in the right -- -- -- -- three million sales people did heated up in gold bumpers -- on -- -- people. Are still in denial about it and even with the upcoming iPhone going somewhere else which have pretty -- cover later on this show. And in people still don't wanna -- And and and as far as the white with concern I think because they got -- by consumer reports is why. The that we know what will will revamp the Steve devote lightly on the -- glass I'm telling you it's gonna get ripped apart if you're gonna notice some differences -- that -- thing not only the color will be the difference enough when I promise you something -- Leo and that there was an the system. But -- just think it's gonna be it's gonna be an identity take the antenna it's gonna be it's gonna be different -- the gap on the bottom. Where your hand has not been -- the governor with the charges and exactly where this -- -- yeah I had at the point. So this pay terrific guy his real question -- -- -- severance packages going to be. And that's it for you probably count. Like it but but not as good as -- has ever -- I mean ourselves as -- not I feel like the -- -- for big corporate guy via but he can't be as good as as HP's now former CEO. Mark Hurd. Who just. Resigned suddenly -- be getting caught in some sort of sex harassment and expenses. Well but -- -- -- it. If it the F Scott if you're looking I'm not putting it Fraser turned to it that will turmoil explosion. Crisis that controversy yes all of those things and more it was a completely -- -- well he resigned under pressure from the board because. You know a variety of reasons that an outside contractor Tuesday. Ninety's -- movie actress with a and apparently accused in some sort of sexual harassment but they all and nothing happens. And then maybe he theater maybe didn't improperly blocks and expenses that back -- the dinners and other stuff -- -- seem pretty flimsy. But for some reason he felt like I do do anything wrong but I haven't put any. But his separate packets who were rumored to be like probably -- Pick a secure of an -- couple weeks he could -- -- that for -- while. You know they get a lot of that stuff he's be with him at the Helm part of it is popular laptop like this which we've just got in the HP. Entity fourteen which people been -- to me and ask united -- -- -- panic he sent a review units. -- most suspicious when they do that but overall the be fourteen. And be pretty decent. But it looks just like the thirteen inch and be a little bit bigger department the -- -- the -- commercialized to -- it and he thought it governor's department commercialized now will be logo right there. -- They go I mean it's heavy for fourteen slot -- pretty powerful they lowered the price -- -- thirteen was like 15100 -- This -- started 999. And actually a fairly decent upgrade from -- record by only pumped up -- hundred bucks and and that's pretty good deal but in a heavy -- -- MacBook MacBook and early days late MacBook Pro price range and again it again then that the -- recognize them that's nice package and -- solid however. It's on the it feels almost unconditionally there's a lot of really small annoyances. That that that just by via the touch and it still doesn't work quite right Eden who has multi touch ruling it's not effortless like it is on on a MacBook. When you teams have -- trouble waking up from a sleep state. As many windows that perhaps you would clear that you actually would have -- -- there anymore. I see Andrew on laptops and 20 yeah totally to edit window and involves the yeah yeah it's honestly -- -- volume control buttons but if you're playing the game. -- take that the whole screen when you get the volume control button. It minimize the game and brings up the on screen volume control basically -- you know crashing your game at the time -- -- -- you mattered anyway. Which is just unbelievably floppy or remember the original in -- do that also. The best of -- about -- news feature and be fourteen that are just. I just there are enough little annoyances that they just drive you crazy to to really avoid making this page eight top recommendation even though the hardware itself. And the design it's very. That's -- promise yet certain pelican -- but now with who have you know. HP ought to get a new CEO and maybe they'll continue the area upward climb -- laptops days overtaking Dell -- -- web OS laptops -- maybe -- and they have their tablet that keeps getting canceled Brockbank and cancer and brought back. Yeah I. I really feel sorry for the industry in that -- the community -- like a couple of devices like the Android OS and -- analysts that is so far ahead. It's putting so much pressure on everyone else to try to come up with the new -- It's really hard to market -- sort of building really fast that the iPad is its noble tremendous conflict. I don't know of anybody else will ever be able to compete -- -- kinda sad because. Competitive markets good for all one well I don't -- that sad or I I I feel sadness that because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's a great counter to a shiny project. The problem is that a lot of Windows 7 tablets don't work that well the most popular with -- well that's not always an -- -- not the -- and and and and that it over -- -- that's that's but -- -- -- -- -- -- but that's the problem though because even if -- -- -- the last. You still have to get the applications developed -- and -- just so far behind -- build an application department you'd be -- built a multi touch windows tablet that worked well what I'm I'm -- application -- at this point I'm like scrap -- I don't know if you get that from my company this -- -- -- and I'm saying if -- -- -- -- we don't -- -- -- -- -- and I don't feel bad I don't hate windows I feel I feel -- acronym because they just can't seem to get it right for you know for some and it's been so long in the games in terms of touch interfaces on cell -- -- windows when those mobile. Select even even even like that they're -- there whatever that with a table called the sink or whatever the ride rough surface to surface and it. It's like just -- cool I mean some collapsed but it's that when you see them -- that you've seen that so long ago but it just as -- come to fruition it's it's not here. And it's just you you have an OS like Android which is like two years old. IPhone OS -- like what four years old they're just came on the scene in the touches the -- -- -- would have just so responsive generally what they do good now I understand but it's it's it's like what is -- these guys did that you didn't I mean it's not what he did it to what they did need it even if you and even web OS. These are all stripped down they don't they're not the be all for everybody that right -- it's supposed to be. But what Microsoft has not done is built eagerly to try -- have not really building stripped down. Simplified version even though they haven't witnessed his daughter a netbook have that compact embedded version that uses yet that's the thing -- the -- I can't get away from it they don't focus on -- -- need to spread themselves so we'll look at like seven flavors of like the windows on his office and -- feel bad for all artists and our more features feature -- I prefer office 2003 -- version from seven years ago because it's. Simple enough to actually use. -- not it's not it's not too bloated -- concern. -- II prefer the older ones as well I mean I open -- my 2001 office -- that's the thing. We're gonna fortunately here -- 2010 and uses that's lull. It is -- it -- you and you've been doing it for awhile how does not get better might assuage credit more features but it just doesn't get better it's like them. I don't know I'd switch over part because Julie started. Making -- of -- chart. As XL SX files network at our that's our. -- I had significant and potentially be my stuff wasn't working in. There ain't right. I hear you yeah yeah I tell them you're pretty that's how I got inhabitants and out of Russia and Jews -- -- European -- different. Under. The and now back to do that though because I am I think wasn't liking it but rating. Meaning that house so I think -- and getting messed up well on them. It's just ended up losing its form adding your -- and I was doing in the old version with our 2007. I -- -- -- -- -- -- that was happening I was at him. I was frustrated and yeah. How -- it like if you. As it's like it just doesn't add now and then just forget I knew nothing can you you slow -- -- -- -- -- I would do you can. It or leave again I was -- -- and Pakistan and -- it's a -- -- is a headache without thinking okay maybe I think that it now and then again and then I do back of the that the -- messes up -- -- -- -- Internet and I did it again and despite. So. I spoke about what effect you know -- -- unseating an X. Whatever. -- That's gonna -- but they got past them and -- a bit. And I've actually switched over to open on open office two I did use open office for while I did was delivered to Google docs. Or writing product reviews not for other -- -- -- product reviews because I'll take somethin'. Like this HP laptop and I like to write to review on the laptop itself and it's got the same thing yeah so with Google box I mostly pop over to Google -- I can start writing reviews and then if -- moved -- another computer later I can just pick up right right lives without emailing it to myself without -- -- he was the heat. That would have done is taken in Pei farm organizations. Say -- -- version of word you may have been home supports exactly that is Larry and I have word template that I put everything in that the Microsoft -- man I don't wanna I don't wanna knock you guys can come on guys put together him pull that together. I want to use your product I really do. Speaking of the people jumping ship from one brand to another new round of -- -- -- -- worth. Oh -- excited about that again and won the -- time and then if anybody read out that's yeah Canada and -- anyway. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Probably just experience at a -- I mean I've I've I've have been -- the ages you know. I'm not that anger like Benedict I can switch back and -- justice in an experienced it once -- I didn't like move line. An accident you'll -- anything -- we're pretty much traffic that almost all on the question -- Problems for both things forget just I applaud the switching but I wonder with the viewpoint reinvest so much in the gaps he would -- -- now I'm feeling and does not seek is right now and that's not it's not not because right now with incredible and Android market like I'm just. -- purposely looking for a lot of free and things just experienced smart Android market itself I didn't get back and lack. -- is -- with attitude and I'm a bit like the track for biting at it that Apple has going on announces to match -- Google's you know our. I'm I'm -- policy so it's like so I would do that too if I've got patent. Like of the -- different from its not my Wii injury unit -- -- renew your contract for. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I guess I think all evens out time and again because you can still resell it at some point anyway that's not the also other factors -- -- I would do it in a heartbeat. ASEAN would do it and -- thanks to -- the incredible actually two room iPhone Nam after by news updated itself. Yes I would -- innocence and that for the iPhone I think it. Speaking of Galbraith has this very. That way -- and they learning site. There's a guy named nicknamed the barefoot bandit and currently in jail. He was he was a nineteen year old went on a crimes -- crime spree -- -- cars planes tons of other stuff. All around the Bahamas this having US eventually they caught that guy and his ninety Nokia the binding climate wrapped into one. When the economy he tossed his MacBook and his life and his phone and also stepped into the ocean to the cops couldn't get it. Obviously the cops went and got this. And they're gonna try to go through his his electronics to try to find evidence that he was involved -- to -- crimes you know they do -- them. But they're worried that. V being in the salt water basically destroyed MacBook so they won't be able to get -- -- the hard drive the the real issue is. Is what you do when you're chasing -- and he throws his laptop in the in the ocean. If you try to get it -- apparently the key is don't take it out of the water just yet or if you take it -- -- in the container with water -- it. Because once you take it out of the salt water then the oxidation starts happening so it's -- the hard drive so that's the key. If tomatoes -- lack of in the water. Keep it in the water until you're ready to actually do professional recovery as he could end up like yeah fish tank of -- and it's -- there but when you recover artifacts like the bottom of the ocean until they're rated -- properly care for you keep them in water right. That about how a freezing it in your freezer. Don't know what you've expanded and advocates have. -- -- -- -- -- -- You go to regular demolition man is that of the local and elegant and years of -- apartment and in the future will have the have a party artifacts and yeah tags you put in a cylinder of water and preakness. Movement going. That you wanna see what's inside any laptop that was from -- one. That's we should do the more popular -- yeah. It's it's randomly at the yeah. -- -- Criminal people every dad are corroded setup data retrieving lab underwater -- is reasonable all the data underwater when they're not gonna until -- -- the -- and it's. Scuba -- asked if you're giving elements October when you're gonna elements it's I was trying to think of a laptop into a volcano nine. I think that in the month in Africa and where the negative zone. So that's an easy inciting a wet laptop does have what do you do when it's inside actual human being -- if if you go to JFK LaGuardia. -- -- Actually. I'm -- yeah it. Coming soon on here. Body scanners are coming soon to -- -- new Newark and the Guardia I mean it doesn't really go any deeper than that that does not much more to say than that. How crazy you how praises that you're going on a flight and -- have you walk through instead of like I -- taking you into the back room. And stupid you down like an animal pro over something if you go together go through like this this X -- screen that action gives an. A nude shot of you now me personally I want my sixty did gives you the acquisition target date of the link here is a picture -- have you -- ever been through quality now know. I have an avid at that -- in San Francisco. Daniel let me -- vacations and actually -- -- Let me ask you if you -- -- -- -- the -- usually go to that water through the metal detector you actually -- stand in this big circular kind of rotunda. And you put your arms up and you see that the -- around you like that. One time and you -- they actually give you the all clear that he keep going to take longer than going through the metal detector. Obviously they're doing some sort of weird like black and white use sonar picture -- I she's got us a picture of it. Forks or -- politics of those are closes of those who are listening audio always tell -- your and I do not see in this the I think this technology for awhile -- wrote -- places obviously a lot of people feel to -- infinite -- civil rights. The reasoning in people like that row you know we're all -- hoping as you just don't need like. Ten people behind the monitor all look at you like a different look at previous -- -- an -- room. Locked up and they allegedly don't keep the images but the redemption yesterday -- -- -- -- -- immediately. Yeah and go back at a particular celebrity herself you know there's that they're deadly tagging the photos of where you went I don't think anyone CD actually acting the anonymity of the day yeah okay there's geotag elect how many times -- is -- fly -- what's up with the face. Like. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I was only I was only there for a few days and was really and probable cause of the came back the United States. I really don't wanna go buy myself. And what really I know this looks really bad the girl I was dating at the time was Colombian. So coming back in the airport. They they aren't what it inserts are you but they did take need to -- question because my my time there was so short and the fact that -- that -- -- -- -- Forget about it it was not a couple extra it's not something you wanna deal with after doing such a tragedy and think it is uncomfortable but. If they -- -- -- real quick and -- you know my when I'd be very. So I guess -- before as opposed really. I mean -- nothing -- not the mentioning you know. If it's if that we know it's a woman second now mine's not -- should be treated very -- -- do the same gender. The city very should be very happy what she sees that and I take your hand -- gay -- -- yeah. The men who I'm firearm cardinal -- yeah IB deputy dep is sure you guys like watermelon and fried chicken and all that. That is. Even more panel adds I think done around here that was okay. Yeah and the blue all of -- write code is believed the water bill of rights -- could not believe the other part -- -- all kind of -- All of them. -- all -- not not not select select you know lanakila wanted to move on nags at -- to go back I don't migrate drink. Yeah. And photos you like banks and -- like ours for iced -- you're eliminating a let -- -- -- that he pink lemonade you know but you time the Internet. He's gonna go faster nominees. In iTunes you gonna legacy I like that and I'm not a victim locally you please go -- -- ability. -- -- purple and maybe if maybe. They don't -- is that okay well let's but it's a battle previously and then there's a good candidate -- on these things if you go out well and I regretted it political order in. Millman. City refute like donkey Kong Paris. I don't a positive -- orders yeah. Or is -- good as it did. I don't -- it was -- memories -- art and all. This -- knowing if the air travel when you're getting that they can stand a probably subway. I that we get -- big high tech upgrade to the subway system it apparently is not really happening. I discovered that. In oh after many months of not taking this I was given -- trying to go from Manhattan to Brooklyn any weekend is an exercise in frustration -- that's by any other. Oh my god -- -- would have very personal and then I'll explain how this time ahead in -- and do southern -- gardens from so they'll I can usually just. -- the F train so I get on the I think the trio once thought that they PF and and -- -- the -- Though so again I try to get on the I featuring on a town that we transmitting and that state. Okay all weekend because he trains running from midnight to -- -- but afternoon to an afternoon they're running aren't -- to get there we don't -- time to train Monica. Yup with -- street thanking flip around to the lament the other way to get up there. The F that running negative running with -- finally the F -- but it's running and -- -- -- different I think again that goes along going a little soundtrack to and then it goes without bothering to add hypocrite just gotten on the going down there or the F on the and eventually -- back to the -- somewhere -- get there but certainly an hour there you know what you think a twenty minute trip DLJ -- over the outer -- if you have a minimum not the weekend period you might even my son knows that as a -- life is my. What you fear you don't know -- -- -- I know I. I -- what you go to work I send what do you want for a so what you waffle on she said pizza and I don't know what popcorn popped in my -- There's a pizza shop by Columbia from -- didn't have the broad. They have like the -- just slices of pizza not the greatest they can get -- that -- -- that there's an integrated fit in with a huge number -- about a 200 a lot better places where you'd -- on other. You know there's my there's no but but widgets you imagine -- hundreds and that's what I like -- to -- his -- why you -- the speed -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The bus. -- to train he goes taxi. Regularly attack the -- -- he -- not to -- of them on the weekend. And also got we got our feet to the picks up as well that even though a couple of and a a couple of subway station declare that -- now have those big -- that tell you nothing worked well with your extra trying to -- time for him drink and have that government that's actually the sending them Paris. Where they're actually works here. The -- -- -- complete one OS that would -- two minutes ago to life. But sometimes it says humans anything pulls in twenty seconds later and that this -- two minutes and of the -- at all please don't have a sense of security. It should make you -- not -- it's the -- -- -- it is it's the humans is the -- it's a nine minutes to make you -- you know what it is it's like the loading bar when you're installing software that and you know it's funny at the progress and the funniest thing is is that what would what I find amazing is they put these signs up. In the train stations that have the fastest running services the six train is pretty quick you don't need it there you need that name on the C. A but the because you just don't know and pilot training progress -- we just demonstrated pretty quickly and every the security that every couple minutes you get sick you can you know there's a trincomalee one example and the one but the the V the C. A or maybe -- M the JIQ. It's a long weekend. I don't think any of transfer him right -- -- -- to have -- cleaner kin is or where they are using technologies on this new cameras in the subway stations apparently the cops. Used and to to rest like 2000 people last year. Based on making requests for. The way camera footage started to catch criminals though that's one area where the technologies we're gonna hopefully -- to -- the trains running. If that's -- eccentric. Quickly things are running out of time I go now we're now -- a little bit about about that now yeah now what tomorrow -- tomorrow are right but your -- -- you have it. -- reasons given -- time square. The game. Yeah people haven't as a command to get I would ever look when we go oh yeah one other gaming and I know I'm juvenile and having an anti spyware no one has imagine -- -- -- -- but that's what we now. A listener yeah listeners who with the equipment they fight fight. What -- your thoughts on that -- Quickly so man comes out tomorrow also hits for -- that they councils but also for the iPhone and iPad I've got a pretty cool and I get it averaging going on here the console versions. Every year they have -- -- when -- when you -- yeah it's pretty good time at the console but regularly screen shots would be people men. Power -- to the people clock is you know like it's taken we. It. Should hand it -- so you know this -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Did misspeak so -- if people focus. -- -- -- And yeah I. This is my things run over so you can edit it and the -- -- man whose news they're trying to make it simple a picture from my game here but it's a simple. Five version of the game that -- -- quicker. Quicker simpler deeper at the same time on -- there's -- game flow which which which you know speeds you up through the process auto picture -- which sounds a bit like it she. Except the fact few if you're calling man and you do this all the time and -- asking that exercise -- take a lot of time game calling and then you can still play around with all portables and doing line chips and things. It's such a lot simpler to get into that and the running game if you play -- foreign. Used to be this right triggered Sprint's and they took that away and -- just the analog sticks kind of like any channel on the 360s there's dual analog stick for running. She -- nice -- you can actually hit holes and do that stuff a lot better. The rest of the game is pretty much the same with the exception of online play now has three on three multiplayer yet kind of cool that's a whole new concept and -- its markets -- this idiotic. I'm you know I control one wide receiver in -- week for me to get open. You to control all the wide receivers -- the running backs -- quarterback and defensive secondary linebackers defensive line. Which smart because you're really gonna hit the guy that's closest and then you -- to make all those. Calls and kind of vote for what defense you make so and fortunately not -- that is nobody is online except for people who reviewing it. But and there aren't that many of those. But the iPad version that just got it came out the iPhone when last year had mixed feelings about is -- -- like a Nintendo sixty where version. The iPad version has a lot better graphics and which -- Expect for the resolution but it actually looks more like the PS2 version of the Yuma compact -- right here I can pull -- a play the same time. You know you can't Lehman. And but. -- Just like a real gently then yeah don't get any the graphics to the big -- it's a little bit choppy but I think we twelve -- united tomorrow and well thank you for -- to -- up on the iPad though it's screeners and the mini now. -- -- -- -- And so I think partly that's man resembling as the -- big surprise they do it it's awesome the jets on that in -- early Cadillac. It is not living in Israel nearly fifty and it's it's hard not to it's hard to lose with and actually I hope is the case is your pattern. Run for fall but he. There's one thing -- like the pits and hopefully everybody out there can help out this email with a digital city at digital city at cnet.com and let us know I really would love. To have like -- verses and I would I'd love to get like a few strong. Apple. IPhone fan boys in the room through strong Android -- boys in the room. And have a head to head debate -- love to do this you guys elective that you don't have visited the stimulus no. Are -- -- to be really fun. Court got it. I got every -- of the digital city -- of incidents have. But -- we Melvin -- -- our -- people of the Android phones we'll know -- regularly brigades numbering in the address of every topic the -- I -- anything other than and we regulate Kent German or Bonnie Todd officiate we haven't really nice yeah really and I gotta have a college debate how to the -- held to the element of these moderator. Yes he's getting into things like the going to be -- -- that we neatly did what what each did it again is basically turns it gave it could Blackberry windows and mobile road. And let's start at the top -- a -- way to let's leave something positive and fun guerrilla playing with an -- India. An ad campaign. If we can't -- enough and get what does it with him to go drop that the ethnic really case it really grabbed it and with fascinated with it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- with them and eventually a zoo keeper -- -- got the DS it was slightly battered but still work apparently there they ago. This is like cell looks small in the girls let's take a quick plug hang on there's a guy who's often confused -- -- -- Scott Stein his name is -- 19 -- And he's got -- for many years for he is that all sorts things in the gaming industry right now he has a new. We had video program called game theory you can get a game theory online dot com any -- -- different. Producers to people to games industry. For each different web episode and. We only we only care about -- -- Yeah -- just learned that the plug in that as a courtesy really care about eight you know we love -- -- It's not pretty felt like I wanna -- namely Europe on these guys you're ass is mine if you're on that iPhone lineup -- of that right now. Right we look like when we do versus if we do versus the guys can't imagine that figure Afghan -- -- and -- and -- put -- lives. Billion -- sports it's in the game I got through them and it. -- -- with anyone if you always leave a lot you -- gonna be high. That'll be the real that's a theater where Jeff we have every behind our lives easier and grab things in -- -- in the -- usually -- -- -- -- did you ever but I guess I'm not playing. And yeah -- hybrid starts you off. We know yeah. They are if -- -- of every universe is of the PlayStation diversity Xbox that's that's long overdue -- -- never been done before just. -- -- Nice that's nice. Just gave birth to -- He had him. -- -- -- -- -- --

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