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Ep. 915: Where we're not as think as you drunk we are: The 404

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The 404: Ep. 915: Where we're not as think as you drunk we are

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CNET's Bridget Carey is here to talk about the imminence of the next iPhone. Signs like cases arriving at AT&T stores and the new smartphone appearing in Apple's inventory system have Wilson almost giddy.

And you. It's Friday September 30. 2011 and thanks to tune into the full -- show on Jeff Bakalar. I'm virgin Mary and animals -- day then this is the show where we're not because I think the future uncle Leo. And you don't -- -- funny is it was the first that. As a long Russian -- how. -- managed services government human beings. Now. I was Russia is good you know I -- I was home my parents -- night -- who came over. My -- there him -- to. Should have taken a photo she was wearing my grandmas wearing the necklace with a Chinese letter on. -- -- they needed -- -- again as I hold on I'll get that this. -- Bridget Carey filling in just in use tiny Hughes today Gloria and -- -- it's very the expert panel villain Phil -- here this is exciting. It's like I have nothing -- this week and you -- the where does that thing is is like boot camp for using these basic training we're we're really gonna turn you into a regular four I were coming to machine -- she's she's got it and I'm excited. Well and what isn't legit the really irritated at the San Francisco yeah totally on. You gonna get that check -- the iPhone months is that what you do know that -- really -- hang out with it but that. Home based another ship the crew of the West Coast only hope that a mother how. About a year in the right place right now I Patton -- -- -- and what else is going on. -- there. On the madness gone on next week's been -- and now that -- -- actually act. In activity email out to be closer geographically. Which counts for it that I didn't closest to the reality due to what He thought earlier but ultimately later -- and get -- -- -- all of those guys -- the list goes live and in the pan. Get on with the ability who -- -- are excited for that. And -- been other -- and briefly but this. Off on May not tickets for all your edit them yeah -- -- mountain. Well you -- all about the the new iPhone coming out apparently it's it's been confirmed in Apple's inventory system. That the iPhone has -- the appeared although there's no information about what you know what capacity. Where that is unique to models are one model whether it comes -- lag only people like -- get excited over trivial nonsense like that. I. They're opened their inventory. And -- -- -- to have the new iPhone yeah yeah. I just want -- more jobs in this country have of that. You do that for me in the iPhone do that -- come -- I think there's a lot of iPhone five news in. On today's -- so let's get to it we can not -- -- way and get some stuff. -- so there's new iPhone five. Pieces so the biggest mystery about the new iPhone is this isn't what it's gonna look like we all know what Iowa this looks like that's that's that's been confirmed for mines. You've been playing around -- five for months but nobody has any idea what it really looks likely -- make it any shape it can sell more new cases and make more jobs. Correct in China and -- America and I dare I am an advocate mark carrier for cases -- I think Jonathan -- he's British view of many in their features that doesn't count either must've checked it out here's a picture of of an iPhone pod needs so this -- apparently got leaked. To AT&T store they get their shipment of iPhone cases of this might actually. Reveal what they're actually gonna ship. And it does actually have a tapered edge so the iPhone four in case you guys. Don't remember there's nobody in the -- an iPhone four right now. The iPhone -- -- -- you know much more rectangular like hard edge I think in this what's affectionately tapered. -- side to justice the sort of link to this sort of -- -- handed down a little bit -- it's almost like a throwback to all the other. Smartphone it -- exactly like years you're new shape means I'm new on the issue at -- -- That. -- -- -- It's -- from the past but that's the rumor is that it may actually only applied to one model of the act. So what the rumor right now is that they may actually released to. Kinds of iphones one essentially is the -- cost I've. That'll be like based on the iPhone four in the next one the -- five. Maybe that's with can be called the iPhone five the iPhone four S. -- not that sort of. And I think my little detector -- -- yeah yeah. Yeah that. He tells me funny and now -- lake on on the makes sense not un invitation via. Optimists all those like four -- I sure like time date last month was the only one. Mean really you found on that is -- or that doesn't mean there's one voice mail and -- I asked angina and I'm I'm I'm I'm trying to be an out of -- here now if I -- you. And comes preloaded with its own voice mail like -- enjoyed. -- I think the only real. Kinda cool news is the idea of Apple possibly using an excel around -- as a stabilization. Module. For iPhone video record. That any kind of cool that sounds cool take a little steady can actually -- on Leo I appreciate that you know anybody -- -- -- taste like smart -- and video now knows that it's pretty -- like everybody's in but. Usually at that time night you're pretty hammered. So -- only filming at night -- -- Genesis strong drunk -- I doubt that all that. There -- enough to show title says it all but -- no -- right there are plenty of moments where people could very Marceau benefit from such technology. But the thing with you know like almost any smart from has not just the act of any Smartphone. Is that it you know it's a light device in your hands get shaky try to keep it steady it's gonna look bad. And there's apparently there is a new -- that Apple put in. So be it I doubt it's gonna make into the next version the iPhone -- in makeup -- indeed want afterwards but this. Version uses the Celeron -- gyroscope. To stabilize the video right which I think it's kind of cool makes sense a lot of like digital cameras use some variation of this -- stabilize -- the lands. And so it. Optical image stabilization I think is what it's called. But I think is kind of cool and it's one of those things it's sort helps differentiate phones certainly cellphone videos Berkshire and a -- -- more videos of them. Absolutely I mean although. Underline there is a certain charm to the hand held -- He sort of look Shalala -- hell I like. I feel like real you know when you see all these videos on my you know like -- -- got that I report being you know. You see like someone really shaky holding -- -- like -- that must be real. Now you're gonna buy it if it's just this like really smooth home amateur video. But they -- got amusing is that again doesn't look real at all it'll change the face cloverfield -- you know non chic today. Just don't understand that it actually -- you're gonna start buying an app that gives that affected the shaking right just like reject relate to get around Baghdad -- -- -- it's the grand lake shaky hand. They didn't as you can do that though they do have a -- shake filter you can put on the old but that's like that -- -- -- -- -- -- is laboratory in -- -- -- canned black leg might also like the camera like foot Danforth in the floor someone picks it up. -- those kind of effects that would become I would be cool. All right someone wanna tell Amazon that palm was already blog how. I they have done. Says they wished they could -- -- explain this to me okay so there's a rumor and this is this is coming from venture be in the room from venture beat says that you know each. Making a lot of mistakes leave leave this backdrop that 50% in the last year -- -- -- time they are lost. CEO after only eleven months. And now -- rumors that each He may actually be trying to sell its -- division. So they do have a division still called com content that is possibly for says I think it's like webos hardware division -- -- Yet something really generic corporate -- that they may actually be trying to sell to Amazon. I don't know why I -- I mean Amazon -- -- you know. You doing pretty well if anything this is like you know the first. -- -- evil thing that's come out about that I mean they've they've been flawlessly -- in the past week. Great -- if -- -- -- I regularly execute flawlessly for a week. Today we. Meaning that they use it right now make it stronger it just build our apps just as it skillfully it only at a variable rate at this particular moment in their evolution. Well you don't like they mentioned at the press conference that. -- fire was be based on Android but that was it this -- like a mention it was exciting -- material. On their site they don't make a big deal that it runs Android apps in the -- immediately download. Amazon App Store apps right so maybe you like they they do you know -- -- they're opening themselves up to have the option. Having a different OS sort of power on the whole thing. To make any sense. It really rationalized but that makes less sense to -- and and this of this next story is Microsoft apparently is trying to get into the TV market. T well I think that makes sense. Google and Amazon -- with what Microsoft. I think this makes perfect secure. Microsoft apparently is looking to getting to Xbox TV service. This been rumored for years now that the -- -- it -- not just it was rumored. This is rumored. I feel it when it was launched. -- back -- 05. It was it was coming after they were gonna have DVR capabilities something like that but. Apparently this is. Different in the sense that you'd be subscribing. To licensed content yet so like it would essentially be like HB -- Maybe hooking up with a cable company to sort of provide backpack content and you do it the Xbox essentially turns into your cable box. -- -- -- that I have to meet him. I mean like that and you know it that we're giving away Xbox is when people bought PC's this summer ain't gonna stem more than 700 dollars -- free Xbox right. Why -- just aren't giving them away to cable companies for share makes regulating a set top box. Well I mean like that that for me -- like especially in I would be surprised if at the Xbox-360 but the next version and I can them a year to brake think the Xbox 720. Button. And -- just as good as mine. Xbox seven to when He -- You know and what if they take a model that more similar to excel -- -- like you buy a you subscribe to Comcast's service after years. You -- for the Xbox 720. -- yet they don't care you setting them on a device that spending money on games and the content. And W I I think we mentioned this before what about like. Video games also becoming much more -- -- subscription service now. That's like -- online yet that's like on my -- I mean look it's a steady income. A lot of people an elegant of them -- client and on -- what do these guys about -- I think. But I think gosh I'm really -- suggesting we just I have Verizon files. And they just updated. The firmware for the cable box it's all us. Really awesome that is the first time I think those words have ever been. But I really enjoy firmware the firmware it is always like to think they updated looks -- it's super functional but it's missing something you know it's missing. DL and -- capabilities. Why can't my cable box. Looking into -- mess and just be able to play media off my -- it does open a shot of you that you. -- just -- it's a good idea it should do. I think it's a great idea but I don't think anybody's gonna go walk into a store because -- You can hook up DNL -- -- personable -- opponents how they. Cable box the Motorola cable box that Verizon gave to me when they installed files in my apartment should have the ability. To play any media that's on my home network. -- -- -- Not of technology it should just be built in they're already letting you add more storage you can now hook up a CD drive. To the or SATA however -- Drive to the I mean I mean you always answering your own question -- not you can't I understand I. I use my PlayStation 3 to play my media I get that I would just like everything in once. The ones. I mean but it going back to the story than -- the next Xbox or maybe there's going to be an incremental upgrade. I think it could do a lot of this functionality was it that cable TV tuner related to easily Austin should be that it's there. -- -- the old Xbox -- He has like a hard drive built into its of these DVR functionality. -- -- hooks up with your windows like media library and what that linkage yet to make sense -- -- its its like the next logical. Evolution but I mean like. -- to your point about your your files box. Having a SATA drive with DN LA capability Welling up in your -- overall. I think you just sort of explain why it'll never get added to like general consumer electronics and -- definitely think that functionality is built and I went on to Verizon's -- forums like a -- and I was searching through and there's already been. Supposedly the there's been the headway made in in pursuing that someone like -- broke there are no -- you -- it's tough to do that -- it. They have -- Verizon that like -- we're looking into that. -- they're like expected. And Eric -- we'll see when the next Xbox in the next. No Comcast DVR service comes out the B I I'm excited there's a cool stuff that could happen is people don't wanna work together to make -- happen and we take a break more for a four with bridges carry right after this. The stick around will be right back. The floor move forward. And their captors to show where we all seems. Okay. From. -- -- -- Anything. It's. A little. Only thing. Yeah. -- -- Welcome back to the -- world tour with -- the -- that I got a lot. Only. Foley's play with your -- mind. Little brother and react and how do nothing about that on mine is an area. It. Yeah. Never did He ever do anything like that the public but not as -- video bomb that can now. Sure -- -- photo bombs vote until I importer behind. Well. I am -- mounted 45 pound. How to do it. Added we do it. -- -- -- -- This. VHS the mini ones that would go into the half. Marathon and -- and the and that they have battery in it because there is like moving parts. And you would put it being -- -- like -- collecting you know it's just funny is like now is what is it was called I think VHS. Pattern likes them -- -- VH SC yes and content here but it is huge -- -- -- -- -- the those -- laser -- and a add a new high school and like we just bought a potentially hazardous Blair is that you can see what you're gonna and bank against them and a -- decision. Wrong with schools for adjusting them up that's inappropriate media. Enough in the worst decision making skills they've got into beta Max -- is mini disk -- I mean what. What's it like this in your high school that every TV was on wheels yet -- only had had a laser disc being built in so so it now when I was in middle school. The big thing was the the wrist watch with the TV remote. On the response the as a member that has so joke ones via the -- EO this is and I don't know they -- -- because He used to make. Wrist watch used with. You know IR blasters -- -- and controlled TVs with them and stuff. So remember we would be in like science class -- -- -- in my buddy Matt. I would like to pass color. And -- 65 Euro buyout teacher of I'm alive they had no idea -- on scratch and -- all of them are really. In an issue with randomly if for no reason you don't know what's going on. Old habits that reason he's on TV channel and -- and I think you're ready to go like up and down on his thing it was a letter. It was almost too easy to place a value and time -- like three guys in the back like for act -- there are. Music just -- you seem to think this is pretty funny really -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You really want I don't have the TV remote -- run on a lot of my life and I have spoken -- what time it is. Teach leave me alone do you think teachers have gotten any more said here. No yeah and now they -- -- -- into middle school recently and and they all dislike have a carte their rollout to -- your -- -- and turn him back in near my classes over my. The thing was I remember when when I was in high school. What people started doing just -- I was about to graduate -- they returned the ring tones into like a super high frequency. That the teachers couldn't hear because like we are still young you can still like here very high style as you -- -- Jeff can hear the buzz off of -- TV screen. Ice in New Jersey. Now it's I could argue -- categorize articles via. That's huge and is it actually link and yet it's not a -- Yeah. Drilling into my -- -- can you please fix that. There. Remember when I was -- really it's still -- -- -- -- nine I was gone crazy and the what is bringing -- going through the whole house but then after thirteen I guess it goes away guess the -- Steve Guttenberg says by the time and -- like fifteen you've lost the ability here like shouting things -- you know -- -- you know it's just. Going to a concert again as you can -- announced -- -- with all that stuff. Own little kids doing with it you can -- to check this website at school. For doing a service or disservice -- -- into -- let's let's go fake girlfriend that CEO. Here it is how it works you dial. 212. And daddy -- I will link to this in the check and -- shown -- -- You do that to your phone and you know you put instead of you public girl's name girlfriend boyfriend's name under that number. And when you're out with friends you can send text -- that number and you'll get a random girlfriend -- connecting back. Is this -- I want. -- you can see where we're going with it's about a minute later figure affordable coal you with the pre recorded message you pathetic. Person after -- up tell everyone how great your girlfriend is. And this is something that probably just -- would find. Offense -- someone -- sent it to us. From our lovely audience that was -- from -- It's a slight improvement from people who I would catch going I'm getting a call it if they called it just to seem cool and now I am so this odds are better than that. I guess that doesn't mean for -- took a poll do you room -- a poll a couple weeks ago that says a lot of people. Speak their own telephone conversation yes. -- NI admitted that Q I've done that before for sure. How are now I admit this is not better this is not a step in the right direction. I'm also the lake depending on how long you'd like put this in a charade up. Like people playing catch on because after battling dating sequentially to three years you get a phone call you monitoring this for two or three years. And just -- -- -- this year and the -- And originally it there's no time at our I'm around -- He gets a phone call from Stacy Yang companies liked. You know it's awesome Stacy is so cool for calling the -- down world relax I mean -- that bad and good and you never just like going around -- -- fail you just double what is called. How can go. -- you. It's it's and I get -- let's just hope it's a joke and going use and here's why isn't there a the the you know that you know version why didn't boyfriend -- Boise -- I don't know but the crack team that figure from that CEOs on it. And there and there is -- -- -- this news. Hide your ministers apps right. -- you have X get analysts explain that has been -- -- better to our -- -- -- -- on the I thought well I have ended and ease of elegant in its service is it like Ashley Madison that count and yet it's it's it's just an aggressive Lichen and an app where like you can mask its so whenever that person calls there's no record -- in the -- address -- -- message pop up -- that's super -- for. There is absolutely that I've ever heard of the mind to I've and that's why you're gonna download in -- that's why I've been using her. I mean yet that I feel like -- -- nor -- it doesn't pop up you can make sure that it says you know work related -- and a million and incidentally. That's sneaky -- it's the office again honey I gotta go I gotta go at least 3 in the morning again it's crazy. Not to leave right now and all of this -- -- -- that's the biggest reason why people get caught. Our girlfriend picks up the phone great that's great I'd may be on it obviously -- -- -- of yet let's look -- person I would. You want let's get into -- I wanna hear from people who are listening I'm sure someone out there has gone into trouble keeping them anonymous. It's not find funny is -- that action titles aside from leaving your FaceBook open era -- might imagine this happens just. Yeah immediate if you cheat and or if you suspect your what was -- I'm sure -- -- -- they don't leave iPhone somewhere in that's that's probably good reason to get suspicious to. If they have to like a run back into the room to grab their phone whenever you're alone with the ultimate phone or you how how how is up yet -- staff -- I wonder if there was a way to measure -- -- I'm sure there's not. Way to see how much people have been caught cheating over the last ten years and how much -- -- marginal well actually. -- excited and huge amount of course cases and bit it they have. Numbers on that -- right the ship are -- these don't realize we are just leaving yourself out. There are more on my -- our estimates it and the carelessness is -- Angela. This is a mind blowing story scientists have been able to use brain imaging to reveal the movies in our mind what does that mean well you know I'm sure everyone's fantasize about. Being able to somehow -- -- captured images that they can see in their mind to projector for -- to see well a study. Using something called. A functional magnetic resonating imaging so it's like an MRI but an FM RI. -- and can computational models UC Berkeley researchers have successfully. Been able to. People are able to re create clips in their mind off of what they're seeing. So it's not necessarily their memories. -- more or less there. Ability. It's basically reading the brain -- that liquid sort of like fires up -- exactly that's and that's sort of what. Is happening and I know it sounds complicated but it's not. Ballad you're being you're being able to see your dreams and it's it's basically you watch a video and then that and in -- being able to see what your brain interpreted. It's usually very physique. It if I mean it makes sense to me because like it you know when you're looking at something obviously different parts your -- -- -- -- it's -- might recognize this. And you're right I'm like really surprising actually. A lot of these photos -- -- that. General shape -- right the shapes work. Big you know it's shapes you know like. Circles and and -- -- -- bases appear makes sense. Yeah that's the that's the most shocking thing is the face is how real the faces look yet. That's the sort later you're right it's like getting into that sort of like scifi like movie thing that people might CSI in in house have been doing for years. But it's actually come to reality I don't think it's ever gonna get to a point where it's like oh in the -- -- -- -- -- to your brain active -- exactly what you're looking. -- like the last you died your written galactic. The military so that's really awesome only to then -- -- moon could check -- -- fringe is on tonight. Oh is it really says that they do stuff like that -- -- -- all -- and the duty on student and finally Victoria to break. Speaking of FaceBook and leaving a -- trail of your infidelities. FaceBook keeps a history of -- hoax. Kind of -- and pull that someone acting -- imperial. Are you ready this is like feels totally out of time line it's gonna -- found much crap area of Kanye that I actually maybe this is Facebook's whole plan people wondering how they gonna make a lot of money. Nobody looks really looked at FaceBook -- remember that I'll give it back and 99. Give us ten but extremely effective by children -- Apple. Old or old lovers McKean. Eminent polar do you really realized what you're doing when your -- consumer and back in 2000 -- -- one. Come back we'll occasionally I away a lot of people get the idea -- it okay if I look -- -- -- -- when a message. That's can indeed burnt into the permanent record -- awkward email button at some point. But like innocuous stuff like looking at someone's profile or look or poking someone. Looking isn't it. All work -- how. I would know it's not depends on what you think yeah. It's tough and it's content cut drive in very. -- levels of -- That you know a body like well what I think would almost be. Just as damaging. Is if FaceBook they you know what -- there was a hacker of the it's like oh I looked -- X person's profile thirteen times today that would -- -- You gotta imagine that is by far. The most like you said damaging. Data that FaceBook has on and on -- is Unix I just think about goal -- -- a single body test. The -- that you don't. And having all that out in the open one day imagine anonymous got their hands on his right. Here's the web of crap which are all guilty of participating in the latest releases -- the entire world married people divorce colleges. Anarchy and army dead that's riding -- streets that you don't count and the tipping -- like I don't like it that sounds crazy but what if like one day there was a hack and all of suddenly your. How many times it looked at digits you -- -- and -- really crazy. -- it it into an egg until you like planet that they do it -- now. Ellison has. And you've -- development hell -- all like Kazaa and you know it's also a little -- though is when unit here in a committed relationship. You actually I feel like you don't look at that person's FaceBook profile page because what are they gonna update they're gonna call you and tell you about the more you're probably aren't you know it's these things -- the it -- To -- -- and then and now and then and then. Pretty crazy stuff. So why -- you think about that during our break we'll have more for a for a few calls -- an unbelievable. New piece of forward that we cannot we share with you guys. Right after this stick around there's a lot more for four come anyway. Okay so that's my little -- And she really liked it won't -- like The Beatles. So there are waking early to tell you -- man. There aren't you know you -- I -- connecting. -- -- -- They're Kenya is live at those who need to -- Internet -- Good news you're millions of kids won't. In -- oh you're doing good. I guarantee any. -- genealogy can upload your -- tankers. When I moved here -- you'll senator Harry -- I don't bet you need all you're doing. Paying -- didn't have been -- leader being hurled. -- A. Book bag of VoIP for Wii actually didn't video for our audio listeners on -- the video of -- bill that only responded to his master. When He did a bad The Beatles and patented -- -- theory hey yeah. It was like -- I -- it -- like Paul -- I don't know who's trying to be but it is really bad. Look the new Putin's Internet as they. That advantage emulate terrible other accidents but I don't could only -- -- He did of Beatles. That's pretty good stuff. Not bad. That is on its money. Guys you know our -- bleak. Stephenson you -- some unbelievable stuff script designer. Is let's say it's jet packs a roller -- that come and he's done some ridiculous. -- submissions for -- check this out these -- will present beat back to the 404. Poster. Way we can see Bridget and. -- -- How awesome is that so check it out we're looking at the cartoon eyes version of the back to the future. Movie poster but instead of future it's back to the 404. And it's the three of us I guess I'm. -- no no I always know just finish the digest is dock -- that tall skinny do you. And you. Our. I guess Clara -- from a distant -- -- where a manager at. Exactly how does that mission critical -- scroll down a little more. And the fine print is great chairman meow presents back to the 404 AC unit production starring Jim Wilson and Justin with special -- -- solicitor Bridget Carey. Natali Morris Steve the audio feeling I Gothenburg mark within a -- -- -- sweet -- and many more. Supported by small bladders and consistent bathroom break. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thank you Blake you are truly a talented individual. His back with -- new for a longer format and more inside -- than ever important people this is not inside you everyone can appreciate it back to the -- -- So blink you get a kick history. Get on your -- But it's up in the in show notes for everyone to check out I -- -- -- that He is an idea -- -- And I love it it's I want a printed that. -- -- I know it's gonna cost you money -- videos that. Make it out I would love and I'd like to give some of those away -- would be really really cool maybe like a limited edition enables iPhone and an applicant animal talk Boston job -- in the new in the chat room right now a great job. Mr. -- looks. -- you look great deal. And Manhattan dress again -- hat really makes it lets via. Love it. Live below the bridge is on the show you guys are gonna war and address -- something like that hey you know naming the dog go to -- okay hi -- director that -- you really yeah I like junior a -- million today. -- -- -- -- I would have appreciated that a little bit. That. Let's let's -- a few calls when we thought that particularly -- and zero. -- -- -- -- -- calls from the public time very exciting stuff about. As. You have to do -- -- -- and you -- didn't as the bands that everyone does. Bomb so we have. First sort of response. Of a voice calls are coming in. About our new show format what people think what people don't like. Old. Majorities positive people think it's working out there they're crazy -- now -- and this is as personal. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I implement business -- -- able to guide line this week then sent back Monday by atlas and yet nine and -- -- is -- great job with the new format. Iceland being. More bridges -- -- and -- you're talking about. I'd like to say when people send -- email the videos you can -- -- excellent deepening war. Check out weird -- -- -- on YouTube it's all about built in neck cracked meaning. That. -- question added. What -- say it to program -- Four and outer -- -- do and stick it looks so keep it up and said -- -- carry him next week and he's got back. School grade voice mail. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call every week we're gonna have drinking that's an actual video game show that is an act. And other current Italian I can't using them but -- -- actually be recording I have never heard -- -- It did. I hope they see it -- four -- Market are gonna be doing pre game episode today so we'll have that up later in the day. So that's -- markets are very busy man I've got this this weird Al Yanukovich song. And end up with I've never heard this picture. One thing -- don't mind. Maybe you will need -- -- And praying it's an it's an all time you -- along. All paying him lead -- easy in the manner not sharing so. Nikon -- years -- rocks there are enzyme YA OI. -- young mom. You know that killed when you're. And stream. Communities. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I know the school can't live. That's pretty did. That's pretty awesome I'm I don't know go to video that He wouldn't have deceived those pretty good I've never seen that one yeah I don't know that -- was -- brought. Have a that was not bad. We get another call from. You know listeners -- surprising if you can. Made. A series -- While. There are allowed -- our auto ID act and act here summer blockbuster or. -- -- -- It's an eating vote optical island chock full of -- -- That's pretty funny you know it's -- that the so what was the reason they came notebook boardgames -- -- -- -- about shuttle program. Also Candy Land next month and you can read a -- on the east region. Parents -- Think -- -- and we got an email from Josh. He says we -- tournament what people are doing post Netflix if you -- the many that canceled Netflix after -- Increase their -- their monthly fees He -- My life is cold in -- I've been it's been four weeks since I cancel my Netflix because of price hikes. I'm out of touch with the latest in in the red box takes effort and active thinking. I'm not crawling back just yet but soon it will -- and go back to my mindlessly renting blu -- on Netflix. And -- it. Is so I guess it's really -- in I don't know. He He couldn't He couldn't handle it for three weeks it was gone back and it what are your options. You really have options He said -- these that red box takes too much time and effort. -- -- -- -- Who like Wal-Mart got -- hands on. Tight pants are bigger than you think. It totally does that stop you from doing so -- -- it. I -- countless. Hey you wanna go to direct my hands -- pants on the -- of those pants the big deal but those -- come off uses you do don't leave that you don't assume it's full of fun you. Who would disagree with that set mired in a -- -- go to court yesterday but -- parents. Crazy stuff. The real deal with the same issues don't -- -- -- -- So we -- -- -- Bridget Carey for filling in this week while just in -- is out thanks so much copied it uses rock and roll. Wilson great job is -- -- -- the ship there. And we'll be back on Monday. I don't think jobs is back to what Wednesday Wednesday exactly -- mean you really going to be here for -- long do we have the circled river view now review now. Review review review right -- and you can -- -- call 866404. CNET or can email us the 44 at CNET. Dot com. We're gonna have a lot more doing next week plus. We will try and start up or contest thing a lot of people who emailed us suggestions about our -- said they level we do contests. We're gonna start doing that again. Starting next on -- like free stuff convincing people who don't like wearing pants very. We'll see you guys on Monday have a great weekend I'm Jeff -- -- -- I'm -- day it's the 404 high tech low brow thanks for tuning in and we'll see you guys next week later. No it's right.
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Star Wars droid BB-8 is real, powered by Sphero
2:40 April 17, 2015
Get ready for rolling BB-8 toys. The droid in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" is a real robot, based on the technology in Sphero's toy...
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CNET Top 5 - Crazy looking smartphones
3:36 April 17, 2015
Round, curvy and two-faced: five phones that broke the mold and dared to be different.
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Faster Roku 2 masters the streaming universe
1:45 April 17, 2015
A nearly perfect mix of speed, features, price and ecosystem make the Roku 2 our favorite streaming device yet.
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The Garmin Vivoactive is an ultra-slim smartwatch with a few hiccups
2:15 April 17, 2015
CNET's Dan Graziano gives you a first look at Garmin's first smartwatch
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Is the iPad dead?
7:47 April 17, 2015
CNET's Luke Westaway and Rich Trenholm debate whether Apple's iconic tablet is headed for the scrapheap, or has a long and happy future...
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