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The 404: Ep. 913: Where Jill and the Amazon Kindle are on Fire

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The 404: Ep. 913: Where Jill and the Amazon Kindle are on Fire

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The Rev. Justin Yu is out for the rest of the week, but in his place, we have the always informative financial guru Jill Schlesinger in his place. Today, we talk about the new Amazon Kindle Fire, and how it changes everything in the tablet market (especially for Google). But we also quiz Aunt Jill about the on-going crisis in Europe, and she tells us about the sugary grab bag at the News & Documentary Emmys.

-- -- -- It's Wednesday September 20/20. Eleven you've tuned in to the floor for a show on cnet.com. -- Jeff Bakalar I'm just messenger an I'm Wilson tang and this is the show where -- Jill and Amazon Kindle -- on fire and. How -- -- content he's got -- through this is so exciting for me to be part of this because all today this morning like basically I've been thinking. What do I need to know about this thank god and to be on the for a -- -- -- -- -- -- the Kindle great and the guys -- an atomic perfect timing is good right it was cool I did radio at this morning and at the news was literally coming out as high speed -- -- is -- like. I'll just give me a -- I got another idea at the -- yet getting like the telex and you could just you like the typing in the -- It was not as much as you pretend you're of the couple on a second I'm already getting news. -- what -- what is this. Like -- is useful in terms of new. IPhone coming out. Adherence the term BFD. Yes yes that's what it is a no hello. Well thin it is it's a big deal for okay so let's get into that -- get into the the announcement. This morning Amazon announced the new Kindle buyer -- the Kindle fired breakthrough. 199. Dollar. Tablet devices got a color display to get everything that everybody is sort of rumored over the last upon analogy -- this McClellan no I'm not an -- down I'm literally saying like it's everything that. People of hope for what's crazy is nobody expected it to the 109 -- Now rumored price was 250 and undercut that by fifty guys which is really mind -- so do I need to get -- I I. Look everyone said -- for 99 dollars I'm gonna buy this touchpad -- yet suitable you know opportunity not gonna buy this too because it's you know blows -- the touchpad -- just than specs alone what is this June to Apple is. Ratchet up pressure well for for Apple I think Apple's gonna be five I think that they've got -- high and I don't worry about them. I'd trust -- and we're very proud guy -- over. Does that for Apple. I don't think there's a -- worry about there's they've got the market momentum behind them they're gonna continue to wipe the floor when it comes to like I or call the premium end of the tablet market via and that they're gonna continue to make hundreds of bucks off every ipads sold. What the company that I would be sort of most concerned about is actually Google. Because they've they've built the the Android operating system to be open and what Amazon did was they took it. And sort of like gave it its own you lie. Took off the like the Google app marketplace and actually put their own app market place their own App Store for lake. And -- -- -- Store the content store for music movies now storage and books so where the reason why it and as I can actually sell for so cheap. Is because they expect you to buy everything else from -- -- in future is just like the classic the new car is not that make money but after market. I mean -- -- -- just this like supplemental. You know -- vessel device if they donate money on this device at 200 -- I I I funny there's no way this thing cost less than two dollars to make red -- is it's probably very close to the break even number I mean generally cost to -- like an iPad. About 200 to 250 bucks a -- what the UI is it's the printer model yet of the printers -- -- -- I mean like I would I would say -- diagnosis or -- are you put -- -- -- that it's in that -- right I mean they're -- they're providing an easy easily and easily affordable. Vessel to consume the content that. They hope you'll be buying from them exactly exactly in an infected even they -- some a lot of other new technology. That we didn't expect one. I don't know if you have a Kindle but He has an -- whisper sync technology. Which used to just sync your books right now it's gonna sync your movies in your music. So pretty cool I cloud -- already did it. But when the new candles -- So wait a second let me go back to that I feel bad now because now I feel like what happened to know immediately the practice of church and my sister in line is a writer -- and she loves reading and she's been a journalist well. And issues that I bought the -- because I wanna be able to support a brick and mortar. Bookstore in some way not aren't bright Red -- I tend not to Barnes & Noble and is ridiculous and a little bit and -- -- -- survive. I don't. I think that that this is definitely changes the market for the anything but -- Kindle these days. I mean like you're you know alluding to brick and mortar bookstores. Are definitely it. But we do I need to get a Kindle or do I wait for that next iPad. I mean if you like and recent -- in the project if you are in the market forty -- reader strictly an. 200 dollars on a -- bill is -- -- was the other new -- yet to the other -- uses. That's the high end model 100 -- night and I know that's the Android tablet with the color Green I -- that's not. What elephant I thank you so gaudy. And -- if you if you just wanna read books yet there's now a 79 dollar Kindle. You can you can order and they they added a touch models so like you know everybody wants touch devices but the touch model only costs 99 dollars and and I -- And on top of. There's a 150. -- touch model with. -- three G wireless data. Exactly I don't know magic they they cut a deal with like sprint and AT&T and these of the companies and you Begin -- -- some. In general you can only download books and granite black and when talking I wanna talk about a huge -- and like massive video on right you're not gonna be streaming the World Series and HD on your Kindle. Norton I -- let me ask a question what do I need to buy is gave me the bottom line across not well let's lie and tell your dragon -- -- killing look. Like it I don't need an iPad I decide you want each and every hour and just when He read books read books to go to China in remember them when a load a bunch of stuff up there -- you're just reading the X I just want the bare bones and save. Go for the eighty dollar -- and and I did not and what -- what a good idea to -- it that's all -- The classroom and talk to -- -- a touch is a luxury that you wanna -- indignantly vs touch. Pretty much but I mean that's really good idea at the twenty dollar -- -- You know that's and chat -- what should I -- chat room hello Attila taught me. -- -- -- I'm gonna drop my letter notices -- -- for leisure because last time I went on vacation the market fell apart and it worked for like. Eight of my. Ten days and reject president and there's no way that could happen this time well. I. China where their market and they got right side -- -- are so. I gotta get one of these things -- Apple I minus 299. Dollar -- the great deal auspices of consuming content. It's the size. 9200 well -- yeah ID 199 Kindle with that the color Terry agrees that we thought we. We've brought you from the eighty dollar EU really selling like Craig you know this but we do what is the difference between and that what I get for a hundred bucks. What is my extra hundred -- -- -- 99219. You can install apps yet there is as he's an Android as I am sorry. Okay very confusing and is now in iPad to activity Android marketplace is my iTunes account again now you'll be using iTunes identities and no air and yet now I got all these different things I'm just like his muttering. To myself and my colleagues -- communities talking -- I so many passwords -- so many things that Sony devices and Steve our tech guy here it just like that to me like. Well unity -- -- but he's everything time. It's a variant typing in my password every single public elements in the moment in public view after an awful personal Robert. But you bring up a good question there's -- -- itself for new products -- essentially announced. So it is a little tough to you know and get past what exactly they -- -- so the three Kendall's and they are just. 88991. Thing exactly so you -- you know the difference is basically touch and three G between the period up and then. You put that aside and then -- Kindle five year. Is this 200 dollar Android tablet seven inch tablet that's got the dual core processor that's got the camera it's got the microphone. Whether -- actually has a camera as -- I thought I read that on Roger Chang's. Reporter. Either way what do what I and I know you're huge Apple fan boy everyone knows that dogs know -- and put it what are you what is your first impression of -- I I I like it I actually think invisible when I was trying to get -- earlier is that it kills the Google. Android tablet market. They're gonna take that although there is no reason to get -- -- but. And hands on you handle fire. But you get a Zune that's 500 dollars -- -- do you could do more when this comes out where you can do more with an Amazon Kindle fired now. And you can do with that a Motorola's and that's been out for like. Eight months or using -- that Amazon and Apple. That's it does He really like I can stop worrying about Google and Google circles that nonsense but try telling. -- like those -- those the only. I cover economics and finance those at least you can. I -- remote -- guitar. -- about tablet the tablet -- have yet argued any any sale you really. Don't need to have a third choice here for the time -- I mean like for me it's like okay if you just want to consume content it. The Amazon Kindle fires the way to go if you want to do a little bit more. Had a little bit and more keep your New Orleans -- little more compelling than iPad -- Atlanta isn't -- really a machine get a MacBook Air that's that -- thinking I'm thinking MacBook Air. And then my Kindle app you know I like that kind Nash and I think I think illegal connect again Kindle buyers then you're in you're in good shape while they hold to my only worry about -- we will study on the show -- figured out the in the Ukraine. They -- don't think that's the other things that this is like Amazon's version of Android right I don't expected to initially work with the Google app market to work with all loops for a standard Google. Apps and abilities I think that but they're gonna do is odd that they're sending -- hackers -- add that capability yen but I think. It and designs like -- fragment the market they're gonna take their version of enjoyed Bryant and just leave Google behind. What financing should they call it something of their own we -- currently the Amazon leaders and I I'm sorry I think the M is -- operating system. Because now I don't need to worry about and right now -- in another awards. I could just ignore -- whole piece of history there it's just like the -- that you gotta respect your roots and that's really where you know it it comes into play tradition is sort of messed up that -- feels like Amazon is like well thank you Google does a great piece of a way. I don't I just great thank you so much we're going against your lunch -- it has -- global it will get to check here that -- and don't worry about it when you the truth is that it proves that. Like you need the whole ecosystem -- yet just about the computer anymore you need. You actually need to music camp the movie right if that's half the reason why people stand the iPhone in the but I sure -- -- ecosystem I think you can go to one -- -- -- music. I'm an old -- -- okay oh well I'm an old fart who likes embraces new when you -- -- -- -- -- -- Alpha beta unlike Omega. Yeah -- there. You know when look at it and I love my -- Wilson eleven Wilson -- get one. Although I don't like the iPhone that you made by 800 dollar -- that was a mile just gonna live a hundred bucks we can't. Between -- and Russia shot dead and an amazing they should let a one Jewish -- I'm happy -- be -- and time. Anyway I my -- two. They -- -- I'll buy the island. Telling us up so I love my iPhone and I love my apps you know I don't. I'm not the kind -- and -- I chat although -- The girl was just in London tonight we realized after effects when you're -- this young guy and he's like. You and your -- your girlfriend and I phones you can chat. For no cost is like -- -- -- can -- international. Chatting. Where there is yeah -- well. With today that data that for -- there's narrator will we get that because -- -- -- in China. I would love alive. -- storing of iPhone in China and might not so yesterday was the announcements for the announcement of the next iPhone -- considering getting one. Items you know I am happy iPhone why get an -- to point out that that's a pair -- from. -- -- -- -- -- October 4 it's happening I will not let you -- throw an Apple news in this new segment today it's just not there. I wanna talk about what -- they just he's just saying that they. That October 4 new iPhone and answers are -- are -- to everyone and their holiday knows that source let's talk I want the more about the boot them in the fire. What's his Amazon -- -- -- it's -- that was the other bit of news does Amazon still loves -- I'm -- Amazon Kashmir and a half. That cotton lining -- -- -- -- chunk Ka and love that tell us about that -- -- is this sounds really cool on Paper what is it. -- favorites on political -- -- -- is it's a new browser -- and you know all these tablets they have browsers built in. Some of Monday's Mike who Chrome or safari and -- But Amazon decided to go in and develop their own technology because there's they're telling people okay like that the thing about browsing and Internet -- on a mobile device. Generally it's like pretty -- -- are you gonna wait for immediate download -- Palmer editor just ever so what they developed was a a way to sort of get their servers. Which are super fast they -- super computers essentially. -- over at their you know -- fact that the factory's warehouse and warehouse whatever. But the use their computers to serve compress in -- build everything. And they send that He is its almost like Netflix. Now correct me -- -- gonna try and use practical and Ozzie it's like slingbox. Almost. They're they're like yes beating you something it's like it's -- you know well online is slingbox for video games. They're basically doing the browsing for you when showing you that browsing writing and -- confusing gonna show. I don't understand it is -- as if there relates to sing like here's the statement saying you PDF file that he's here to sell its not as simple as like we're sending your file of it but it that way you will experience the Internet. It's almost an infusion you know it's it's almost like they'll be doing the surfing nine be serving for -- I'm pursuant to the front -- nobody's indicates a shortage in India looked exactly this and if it does do that I mean that's -- -- -- revolutionizing. Sort of. -- the same way that I can become an engineer right now. I'll tell all the information is all the good stuff happening it's -- their business finance things generically as you. When you wouldn't bother me all your talent money -- -- -- knows what -- -- doing right now eyes and let them look right good -- the question because we among we looked at it before was at 23333. Is a four inch touch so many people to buy Amazon -- The chart up let's look at that chart Larry excellent access. It is all about four point 92 -- almost 5% move in one day in the markets aren't doing anything today anyway so right. That's amazed that's pretty good gosh I could afford one share value is one share -- when I got I got -- -- -- care do you think now -- so. RP and Amazon happy employees edit like what's the word on the street is is quite a Mike who none of my best friend's son just went to -- -- Google -- and -- right attic solidly. And by the Atlantic can't get -- technology which He He is going to -- -- Teach for America graduates from Harvard alt alt. I'm -- and I use it to Teach for America and and and Google came on campus and they came back and it's -- -- offer you jobs. And they would ever get that teaching. And He loves of course Islip I think about how much He loves there's little ball -- there and stuff I just -- -- -- slide -- office He said assemblyman April your meals or is -- him and like so what about people marketplace like Amazon has it as. Like rock -- -- can't you don't the year about it as much. -- they need images preface this there was like He. Report that leaked data -- them a rumor and networking in an enzyme factory warehouse is not the funniest thing and -- I can't stand that being -- you're essentially a robot yeah yeah exactly and you're waiting for that actually happened and lose your job. I think you can look forward everything being replaced and I can't comment on exactly that the -- so you don't know about that and design is awesome and yes. I don't know how they plug zap those very and that -- and has like the best. Employee says that all -- and on the so I don't think that by the transit property Eagles ever -- Amazon's happy. But you know you'd imagine people like it and I think it is little -- in a place where things like new things are happening in and -- -- out there that's clinical. It's like it's CBS I was gonna say quantity and that might have on my mother just -- a little Jewish -- moment -- you know the good life is like huge among women no idea you know I had no idea actually an issue until she is she -- in -- my -- -- The be moved the show from whatever it was whenever an analyst at Sunday night then of course there's football and son -- My mother gets preempted like it so there isn't it was delayed start at twenty and it's my mother had a complete meltdown. So -- it to magical WCBS television she called. Where's the where's the good like I -- it. -- You make that hackers and earlier. I just don't like to my publicist literally. Would that Leslie Moonves was -- I am sure He needs your -- -- I don't worry about is like a major. Anyway vision that only growing media most successful broadcast right. Anyway it is revolutionary here's CBS I -- we can say every day every day we gotta take a break that's the news for today He began. With doing. That I knew we can -- sneaks. That was -- not nice yesterday -- -- -- yesterday let me just -- is another is another topic for the next segment we did is I did -- the -- on Monday night in news dot -- -- I have a little on -- substance to talk about -- -- -- I guess he's got some -- there's a lot more for four right after this please stick around isn't it. Forward move forward and her captors to show where we all seems. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- one week. You'll start words -- -- cleaned up. Welcome back to borrow for nothing like little kid and I can't -- that -- been there before and indeed indeed. So -- you got to go to a little and you -- yeah and by the way. Let me start by saying it is ice that had backed -- and Molly Wood attacks it said this is -- cool and have flame -- one woman -- to text from you I'm. I just got not -- -- -- I've never charger in the lower tax. -- ridiculous that does this is one of the two which wag bags that came up offers all let me just say this. It was clinical -- Dan rather -- introduced him at school Larry -- Fossil -- mean He is weird looking dude. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then it was cool to be there but then you know once -- lost -- -- that hears in so you just got Angeles. Times and snuck up okay so here's one thing and to get this this is -- original Brooklyn water company and act cool that Brooklyn -- This might get a huge way OK you can tell you lolly pop a chocolate weird -- popular. Is that an Apple one like noted dude this is does -- dessert chocolate -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Will those are tasty irony I love the line is what's in the middle of Idaho don't have it yet let's make what speed dating -- This is all this -- exercise your -- alchemy to react just interject real quick. For those either don't know the Kentucky will be -- is the official dessert of the national tractor colors. -- logo there must find load well here's another one this is another would be. High a chocolate. We at 832. Annual news and documentary Emmy award. I don't know OK I mean this -- bizarre okay we -- this bring this to -- Erie is. A solely handle other school the best thing there -- there you got -- -- candles. What about this isn't as. Original character. That could be viewed on -- edit your -- all you keep it now I want it why not I noticed is that why isn't what is -- much sugar or I well at least until like American made stuff and who knows. The American made X and -- slap that label I'm gonna put the packaging your problem and Halloween chalk up these channels really did make that. This line is for our friends in San Francisco. This is the this is the gluten free all natural problem nonsense that's big now and is not -- though it's been -- -- -- I love -- I couldn't get it can it can only give you and I haven't. How organisms are so I just got that this -- calls are about things that coconut macadamia are. He goes nice marry you I don't want any of this this isn't -- patent is the giveaway like roll right on not of -- iPod now. This is for her are girls -- this is a conducive. But -- this is a jewelry -- -- You can go get a gift certificate for jeweler here all you you can -- give this year girlfriend this is Emmy Awards the winning -- -- -- And this thing is stationary. Man so you can get the journalist -- offer them something or other adolescents and letter. I -- -- -- I you know I and one of the few people who -- US Postal Service called wit and to send a letter to -- -- -- -- I think it partly. I call that -- opened up this. Tropicana -- well I -- ice and cards still excuse such a -- and keep that system might do I try okay now here we have the national candy of Brazil which my sister in law says she's Brazilian -- is like I don't know this to be the national candy in Brazil -- and so here trying to learn and now what he's doing -- -- goggle okay. -- Some Paramount. This actually wow I can easily -- it nailed them they can't I can't believe how much food is there gonna wake the and because -- left -- and go downstairs evidently they give -- -- read coffee cake. And you just totally build on the -- this look at how lovely these taller in the U this is Shea byters. Creek delegates -- a grocery store weirdest. They tried that -- you so -- that these -- TV signal to any of this -- art that's that's. I did not win it will play and are easier than. I don't really care Jeff -- are who is -- CBS. Anchor -- He won. Or He beat us in the category was another Sunday morning segment that BS and I basically column as you -- And and can graduation at the same head yes and He was like those isn't cool just to be nominated -- an I don't care and am I done it and to -- -- -- -- -- there's an irony here you -- -- I'm just totally and why should you not be getting nominee for an end right except that now and went. There it's like I mean if you look at that it's almost like looking at your girlfriend boyfriend husband -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank god for those awards and anyway it was great fun and it was cool -- would like my. My house there I have a question -- are going by Emmy nominated. You'll solicitor only going to get -- -- -- wouldn't know my dad that I don't think I've really that's gotta be on your new BioWare handle classroom -- entity that killed there are -- your kill your I said to me literally -- -- -- -- your assistant on wanna make -- meeting them like I think you're talking to tell you -- -- totally relate with with not having any help but. You come off as someone an and that the complimented you carry yourself if -- someone who just wanna sit I had no assistant in fact I was getting I'm going to get a an intern for my radio -- that's awesome by the way for a fourth and thank you so much you firstly you know all of the fans of the for -- one for the ones who really easily -- me like. Hate figure out how to download this -- and -- as a writer like peppering me -- now I have my producer basically creating a full. Version of the show. With no commercials clean and really is downloadable every week -- on money on my blog and money watch dot com the end of the weekend -- posted. You can download it no commercials pretty Oz has some right fantastic well if you -- on a sponsor the show would be veterans. -- but and so is -- -- -- So -- anything over of economics and finance them and what's going on in the world did that blanketed the -- Again I believe. It's ridiculous I can just say there's 282 big problems. Growth across the globe slowing down now like inched up there they want it to load and are scared of inflation. So and doesn't count as much but isn't really slow down to a crawl we already have tons of people -- -- -- on top of that. The problems in Europe are ridiculous -- the best thing about the European crisis dear -- -- our politicians seem good news of lots yet. That's a -- -- hey I mean they're so ridiculous it's like saying it's like saying -- you you know one. Jeff you know that apartment you've bought used -- be really happy that there -- -- smoldering in the -- -- -- and you've got. Like a year to figure out what to do about it okay you'll -- right. Pretty slow fire right here and smoldering but yet take care of it. There's ways to do it not be creative in but it you know its deal Google today -- let it smaller and then -- it's gonna -- OK let me just tell you what's happening right. The flames are -- out of the basement into the first into the second floor across Europe. And here's the big problem. Greece who cares about -- it's like five millimeters big in terms of like the whole economy the pedal these big European banks lend money -- -- moraine -- -- when you look it like if you were preparing your own balance sheet and you lend somebody money saying hey I'm Jeff. And I -- kill a hundred bucks and you carried on your balance sheet says -- -- -- a hundred bucks right to -- its outstanding right. So that's what the European banks fable the loans degrees there on their books and -- -- -- it looks and -- that. Except of what -- -- -- -- -- then you have a problem right so the European banks right now we're still carrying those -- assuming they're gonna get paid back most of most of the money they're owed -- and it looks like -- get paid act. Not nearly that much in meeting on that but how can that -- so isn't the money would Greece were to default -- -- and my literary mind in that happens is all these European banks instead of having that loan -- a hundred bucks maybe they had to show oh it's actually forty bucks so how was. I mean so they were obviously it is -- to be paid back yes why is increasing able to do that because they thought the European Union was gonna come in and bail out Greece and make everything good in now. The all the countries in Europe percent OK it's one thing we can -- agrees but it's -- you banks to get off Scott free you're gonna have to take some losses right. And banks are freaking out because they take these losses they could literally be insolvent they could literally look like on Paper look like they're broke in and so what why we care about any this year -- because power banks have lent. Their bank right money -- of those big European banks go down. Screwed -- the -- circle is complete yes they give it a nod to the fire is now consume the entire Condo there are some sort of weird morbid satisfaction knowing that we're not the only ones well that is true although I would save as the weird thing about the European crisis is that it has been slow burn. I mean look -- lied about all the debt they had not unlike a lot of people here for -- these big banks are ridiculous. Because they -- lending money from the assumed. That the European Union bill that -- of the -- at the European Union seventeen countries right and the strong income countries and to play a lot more and -- -- a lot more to lose rights if you're Germany and France you're the ones that like the biggest economies. So now the news you want to support all these countries in year -- but if you're now on the -- Merkel. On the rumor disastrous and content and an America and -- -- think he's the prime minister German chancellor. Chancellor of right -- and your Nicholas Sarkozy is a prime minister and ran. Then you've got to go to your people and say no that we did not screw up so much goodness -- but we -- -- those guys out. So it's. Honestly not so fun and so you have these years it's political and its financial and it's big problem and you know. It ruined one vacation for me and now I am going to now escaped to China and I don't care in ruins my kid to get to China is just. -- -- say this is ironic that ever been said yet. I view my -- my mom literally like what He -- -- trying to escape China for various. That's actually expect it. Like that young Jewish kids -- they'll live on Hillary's side will neighborhood where it better and yeah exactly so you know the stuff is gonna keep smoldering and it's gonna cause a lot more -- in the market and is until they kind of figure it out. And if they don't. Figured out the weird thing is. The European Union came to be ten years -- So it's like the roach motel. Of a union. You can get in but can't get -- -- way to kick -- -- right -- and that's a big problem and by the way. You know it's not any one country's best interests at the -- Of course there -- they're freaking out but they -- may lose their jobs the bomber who how do you see this resolved. I was -- -- very. Upbeat about like three months lightly -- you know it ain't got it they know it's serious and then. When three months when -- it really do anything freaked me out so freaky. And so much so that I thought. Last week -- how could the Euro just disappear. It could be different Euro could be decree could be smaller they could take some countries -- room and it is it's in real big problem and scary up there I do have that's at Lehman. Brothers all of 2008 feeling right now belly -- -- this scanner roughly and -- they get this together. You -- Tim Geithner are Treasury Secretary and a evidently spoke before the G-20 last weekend. And He looked at the leaders these finance ministers and leaders -- these countries and basically said. You guys I've been there and you don't wanna do this -- this at and -- And I and I hear that he's the guy who made -- -- -- impassioned. Speech says it. They really came in answer coming to a new place and got scared now. So the world community not behind -- -- doesn't understand. Is so they come. Getting into the bit of the details like the rest of the EU. Is asking Greece to raise their taxes yes. Like I think I read somewhere this morning and adding property taxes yet going to be -- 2000 dollars for every household right. In the cutting jobs -- and how do they expect to be paid back. When you. All you know -- when nobody has no rational. Trying to figure he'll be paid. If I may take this as an interesting way to go into political arena here in the US. There's a big economic debate going on the debate is yes of course we know that debtor nations need to address -- yet. But in the short term growth is what's really necessary. So here in the US when you have this big. Like ideally we don't wanna spend any more money you know if everybody believes that. I hope you get used -- 9% unemployment because without government spending we are not going to see eight uptick in employment. And if there are not more people on it that means is you are dollars that are patent tax revenues of the problem is that a lot of economists say. It's -- yes of course we did deal with the dead and as an -- -- -- down the line but doing right now the economy so -- that make a lot of sense and you would Wilson B keynesian. In classic economic and and which could look like we don't think it should be -- last year. How dare you. It is the thing -- just doesn't make any sense for me is okay if the wave of the government makes money is when other people have jobs but -- -- are cutting like teachers in the -- that. -- don't use it yourself up twenty years from now -- literally and an illiterate electorate and. Only now you're really getting into -- -- Leo yeah I will say one thing you funny story in an enemy to go to break yeah so I AM sub did and very -- national radio shadow called the Michael's comments at this guys like -- -- huge following -- people called and said -- he's away can you take -- couple days off so that was fun. And -- easy. You know like you get a wild mountain -- all the time so I put it I said three hour show and is -- okay here's the deal. We all know that we've got a big -- Problem we on the things that don't what are you willing to give up your own -- call me right now you know 18 at that the and -- -- -- you in your life what would you give up. So for three hours guess how many people actually gave up something. -- -- -- To two. On and they both said you know pension but I give maximum attention to help the country everybody else is like. Close the post office all other way to post offices self funding severing get off that yet like you know it they sell stamps and it -- Or you know what to look at its let's get to the Department of Education possible that the interest and He has comparatively -- -- yeah I'm considering where we're -- right now exactly and and I said -- one guy said you know well we should do is we should have a flat tax okay that's -- -- flat tax but like so we're. What happens like the poor people in this. -- or we -- get rid of welfare. Okay so he's -- -- -- me you're you must be a socialist -- if you believe in welfare I think nation we decided to take care of our poorest. And those are really long time we can only in the depression that's -- -- started so you suggest we should do that anymore. Silence maybe about -- you can of that defense yet we -- The other -- logically like what you get rid of the let's cut -- -- immediately the people from Cambridge calling up and I got -- the entire Defense Department like okay but like we do have security can secure so we need to do something to -- -- give up -- and nobody would -- up and -- military that is the case yet. We use this -- Big that don't want -- Kate we want to eat it. And we also -- like watch it go through -- -- just exactly just before we hit the break there's no chance that the government can shut down again renowned -- That I am and I -- that they can't with a deal but there is a very high likelihood that this debt commission that's -- to give you a deal by November 23 doesn't. And that by December 20 something we actually had automatic cuts that are triggered to take place in 2013 interest -- Before the break Johnny be -- -- -- just give it to CNET I don't like that idea that I had no idea -- funny. Now -- just gonna go ahead and disagree with you on that connector there's a lot more for a four right after this. Some -- interaction this is going to be some unique. More -- Jill and 44 right after this. -- -- Group all this talk. You realize how much money and I don't. That's a good thing about being brokering data is that for you wanna what's what's -- with 80% and zero. No problem. So we got a bunch of emails and voicemails as always not -- revealed play everything today new Levy put -- -- -- tomorrow. Well it. On I -- -- -- and the before we move on a little bit this is something really cool we've never really done anything like this before. But we have a listener in themes Marshall. And it's his girlfriend lorries birthday and birthdays and happy particular -- all He wanted us to get involved in this sort of scavenger hunt. That he's doing for his girlfriend is it that -- this -- Okay for us like is they're gonna be any sort of X rated part of an and now here are reminded. Always in the gutter anytime I bring you down to my level and He does I was -- -- right now. So check it out this message is for -- and we're gonna file -- we're gonna see three want to play this game with his girlfriend to celebrate her birthday we we dig that. We never done anything like this and it's gonna you know they have before -- -- that was critical tool so so this messages for Lori. Says your boyfriend Marshall you would agree -- is a bit on the geeky side I think if you're listener 44 you probably have. A few geek bones in your yeah absolutely He loves is Apple products and of course He loves our fine program before -- -- show. And because you often don't fully understand all of that. He wants to help you -- you've been sent aid documents apparently visited dot -- my god says so excited actual. You may now open it glory inside is a 404 logo. Okay what we want you to do she and and should you accept your birthday mission yes we want you to go to the Apple Store. And get a photo taken with the crew at the Apple Store with you lorry holding the 404 logo. -- good luck with fell off its message will self this now. But how cool is that -- there you go that's from Marshall is is really exciting and hopefully -- we can have -- Sort of updated photos following along this this -- on its cool. -- I love it I think where it's gonna be -- -- better Wilson could meet her at the Apple Store well you know. I'll be there anyway is that every day and he'll also be -- is that the only place Google -- -- will sit and you audibly. Like going -- being like holiday help at the Apple -- -- -- -- you get. I feel like I know how much is on -- -- -- just for the CNET how to help you gotta do -- -- -- -- -- -- a -- indefinitely -- -- And -- are getting is that Wilson how bad you wanna Wear -- Yeah. So He. I'm telling you would He could -- 400 dollars can I do think that in the Apple Store on Lincoln Center there's a woman who's like -- felt like she knows me can I come in their like membrane Brian -- broke my idea. That's pretty cool little pressure on either regular land line argues that feared the -- later absolutely -- -- -- three big. Financial questions you have of getting that -- lately so -- -- -- the generalities I keep getting over and over so -- lot of people are worried about basically. How delight juggle. The idea of saving and paying down debt that's a real big question that people -- and -- in the that the key factor here is. How high is that interest rates and get right so if you -- -- 0% credit card. And you've got ten grand its outstanding on yet we want you to pay it down but you building up a little emergency reserve fund the same time -- and it's a good idea as well. If your credit card is like 20%. And you got to attack that -- members and really just every extra dollar goes to paying down so. It has a lot to do -- that. The other question I mean getting a lot about student loans has -- student loans are going a little bit crazy right now and -- He realizes that outstanding amount of student loans is now bigger than credit card security and that somebody told me last night at dinner that. There's a big movement to just wipe that out yet -- that ain't happening like the plot to fight club yet elation. Wipe out the -- DL. The problem is that you know student loan debt is -- guarantee right now and so even if you declare bankruptcy that is not wiped off your record. So student loan -- -- -- you don't blow it off. You go -- you talk to the provider there is something that is called forbearance so if you're really in a tight situation that give you some time off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Known you for the rest goes back to that actually related to it that the credit card thing what if you have -- a huge balance. By you've come in some money but it's not quite enough that the idea of what every weekend and it did really is if you have a 101000 dollar credit card Phillips 20% -- -- and somebody you know -- your grandmother just -- that. Thanks -- take the eight grand pay -- 8000 dollars worth and and keep is that a smart thing to try to negotiate with the vacancy havens in this aloft for you did but it they have no incentive to do that in -- and they're only only incentive they -- went to negotiate is if you're gonna just walk away from Kenner that's that's the big on you don't take that -- right. There's -- and not that we -- -- on the other question that we've been getting it on. Emails about has been about refinance so. Last week the Federal Reserve -- All you need to know about it is that they talked again and mortgage interest rates and on mortgage rates have gone down again so. I'm sorry to say -- He no longer have the lowest -- story I was at ever bottom you aren't. Bottom of that until last week you're -- and now there is a 4% thirty year fixed rate mortgage that's available that's pretty cool gotta have -- credit and that's the thing you cannot refinancing have got good credit. You can't refinance unless you've got 20%. Equity house and that's a real big problem you know if you bought your house. I years ago for 500 grand and he's worth 450 now. It's gonna be tough to refine -- so. What you gotta do is go you know we have lots of calculators and He edited last weekend's show until on money if I had to refinance calculators that are there and you guys -- really did calculators to use and gives you. Hey at this price level make cents Brian I'm not everybody can qualify and it is it a pain in the cache miss sounds like it is. So those are kind of like the big questions right now kind of course if in an actual bring to bring it back all around to detect you know it's coming up holiday season should people be spending anything on computers and are anyway it sure -- they're short answer is. Live within your means don't go into debt because the holidays although you're. Love as well malady was what did they just people to lose their money -- -- is it really I never think thank you to understand that community effort Chanukah. -- -- -- grown up I was are you guys are -- legit A present. Yeah -- house for a decent yes that's craze it's ivory and that you really -- -- I don't -- -- -- it -- -- -- it could be. Lush and -- -- to argue that certainly has been nearly knowledge as happened in China denied all if you haven't when you -- and -- and the first two weeks of November I'll ask my time. At the market falls apart add them to please do I think -- report -- the market. Better. Guys -- -- call 866404. CNET or you can email us the 44 at cnet.com please followed useless -- on Twitter. Act due on Monday right on the right to have any excellent thank you so much for being -- and will be back tomorrow have a great Wednesday we'll see -- -- Jeff Bakalar -- most day. She is a and I -- yell kill bit jealous we'll see you guys -- my other doing.
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